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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Finger Walking the Chartres Labyrinth

This is a perfect illustration to reflect our life experience; where we have travelled, our choices, learning and our destiny.

While the video is rushed, this illustrates the importance of self-awareness. This also relates to self-remembering. We are on a onstant journey here in a physical reality from the day we are born until we take our last breath. At any time we can become awake and aware of the steps we take and our experience.

If we are to embark on a learning programe and do not read the pages and information that relates to gain understanding, we will not be able to apply our learning. Before we can become spiritual teachers, we need to master our own process.

If we have not attained spiritual wholeness or enlightenment, we cannot teach this. The subject of spirituality is big business - yet few teachers speak about the dangers that come with seeking spiritual understanding. So many people dabble with 'spirits'.

Few people are spiritually enlightened on this earth, however, there are plenty of different methods to enable people with their awakening. Becoming conscious is an experience - not taught.

There are plenty of people who do the talking and yet do not walk the walk. There comes a time when ancient wisdom must be understood in context and shared accordingly. There comes a time when the people who are meant to be enabling humanity to progress spiritually will be heard. The teachers of spiritual wisdom, always remember to credit the source.

Divine Wisdom does not have a price tag - God does not trade in cash. Esoteric knowledge does not have a price tag either.

Sometimes just closing the door and turning off the television - shutting out all the noise; music and turning off the phone is necessaary. Even when when you think you have complete silence in your environment - if you listen carefully you become aware of sounds beyond, nearby and in the distance. Observe your thought process. Is your mind still or do you have a running dialogue?

Step by step, we are all on our own spiritual journey. Our focus determines our experience. Taking stock of our life we can learn so much - especially how far we have grown through our experiences. We do not always see the reason why we are here or realise that every moment of our life is as valuable as the last.

When we are children and have a dream - often our reality has surpassed this. As adults we need to listen to our inner calling because this what is guiding our spiritual journey while here. Listen to your heart. Walk in your own truth and be gentle on yourself. There is no race or competition.

It is not always practically possible to walk the labyrinth and you might not have a finger walking board available. This does not mean when we go out and about with our every day life - even for a walk that we cannot be aware of all our steps. There is nothing stopping us from smelling the flowers, from observing our surroundings, of hearing the sounds of nature and the birds.

Our ability to tune out noise, the chatter within and without, so we can be aware of our own process takes practice. Becoming aware of our thoughts, feelings, our words and actions - we realise we are impacting other people. Not everyone is aware of the consequences of what they say and do. Not everyone is aware or cares about other people. This is because they are not self aware.

The person who knows you best of all is You. You are living your life. The person who is experiencing your experiences is you.

The people who knock contemplation, do not understand. Life is not all about making money, grabbing what we can, partying, having fun, going about saying and doing whatever we like with no regard for other people - pretending, misleading, tricking people. If you are bowing down to any people - why?

In a time of necessary awakening, we learn to see who we are for who we are and we learn to walk our own steps - not be mislead; not to decieve ourselves. As we know ourself, we see life and other people much more clearly. As you take off your mask and be yourself, other people will do the same. Human beings have some vulnerability. As spirtual beings we can be tremendously strong.

At different times throughout history, spiritual understanding has been shared with people. Ancient wisdom will continue to be shared. Pure understanding begets pure understanding.

Spirituality is simple. Being spiritual is a way of being.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria