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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 6 August 2012

King Solomon, His Rulership and the mines.

In this Holy Icon, King Solomon is holding an open scroll with writing in his left hand. In his right hand he is pointing to a Temple. This is the ancient Temple of Worship to God that he founded and from this he was King by Divine Right. We know this because he is seen holding Divine Wisdom for all people.

King Solomon was Sovereign King and Emperor who ruled the Empire. As King of Israel, he ruled the ancient Kingdom - God's Kingdom. King Solomon's father, David was King of Judea or Judah, one of three divisions in ancient Palestine.

"Grant to my son Solomon that with single mind he may keep your commandments, your decrees, and your statutes, performing all of them, and that he may build the temple for which I have made provision" 1 Chronicles 29:19

There are people who are trying to find Solomon's gold; yet if they just searched for Wisdom, they would realise this is far more valuable. No amount of gold makes anyone King or Queen by Divine Right - because this appointment is decided from the heavenly realms. 'Many are selected, few are chosen'.

Kings by conquest are not Kings by Divine Right. The position to be a divinely appointed authority to people is not to be in a position of loftiness over people, yet does entail uplifting people to realise a sense of responsibility. Being in a position to give wise council is just as vital as empowering people.

King Solomon is often remembered as being Judge in a contraversial case where two women were arguing over a baby. He said to cut the baby in half to sort the problem out. The women who quickly offered to give the baby to the other lady, was seen to be the child's real mother. Case dismissed.

King Solomon was wise as a human being and spiritually enlightened too. A King by Divine Right has also the role as Protector of people. Being born in the Priest King line, he will have been a spiritual alchemist. A spiritual alchemist has attains a high level of spritual understanding to influence change at will. This is where esoteric wisdom applies. Esoteric means inner self.

A King by Divine Right becomes protector of land for the people. King Solomon held the spiritual key and physical Key to his Kingdom. King Solomon could have asked for anything and he asked for for what was most valuable - Wisdom.

When the Queen of Sheba, who was Queen of Egypt and Ethiopia heard about the Wisdom of Solomon, she travelled to meet him. It has been said she consulted with Magi (astrologers) who told her of the King - known by the heavenly signs when he was born, as all the anointed Kings are 'expected' and anticiplated and even dreaded. They had a son together who was raised with his father. Menelik I, later became the first Emperor of Ethiopia.

King Solomon and Queen of Sheba are seen standing on the 5th step. They are shown to be equal in status and holding hands in front of all the people. We can consider by this, that they were brought together by the hidden hand that guides the world we are living in. While King Solomon was a wise King, he was given the gift of Wisdom with the Queen of Sheba - a divinely inspired Queen.

King Solomon has been identified in the Holy Bible and on Holy Icons to show he was 'recognised' for being chosen for his role. Not all Kings are Kings by Divine Right. To meet this criteria there is a lineage that is known by those who know. In this way, any false claimaints to the throne can be recognised and rejected. Also history has shown people who were a threat to the throne killed.

As a human being King Solomon also had his lessons to learn as we all do. The ultimate Judge for all we do is God. Every King and Queen knows they are accountable to God and when they make errors in judgment, to put wrongs right. When they make mistakes - to show repentance and learn from these experiences.

Dikaios translated means Righteousness or Justice. King Solomon is recognised as being a Righteous Judge, Prophet/Priest and King.

Together King Solomon and Queen of Sheba together covered a lot of territory - including Israel, Egypt and Ethiopia. Recent archaeological discoveries in Mareb, Yemen support the view that the Queen of Sheba ruled over southern Arabia, with evidence suggesting that the area was the capital of the Kingdom of Sheba. A New Kingdom - God's Kingdom will cover the whole earth.

Before closing I wanted to find a Map of territory that relates to King Solomon and found the following. "1794 Bolton Wall Map of Africa with known areas circled." - Bolton is connected to me personally. Also the steel support and mascots for the Olympic Games were made here. This is Divine Providence.

Since 1965, I have been aware of people dying of famine and living in the most impoverished conditions. While there are charities collecting billions of dollars - there are causes that see a very small percentage of generous giving. Another issue to be addressed. It is sad that people can sit with such vast wealth and turn their back on people who are hungry and homeless - with the cost of living being hiked up. Today in the western world, there are elderly and vulnerable people neglected and abandoned. Selfishness, greed and corruption has taken over our world and as long as people do not care, millions more people will suffer.

Africa is a divided Kingdom and even recent years Christian's have been persecuted. Globally so many human rights abuses are coming from people who are very misguided - there is no excuse to cause harm, loss and suffering to anyone. There is great effort to unite people as one humanity - where people are not living in fear and oppressive conditions anywhere in the world.

While people associate King Solomon with Gold - Africa also has diamond mines. My Grandmother told me that my Grandfather co owned a diamond mine with his uncle. She never said where this was located. If Gold and Diamonds have come by land conquested by bloodshed, the blood that has been lost has far greater value. Human life is precious. Life cannot be bought for any price!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria