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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Divine Justice, Global Peace and Healing ~ It is written: The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth (Matthew 5:5) ♥

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Mount Sion in Valais Switzerland - Divine Justice!

Sion Valai Airport © Office du Tourisme du Valais

Today I was guided to find Sion in Switzerland. Ten years ago, I was in a dilemma and prayed to get answers. I wanted to speak to an ethical business lawyer (ethical practice - not what witnessed takes place in English courts) I was also being guided to ask about a Swiss bank account - not realising this connected to another complex situation that needs resolving.

Just to show you how quickly I had 'validation', turning on the computer, I logged onto a programe to contact a friend from overseas and was bombarded with messages, probably around 20 boxes appeared. Closing one by one by clicking the little cross we see on the window, the last one sent a message and said something like 'I am sorry to have troubled you, maybe you are busy' and sent regards. My intuition said to reply and so I did...

The man was a Lawyer in Switzerland whose expertise is in international corporate law and banking. I discussed concern about nigerian scammers because these were rife at the time. In another conversation he told me Switzerland were limiting bank deposits - people must now show where their cash comes from. Changes are happening in the world - It seems some nations take this more seriously than others. Millions pounds and dollars are passed around; yet no one questions these transactions!

Justice is taken very seriously in Switzerland and yet mocked in UK. Corrupt British lawyers bring shame to ethical lawyers internationally. There is no ethical standard for people to measure or know what to expect. English courts are in Breach of Contract.

At one time contemplating living overseas and considered Switzlerland, having already planned to establish an international healing resource operating online - with the vision to implement access resources and training for medical health professionals and therapists - to meet a growning need. The increasing stress from legal corruption in England, with obstruction of justice, is why everything came to a halt. I am still obstructing a court case since 2002 that should have been a simple formality of 500 euros.

Still caught in a spiders web of legal corruption; to discover human rights abuses are rife. Injustice is a crime against humanity. The fine detail of Human Rights law needs to be specifically worded to ensure everyone has a fair hearing, no matter what their case. Obstructing justice merits removal from legal practice and I am being very serious indeed. Anyone who suffers a miscarriage of justice must be exempt from incurring further legal fees - to produce evidence; to enable remedy to merit compensation and prosecute corrupt lawyers! Lawyers obstructing Justice is a crime! Judges refusing credible evidence to enable a fair hearing shows incompetance at best and negligence too. There is no excuse for any judge or lawyer to hinder legal process at all. The Oath to God is taken very seriously by true believers in the Court of Law - and this is recorded!

My writing openly because the truth will not be silenced. People who have served over 20 years in prison based on lies. Today I want to encourage everyone who has been violated by the legal system to speak openly about your experience - write your truth. Do not be bullied by corrupt officials and those who are hiding corruption. Forget gag orders. The court judge is not GOD. It is COURT JUDGES AND LAWYERS WHO ARE BEING JUDGED NOW!

What has this got to do with Swizerland - Everything is connected.

The Fleur de Lis is a symbol associated with the Prory of Sion.

With all the talk against Zionists - again I reiterate Holy Mount Zion relates to the family of Christ. The Holy Mother Mary was Lady of Zion - Queen of Zion. The messianic Queen and King are in this lineage of HER family - This is the Holy Spiritual Royal Family. Holy also means 'Spiritual Wholeness' - 'Oneness/Unity with God'. Jesus Christ is King of Kings and NO MAN can take his place!

All the religious battles taking place is with spiritual ignorance. There cannot be ignored at times being power hungry wars too. If you cannot trust the highr power of the Almighty God to put everything in order and reveal the truth to you - ask in sincere prayer and you will be guided, then how can anyone who is unable to, be an inspirational spiritual leader or King over any people?

All the trillions of dollars spent on war....

Maria Notre Dame de Sion © Philippe victor HALARY

So HERE we learn about Sion with discovering this is a location in Switzerland. Sion is the Capital of Valais. Looking closer we learn the highest point in Valais is Monte Rosa - this to me, is identifying the Mountain of the Royal Rose. Was Divine Wisdom given here?

Monte Rosa is the highest mountain in Switzerland and the second-highest in both the Alps and western Europe. The mountain's main peak is located within Switzerland in the southeastern part of the canton of Valais. The Monte Rosa Massif is the second-highest massif in Italy. Monte Rosa unites Europe.

In an earlier article, I wrote about Mount Ararat where Noah's Ark is said to be found. This relates to the Noahide Laws given by God. The ancient Greeks connect with Mount Olympus - shrouded in mythology, however the remaining ruins show ancient civilisations have lived with temples too. Here we see another significant mountain in Sion and the higher the mountain, the closer we are to God. This is evidently a Holy mountain too.

Sion in 1572, from Beschreibung vnd Contrafactur der vornembster Stät der Welt, Köln 1582 - We witness twin peaks.

What is particularly interesting about Mount Rosa, the main summit, known as the Dufourspitze is the culminating point of the Pennine Alps. It just so happens where I live in England, is not far from the Pennine hills. Lancashire and in particular Bolton is associated with the Red Rose. Roses identify the Royal family female members especially. In the Davinci code movie, not only has this movie identified a bloodline, in the chapel there was a red rose in a vase. This is not a coincidence - This is showing how the Creator God brings the truth to people of what is relevant to know.

In the lowest point of Mount Rosa is Lake Geneva. Geneva is the geographical location of the United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights. KNOWING Switzlerland promotes Human Rights, I doubt very much the High Commissioner would excuse legal CORRUPTION and injustice taking place in England in the English law courts, or anywhere else. Even being European, access to the European Court of Human Rights and the court of appeal were deliberately obstructed too. The truth is being exposed!

The UN Commission on Human Rights/UN Human Rights Council (Geneva) has implemented accountability for NGO's - something else that I have been speaking about openly for many years with so many people abusing public and private money for self gain. Too many greedy corrupt people are exploiting, instead meeting the much needed focus on serving humanity and providing ethical service. Countless people exploit a vital need as a way to access funds for personal profit as a priority. The people are neglected. Charities giving 10% to a cause are decieving the people who are proving funding. Greed and corruption is keeping people poor, suffering, homeless and dying from wars, famine and disease.

Making NGO's accountable is to be welcomed, with documentation of exactly where funding is spent to ensure this is not being used for any other purpose other than what the money was applied for. It is my understanding if someone is applying for funding for a specific purpose and uses it for something else, even expenses then this is actually misrepresentation - a criminal offence.

The Cross of the Knights of Malta with Sion 'at the heart'

The Religion in Sion, Switzerland is Roman Catholic. Earlier I was thinking about Pope Benedict and connecting the Benedictine Nuns, of which my great aunties were in France. On Mount Zion in Jerusalem is the Benedictine Monastery. The Olive Branch!

The Abbey of the Dormition and name of a Benedictine community in Jerusalem on Mt. Zion are situated outside the walls of the Old City near the Zion Gate. According to local tradition, this place, near the site of the Last Supper, is where the Blessed Virgin Mary died. Dormition means falling asleep.

Looking at Mount Rosa in Switzerland, the Valère Basilica - Notre-Dame de Valère was built during the 12th and 13th centuries and obtained the rank of minor basilica at the time of the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1984. Here we see the Royal Castle at the top of the Hill on the mountain - the Queen of Divine Justice?

With Mount Rosa this is a reminder of the Rose Line - I do not have the technological ability to identify the meridian/ley lines. However the name in itself clearly identifies the land mark and Lady of Sion. Maria Rosa pops into my mind and being divinely inspired - The Catholic Church will know specific details.

Faacing Valère Basilica is the Tourbillon castle (Château de Tourbillon) in Sion located on the opposite hill. Built in at the end of the 13th century, a large part of the castle was first destroyed by the Patriots of the Valais in 1416. The castle was then rebuilt in 1477 by Gullaume VI of Raron, wanting to build a chapel and an exterior wall built with battlements. In 1788, a gigantic fire reduced the castle to ashes; this became its ruin.

Sion Castle on the Hill. The phoenix always rises from the ashes.

Castle Hill relates to my personal experience. After refusing to go to private schools locally (because I had a bad feeling about where we lived - weeks later my mother became paralysed from the neck downwards) and even later she wanted to send me to finishing school in Switzerland - again I refused and went to Greece instead. My French Grandmother wanted me to be educated privately there. I insisted to go to Castle Hill out of sheer stubborness instead of going to Lord's independant. This was to be to me, the worse possible school imaginable. Previous Schools had royal associations by name Beulah, Oaklands and Princes Plain - Later studing at Salford meaning 'Sea Lord'. If I had gone to France, the area connected to the French Royal bloodline. Personal experience and where family have lived makes it easy to connect the dots to share relevant information in context - from a practical and spiritual perspective. Being guided to 'cherry pick' Holy scripture is partly when divinely guided hearing the words to look for, or to identify specific information when relevant.

The cryptic text of the The Da Vinci Code movie also identified a Swiss bank account. I am now aware of one account that has caused international conflict; this is likely connected too.

Bringing together what is relevant for now. The Patriarch of the Holy Mount Zion in Jerusalem is the Greek Orthodox Church - My mothers Church. Above we see a Holy Mountain in Sion in Switzerland; that is associated with the Roman Catholic faith - this is my father's family church. Today the Greek Orthodox faith and the Roman Catholic are united in peace and Brotherhood. In my experience, and from what I see, having also travelled through Switzerland, nothing justifies anyone to attack any association to the ancient Holy Royal family. In the ancient times people were divinely guided to bring people back to God; to be united in peace and to do right by each other in our spiritual family.

Being guided to locate the Red Arrows in Sion. As a young girl I lived in Biggin Hill in Kent with memories of the Red Arrows performing aerobatics there. The Davinci Code movie featured Biggin Hill airport as one of the locations. The KentKard is the name of the travel card in Smyrna (now Izmir) where my mother's family came from. All these connections are relevant to show.

There are enough signs around to show that it is time for the righteous court of justice to be established and to have in place a structure where lawyers and officers of the court are screened for suitability too. I have been told there are 'greedy' lawyers in prison in Swizerland. Here in England lawyers who refuse to work for justice say there will never be justice in England.

Divine justice is universal law. My strong words are to abusers who occupy official roles of responsiblity - oathtakers. Spiritual wickedness in high places is identified in the Holy Bible.

Millions of people have lost their way. Lost faith can be restored. However there are people who are arrogant 'God Mockers' who do not care they cause unneccessary suffering. I really beleive from the bottom of my heart, unless someone has got a personal relationship with God, they should not be in a positon to be head of any church associated with God. A servant of God is in a trusted role to ensure the spiritual welfare and care of people.

We are not prisoners on this earth! With all this, there are valuable lessons for people to learn and even right at the very top there are many people who want to strenghen their relationship with God. If people who are sitting in positions of spiritual leadership and justice are doing the opposite, this reflects on society and this perhaps why so many people have turned away from God.

Switzerland is a beautiful country that has something special about it - somewhere I cannot afford to live and anyway, I no longer have a passport to travel there or extensively as I hoped in these years. Every nation has something very unique and should preserve the uniqueness. Our world is not all ocean, or mountain, or fields. Our world is not all tower blocks or desert either.

Good people live in Switzerland as everywhere. Keep preserving the goodness in whatever nation you live in. Much appreciation to everyone who has zero tolerance of legal corruption!

Autumn by Nicolas Poussin. Grapes of the Promised Land.

Archduke Leopold Wilhelm Hasburg, assumed the government of the Spanish Netherlands; employed David Teniers the Younger as a painter and keeper of the collection of pictures he was forming. With the rank and title of "ayuda de camara," Teniers took up his abode in Brussels shortly after 1647. A picture of Sion Switzerland was in Leopold's collection.

Sion/Zion - "Easternmost of the two hills of ancient Jerusalem, where David established his Royal capital. In the Old Testament, the name Zion frequently refers to Jerusalem as a whole; it is overwhelmingly a poetic and prophetic designation. Mount Zion is the place where Yahweh (God) dwells and is the scene of his messianic salvation." - Sion might be in different nations, the same commandment is given by God thoughout the world to live by.

The 7th Noahide Law - Establishment of the Court of Justice. Physically a court is established in England, Where is Justice?

Do not make war or cause injustice with any people anywhere globally in the name of Jesus Christ or his Mother, the Holy Virgin Mary, or Mary Magdalene. Anyone who causes harm to people in the name of God is accountable to HIM! We live in a world that is our teacher. We are given intellect to understand. We have eyes to see and ears to hear. Faith is trusting the God Most Highest!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria