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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 31 August 2012

Order out of Chaos - Towers Demolished in China

Chongqing residents in southwest China are primary witneses to earthly transformation taking place. We are secondary witnesses.

The MailOnline report of the professional controlled demolition of two buildings in the area of Chaotianmen in China. The plan is, once clearing of the area, a sky scraper building, incorporating a transformation hub, tourism and trade is to be built here.

The buildings being brought down are a 32 story passenger terminal and the Three Gorges hotel, both in the Chongqing Port.

A gorge is is a narrow valley between hills and mountains with a stream or river flowing through it. Three Gorges Dam comes to mind and in research shows, this to be a contraversial project with valid reasons that have been identified. A link is posted below for you to peruse at your leisure. From the destruction of these buildings, the Three Gorges Dam is brought to our attention.

Chongqing, is a city built on mountains and partially surrounded by the Yangtze and Jialing rivers. Tt is known as a 'mountain city' and a 'city on rivers' - in all things there will be corresponding information to bring validation.

People witness the professional demolition, even from a distance, observe the landscape of the city changed before their eyes.

While a mess is created and chaos too, we can see how order will also take place following this controlled destruction process.

China is of great commerical interest to the west who exploit for manufacture of goods and toys. The labels of everything you buy - the country of manufacture is identified. With the cost of hiring low cost labour, the people who are working for profit, are motivated to take advantage of this. Unfortunately the massive savings are not passed on to consumers. Greed is rife in the west.

The issue of organised crime and corruption is being tackled head on in China and even if the situation appears to be resolved, people are learning there will always be people who think they can get away with this activity. The clean up of corruption is a process that is constant and must be identified right at the very top. When people realise that self serving brings consequences in the long term, they can then wake up to understand responsibility.

Within any legal system corruption where is rife, this is seen when a legal system is not operating with God's Law. When a legal system is operating as a profit making corporation as a prority - this is where injustice is seen too. This applies internationally.

For any tall building to fall without damaging other nearby buildings, a specialist team is involved to bring the building down on it's own footprint. This procedure is known about personally since the early 80's, when Fred Dibnah, a steeplejack in Bolton Lancashire brought down the old mills and tall chimneys.

From oberving the work of Fred Dibhah, it is usual ethical practice to clear the area and establsh that there is no one in the building before it is brought down. If tall buildings were not prepared in a certain way to fall down on their own footprint, they would fall sideways and crush buildings in the area.

Residents watch the two buildings being demolished to make way for a planned skyscraper. A video is located in the link below.

Any architect and engineer can easily recognise the proceedure of a professional demolition; also with being usual practice. My father was an engineer who explained this to me as a child.

There is not just one person who is involved with archtectrual design of buildings, construction and fitting for their being used in a practical way. In the same way there is not just one person involved in the demolition process.

Being reminded of the Port Authority - The world will recall the demoliton of the World Trade Centre buildings, 1,2 and building 7. Three buildings were brought down on 11th September 2001. The skyscraper tower being built is 'Freedom Tower' - We are being asked to consider Freedom from what exactly!

The higher to the heavens we reach, the closer to our creator! For any attempt to 'control the world' and the people in the world, this will have the opposite effect. People are realising 'God is the Boss' - His Power Rules! The people right at the very top know this too.

Everything and everyone is connected. There is 'always' a cause for everything. The complexity of life is not linear. We also see that people have been given power - Will Power is named as so for a reason and Free Will. Following the UK riots with destruction, people eagerly came out from their homes to clear up the mess. An instinctive reaction from people is how order is created again.

The inspiration of architects is how buildings are designed. Architects have the technical skill to design. Today architects are evisioning futuristic buildings and these are being recorded down. The global landscape expands and improves accordingly - or we would all be living in mud huts, or tents.

The commercial side of any city is taken care of by the financiers. The builders by the builders. The traders by the traders etc. A pyramid structure is formed that we are all a part of in some way.

This world belongs to the people to take care of. We are the guardians of this world for future generations. We are the caretakers of each other too. Greed does not pay anyone!

From a spiritual perspective - a hotel is where people pay to sleep. A teminal means an ending. We are given the signs to show people are paying to live and die. What is being rebuild it going to be raising people up towards the heavens. For it is in the heavens, the divine authority is found that guides and protects the people.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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