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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Paralympics Opening - Relighting the Flame

Opening celebrations of the Paralympics in London. In an earlier article, we saw the flame raised up, ready to be lit up again.

Founded in the year of my birth, 1960 in Rome, with 400 athletes from 23 countries. the 2012 Paralympics has 4280 athletes represented by 160 nations.

My heart is swelling knowing how far progress has been made. Today millions of people are defying the odds to break down barriers of limitation that society sets and this is being celebrated. My mother's words that were documented by Journaist Angella Kelly - 'A paralysed body does not mean a paralysed life!'

At 35 years old, my mother became paralysed from the neck downwards. In a critical condition she was not expected to survive. The doctors and specialists said she was a medical miracle. Prayers were said and answered. Getting my mother to see she was far more than her physical body and had a greater purpose to her life, was not easy. Often my father would scorn saying I was keeping my mother alive. For the first three years she wanted to die. This was made worse by peoples attitudes that she was picking up on. Thankfully she took on board her vital role as a mother, friend, wife and very wise advisor. She became an inspiration to people, including specialists in spinal injuries.

Even though the media has put captions on their photographs, staying in line with the theme of previous articles, We see here a lady in a wheelchair on top of an apple, this is a reminder of the Primordial Eve. Notice the people with halos on their head.

The theme of this olympic ceremony was about 'The Age of Enlightenment' - this relates to spiritual understanding and empowering people too. In the ancient times Goddess Athena empowered people. She was spiritually enlightened. Born with this understanding, being in darkness and oppressed does not appeal.

Quote "Tremendous pride: The Queen praised the 'uplifting spirit' of the Paralympic Games tonight as she officially declared the Games open"

The Olympic Spirit is with the flame from ancient Greece and this has continued throughout. The Romans have honored Ancient Goddess Minerva who is associated with Athena - depicted with an Owl representing Wisdom. The Owl has night vision and the ability to see in all directions. The expression night owl applies because often while sleeping dreams will bring divine messages too.

Uplifting people should be natural and yet having experienced so many people bashing people down, myself and my mother especially, it is a rude awakening to learn people are getting ahead by feeding their egos and stamping on people. This is why humanity has a huge divide with people who struggle to get up again. There needs to be a change in attitude and a wake up call is over due. There are people who have done anything and everything to get ahead - only to realise at the end of their life, their money will not buy life, buy love or turn the clock back.

A few days ago I wrote about the flame being moved and raised 'on the purple steps' - This is significant because it relates to the Royal imperial colours. Here we see Margaret Maughan light The Paralympic Cauldron, which is made up 204 petals. 166 of these bear the names of the competing Paralympic nations.

Margaret Maughan won an archery gold at the first Paralympics in 1960. In the sign of astrology the archer is Saggitarius - the birthsign of my mother. My mother descended from the Greek Byzantine Imperial lineage. Saggitarius is all about aiming higher and going for greater goals. Physically and Spiritually we have unlimited potential as athletes participating are showing the world. My mother became my greatest teacher.

Here former Royal Marine Joe Townsend, whose legs were blown off by an IED in Afghanistan, carries the Paralympic Flame into the stadium on a zip wire from the top of the neighbouring 377ft (115m) high ArcelorMittal Orbit tower.

Joe 90 came to mind - This is a science-fiction documenting the exploits of a nine-year-old boy. Joe McClaine, embarks on a double life as schoolboy turned spy after his father invents a pioneering machine capable of duplicating and transferring expert knowledge and experience to another human brain. Equipped with the skills of the foremost academic and military minds, Joe enlists in the World Intelligence Network (WIN) becoming its "Most Special Agent", pursuing the ideal of world peace and saving human life. - how uncanny is this revealed.

The 41% shareholder of the ArcelorMittla Tower is Lakshmi Niwas Mittal, an Indian steel magnate. Chairman and CEO of ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steelmaking company, Mittal owns a 34 percent stake in the Queens Park Rangers F.C. football team. Kensington Park Gardens is his home. Royal connections are identified because Kensington Palace was home to Princess Diana. The name Lakshmi, is also the name of a Goddess from India. People in India are given the understanding of the soul reincarnating - incarnate means soul in a physical body.

The discover the Steel company that constructed the parts for the ArcelorMittal Tower is based in Bolton just shows how, in the divine plan, everything that is relevant to know will come to light and be known. These parts were then transported to be put together on site at the Olympic Park. It was from London, to Bolton that my father and his friend moved to set up an engineering manufacturing company. The steel company in Bolton built the support for the Olympic stadium and formed the mascots out of drops of steel. The foundations of the Olympics have come from Greece, where my mother was born, Built where the family have lived and the hospital saved my life was the old Bolton Royal Infirmary - now moved to MINERVA Roa. From before the Olympics returning to England I felt a profound connection because of my Greek heritage. With so many elements touching my life, this is both my parents spiritual influence. One of the most important reasons for the Olympics is not to overlook that humanity is uniting in harmony and peace from this.

Here we see the foundation with pyramid steps, repesenting cycles of civilsation and ascension. We also see apples and this is a reminder that we have all come from a family tree in all our families. The apples have all come from one tree. We have all descended from Adam and Eve. More than 40 inflatable apples were floating around the stadium and 62,046 apples were handed out to the audience as they entered the stadium for people to bite into at a specific time. That was surely a world record.

Notice the books. Countless books been written with divine wisdom and philosophy shared to enable humanity to progress. Throughout the ages, people have strived to reach a higher understanding and want to live in peace. There is an understanding of gathering to certain points in our world that are energy vortex and/or to create movement to generate positive energy, like takes place at the Kaaba in Mecca. The positive energy focus on the Olympic Stadium in London, with over 1 billion people watching the ceremony again, will return to where it came from. Everyone who is in London from 166 nations participating will take the positive energy home again. With the laws of the universe, what you send out will return.

In the centre on top of the unfinished pyramid structure is a transprent globe with writing. With the reminder again, You were born free and with your birthright comes divine rights 'and responsibility'. Here you can make out where it is written human beings, life and liberty. It is here for you to see clearly.

The bottom line is no one wants to be oppressed and no one wants to be forced to convert religion either. There is so much talk about a one world government and one world relgion and one world currency too. Why on earth would a true beleiver want to convert religon? The misinformation must stop now.

The only new religion to be formed is to unite people globally and with God's Law's being brought to protect the people again. This is not to overwrite what has already been given and found in the Old and New Testament. There is expected Wisdom and understanding to enable people to realise a higher consciousness.

With the globe floating above the pyramid and the Olympic flame being risen up again, this is showing humanity being lifted and corresponding accordingly. If everyone is to read the same book and in the same language, they have the chance to at least realise that the same information is given to everyone. With God's Wisdom, this has always been given to everyone at the time.

We live in a vast universe and to have cosmic consciousness, we need to acknowledge that planet earth is a dot in this universe - there are other planets, other beings from other galaxies. We are surely not the only life in this space. There are far more advanced minds beyond what we can imagine. To understand, we must realise why it is important for our souls to evolve. A few months ago with my eyes closed I had a vision of Jesus Christ returning with tremendous white light that would light up the earth. At the time I was exhausted; not very well and seeking assurance. While being very contientious with sharing information, if I am speaking out about my disgust at all the corruption and injustice - that is my truth and experience. This is my entitlement and obligation!

Here we see a giant umbrella hovering over a giant dome as hundreds of performers are lit up below. With people speaking about the dome on the rock - the location I am inspired to have restored to it's former glory is Hagia Sophia in Istambul that was once Constantinople. This was built in Honor of the Holy Virgin Mary. It is apparently built where the ancient Athena Temple used to be and 'on a rock'. I beleive this very Holy place is the ideal location to unite humanity in a Universal Church of peace.

Professor Stephen Hawking leads the audience on a voyage through the universe - above we see a planet and while we are aware of the sun, this being an event held at night times, the occassion seems to be a moon themed too. It is reported to be a rare cosmic event of a blue moon this week. Coupled with the Parlympics, this is certainly not an every day event. The way everything ties together is because not only is everything connected, we are all connected too.

The opening ceremony featured a host of deaf and disabled artists, local children and performers, all newly trained in circus skills. Acrobats fascinated me since childhood; also gymastics in the Olympic games. My father's family were known internationally in the entertainment business, from circus, comedy and performing. His family name is in the movie industry.

Today, there is opportunity for people to get up and get involved. Even to sing, dance, perform and do so not just for entertainment purposes, but to use drama and performance as a way for personal expression. With creative expression, there is endless opportunity for people to use their skill and energy in a positive way; to be empowered and raise awarensss by conveying this message.

With this image it looks like someone is on top of the moon and notice the colours to depict life. It could be the earth and being on top of the world. We are also reminded of the moon Goddess. With Christ being associated with the Sun, the Moon nurtures, heals and assists growth. The sun enlightenes and ripens, uplifts our spirit. Both the sun and the moon work together in harmony.

At the time of writing, I have not watched the ceremony and will do so on BBCiplayer (thanks to Tim Berners-Lee) the images are from MailOnline - Thank you Daily Mail. They report 'Followed by a visit to Sir Isaac Newton's garden, which is awash with wheelbarrows, big apples, little apples, giant inflatable apples, and finally, the world's biggest simulataneous apple crunch.

'Ladies and gentlemen, please get your apples ready - three, two, one and ... bite!'

There's a massive crunch and very tasty they are, even at 11.40pm. Royal Galas and British too, we were assured earlier today, though no one on the organising committee could remember quite where they came from, other than Sainsbury's.

Suddenly the apples have gone and we're off to the 21st century to visit the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs particle.'

Looking at 11:40 to identify what stands out in scripture.

"God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect." Hebrews 11:40

"Jesus said to her, "Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?"John 11:40

A Royal Gala is a special royal occassion with entertainment - well the Olympic ceremony certainly did this again. Sainsbury's is a supermarket. The name Lord Sainsbury's came to my attention many years ago. Sainsbury's is one of the sources that funded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. Can I have sponsorship?

Keeping in the theme of cosmic consciousness - a theme that is being shown clearly in this ceremony is with understanding our soul is beyond our physical body. People can strive to reach a greater potential even with physical limitations. Discovering at an early age that our body will compensate - a body that is unable to function physically, allows the spirit to soar to unlimited heights. People who have become physically disabled have often had to discover faith and their will power to keep going and succeed.

There are not enough people saying Yes YOU CAN! Yes WE CAN!

Professor Hawking shows even without the ability to speak uses a POSSUM unit which can be tailored to suit individuals for multiuse. When my mother was presented with one in the 1970's, this was to bring so much independance and allow her also the dignity of complete privacy to make calls etc. Without technology progress and being accessible, epecially computerised technology - our world would not be so interconnected.

The greatest of minds are not the most expected people, or even have a list of degrees. The people who have learned to transcend beyond phyiscal limitations and realise a higher purpose to their life are also inspirational teachers. There is so much misinformation around, especially with regards to spirituality. We cannot buy spiritual experience. When our heart and soul are moved together in reality this is spiritual. Not everyone will experience this but every effort is made so people can!

My articles attempt to share insight and information, in context; with validation too. If people keep spreading the war and hate mentality, all it will do is spark wars and hatred between people. This is such a low mentality of existance and if people do not know what they are talking about, especially in relation to spirituality and healing, allow people to share who do. Over 38 years of learning about the mind, body and spirit is also with experience, however I have no intention to stand on a stage to share this!

I thank my lucky stars with being born from the most incredible Lady of courage - her courage I did not inherit. My mother kept going, so until my last breath, this is what I will do, even with crying buckets of tears over the years. With knowing there are people who are disabled being celebrated today, here are our heros. Every day more People are proving the pessimists wrong.

Even if a twist of fate takes away our physical ability, never give up on life. We are here for a greater purpose. Encourage your loved ones and lend a hand. We are all more than a physical body. Our souls incarnate in a physical body to learn, grow and evolve.

Spiritual teachers have attained spiritual wholeness. As human beings, we have two choices - give up or strive for life! The medical and health professionals who have undertaken professional training have done so because they want to help people heal and with experience have gained wisdom too. Not enough ethical voices are being heard. We have been sounded out for too long!

Everyone has a story to tell. My mother is not alive to tell hers. The people who are entering in the Paralympics have a powerful voice to share beyond this experience. I would like to hear their voice heard too. Couragous people have overcome tremendous obstacles. These people have so much to share in the world.

My heart is also going out to Tony Nickinson whose soul will be free now. He gave up and I know how hard it must have been for his family too. My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone.

Family is the most important influence in anyone's life who becomes physically limited. There was a time when there was no support for carers or counselling services. This has changed now. Access the help that has been made available from awareness.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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