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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Lighting the Cauldon in 2012 Opening Ceremony

In ancient times the High Priestess would light the sacred flame for the Olympic Games in Greece. Today, a Greek lady is bringing the flame and sharing this to the people. From just one flame a million candles can be lit. There is a possibility of lighting 7 billion hearts with the Sacred Flame of Harmony

In the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games, from the one sacred flame that has come from the heavenly realms, seven candles were lit and from these, 204 petals, one carried from each nation participating in the games. The memory of this will be carried with everyone who was involved. The people who were a part of the Olympic games, from the torch carriers, helpers, volunteers, builders, organisers and all the athletes made this possible and will take away something positive from being part of the experience. The audience gained this too.

I was not invited or expected to be - instead I watched the opening and closing ceremony at home and this was the best place to be to take in the whole experience. This has allowed me to identify certain elements and share some insights that are being revealed through this - in context for people to know.

The man who holds the flame has been given a knighhood and he is dressed in White. He is symbolising a white knight. Steven Redgrave is holding the flame high in the sky - as an Olympic Gold medalist, he is passing the flame on to one of 7 new athletes who will achieve their personal success and go out in the world, to inspire other people to achieve their personal goals too.

Holding the flame is not to keep - it is to share the light. To shine the light. Within our being there is a light that is meant to shine.

From this one flame - the seven were lit and the new flame holders travelled around the staduim - they lit the way for every other athlete that was going to walk in their footsteps. The sacred flame touched the audience and viewers from all over the world - over 4 billion people reportedly watched this ceremony.

The seven flames represent the seven ancient churches of Asia that are identified in the Holy Bible. The ancient Christians have been persecuted and killed because they refused to go give up their faith in God. It was the early Christians who have known the truth. In this present time, The Queen is not God. In history, there have been rulers who have wanted to be God and rule over people.

We have again reached a point of time when the seven churches will be shining their own light and the people around the world will see the truth of what is their entitlement to know. We were not born to be oppressed by anyone!

As the 204 flames were lit in the cauldron - this looked like a flowers that was open with all its petals spread out. One by one every petal was lit with the sacred flame and then 'raised up' towards the heavens. Every person was lifted up to realise a higher consciousness in physical reality and spiritual experience. In physical reality people from 204 nations were gathered together in friendship and unity around the flame. It was a beautiful experience.

When if we look back in history and we go back in time, we discover something that is quite profound and that is we are all related to eachother. Humanity is one family. We have all been given life by one source. This is the almighty power that people forget and yet every day new life is born.

Our almighty creator has always existed and it is so easy to take everything for granted. Even to take life for granted. When we consider how thousands of people have come together just to make this particular Olympic ceremony happen - it has been an amazing and the most spectacular live performance that has shown time evolve and people evolving accordingly. There is hope for the future.

Danny Boyle the creator, born not far from where I live, has a very special gift in the way he communicates the message from his vision, inspiration, learning and understanding. When humanity unites together in peace, no evil force can break the bond that we build together. For every attempt to divide people, notice people are coming together as friends, even on the internet. A big thank you to Tim Berners-Lee for making this possible; so that I can write openly too.

Credit to the creator and inspirational source of the cauldon. This year is special and the lights will shine on forever. We always know when something is spiritual and Holy - we feel this touches our heart and soul.

The Sacred Flame of Harmony united 204 nations together as one humanity. United together we are stronger and so much is possible. Look at the achievements people are making today. Personal development is embracing empowerment. Not a combating attitude or trying to be better than anyone else. Discovering our strengths might not be in the most expected way.

The flag with the Olympic Rings is the five continents. When there is an ethical structure in place that empowers the people and takes care of the elderly, frail and vulnerable, we are reminded of being human with a purpose and live this. We can all make our name in the world and make a positive difference.

In our own unique way we have strengths. No one has the right to take away who you are or to change your truth. You were given a voice to communicate. You were given a mind with intellect and you were given a heart to feel love, not hurt, suffering and pain. It is in the divine plan to change the hurt, to feel love and laughter again. Our world thrives with people who care about each other.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria