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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 3 August 2012

Israel - The Promised Land

Not everyone realises that there has to be 'somewhere' on planet earth that stands in physical reality, that man cannot rule over. This is to ensure that God's Laws are established and people are protected. The Holy land has been chosen for this purpose.

God does not need a religion. At different times in history God has communicated with people - we know as Prophets. The Only Son of God was born miraculously - Jesus Christ, known by different names, does not change His being of why He was born to fulfil the Law and confirmed God gave before him to the Jewish people!

Nothing has been hidden - translations are made and people can ALWAYS go seek out the original scriptures written in Hebrew and also Greek for precise understanding. Even the internet allows people to see the exact translation. There are no excuses!

In this time we need to realise in history, there have been tremendous suffering caused to people from different churches and religions and to realise this is not the way - We are given the authority to confront injustice, war and human suffering, not to create injustice, war and cause harm and hurt people.

There is another piece of protected land that has allowed the authority of Jesus Christ, as King of Kings to continue to this day. In confronting corruption and injustice in UK most officials duck and dive and boast there is no justice. Everyone had to reveal their true colours. The oath mockers might be out of a job!

Everyone has the opportunity to understand and know that war and injustice are not excusable, or to harm innocent people.

It is because of the faithfulness of Jewish people that the original scriptures have been maintained over thousands of years. When copying the text - letter by letter, if one mistake is made the whole text is destroyed. The Word of God is Precise! Every Word!

To be guided by God is to follow word for word His instruction. There is evidence to show that people in history have been guided by God. Today there are people who say this is not possible and even argue that there is no God. These are many people who are misguided and cannot understand when their mind is not open to.

When you see Jewish people carrying the Torah - this is the Word of God that is being protected and preserved, if anything for the Jewish people. Without God as our ruler and protector, we can become vulnerable to the abusive actions of hummans. No man or woman has been given permission to have the power over God!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria