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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 24 August 2012

The Voynich Manuscript Mystery

The Voynich Manuscript has been said to been written by the survivors oƒ Atlantis. The mystery of revealing hidden wisdom.

Unfortunately like countless other people over all these years - I am unable to translate the text; this could even be written in code. However, here are some insights that I can see and share openly,

The ancients know the anointed children are born from a specific bloodline. At one time people lived in an advanced civilisation. People were aware of being divinely inspired and this reflected in the family and society. The spiritual understanding in place has been carried through the generations. Women, being the chosen ones to carry babies, are the nurturers of children. We are seeing from this picture females being divinely inspired. We also see the continuation of bloodlines and this is relevant to understand.

At one time people were pious and society strived to be spiritually pure. People were also aware of being physically pure, with consuming food, and drink. What we consume, touch and wear - even money carries energy. Today our food and water has been contaminated. A spiritual battle is taking place. The ego wants power over people. The spiritually enlightened uplift people.

Rhesus O negative bloodgroup is a pure blood. Only Rehesus O negative blood can be given to someone with this blood type - although this blood group is universal; safe for everyone, people with this blood type cannot accept any other group. This blood group is associated with health and healing; psychotherapy and holistic therapies. The universal blood is also known as 'Sangre - el' translated to mean blood of God. This is the hidden secret.

Our blood carries our life force energy and genetic memory. This is just one reason people have been given spiritual instruction not to have blood transfusions. Today blood is contaminated with the toxins. While blood is vital to keep us alive, it is also a risk to accept blood - the could carry virus and illness. With genetic memory being carried in blood, this can be passed on.

In the first image above we see a male and female at the top of the page, united together by a central vessel. The vessel reveals 6 rings and on top, the tubes dividing into two to reach back to the male and female. We can see we inherit blood from both parents.

In the rings on the vessel are red and blue. We see the two people are depicting two different family lines. We are shown a baby born from this union is not from the same family bloodline. Some traditons people marry only within their own culture and even family members. We get the impression from this because man and women are at opposite sides of the page, they are from different parts of the world, or different locations. The vessel, representing an unborn baby, will unite the two families and this will be done by the union taking place by blood.

Our blood circulatory system carries oxygenated and de oxygenated blood. Our blood circulates around our body via the pumping of our heart. As we inhale oxygen this is passing through the wall of the lungs, to the blood stream to be pumped around the body. The returning de oxygenated blood repeats the process.

While not appearing blue - the pure Rhesus O negative blood group is known as blue blood. This is where the term blue blood comes from. A blue blood has associations with being royal and noble. Many 'Hollywood Royalty' and Presidents are reported to be Rhesus negative. For the 'elite' to be interested in divine wisdom, this is from within and connecting their genetic makeup.

The six rings can symbolise 6 chakras. The seventh chakra placement is on top of our head, our crown - linking a spiritual connection to our ancestors and going back to the Divine Creator. The 6th Chakra is the location of our spiritual eye from which we can see and percieve. Men are descended from Adam. Women from Eve. Whether people are aware of their process or not, whether they are spiritually awakened or not, we are all connected to our ancestors through our blood.

Staying on the top image, we see a figure standing in a vessel of blue blood. The figure is shown with the blue blood. She is the giver of blood and life to people. We see from the tube there is an open pipe pointing upwards and also downwards. What she is recieving she is also giving. As above so below is shown.

From the pipe we see what looks like finer blood vessels. A line passes through a cosmic symbol relating to planeta - to continue to what looks to be a sun sign and a moon, above where we see a female figure in green in a vessel. Everything we see to the finest detail is relevant to bring understanding.

Here we see a man connected to the earth, he is symbolically nurturing the earth and the people on the earth. Green is also the colour the heart Chakra and so we know with Christ he was born miraculously and also he was an open vessel of spiritual wisdom, born with pure heart and pure intention for everyone.

The Divine Feminine is known as the Green Goddess/Earth Goddess. She is human. The cosmic signs show she is connected to the universe - the spiritual realms. As humans we have no right to argue God's plan or His Choices. We have the opportunity to understand and realise higher consciousness. By deliberately keeping people in the dark - spiritual ignorance is being promoted.

Jesus Christ is in union with the Holy Spirit and God, His Father. He is spiritually whole, divine in nature and human. Even if Christ is not physically here, he is spiritually here. The Feminine Christ has Christ consciousness. Through her blood, her mother and grandmother's blood etc, she connects in relationship with Christ. If we trace our bloodline, we all connected to eachother.

Even with a male and female of the pure bloodline in the time of Christ, any child inherits the genetic makeup from both parents. If two people were to have a child today, the child still inherits it's parents genetic makeup, with also a spiritual connection to all their ancestors. There is a far bigger picture involved that many people are blind to. The search for the Holy Grail and the hunt for gold. When tombs have been raided, this disturbs the dead.

God's order is being restored through women througout the ages. Moses liberated the enslaved people from Egypt. He was born poor and raised in the palace. As a baby, his life was saved by two midwives who refused to obey the Pharoah to kill all the baby boys. The midwives married into the Levite priestly line, in which Aaron were Moses brothers. One lady had a name simular to Queen Puabi. This was seen how the Priest King bloodline was reformed. The midwives were appointed to unite the Royal lineage and restore order God's Order again. We know Christ was born years later in the Priest King line. So this could happen again.

The inbetween biblical times from Genisis (Adam and Eve) is masked in mythology. We understand when we are ready to understand. There are people who cannot comprehend a creator of the universe and struggle with the miracle of Christ being born, without a physical act between man and woman to concieve.

Our awareness is being rased to see and understand why society keeps falling into spiritual decadence. If your King and Queen are not divinely annointed and doing right by the people, the people will continue to suffer. However to bring forward new spiritual understanding the people need to be ready.

Both parents of the Virgin Mary were elderly. However, Mary was conceived following a prayer from her father - she was a divinely asked for child. Everything happens with divine timing and her birth was already known. This could also be why Mary is seen as Holy from her birth. When Christ was born, the signs in the heavens, included planetary placements at the time. When Mary, his mother was born, there were significant planetary placements too. With being consecreated and raised in the temple, Mary was a High Priestess born in a Royal bloodline

The ancients were aware of the heavenly signs and divine revelation. On my birth on 1st June 1960 and recorded internationally was a solar flare. There were likely cosmic activity related to the sun and moon when Mary and Christ were born too. The attempts to silence Mary's role in the salvation of humanity, is why she has been venerated, Mary was in direct communion with God and continues to be an intercessor for prayer and miracles.

Some cultures forbid to mention the name Athena and divine wisdom given to empower people. Athena's name is preserved forever. The city of Athens is named after her. Athena, the name of my mother, was crowned spiritually. Not only was she wise, she empowered people. Wars and man made laws are going against the divine plan. All the wars and man made laws are going against God's Laws. Men are encouraged to seek Wisdom - the Queen of Sheba was an anointed Queen of Wisdom. Athena was the ancient Greek Goddess of Wisdom. The theme does not change.

Looking closeup at the image of a lady stood in her own chalice. The blood is blue and she is depicted wearing a crown on her head. She is not crowned by a human being. This is showing her as being crowned by God and born Queen. She is not an elected elevated Queen, or someone given a title or honor. We can clearly see from her mouth comes water. We are being shown she is the bringer of living water - Divine Wisdom and inspiration is always to share.

Jesus Christ spoke about a comforter who will come in his name. From the above image we are being shown the image of the divine feminine. Divinely inspired female who is in direct communication with God and an instrument of God to do his will on this earth. As water is something we drink, what we share, other people will drink. Everyone has within their being, the ability to access to divine knowledge. To understand clearly we must be with pure heart and pure intention. Our heart guides us in the right way. To hear God's Wisdom, this is very precise. We must not to change the words we are given. This is precise. I am instructed to write.

When churches are divided - people become divided and people lose their way. It takes a strong person to trust in faith and to keep seeking the right way, even if experiencing injustice and homeless threats - the dark forces are rife. Since a child I have known my international background can unite nations. Much later to realise people are spiritually divided, wars and tremendous cruelty has been taking place to people, reveals misguided teaching. There is no excuse for war, injustice and inflicting suffering on any people.

All women have a mystery in their being and motherhood is one of life's precious reminders of the miraculous gift of life. We have all been born from a seed of a woman - both men and women. We see in this image below a group of women who are together in green water. We are being shown these women have been born into a family that relate to 'the green goddess'. With a rising interest in Isis, this is relating to taking care of the earth and the people.

A woman goes through cycles in the month that move with the moon phases. Females have been chosen in the divine plan to carry children. Every girl has eggs, or seeds that if fertilised can grow into a living breathing human being. without the egg, there is no baby to come to life. This is the seed of life.

A woman releases mostly, just one egg a month during her fertile years. A man releases between 150 to 500 million sperm in each ejaculation. It has been shown through the Bible and the birth of Christ that a woman does not need a man to give birth to a baby. At any time God can create life.

Another factor that is not discussed openly is our evolving soul. Our soul returns to this life to learn lessons and to fulfil our spiritual purpose. Once we have evolved we have the choice to return - incarnate (a soul in a physical body) Once we attain spiritual wholeness - we return incarnated with this awareness. With being spiritually enlightened - crowned, we are born spiritually enlightened. When we are taught a different way, we listen to human beings instead. As we are being conditioned to say, do, buy and even like something - it is easy to be distracted further away from listening to our own mind and being true to ourself. In this image; we are shown in the same bloodline line, women being born - and this also is a reminder of reincarnated souls being born in the same bloodline. All women have descended from eve - we are all connected to each other spiritually.

Here we are being shown the Isis gene, as it is passed from mother to daughter, throughout the generations. This is showing the genes of Isis. You will notice in the Pharoah Egyptian times the lady carries an Ankh - this is the key of life. This is the key representing spiritual knowledge - Divine Wisdom.

There has been tremendous focus to place 'the crown on a male head' and also laws created by man to protect the empire of wealth. In the divine plan, it is always to bring an end to those who have exploited and oppressed people. While male have been called, Moses and Christ, women were also chosen in the divine plan. The same lessons apply today as in ancient times.

The people who deny the divinity of Christ, have done so to ignore the bloodline clearly identified in the Holy Bible. Descendants from the bloodline of David 'are allowed to' use the title Prince and Princess, according to man made rules, although they must prove this. There is no mention of the MtDNA - women who have been born from the imperial bloodline, who were appointed by God. With buildings and cities destroyed that incinerates genealogy evidence - the only other way is DNA and divine revelation. Even this can be rejected. God's Word is specific instruction and guidance - if people reject this, so be it.

The lineage of Mary is important in the divine plan. The most important reason is to show that no man can take the place of Jesus Christ. Without evidence we cannot say Jesus Christ had children - however Mary Magdalene and other women were born from a Royal bloodline. Any children does not change the truth. Jesus Christ was not born to be worshipped or for people to bow down to him. Being royal is not about being superior to anyone else - it is to bring the Wisdom of God and to show everyone who is the boss of this planet and universe.

Here are depicted domes seen on top of Russian Orthodox churches. The domes represent crowns. Divine wisdom is given directly to the Orthodox Church to the people. In the Holy Wedding cermony, the bride and groom wear physicial crowns and are King and Queen of their family and home. In the Orthodox faith we are all accountable to God. We are born with sovereign rights.

For millenia, generations of spiritual understanding has been given to women. Our genetic memory carries understanding. We inherit this from our mother. Understanding relates to essense of being. Knowledge is information. Our primary teachers are our parents. Both parents are relevant for our learning and growth. In the Holy Trinity are Three persons. Women in the ancient times were encouraged to have a personal and direct relationship with God, not just the Patriarch. Women are spiritually inclined by their caring compassionate nature. Being spiritual relates to the essense of our being, as a thinking, feeling and functioning being.

In the ancient times, the Kings and Queens were born Royal from their blood lineage on both sides of their family. The Sangre - el bloodline are born with their Crown Chakra alligned with God. It is our divine purpose to uplift humanity and to bring understanding to enable people ascend spiritually too. If people are not getting the right information - they will not have the right understanding.

Here we see a figure with blue and green - blue blood and spiritual heart, holding an arrow. We are reminded of the astrological sign Saggitarius and shooting arrows. Because this is shown to be seen with pure heart, the figure is stood in a cirle so is impacting everyone. The astrological wheel is a universal wheel - Sagitarrius is ruled by Jupiter, associated with Zeus. With my mother Athena being Saggitarian we the ancient Greek bloodline is revealed here too. She was born to inspire the world - and continues to do so even though she died in 1986.

It is expected that the anointed one will be born in a specific lineage that unites humanity in peace. From the images above, we see she will be born from both parents - it is the matriarchal lineage that is showing the holy grail - the Isis Gene and key to spiritual knowledge. People have rejected the one saviour of humanity, the miraculously born Jesus Christ and so today, they will eventually realise God always has a back up plan. People have been kept in spiritual blindness and ignorance - in different ways the truth comes to light. Seek truth from within you.

The universe sustains all life - human, animal and plant life. We are told as above so below. When our world is in order - the structures of the universe form on earth to reflect the hierarchy in spiritual realms. Here we see below the earth roots of a plant with what look like new seeds for growth. On the earth we see the green leaves and from this growth above 'with the help of the sun' we see flowers blossom. The sun assists our growth, the moon our emotions and nurtuing.

We hear reference to the Tree of Life and this takes forms physically, spiritually and even the family tree. What is miraculous is when a tree is cut down - even a rose bush, roses also associated with royals, new shoots form and new growth. This makes the establsihed tree stronger. Sometimes plants and trees spread seeds and from this new growth takes place. The plants and trees that are nurtured by nature, last - notice some cultivated plants only last a season. In the divine plan it is for people to realise the difference, to come back to being who we really are as peole and to be empowered in truth, to heal, grow and evolve.

Whenever there are problems in the world there is also a solution. When people are divided in the world, there is also a way to unite people too. Because so many people are divided and even people being manipulated to turn against eachother, there comes also a time where a central force, will unite people again. The force is from the heavenly realms, the one people know and trust.

We gain from this visual image that everything and everyone is connected - sometimes we need to see how we are connected. The reason people are spiritually blind is because of their conditioning, false beleifs and ego - that blocks the part of our being that is vital to enable understanding - our heart. It is only more recently that I am able to see that every fine detail of my life has been mapped out. This helps to understand that every blade of grass is growing because this is exactly as was meant to be in the divine plan. The understanding was revealed to me. For anyone to see, we must be willing to see clearly.

With anything we see, we can gain understanding. The more we understand, we gain a deeper understanding. Sometimes the written word when not understood, can be misinterpreted. For this reason we need to see facts and evidence. I have not seen evidence of Christ and Mary Magdalene having a child. The locations where descendants of the christ family - the Holy Royal bloodline have been destroyed by fire and wars. This is not an accident. Nothing is coincidence. Before you hero worship any royal, they have no claim to be an authority over people. The royals have no divinely appointed authority over any people.

Keep an open mind, with everything being shared. More will come to light, with what you see with your own eyes in your own every day experiences. These are just some images that gave food for thought...My sharing insight is not factual - just so show you that where there are facts, there will be evidence. When we are able to bring some insight into what we see - this goes together with all the other information we learn that brings together a very big picture.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Images from the public domain. No copyright infringement intended.