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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bolton and The Three Crowns

"For nothing is hidden that shall not become evident, nor anything secret that shall not be known and come to light." Luke 8:17

Three Crowns Mosaic Photograph by davekpcv

There are many signs to show Bolton has been marked out in the Divine Plan to bring the truth to people - just by the land marks. The steel support for the 2012 olympic stadium was built here.

In Bolton there are a few locations I want to bring to light - to show what is relevant will always come to light by what we see.

First the Three Crowns pub and by the side, Crown Street. This is on Deansgate. Dean is relates to someone living near a valley and a Chief who is a leading official in a Church. Gate an opening. The opening for the Universal Church of peace has already been laid down and being promoted now internationally.

Above is the Brass Cat on Churchgate. On this Road St. Peters's Church is located too. The main Road leading into Bolton by passes at the back is A666; St. Peter's Way. St. Peter's Bassilica is written about with the Spiritual Key that is physically seen if you source this article with relevant insights.

Notice next door a shop called Bag Heaven - in our bag we carry keys and so we are shown here, on Churchgate the keys to heaven are found here. This a reminder to everyone to seek a higher power in your prayer and to see God as your boss. A gateway to a church is identified too. There is a gate to St Peter's Church on Churchgate and St.Peter's is identified in the divine plan too.

Yesterday the MailOnline reported a big lion out on the loose or it could have been a cat. Such is the synchronicity to decide to share this today. Because there was an ancient Egypitan Goddess who is seen holding the spiritual key that I have been guided to identify and share here. With all the divinely inspired Queens, they have the Isis Gene - meaning they are born from Eve.

Around 3000 BC, when Bastet begins to appear on record. she is depicted as a fierce lioness or a woman with the head of a lion. Basted was protector goddess of Lower Egypt and defender of the pharaoh, and the chief male deity, Ra, who was also a solar deity. Known as Lady of the Flame and Eye of Ra.

And yesterday writing about the Olympic Flame is timely!

Bastet is represented as a woman with the head of a cat and emerged as the Egyptian cat-goddess par excellence. In the New Kingdom she was depicted with the head of a cat or a lioness, carrying a sacred rattle and a box or basket.

With a Leo moon in my astrological placement, even if I am not the strongest person around, I am very protective over the vulerable. I have also cried buckets for all the people suffering in the world and prayed for Global Peace and Healing too. Since this time, more people are comming together in friendship.

Over the road, is the Swan Hotel. Notice the swans are black colour. When Princess Diana was killed and at her funeral she was buried by the lake at Althorpe Park, 4 black swans swim in the lake.

During Dianas Funeral Elton John sang 'Candle in the Wind' - another song was "Song for Athene" by British composer John Tavener. Diana was the name of a Roman Goddess. Athena, my mother's name - the Greek Goddess. We are being shown again the Goddess connection, the Flame connects both Diana and Athena.

Diana was buried in a Black dress; clasping Rosary beads given to her by Mother Theresa; who died the Week before. My mother was clothed in White and was cremated. Her physical body was profoundly disabled and with cancer. Cremation allowed her Holy Spirit to fly free. Someone contacted me the day afterwards to say my mother had communicated a message from the heavenly realms to tell me she had her legs back and could walk again. A couple of days after Diana Died, she appeared in my dreams and told me there were many people like her who heeded my help. She was not wearing black. Dreams provide insight relevant to know.

There have been royal tombs found in Egypt by the lake. The lady by the lake is a mystery. Where I was born in Beulah Crescent - I recall this being a nusery that grows seeds and flowers. Today on Googlemaps it is showing Lakeman Court. So we have with this - Beulah Land is relating to all the Holy Land - Israel. With this, the court is already identified as being approved and located there.

Here we see the Prince William pub (IV) from times gone by - not Diana's Son. Nothing is hidden. What we are meant to know is coming to light clearly and can be seen in front of our eyes.

It is amazing how the higher power is working through people to bring change in our world. With the apple tree we are reminded of the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. When God's Laws have been acknowledged to be violated, This reverts everything back to HIS divine plan that is ever unfolding. The New World Order can ONLY Be with God's Order; in His Way; in His Time!

The MailOnline reported that Dianas husband was planning an accident in her car and she feared for her life. The establishment called her a loose cannon. No matter what, the higher power is in control of everything. Look closely to see that the name Prince William is removed and replaced - was it not Eve that ate that apple of Knowledge? Eve disobeyed, to be divinely inspired.

The appletree pub is just a couple of doors away from the Swan Hotel. What is located inbetween is 'Barristers' - a bar, and while Barristers and the Bar are related to law, we are shown Divine Justice being revealed clearly. Divine Judgement is done. British laywers must face that over 300 have refused to work for Justice and British Law courts too. God's Law courts are to be established without corrupt lawyers or police rubbishing the Oath for profit.

A two doors away from the appletrue is a store called The Nile. This relates to Egypt. The Greek Orthodox Monastery is based at the foot of Mount Sinai, South of the Oasis in Egypt. Queen of the South is revealed. Buckingham Palace is South in London. There is at least one Crown Princess in this world now.

Close by is 'Ship Gates' shopping centre. This shows a gateway for God's Ship, for God's Laws. Corporations operate under shipping law - admiratly law, the New Noahs Ark built in Holland is a vehicle that establishes God's Law too. Prince William IV, from the House of Orange, connects to 'Orange' in the South of France and the Netherlands. The Holland America cruise company and shipbuilders connects with 'New' Amsterdam. More has come to light in another article. The early ship builders and explorers were Dutch. Everything is connecting together.

There is another King William IV Pub in Bolton - let's see what is being revealed here. Notice Minerva print, design and publishing. Minerva is associated with Athena and also known as the Goddess of Wisdom. We also see the Red Rose Truck mobile - This is relating to training and empowering people. The energy to influence in a positive way continues if people allow this to be.

by design, Goddess Minerva is remindinh of the divine plan and everything already designed in heaven. Minerva Road is the road to the Royal Bolton Hospital. Goddess Minerva, My mother Athena and myself have all connected with Psychotherapy, Holistic Health and healing - mind body and soul. Diana was also very keen on spiritual healing and holistic health therapies.

Notice the blue sign 'Mount St. Joseph business and enterprise centre'. Ahead is Minerva Road and the road running paralell is King's Road. With Jesus Christ being My King and My mother's, and my Grandparents etc we are shown how even in England how 'what is written' is in the divine design. This is just a little related to Bolton and what is being clearly seen by everyone.

In Bolton Center Queen Street is located behind the Museum with the Egyptology department. King Street opposite. Next to the Royal Mail is Kings Gate. Look above the Library ahead to see the Guardian who has been protecting Bolton all this time. In Front is Le Mans Crescent - the French connection associated with the Crown too. Below evidence of the Isis Gene is touring in an Exhibition 'Quest for Immortality' (of the Soul) travelling the Far East.

The Land of England is said to be established as the Land of Joseph after a shoot grew from his staff and was planted in Glastonbury. This was said to grow to become the Holy Thorn Tree. People ask, did Jesus Christ walk on England's Land? If you seek to find out the truth, ask in prayer if you really want to know. However, try and keep your mind and eyes open to what is relevant to know too.

What I do know is 'someone cut down the Holy Thorn Tree and perhaps to kill it off. A new tree was planted with protection - that got snapped off. The Royal family account for £100 million a year just in protection. The Queen is supreme head of the Church of England. £200 million a year the royal family account to live, yet people suffer injustice from corruption and homelessness.

Many people in England beleive Diana was murdered - nothing can change the loss of two very special woman, Diana and my Mother. My Grandmother too. We can take their love, kindness, strength, compassion and courage. My mother was an inspirational source of courage to many people. The people who have committed the most abominal sins 'in the eyes of the Lord' - who sees EVERYTHING, will have to be accountable to HIM! Murder is a total violation of God's Law.

All the increased spying on people - the police state, the officials who are violating people and our human rights are digging a very big hole for theirselves. I learned we are all responsible for our own choices and we are accountable to God. The abusers in this world are going to wake up and realise one day that there is no where to run or to hide. They are spiritually blind still.

I was born with eyes to see, ears to hear, a nose to smell and a mind to use - we are given intellect and the ability to learn, grow and understand. I understand one thing, there are extremely arrogant corrupt officials in UK who beleive they are above the law - no one is above Divine Law. The man made laws that are being created - scrap them all. God's Kingdom is on this earth!

Remember the New Noah's Ark in Holland? This was God's Will.

"Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochay says: There are three crowns: The crown of Torah and the crown of priesthood and the crown of Kingship. The crown of priesthood – Aaron merited it and took it. The crown of Kingship – David merited it and took it. The crown of Torah – remains waiting for generations. Whoever merits the Torah, is considered as meriting all three." [Kohelet Raba 7]

Jewish people have said 'as long as the Jews exist, these pretenders can never be secure in their lie - There are so many pretenders around. People 'selling' fake titles too. If only people were hungry for Divine Wisdom and to Know God before being hungry for some title, they might be wearing a spiritual crown too.

"The Kingship and Priesthood of Israel were only based on the crown of Torah. Without that, they are meaningless. The Kingship of Israel is a paradox. The King is truly a servant of God and Israel. They don't possess the humility demanded of the true Kingship of Israel."

"Every Jew who hails from the Davidic line is a direct threat to their illusions, delusions and pretensions. And there are many of us."

"Any Gentile who is even tangentially related to the Davidic line is co-opted and/or targeted too."

A true servant of God will always do right by everyone.

It has come to my attention there is a large ransom for the life of Queen Elisabeth - Killing anyone is not worth paying the price on your soul. It also does not solve any problems. The one thing I will say the Queen wrote to my mother after learning of her paralysis - if she has descended in the the ancient bloodline, we will be related via our MtDNA. She already knows the truth.

While I see there are some really evil people in this world, I will not condemn her personally other than to say, all her corrupt officials have been the cause of her violating her coroniation Oath. Instead of men wanting to control this world and move on to a different agenda - MAN DOES NOT RULE THIS EARTH!

A Queen on top of Bolton Town Hall - her shield has a castle. Many elephant statues are located around Bolton town centre. Queen Victoria was Empress of India and this is on Victoria Square. 'Castle Hill' was a school in Bolton. With realising that everywhere I have lived, gone to School and futher education has been relevant to reveal a detailed picture relevant to know. I even studied business coaching at Newcastle College. Will there be A NEW ROYAL CASTLE?

Twin Towns of Bolton are Le Mans, France and Padebourne. Germany.

The Rosslyn Chapel said to associate with Mary Magdalene - this featured in the Da Vinci Code and on the wall, was a genealogy chart and ancient birth records. It was here chosen to show the red rose alive and placed in a vase. Bolton is in the heart of England....Even Moses Gate Country Park is here.

Time will reveal what will be. I have done all I can to confront Injustice....what will happen next, is God's Will. I wish no one in the royal family any harm and NO ONE in the royal family or the crown corporation harm me further. I already suffered more than enough with all the injustice and abusess!

Jewish Friends, known and unknown have spiritual knowledge and divine understanding. We know about miracles and divine providence. It is in the divine plan, Greek people and Jewish people have a connection - We are meant to learn from eachother. The Hebrew translation of my name has revealed so much information. We were given access to knowledge to assist spiritual undertanding and we are given instruction to Know Ourself because within our Soul, we know God.

The Triple Crowns are guarded by the Almighty Heavenly Father who is no fool. The person this belongs to has been promised to the Jewish people. In all matters, we must learn to be patient and remember that everything happens with divine timing. One day I might be thankful for my suffering if this is to set humanity free to live their lives in peace. Everyone is entitled to live in peace.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

With much appreciation to Google Maps, Lancastrian Paul, Tony Worral davekpcv who are credited for images of Bolton. Plus public domain images. No copyright infringement intended.