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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Royals and Nobles. What is Relevant to Know

People who are born Royal Prince and Princess cannot have their birthright taken away by man made laws. They do not need to justify their birthright in any book. With so many wars, many people who have been relocated have forgotten their origins.

Fortunately the Holy Bible, documents the Royal Lineage. When it is written not to addd or take away what is written, this means not to change anything. In this book there are many truths to be discovered. It is by being guided to certain scriptures and the internet to access the detail, that I have been able to Quote the translated Word of God to show God mockers for what they are!

When laws are made to prevent women from inheriting land and titles - any Queen who is annointed to be protector of the land for the people, has been blocked. With Queen Elisabeth II and Beatrice, Queen of Netherlands, these two ladies have set a president to allow a Queen to reign again ny Divine Right.

The occupation and preoccupation of royal and noble lineage is of interest to many people. If you are distantly related to some elected royal several generations back - so what? In the divine plan, this is not to have any 'overlord' over people and especially for people to bow dowm to anyone.

Unfortunately in history this has not always been the case. Today the tactics are different. People are being kept down by debt, water is poisoned that dumbs down the mind - BILLIONS of people are addicted to prescribed drugs that are entering the water system to be recycled again and again. The healing need globally includes the dependancy on drugs they are poluting our water.

Where are the royals who protect the people? The Christ family are not celebrated any more and so people are forced to settle with someone else. From a spiritual perspective and with some understanding, the Thone of David is written to be an eternal throne and Queen Elisabeth II traces her lineage to King David. King David was an anointed King and his lineage identfies this.

The titles duke, baron, earl and prince are in some circles given and not born with. The same applies with King and Queen. There are honors and titles given to people who have helped Kings and Queens in history. Illigitimate sons of elected Kings have been given titles and positions. What you see on the surface as being respectable, might even be the total opposite.

The Almanach de Gotha is a directory of Europe's royalty and nobility. This was first published in 1763 by C.W. Ettinger in Gotha at the ducal court of Frederick III, Duke of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg.

Between 1785 and 1944, published annually by Justus Perthes Publishing House in Gotha, then the Soviets destroyed the Almanach de Gotha's archives. This was used to identify monarchies; their courts, both reigning and former dynasties, princely and ducal families. Genealogical, biographical and titulary details of Europe's highest aristocracy, were included.

When records were destroyed, this happened for a reason. Everything happens for a raeson and nothing is coincidence in this world. Perhaps there is information missing from these archives. The truth will always be revealed.

The almanac's publication by Justus Perthes is said to have began at the ducal court of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in Germany. The Saxe-Coburg and Gotha family were listed first, followed by sovereigns of the House of Wettin and in alphabetical order, families of princely rank, both ruling and non-ruling.

More recently, in 1989 the family of Justus Perthes re-established its right to the use of the name Almanach de Gotha. The family then sold the rights to a new company, Almanach de Gotha Limited, formed in London. The new publishers launched with the 182nd edition on 16 March 1998 at Claridge's Hotel.

The new publishers Committee of Patrons are King Juan Carlos I of Spain, president and King Michael I of Romania, chairman.

Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is a name connected to the House of Windsor. Windsor Castle is the Royal family use this name. Wales is used because Wales is the ancient Kingdom of Wales and it has been revealed to me, this is connected to the Holy Land. By British Royal Decree gave authority to partition the Holy land to create a state of Israel, however pepole are fighting against this. With the London Olympics, people are confused with what is happening.

With Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, with Kingdom titles connected to Scotland are also held by William and his wife - so singing God save the Queen on the Olympics to Catherine might have been planned) is claiming ownership of the Government buildings in the heart of Jerusalem. Ehen he dies, this will be passed to his heir - so whether Charles or William they have a back up plan.

The All Seeing and Knowing God knows the manipulation!

The Kingdom of Israel - relates to the descendants of the family of Jacob, who was given the name Israel. The Queen is sitting on a throne as Queen of the Israelites and Queen of the World. Because God is not for one people and not for another. If she is allowing abuses, war and injustice where innocent people suffer - she has been shown to not be Queen by Divine Right. So who is?

There was a television documentary showing that the present day British royal family are an iligitimate line. They are not born Kings or Queens. The royal family are not more superior to anyone else.

Man made Laws are in place to protect the royal family - also to prevent British citizens from 'foreign' houses from using titles, yet God does not conform to these man made laws. There are laws in relation to treason. In ancient times, crucifixion was punishment for treason. Today it is life inprisonment.

The people who deny God, must realise that the Queen took an Oath to God Almighty in her coronation - so she might be a beleiver. There are many people who take an oath who do so as lip service. The truth is known to each individual.

It is known by royals in the past and present time about anointed Kings and Queens - being guided by God and yet this is not promoted. Traditionally in ancient times, the King and Queen were motivated by the core of their being to do right by everyone and yet we see the signs - this does not apply in this time.

When a King and Queen is not motivated by the core of their being to do right by people, this is reflected in society. Today we are seeing people idol worship the young royals today - yet they reject Christ who as a healer, spiritual teacher and leader, the wisest man who ever walked on this earth.

As long as there are people who deny the divinity of Christ, there will be those who will pull the wool over people's eyes. Someone said Queen Elisabeth II is like God - NO SHE IS NOT! She might sit on a pile of wealth - she has been been by her birth raised to her position. Be careful of false idol worship!

As millions more people are deliberately being caused to suffer more - man made laws have increased - thousands more homes will be respossessed and then rented back to people for huge profit. The stealing of peoples livelihood, their health and well being is deteriorates by circumstance and deliberate poisoning.

People past and present who are a threat to the throne are suffering. People have been murdered. Diana with the possibility to marry and have a child with an Egyptian was threatening 'the corporate establishment', plus she knew too much. The royal family would have preferred all his affairs to stay hidden and people see Charles as an angel - to be a suitable Head of a Church.

These wars are not Holy that is for sure. Since when it is right to go and kill innocent people and destroy their homes, in the past and present times? People are going to war and kiling innocent people.

It is not a good thing to trust any King, unless he is divinely appointed and there is ONLY ONE MAN born who was...

Jesus Christ never made people sign a contract to swear allegiance to him. Neither did his mother. The Holy Royal family. Our Church as a universal church do not turn people against eacth other.

If people spent less time trying to appear more important, and focussed on uplifting humanity they would meet with respect. The theft of land and homes by those who beleive they have the right will be shown as otherwise. The people who have taken land beleiving it is their divine right - have they brought God's Word to the people? Are they born in the biblically identified lineage?

It is unclear if the Queen recognises the Royal Christ family...She did write to my mother after she became paralysed. I was not raised to see the Queen, her family or any officials as being more superior people. Since being young I noticed in public she never put a foot wrong. Still waters run deep with that lady.

So many times I could have written to her...and did not! She has lived her life according to her conscience - her right to do so.

The divine plan is unfolding. Are you ready to accept God as your boss and royals do? The alternative is officials authorise decisions to your detriment and to mine. Humanity has suffered enough!

Everyone is born with Free Will and Divine Rights. Royals who are annointed by God are divinely guided and actually, so is everyone else. You have an opportunity to realise a higher consciousness.

Any royal who takes away your birthright and divine rights, reveals that they do not Respect You. True Noblity is seen in peoples intentions and actions. Nobility is not a title that can be given, bought or sold. The titles the Queen has given to her family are connected to land. The transferance of land seems to have been passed on through generation to generation in this way.

The Queen is a Servant in her role of Mother to humanity. Anyone who steps into her shoes has a huge role to fulfill. My teacher was my mother and there is a role of responsibility - to be a Queen.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria