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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 31 January 2013

CNN Discussion - War Games

These people have forgotten who is the highest authority.

Iranian President has spoken of the Imam Mahdi - The Guided One.

Sometimes human beings claim far too much power over other people. When one is scared of another, then reacts to create a wave of people protecting theirselves, where does this go. One attack can trigger another, etc.

This is not the way to run this planet. Peace is not with war either.

In reading that one year's millitary spending can fund 300 years of United Nations humanitarian programes to benefit people, surely this is preferable. Fix what needs fixing, building and educating people is more of a priority.

One man said to me 'if peace was profitable, we would have peace 2000 years ago'!

Notice it was a man who said this.

A policeman responded about the laws for profit 'the road fines pay our wages'

Notice it was a man who said this!

Alex Jones was interviewed by Piers Morgan, who was given the opportunity to share rationally his point and listen to an alternative point. Is it possible to live in a world where people do not feel they have to carry weapons. The problem is hysteria also creates fear and now a wave of people think they must be armed.

Who or what is influencing Alex Jones. His own mind or someone else?

For all the people who are promoting war, I promote peace without weapons.

Furthermore, I look to the highest authority as being the ruler of this world. If everyone could come to this understanding, then the focus of life and our purpose here could be put to productive use.

We are here for a short time. Planet earth is just a dot in the universe!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Flash Floods Warning - Video

This was taken as live footage in India 2011. Sharing this as a reminder to everyone that we are living in a time, that the highest authority is cleaning this earth and taking back the land.

This is showing how flash flooding is happening and how the force can change in seconds.

If you see sudden flooding, think again before standing in it's way.

The media reported the flooding in Japan and we do not realise that any time, these freak weather conditions can hit the countries we are living in too. Respect the land we are living on and remember the Ruling authority is not man!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Devon Royal Mail Tower Down by The Great Force

I could keep this as the ongoing story of the New Snow White.....if I remember, was there some huffing and puffing going on in 'Litle Red Riding Hood' story too? Nothing is coincidence. Why this?

There is a spiritual battle taking place and elemental. The difference is all those on earth who are manipulating, 'forget' there is a far higher power governing this earth and the entire universe.

The Daily Mail report - "The wind turbine that couldn't cope with a gale: £250,000 tower crashes to the ground after its blades spin out of control"

Quote "Investigating: The firm that built the turbine no one was put at risk because of its isolated position." - the planners and builders are aware of the importance of postion. This was evidently a planned structure in a specific location.

The location is Devon. This is land of the Duke of Cornall and Devon. Prince of Charles - or did he pass this on?

"A spokesman for the Welsh firm said the Canadian-built generator has a five-year warranty and no-one had been injured when it fell on private land."

"Three turbines were wrecked earlier this month in the last bout of rough weather, while a 300ft turbine in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, erupted in flames in December during gales of 165mph."

With William and Kate Middeton making a publicised trip to Canada - plus the documented landing on the Sea/King/Lion helecopter on the water - this has to be the easiest conquest of land, with permission of the people.

The British royal family can only rule over them with people's permission. They do not have divine right to rule over any people whatsoever. The reason why everyone has God given rigths and Free Will is to look to God as the Boss!

Something is going on - a multilayered agenda is being revealed - and deception too!

More to the point, is anyone jumping succession. Government media mentioned this. A law has been rushed through to make sure Kate Middleton's baby inherits the throne. The only way they could work this, if she was already Queen. The government know this!

People do not know Kate as THE Queen - or do they. Remember the nude photos?

Quote: "'Mangled wreck': The gale-force wind made the blades spin out of control and the turbine caught on fire"

If the governmet are not being honest with people, they are lying to the people. If the government are lying to people, they ae being treacherous. When decieving people they are doing so in the name of Queen Elizabeth II.

If the royal family are not being honest with the people they are deceiving people. I am not in a position to say they are lying to the people, because thse people usually use other people to speak on their behalf.

Quote: "What a waste: The controversial structure was only erected in 2010, at a cost of £250,000" - Has someone within the British royal family done something to cut their nose off. This morning I was thinking 'a price will be paid for having 'a commoner' who has no idea of the highest authority ruling over this earth and unlikely to tell people either.

THE QUEEN IS A SERVANT OF GOD. She is not permitted to manipulate anyone.

Quote: "Pushing on: The farm's owners have recently been granted permission to erect a second turbine" - behind this is a tree that does not very aged in years. Notice the royals do tree planting, this is to establish their place on land.

Since this particular tower has been erected, Holy Thorn Tree on Glastonbury hill has been deliberately cut down! Then what happened a new tree was planted with steel fencing to protect it. All the police and servicemen here, take an oath to the Queen. A change in the oath has included heirs and successors - so if Kate is deceptively made Queen, they are her servants.

Prince Harry spoke in Afghanistan of serving the Queen - which Queen exactly? Deliberately posting this Royal Blue image, because of Copyright protection on the image I want to share.

The original photo shows a Boys School closed and boarded up.

In the same article more images are posted. Quote: Close call: A 64-year-old in Oldham was knocked unconscious by a tree after gale force winds knocked it down. Prince Charles is 64 years old - no coincidence with that point!

So when Harry talks about taking a life to save a life - we see this is what is happening. There are people who weald power and those involved in rituals know, they cannot kill anyone, unless in self defence and someone is to attack them. Diana was a threat to the future plan to keep the crown in the same family - 'The boys' wanted her silenced forever.

There are copyright on these photographs and I am not using these profit. This is an important story that is in the people's that is being given the opportunity for more readership. The Daily Mail publish many artic les!

Because Copyright is connected to Cavendish - I have decided not to publish them. There is nothing more than those who are against the Christ family would want is to cause more suffering 'in their law courts' The captions are revealing important messages and providing the Daily Mail does not remove them, you can see for yoursef on the link.

Quote "Shock: The man suffered head injuries after the tree fell on him. Luckily, he was just opposite a fire station" - On the other side of the Royal Blue painted fence is boarded up building. The tree lifted up by the root on the land at the side of the road. The land belongs to Jesus Christ and he is taking ownership and authority again. This relates to all the land.

Quote "Hospitalised: Firefighters said he was 'lucky to be alive' after 65mph winds dragged the tree from its roots" - we are being reminded of a greater number and a far greater force than Prince Charles is in his years.

Queen Elizabeth II is custodian of the Crown of David. The Crown belongs to Christ. Kings have made laws to keep succession to the throne to the same family. The Whole land was identified to establish the Kingdom of God - by who He chooses. The Queen certainly knows this. Family and officials might show more focus to their own intersts before the people.

A little girl came to tell me in August at Cornwall, Jesus Christ appeared on her dream. People were waiting outside a home for him and praying when he arrived outside to confort them. She said the people were very poor.

God is not for one people and not for another - not for one country and not another!

If the British royal family members trying to jump the throne from their mother or grandmother - that is treacherous. We know in history people have been killed off. Today the throne is very important in the eyes of those who have got used to living in tremendous wealth met by the people - plus it is unknown the resources they control for profit.

The Wind Tower was standing at 115 feet tall. The ArcelorMittal Orbit is a 115-metre-high (377 ft) sculpture and observation tower in the Olympic Park in Stratford, London. Is there a connection with the numbers here?

Quote "Barking: A 70ft tree that fell down in the back garden of a house in Shirley, West Midlands, is lifted out by crane" Number 70 relates to Spiritual Order. This looks like a Christmas Tree Fern. Whoever is trying to knock down the Christ family, we are shown that are people who will lift them up again. The reason there are a great number of Christmas trees, reflects, 'even if they are cut down' there are always more. We are masses of people who have descended from HIS ROYAL FAMILY!

Barking is a reminder of dog. Barking is the sound a dog makes to warn people, and especially the owner/keeper. Jewish people specifically write G-d so that His name cannot be reversed. The image is a warning to people.

Quote: "Big job: Police and firefighters checked out the risks before attaching the tree to chains and hoisting it out" - while this is a tree, chains and hoists can refer to enslavment and physically removal. A tree is a living body. The tree of life is given in different ways. There is silence in England about the ancient Queen lineage. Kate Middleon is no Athena!

Quote: Out of the woods: The retired homeowners escaped unharmed despite some guttering being torn off" - this got a lot of coverage for mainstream news. At least we are told that the homeowners in this incident escape unharmed.

Quote: "Landslide: Millions of pounds-worth of luxury holiday chalets face being condemned to the sea in Dorset" - counting 7 steps and this is related to 7 steps to heaven, with the 7 chakras.

Traditonally in England people have beleived in God and motivated to do right by everyone. Christ has been the centre point of millions of people's lives. As in history, all the attempts to silence the truth in some way the truth will come to light. We are shown here the steps have come away from the house. What is happening on the Royal Crown Land?

Quote "End of the road? The 18 wooden chalets, which cost £200,000 each, slumped towards the sea after 500 tons of mud slipped down the cliff following heavy rain" - End of the road can mean there is no where else to go. These people will be unable to claim on insurance to rebuild if the land beneath them has moved. While these might even be holiday homes, there are people losing their homes because the land is eroding away on the coastal regions.

Other images are shared here with captions. Revert to article for the actual report. This is just in taking the images and reading behind what is being revealed from the images that are presented. I have not been silent about the injustice suffered or officals boasting of lying and innocent people in prison. This is being decided by those ruling the lands.

Quote: "Crash: Waves pound the coast in Saltcoats, Ayrshire, Scotland, as high winds batter the country' - Prince William, also Prince of Wales, With Harry, is given the ancient title that relates to being ruler of Scotland.

Other captions start with Fierce, Eye of the Storm and "Dramatic: Scotland will see more extreme conditions over the days to come, with hail and thunder forecast"

Quote "Trapped indoors: The main road in the village of Holywell, Cambs, today after overnight flooding" - Holy Well is identified to be connected with Cambridge - Kate or William are not divinely appointed or deliving the Word of God to people. A Diamond Jubilee Bible was published, as a New bible was published for the Queen's Crown coronation.

Quote: "Bubbles: High winds cause sea foam to fly across the path of motorists in Cleveleys, Lancashire" - Lancashire is Red Rose County. A great deal of effort has gone into uniting the United Kingdom in history. There is a divine plan to unite the whole world in peace and without war, or weapons. Evidently war is profitable for who is the head of the corportion.

Quote: "Washout: A man in a hi-vis jacket looks out at the gathering clouds as the sea churns around his feet" - hi-vis is a reminder of being spiritually enlightened and clear seeing. He is standing alone. We see the land has been washed by the sea. We are also reminded of the all seeing and all knowing God that knows exactly what is happening on earth.

Not long ago I wrote about wind turbines in Wales - this is Prince of Wales land. The interest to put these on 'Crown Land' is because as long as the family keep hold of the crown land, they also keep hold of the profit too. Here about what is said to be a £250,000 Tower has been blown down. The royal controlling the wind is the Duke of Cornwall and Devon.

Is the 'Man' controlling the wind for profit - trying to blow THE Royal House down? Is Kate Middleton eager to take the place of Queen Elizabeth II? Valid questions - answers are going to be revealed.

Why would a man want to blow down a house on his own land? It seems that looking at the pictures, the wind is blowing the royal influence of the ROADS and the Wind Turbine business off the lands here too.

Wales had a clean up - the 'floods' yet again for this reason.

Gale force winds in UK is happening for a reason.

What have the people who are ruling over the lands for hundreds of years been been up to? They know very well. Seems they have been very busy all this time.

There are people around our world who respect the elements and the universe we live in. We also respect the earth we live on - as being OURS to take care of, not for one family to take control for profit and have everyone else falling for the mask and self-declation of being like everyone else. Everyone does not go to illegal wars for profit to conquest lands!

Then there are those who are involved in rituals and being blatantly underhands to get their own goals. So arrogant are those who beleie they have a right to control lands and people, by manipulating the laws and costs of everything, with what has been seen to be happening here - I wonder if Queen Elizabeth II has been betrayed by her own family.

God does not charge a penny for people to pray to him. The sun, wind, water and earth were given as fundamental elements to sustain life on earth for FREE! Today the government and royals have taken ownership of this for profit.

Prince Charles interest in nature and 'Free Energy' is to profit his family.

The government even have a new scheme to 'give' solar panels and then tie people up to contracts. They are 'selling this' with a 20 year contract promising the government will pay back the cost of electricity to the people.

This is a partnership effort with Barclays Bank - so I was told on the telephone. They provide and fit the solar panels. The bill arrives and the governmet pays the people back with a cheque.

The government is on the shoulders of the Queen. New Queen new government.

The royals also know Contracts are legally binding in the court of law.

The royals know if they have a puppet Queen, like Kate Middleton - they can continue to get away with anything they choose. Kate Middleton is being sold to the world. She has no right to rule lands or over any people.

Looking from what images are given in this artcle, the TOWER has been blown down.

The Royal Mail truck is blown off the road. The royal MALE is removed from the road.

The royal road is blown away now. To replace this is a far higher power. Even the elements have shown this. The world is round. If I am to send something around the world - it will return. This is the law of the universe.

Is the Duke and Duchess of Devon and Cornwall involved in destruction of an establishment?

Quote "Red Alert: Royal Mail driver's lorry veered off the road into a ditch near Broadmayne in Dorset on the A353"

The A353 is on the Littlemoor Road/Preston Road, in Weymouth. Landmarks include Francis of Agassi Church and St. Andrews Church. Also is Preston 'Court' building (the landmark location of the Common Law court to fleese the people. As a Royal Duchy, the Duke claims the right to make the laws of the land too - The laws are for profit are nothing to do with Spiritual Laws)

The media covering Kate Middleton wearing McQueen on St. Andrews day at St. Andrews School, playing a game of hockey is exposing her as the game player that is willing to do anything. What did she do to get in the game?

VN-A353 shines a light of Vietnam airlines also LG 353 mobile phone network. Vietnam is in Southeast Asia. The Crown of Asia is connected with the ancient 7 churches - Is the Duke steaing the Crown of Asia?

Another link shows Vietnam - Central Intelligence Agency. Whatever this brings to light what is happening, the crop circles appearing in different palces around the world, reveals there IS a Higher Intelligence' that governs man.

A353 connects with Colorado Springs, CO 80906. Also The Broadmoor Hotel - In England, Broodmoor Prison Corporation is on the grounds that rakes in huge profit from the rooms used by prisoners. Around $50,000 a year.

El Paso is also in Texas - there were floods in Texas, if we apply to what is seen here in England to wash any influence of British royal family ruling or possession of these lands. This is what is being revealed.

El Paso is a name associated with Brazil. Still in USA - Fort Bliss is reveled. Texas is oil country and the famous series of Dallas brought this awareness to everyone for this reason so that we are aware.

Americans are aware of oil reserves and need to look at sustainable alternatives. Back in the olden days, people have been using water and wind to generate FREE electricty. Holland had the windmills for this purpose.

A353 also brings to light Turkey and Kazakhstan. British royals might beleive they have a right to conquer lands. They have no right whatsoever. They are not divinely appointed. Has Queen Elizabeth II passed over HER Crown?

My previous article included pictures of a husband and wife in Cambridge laughing!

What started off as a good idea for Free Energy is not as it is portrayed. The government think nothing to spend billions on wars. The Apache helicopter killing machine that Harry guns buildings and people down with costs £45 million.

Are the government giving back to the people. Perhaps people are funding these wars!

'Devon and Cornwall, the land of the Pirates' is what I am hearing clearly.

Quote: "Bad day for a stroll: Strong winds and a high tide on Blackpool's Central Prom" - thinking about the pedestrian who was run over my the mercedes, is a reminder that 'accidents' can happen. There are people influencing harm even by thought. There are people who look down at the North. The Royal Duchy of Lancaster is The Queen's Land paying £13 million year income.

Is the Crown being stolen from who it really belongs to?

What happened to doing right by people and respecting people have God given rights. Harry openly spoke about 'taking a life to save a life' - he does not have God given rights on who should live or die! No one has a right to take anyones life.

Manipulating the elements is what those who are involved with rituals do - so I have been told. With Wales and the area that is reported in the media this week, is connected to wizards in history. Says it all really.

Wales also replicates the Holy Land and known as a place for healing too.

Those who do not respect the highest cosmic order are being revealed now.

Not yet writing about the fire and killing of all those innocent people in Santa Maria in Brazil. This could have been as a result of a ritual. The British royals KNOW the successor to the BYZANTINE Imperial Crown is GREEK!

Prince Gharios from Brazil claims to be Emperor of This land. Evidently He is NOT!

Every day I search in my heart and conscious to do right by everyone. When any information comes to light - I am also seeking validation. The reason this tower could have been blown down is what is meant to be understood.

A fire was involved in this Wind Tower. The fire has 'destroyed' the tower THEY built.

Building any structure on false foundations, deception and lies, there is enough evidence to show that God will pull it down. In England, the Tower of London holds the crown jewells today. Does this tower relate?

If we go against what God has ordained, what He has planned, He will put this right again. As we see the tidal waves ebb and flow, this is by the order of the moon and heavenly realms. We are reminded of the ebb and flow of life.

We have seen floods and huge waves - the elements are reacting to something that is happening on earth. And yet there are those who trust, that all will come right in the end, by God's Order - HIS NEW WORLD ORDER!

A Kingdom built up on bloodshed is for what reason? British royals to be King or Emperor, or Empress of the Kingdom of God. The lady who has married into the royal family to rule over peoople is reason to be concerned.

Those who are hungry for power and manipulate the elements - the meaning of elemental is fundamental and basic. Once you learn that God annoints and he appoints and trust this, then we see an open and very fair world for everyone.

People who think the British royals are good fro tourism, Think again.

When the wind can bring down wind towers, I guess this is a reminder to those who are manipulating the natural order, that there is always a far more powerful force that can bring down people and buildings too.

In biblical times, in the time of Moses, Egypt was destroyed for enslaving the people!

People ask WHO is the Anti-Christ. Who is going against Christ!

The signs are showing warning signs. Media photos reveal hidden goings on!

With Devon and Cornwall being connected and Number 1 Cornwall Terrace being sold in London, this is also the residence building that was built at Regents Park for the Prince of Wales. We were shown an exchange of owner taking place. The building was being divided up and sold. The price of each house, might reflect what the whole building was sold for.

Is the Crown of David for Profit, or For serving the people?

When a House of God is being built on deception, it will be torn down by HIM!

More has come to light that might - sharing in another article.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

P.S. The copyright photograph where is posted the Royal Blue 'Lord Cavendish came to mind'

"(Richard) Hugh Cavendish, is a British Conservative politician and landowner. He owns Holker Hall, and its 17,000 acre estate, that overlooks Morecambe Bay in Cumbria. The property became part of his branch of the family's inheritance via his grandfather, Lord Richard Frederick Cavendish.

He was created a life peer as Baron Cavendish of Furness, of Cartmel in the County of Cumbria, by Margaret Thatcher in 1990 and is third in line to the dukedom of Devonshire."

Estates are passed down generation to generation - the House of Lords is 'their' house. There are people within the House of Lords who are ethical and concerned about corruption overseas. The British Establishment made a pledge for Zero tolerance of Corruption? There is still legal corruption in the Law Courts all these years until even this day. The Heavens react! The photograph originaly posted might be 'perhaps' that the House of Lords is not happy with what is happening at the top of the pyramid. I do not know! We can look at thing from many different perspectives. Who Lord Cavendish is, is clearly not a secret!

No copyright infringement intended,_Baron_Cavendish_of_Furness

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New Snow White Story Part 3 Owls and the Lamb

This article follows onto my previous one. They are related and follow on.

Some time back I made a joke about living the Snow White Story with a different script. Another time I will share something to show how this has been brought to show validation with visual evidence.

For now let's continue with the story and what the Daily Mail have given.

Majestic: Tundra, now five-years-old, was taken in by a Barn Owl Centre in Gloucester after the RSCPA discovered she was being abused by her owner, and the snowy owl looked wonderful today

Tundra Properties is in New York. Tundra is also in Alaska, with Tundra Lodge Resort and Conference Center in Wisconsin. So there are some interesting connections. We also learn Gloucester and New York are connected here.

In Gematria Tundra equates with 425 (11) 'Lady', 'Purple', 'God Bless the Child', 'The rod of Elohim', 'Defeated the Dragon', 'Brilliant Light', 'Manifest Light', 'Pope Peter' and 'House of Gaga'

Notice Lady Gaga has been in the news as she surely is another Lady who is motivated to empower all the young children and encourage their growth, learning and self esteem building. We do not encourage people to be blind sheep.

Majestic Owls are associated with the Queen of Wisdom. Owls are usally nocturnal, with vision to see 365 degees. At night time it ia also much quieter, because people are sleeping or calmer, this allows greater clarity.

Princess Anne lives in Gloucester. News reports have said Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, her husband plan to move to Gatcombe Park estate, her mothers home. To be honest, I saw this with all the Prince moves taking place, that Princess Anne might move to take Queen Elizabeth's place. This is from seeing Princess Anne sitting on a throne seat in Athens Greece.

The Tythe House, Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Is a Cotswold Manor House built in the Queen Anne William and Mary style circa 1700 in the royal county of Gloucestershire where Prince Charles & Princess Anne have properties.

There was a time when tythes (tithes) were collected instead of taxes. This might explain why Princess Anne is living there and even knowing that in the divine plan this will be restored.

The Gatcombe Estate now covers around 730 acres estate, Gatcombe house bought by Queen Elizabeth II 1976 for Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips for £5 million. In 1976 I was sent to Greece to live and then returned.

Last year I reported of floods in the area that revealed the keyholder to the treasury with the floods seeing as the bank overflowing At the time despite floods people were on a water ban in England.

Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, A 2008 Photo strongly resembles my father. He also has the name. There is so much mystery and how we all connect together especially, so they could be closely related.

Moving on....

One off: Michael McInerney and daughters Eve (right) and Lucy hit the fens to skate while the ice is thick enough before the thaw

One off situation is being revealed here....

The McInerney coat of arms has the motto 'veritas' meaning 'truth'

Michael connects with Archangel Michael and also my uncle, father's half brother.

McInerney is of noble Irish origin, derived from the Irish Mac an Oirchinnigh, meaning ‘son of the erenagh’, literally meaning 'son of the Lord of church lands'. The Irish word airchinneach may derive from its twin components of ‘air’ (noble) and 'ceann' (head), therefore meaning a ‘noble-head’ or ‘Lord’, denoting its aristocratic status in medieval Ireland.

Eve is assocites with Adam and Eve. Now is the time of the New Eve.

Lucy hearing 'lucy in the sky of diamonds' - this is a beatles song. I am writing only what I hear highlighted, nothing else. If you wish to explore further you can do so.

My father's mother was named Lucienne, known also as Lucy to friends.

Quote "Good laugh: The aptly named Tim Frost pushes his wife Jane across the Cambridgeshire ice - notice Both wearing green hats

Man and Wife on a chair, on ice, in Cambridge, we cannot ignore the Duke and Duchess.

With Kate Wearing McQueen, the day before being admitted into King Ewdward VII hospital for agressive morning morning sickness, most people ignored this, I did not. The nurse found hanging, did not add up. After Australian DJs telephoned the hospital, posing as the Queen asking about the little tummy bug, the nurse said she was restng and had an uneventful night.

The day after leaving the hospital, Kate attened a sports presentation award, again wearing a green McQueen dress - walking on the stage with the music playing and lyrics 'shine your light - set the world on fire'.

Edward VII was King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions and Emperor of India from 22 January 1901 until his death in 1910. These are the territories, that, when we consider Smyrna was made into a British Colony, it is easy to see how anyone would be laughing their head off if they are taking people as fools.

Notice they are both wearing green hats on their head too.

With Kate Middleton being exposed by the International Media naked with 'The Queen is Naked/Exposed' headline, after pictured also laughing an having fun on her trip to the Far East and Asia, (India is in Asia) we can assume with the Green McQueen outfits, these two people are revealing the King behind the throne of the Queen

Unforunately, it seems that both Kate and William have forgotten their marriage vow.

There is no room for God mockers to be sitting at the head of eh Church of God!

Quote "Whoops: But after starting so well the couple's adventure ends with a crack as Mrs Frost crashes off the seat and onto the ice, which holds"

We get the impression that eventually the ice is going crack. In a previous article, I posted some images of people swimming in the serpentine with pieces of cracked ice. One woman had a make behind her mirroring her arm movements. From this, I wonder if it is Wiliam who is guiding his wife and she is having a laugh, or is she a devious actress.

There is a vast corporate empire, that is supposed to be taking care of the people and enabling progress. The deliberate price hikes and cost of living, with so many fines just for road traffic fines, is raking in an obsene amount of income. With the Queen and her family accounting £200 million a year in expenses....perhaps this is their income. In there are claims for losses. If the family taken ownership of land, and just interested in profitng their own ...something is wrong.

There is an expression 'the higher you climb, the further you have to fall'.

If this is a drama being enacted out to show Kate laughing at everyone, sitting on a throne, moreso taking William as an idiot, then it might be that the ice will crack from beneath her, or her husband will remove her from her perch.

Quote "Drama: Skaters have been flocking to the frozen Cambridgeshire Fens today to enjoy ONE DAY of skating before the big thaw this weekend"

The emphasis is that this is a drama being played out in Cambridge - perhaps to show what is really going on. The media are silenced on reporting the truth. Perhaps I have unknown friends and supporters in the media to.

I do not seek this or even expect it...and am told I will never get justice either.

Few people understand divine justice and accountability. Time to learn!

THE NEXT CHAPTER.....following on photographs from the same article

Quote "Too cute: The lambing season has begun at Sparsholt College near Winchester, with this newborn trying its first stops in the snow"

'Mary had a little lamb' comes to mind, except this is not with a pure white fleese. Instead it reminds me of the lamb that is held by Jesus Christ that we see in imgages. Because I am His Princess, allow me to share MY King!

On the 7th of January, the day after Epiphany, I had a clear vision of Christ standing as if in the flesh, I saw this through my spiritual eye and he was wearing a gold and red crown. This Crown relates to India.

There was some complication with the coronation cermony - I know from personal experience if we plan something, God reminds us who is the Boss. To the finest detail of my life, I know everything has been planned and written down. The detail of where I have lived and gone to school - even staying in Greece with my aunt in a place tht translates to Upper Egypt, absolutely ever detail was planned. And so I know in confidence that every thought, pland, deception that is taking place is known about too.

Also people may not be aware of the hidden hand of God, evidently Kate Middleton is being depicted as someone who has no idea whatsoever. Some time ago I had a dream where the very lovely Beulah London outfit, that shows her off at her best, was being worn inside a mosque where she was being photographed pretending to pray, to win the muslims acceptance.

There are people who will do absolutely anythng for money and power. At what price?

"Sweet: These mothers look after their young as hundreds of lambs will be born in the next fortnight"

Mothers look after their young and reality is hundreds of babies are going to be born in the next fortnight too. Humanity needs love, guidance, encourament, tenderness, direction, opportunity, protection and security. We only need to observe nature to see how animals take care of their young. We see a number 8 stamped on the grown mother. This relates to infinity and unity. Number 8 can relate to spiritual mastery. And it takes a wise mother to pave the way for her daughter's learning.

England has a lot of good people - if they thought they were being decieved, would they be showing so much honor and respect to William and Kate? People have made comments that she puts out an attitude of 'let them eat cake'

In the divine plan, for all that can go wrong in the world, in some way, it will come right again. The problem solution concept is something that I have learned a long time agao - that is, where there is a problem, there is a workable solution too.

There is a healing need in our world and our learning to care about eachother is necessary too. There is so much greed and selfishness here in England and ingratitude too. When the bad weather hit, people were going shopping and the shelves were empty. A grab what you can at any price mentaility is prevalent here, even if other people have to do without.

And when people buy more than they need, they throw it away, not even giving the hungry and homeless. When the new york floods h appened, a picture was shown, or orderly people, buying their usual shop knowing a day or two later the flood will have subsided. Here in England people empty the shelves at Christmas and stuff theirselves full - spending afortune...yet forget Christ is every day, not one day a year. I cannot teach you anything. Life is the university that will teach you everything.

Quote "Big boy: Snowzilla has been built at the Wheelers timber yard, Erdington, Birmingham, where brothers Pete, Nick, and Rob Bromley cannot hide their glee at what they claim is Britain's biggest snowman"

In the same orginial article, there has been a photgraph of a snowman being crowned with a pale blue cap, on Cambridge Victoria Park - some times back the Queen, Camilla and Kate were at a Kake shop for an occasion and pictured with a 5 tier, including the pedistal, crowned with a RED crown. The red and gold crown is the Crown of the Empire.

If you go back and look at the last couple of articles, compare the colours of the car describing treacheous on the way to the castle. Also of the colours being worn below to that being worn on the hat of the snowman. Taking into consideration all of the above, it could be possible that this was all a deliberate set up feeding into the masses minds for compliance and acceptance. A front face of a multibillion fortune, that processes trillions of pounds, that makes billions a year, just in traffic fines - to maintain the gravy train who are benefiting at the top, another front face has to continue.

Or, and quite possibly this just happened to be a captured moment in time - because I had a very exrarodinary experience the other day to share here. This could be divine Providence at work. The laughing married couple skating on thin ice, might be reflecting that the extent of the devious manipulators and also that a woman is going to be dethrones.

There has been the above snowman - that could be crowned by the people and those who are ethical within the structure. Then we have also been shown a snowman with a fox climbing up to bit its nose off. The links for more images can be found a the bottom of these articles...Certainly something is going on that we are meant to know and understand.

In the meantime,

The largest of snowmans has been built - one that is not being missed so easily.

Quote "Big boy: Snowzilla has been built at the Wheelers timber yard, Erdington, Birmingham, where brothers Pete, Nick, and Rob Bromley cannot hide their glee at what they claim is Britain's biggest snowman"

Godzilla comes to mind - GOD zilla.

The spade resembles a flag. Three men wearing Royal Green - are they the Green Party. Going back in time, three kings followed the stars and guiding light to find Christ and there he was crowned King as a baby. It takes a king to reognise a King.

We know God recognises Jesus Christ so do billions of people.

Somewhere I read the dragon was connected with the King from the olden times.

Merlin and The White Dragon

We find the following among the Arthurian legends about the white dragon.

"Merlin, the magician, was asked by King Vortigern, how to render stable a tower of his castle which thrice had tumbled down. Merlin explained that the trouble lay in the fact that the tower had been built over the den of two immense dragons, whose combats shook the foundations above them. "The king ordered his workmen to dig and when they had done so they discovered two enormous serpents, the one white as milk, the other red as fire. The multitude looked on with amazement till the serpents, slowly rising from their den, and expanding their enormous folds, began the combat. Everyone fled in terror except Merlin, who stood by, clapping his hands and cheering on the conflict. The red dragon was slain, and the white one, gliding through a cleft in the rock, disappeared. This incident is reputed to have taken place on an isolated rocky eminence in Caernarvonshire, where remains of extensive prehistoric stone-works are still to be seen!" Courtesy of John Green,

This points back to wales and the Prince of Wales

Also the white dragon is on the Wessex flg...

The Earl of Wessex land Edward entered the Paralympic stadium in a made up car.

The royals with integrity are expected to do right by everyone.

The Queen was so ashamd of the falling apart of her family in the public eye. Sarah Fergusion with toe sucking financier boyfriend, who then run up debt knowing she would be bailed out. Diana exposing that her husband was an adulterer who did not take his marriage vow seriously and she was depserately unahppy, she had the integry not to stay.

Marrying anyone from a different background - not about wealth, this is about social values and social responsibility, eventually the cracks show. To think Margaret could not even marry the man she loved - the standards have dropped, to Harry and his partying and this setting the standard for future generations. Singleparenthood is the norm today - how many children in the future are going to come forward saying they are a child of a King or Prince. History repeating itself.

Quote: "Beautiful: The lights of Leighton Buzzard and low cloud set the sky on fire over the still-white Dunstable Downs in Bedfordshire overnight"

Quote "Ablaze: Snow still covers a picnic bench in the foreground with the orange sky in the background, with many areas of the UK to get more snow today"

Muslims talk openly about being cast into the lake of fire. We have seen some estrarodinary goings on, the fires in Australia were evidently terifiying for people....and that land also connects with England too.

I worry about humanity and the future...then again what will be will be.

This a divided world. Beleivers who wait for Christ to return, and those who are not. Muslims wait for Jesus Christ to return and they love him - Eventually they will understand why he has to stay neutral as I have to.

In short, going back to the top - two wise owls together 'will' communicate together. Two wise heads are better than one. The wisdom of the ages has been far valued then folly.
If the Skaters show Kate Middleton taking everyone as a fool - she will be dethroned!
Two crownings of snowmen - males have taking place!
A third has green spout eyes, the fox bit his nose off.

And the fire in Befordshire is symbolic too. Hopefully not destorying history and genelogy records as has happened in the past. The building of Europe has not been openly done. The lake of fire is expected by all muslims.

And Christ will nurture the lambs, as he always, The eternally loving shepherd.

We are born in the Spiritual Royal Family who are completely against war!

Feel free to ignore these observations, or you might see something important too.

More to follow in Part 4.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

New Snow White Story Part 2 - Apocalypse

The meaning of apocalypse is lifting the veil - revealing truth. The Book of Revelations has many signs. This is the end times. The Anti-Christ (system) goes against what God has ordained.

The Daily Mail has published many images recently for a reason. They are aware of what is happening. They also identify specific locations and names. The Queen knows who I am. She also wrote to my mother after learning of her paralysis. Princess Diana was also in a car crash. I was also in major car crashes and survived. There are people involved in rituals - the Queen knows. She is not in a position to speak out openly and warn people either. I can and am obliged to break the silence.

The British media are not allowed to encroach on the royal family, The British royal family keep their personal lives, business interests, plans and agendas hidden. There is one public image and another private behind closed doors. The reason why naked pictures of Harry and Kate were published were due to external sources. The actual reason they were meant to be published so people can see the truth of what is happening and who these people really are. Important - See them all as individuals.

In all the years of her reign, she has maintained a sense of duty in her positon. She does not encourage corruption or injustice. She knows in history royals have had their heads chopped off. She is also aware in some countries people still carry out this punishment. There is someone who has put a $1 million randsom for her life. I completely condmen this.

My frustration is observing what is happening in our world. innocent people are being killed, in illegal wars. Innocent peope are suffering injustice and in prison. All I can do is pray for peace and healing, also for people to realise a higher consciousess. Not everyone will or is capable of. This is a time of divine intervention taking place - a higher power.

There is a story here that is unfolding - a very important story because it affects all of mankind. There are warnings given to people too. Time will reveal all.

Continuing from my previous article, these images were also published on the same Daily Mail article. Because they reveal a story more insights are here - so you can see with your own eyes.

The first is of the dragon

Spencer Gisborne created this in Nottingham. Spencer is the name of William and Harry, from their mother. Sovereigns do not use a surname. This is why Harry and William and named Wales. Kate uses the name Mrs. Cambridge.

Gisbourne is in New Zealand. Nottingham House is the name of the appartment in Kensington Palace that William and Kate are given as their London Residence. Nottingham was a kingdom an connected with Robin Hood.

Prince Charles had his 64th Birthday at Government House in New Zealand, with 64 guests. This reveals the birth of a New Government. When Kate and William went to the Solomon Isles, where the Orb is featured on the coins, they were pictured wearing floral crowns. A church ceremony took place with locals as witnesses. The white skullcap Kate wore on arriving to the South Pacific in Asia, symbolised a Half Crown. The French media published nude pictures with the headline 'The Queen is Naked' - at this point the people are not aware what is happening. Deception and underhandedness Everyone has a right to know.

Quote "Treacherous: Drivers were caught in blizzards in Barnard Castle, County Durham in the run up to rush hour yesterday" - The colour of the car is the same that was seen on the snowman's hat in Victoria Park, Cambridge. With the media very heavily promoting Kate Middleton, is is so the people will accept her in the role of a Queen.

Barnard Castle was founded by the Normans shortly after the conquest, but enjoyed its heyday under Bernard de Bailliol during the latter half of the 12th century. The castle passed into the hands of the Balliol family (of which the Scottish king, John Balliol, was the most important member) and then into the possession of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick. King Richard III inherited it through his wife, Anne Neville, but it fell into ruins in the century after his death.'

Germanic Salic laws, excludes the female line. So any woman born from a Noble or Royal heitage would not inherit land or Titles. Also British born citizens from foreign houses were not allowed to use these either 'even from the Christ family'. My father's name was Richard born of a Noble lineage.

Dail Mail warn of treachery happening in the Castle. Queen Elizabeth II has obligations to uphold. She took her oath on the Holy Bible. An oath to God is not retractable. She has appeared in two dreams - one we are talking together in her private residence over a cup of tea, before going somewhere. The second showed that are are connected - cut from the same cloth. A 'remnant' comes to mind and identified in the bible?

"And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." Revelation 12:17

This lady wearing a red coat and hood, 'Red Riding Hood; came to mind. 'Specifically, paralels how an innocent victim can be taken in and controlled by a criminal mentality, therefore, facilitating further subjection of a crime or harm against a vulnerable victim through mischievous criminal intent by removing the victim from a familiar or "safe" public location - facilitating the crime in an effort to isolate the victim by drawing her to another location "away from the public eye" where the criminal entity has complete control over the victim.'

The quote from Wikipedia is profound. Not that I would, I could walk naked ad would be invisible. There are people within the British establishment who do not want the truth to be told. And yet, it is written in the Holy Bible!

This picture was posted beside the lady in the red hooded jacket. Is this a reminder 'not to let the right hand know what the left is doing'. As the story unfolds we begin to see a complex situation. Evidently those who are decieving people do not understand that God Almighty really is RULING this world!

The older lady is wearing a Royal Blue Coat carrying a Blue umbrella - this shows she is wearing a Crown Royal. The Queen is crowned blue blood and she must surely know what is happening in her own family. She has the authority to close down parliament, stop wars, close the entire system down if she wants to and start again. In the New Year, We got the impression of an ending and new begining. However, something else is happening evidently with deception involved.

It is unknown if the government initated the law changes in relation to the crown, or the Queen, or Prince Charles. Did the Queen hand powers to Europe? Media reports are Anti EU next miniute being Pro EU. Harry is flying killer machines in Afghanistan is connected to Europe Union. Are the royals protecting their own interests? Or motivated to do right by ALL people?

With the lady pictured carrying the bag, the Queen is 'still' holding the authority to speak and have the last word. She has not made an announcment of anyone being King or Queen, and she has NOT given up the throne. It is my observation seeing behind the titles of the old kingdoms. The media have announced that the first child of Kate and Willliam's is to be a Monarch. However the law changes, could mean Anne would have more of a priority being the eldest daughter.

What is being kept silent, when the Queen violated her coronation oath, no one can take her place from her family. The Queen knows this and so this might explain why Charles went to New Zealand; Kate and William to the Solomon Islands. All the devious plans - Christ really is so far ahead of these people. If anything happens to me, he has a back up plan!

Looking like a crown of thorns, except the icicles are pointing towards the windows. Our eyes are the window of our soul. With many windows and one crown of thorns, this relates to seeing several different perspectives, as is presented here. There are people who want to keep people blind, dumbed down and oppressed. If it was not for the teachers who encourage growth and development of awareness, everyone would be living in the dark. The Queen should be empowering people.

There is a white door with number 21 on the cottage and the crown appears to be next door. In numerolgy, number 22 relates to the Master, Teacher, Builder also the Divine/Spiritual Mother.

Book of Revelation 21 relates to New Jerusalem. 22 is the promise for mankind.

Quote "Gripped: With the low temperatures set to end shortly, this roof of a farmhouse in Teesdale, County Durham remains firmly frozen"

Teesdale in the Pennines, is an area of outstanding beauty and a National Nature Reserve. National relates to the WHOLE Country. Reserve can mean that it is protected land. County Durham a ceremonial county of England with an appointed Lord Lieutenant, the personal representative of the British Monarch, who is still Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Bishpps - Owing to divine providence of the city’s founding, the Bishop of Durham has always enjoyed the title “Bishop by Divine Providence” opposed to all other bishops who are “Bishop by Divine Right”. Prince Bishops had their own court system. Posting a link below so you can acess more interesting information on this.

Durham is also located in North Carolina, USA. Carolina Road is another road in Thornton Heath were I was born. Being born in the Royal Priesthood, the crown I wear is a spiritual crown, not one that can be given by anyone or taken away. Thornton means Thorn Town - Heath means Health. The Crown given by Christ is a Spiritual Healer.

Pictured here a wolf shows tenderness and affection to the handler.

Quoting "Fun: This trio are obviously close as they chase eachother through the snow in conditions they will be very happy to be in" These three wolves are pictured in Berkshire...Winsdor Castle is in Berkshire. The expression 'a pack of wolves' can relate to being hungry and also bloodthirsty. Prince Harry openly says his job is to kill people.

A lone Arctic Wolf watches what is happening from raised ground, in Nebury, UK Conservation Trust. Newbury is in Kent, identified with conserving UK as a whole, in Trust. Read in between what is given. Newbury is also found in 3 states in USA. I am living very close to Bury in Lancashire, known as Red Rose County and the Sovereign Monarch Queen's Land.

In Birmingham, a female pedestrian suffered serious injuries after a collision from a Mercedes and was taken to hospital. The incident happened on Hagley Road between Plough and Harrow Road and the Five Ways Island.

Hagley Road and Harrow are also in Berkshire. Plough could be a snow plough.

The Royal Mail red pillar box is partly knocked over - with the lady in red above, not a good sign and clear warning of danger. This is actually an example how people are injured in car accidents and there are those involved in rituals to cause serious harm. They do not cause death or they would have to pay the price with death theirselves. This is a warning to people not to wish anyone to die because thoughts have power.

Kings and Queens have influenced death just by suggestion. For this reason I was concerned if Wiliam had a bad day and wished anyone dead or even called out a war on any people. The power given to the royal family has been because of masses of people focussing on them and loving them. They might not be aware of every thought and word has impact. Kate Middleton has not been raised with this knowledge. She is an actress who set out to get what she wanted.

The pillar box looks old. The Mercedes is a German car, pictured with the lights on. The media have shown male members of the Queens family in a way that should 'ring alarm bells'. In history royals have been killed off by their own family to keep the crown. The effort to preserve the crown in the family, with laws being rushed to be changed, is because they 'know' a legitimate and eligble heir is around. The Queen is obliged to do right by the people. Laws were changed to secure the income and crown away from where God intended. The physical crown is a symbol. The Spiritual Crown is not a physical object!

Notice here on the tape is written fire and rescue service,. In the background a fire engine and maybe two ambulances are seen. One is the new style emergency ambulance. The second ambulance looks like the old ambulance. Several police are around and a blue flashing light near where this is. The police are in the distance - on the other side of the road.

Prince Phillip is part German, and so are his son's and grandsons. Despite whatever challenges the Queen and Prince Phillip have gone through, in a previous article I wrote that they are a united couple. Maybe that is where the United Kingdom applies. This is another marriage that has connected for a reason. As in history Jewish have married Christians. It is in the divine plan now to unite the whole of humanity in peace, without weapons or war.

I have to be honest, when I first read that William was a search and rescue pilot, my mind was remembering the antivirus 'search and destroy' and a lady who refered to me as good cop bad cop team, with exposing corruption. William can appear to be nice and Harry the bad boy, they are walking in the same path and fighting for the same team.

Andrew who went in the Navy, William in the Airforce, Harry being the Army is deliberate.

Waves - riding the waves comes to mind.

Quote "Stupid: This is the dramatic moment a walker was almost swept off rocks by a 40ft column of water as he tried to get a closer look at the waves from a Newquay headland"

He is given here when it could be representing a She. Stupid is identifed and a Number 40 is identified as time in the Holy Bible, and so reaffirms the meaning of Divine Timing for everything. Holy means divine.

Newquay relates to New Key - headland, means Kingdom. The person is seen trying to climb dressed in a green top alone. 'The Rock of Rome' comes to mind and Rocky Road. The colour is emerald Green, associated with the Emerald Isles and Ireland. Queen of Sheba gave precious stones to Solomon - perhaps the are the 12 stones, seen in the Breastplate. I typed 13 by mistake then realise it is not. The reason being because there are 13 tribes of Israel and not 12. Jacob had a daughter aswell.

Has someone disregarded the a divine plan and decided to conquest a rocky hilltop?

I have to wonder as an observer, where is Kate Middleton's heart placed. If she wants to play at being Queen, perhaps she needs to go back to party pieces and wear a plastic tiara. This is being said with all seriousness, because I am aware of the influence she has on people and on William too. By showing her body she used the oldest trick in the book to get his attention. Only she knows if she has done anything else to trap him other than to stick by his side like glue.

The most angry of men, can be made mellow when he loves and is in love. Before going to Solomon Isles and even in the Church ceremony overseas, Kate appeared like a friend, also as if she has sought approval of what to say and do - at 30 years old! She has showed more chemistry with Harry, perhaps she is more like him. I guess the 'Job' promised to pay her well.

William over reacts to protect his wife, with little or no consideration for a great deal of population who suffer every day. I think Kate has worked the man very well, plus he has become 'attached' to her family. Love is normal with his wife and family. If just an ordinary couple who do not have billions of people's lives impacted by decisons, it would not be a concern or issue. There are illegal wars taking place and the building of a one world government. For who to be Queen?

Jesus Christ is King, He puts People first. Why silence He is Living?

Continuing this on another article, Part 3

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringmement intended

Signs of the Times - UK World Royal Exposure

In a matter of days, we have seen the extreme changes of weather - climate change has been promoted. The reason for this happening has not. In history, going back this time 60 years ago, Britain had floods and also likely to have had snow too. This is a reaction to what is happening on our earth. 60 Years ago in June Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.

Here is a lady of mature years in a blue coat and umbrella, carrying a bag with a cockrell design and detail underneath. This blue colour has been pictured both seen on Sarah Fergusson, Duchess of York and Kate Middleton. The colour is 'royal blue'. In the farm, a cockrell is heard as the wake up call. It is time for people to wake up now.

A series of photographs have been published in the daily mail by a Greek named Photographer, Legasis with a /Athena identified. This is revealing Athena being connected to these floods. Athena is the Protector of the people in the ancient times, Queen by divine right because our Almighty God was her guide and commander. My mother, also Greek Athena is now in the heavenly realms and had care and concern for humanity when alive.

The weather board were not happy that names are being given to weather conditions, however, everything happens for a reason. We remember Hurricaine Katrina as a specific event, not just one hurricane that happened somewhere in America. If I recall this was in New Orleans. This is a name associated with Royals too. This is not a coincidence at all.

In New York floods recently, Athena was associated in the name. Emergency services were on full alert, people were prepared and protected as best as possible. The highest echelons of government know what is going on. They know there are rulers over lands that we are living on. They are unable to tell you these people are divinely appointed, because there are those who are not. Athena is named for a reason and She empowers the people!

Water ia nearly reaching the level of a letterbox of a house alongside the A477 in Llanddowror. Names and numbers have meaning. Llanddowror is in Carmarthen - Caerfyrddin, the original Welsh name means Merlin's fort. The people who are involved in rituals, should also know that there are consquences too. There is a price to be paid! All power comes from God.

The empasis on Royal Blue is seen. Is a female of the royal family of Wales involved in wizardry? The fooding is high. The lights are on inside so the electric circuit is not broken. On the upper floor, a woman is looking out of the window. There are people who do rituals for wealth, power and also fame.

Llanddowror reminds me of landowner. Gematria 1249 means 'kingdom of heaven on earth'. It is not the kingdom of heaven on earth when there in injustce, war, people persecuted, abused and oppressed, or children going missing - even in Wales!

A few years ago, dreams showed flood waters coming to my door - it did not make sense at all. A woman wanted to stay from Ireland, I took it as a warning sign to say no. More recently I learned this area is the soveriegns land.

The land of Prince of Wales, with Prince Phillip's Hosptial is a Kingdom. Wales is the land of Saint David and this connects wih King David from ancient Israel. Prince Phillip claimed ownership of government building in Israel - Charles tried for a few years. The British establishment created the State of Israel. Christ will re-create the Hold Land

The ancient spiritual Imperial Royal family are from the Church guided by the Holy Spirit. Women are given the name of a Saint and our grandmother. We trust in Divine Providence to bring everything as meant to be - even when we doubt we are given the signs. My mother married a man named Richard and named my brother Robert - Richard and Robert are names of Kings. This was not planned. I was named Pauline Maria, and told 10 years ago this is the name of the Dutch Queen. Maria is the name of the Virgin Mary. Through the maternal line we are related. This is the messianic bloodline that people have been talking about.

In my privious article, I brought to light Kate Middleton being accepted as an honorary member of All England Wimbledon Court. The Daily Mail wrote of her being put forward to be President. Wimbledon Common is a poplar landmark. The House of Commons relates to the Common People. The lower court is for the common people. Corruption is rife in the lower court. The High Court is separate. Kate Middleton being a commoner, as Crown Head of the Upper Court does not even Fit her!

Yesterday the 'Wombles of Wimbledon' came to mind - a children's television animation. Here is 'Remember you are a womble' with a sing-a-long repeating back 'remember you are a womble' (commoner). It is intersting to observe awake people saying Kate Middleton is a commoner. Even if they are not people who are blind sheep follow the leader.

Here is Super Womble, dressed in blue. Introducing the song the presenter says 'Behind the is musically is Mike Bat, it's not Batman, this is Super Womble'

The lyrics go 'In the Middle of Manhatten when the whole town sleeps, there stands a lonely figure, he's the guardian of the streets. And he flies in though the window when you are trying to get some rest, You will know it's super womble because his name is on his vest. He can fly, he can swim, hes a hero....'

Prince Wiliam uses the nickname Wombat. Williamsburg is in Manhatten. Kate Middleton just before announcing her pregnancy and wearing McQueen, was sporting a long fringe. The media report wrote 'Kate takes Manhatten'. Hair carries energy. In ancient tims, people made sure no one took the hair of someone to use this in a ritual against them. There are people invovled with witchcraft to carry out rituals for their own furtherment. Many women are entrapping men for marriage with ritual spells too.

Looking up Wombat, Wombat Woman is corresponding with Wonder Woman. William is not Jesus Christ and Kate is the partner to William, not Partner of Christ.

Even the songs give messages and detail. Notice the colour of the fluffy suits and compare this to the colour the foam in the prevous article. These people are also wearing Scottish Tartan. In Scotland, the Highlands is supposed to be Free and Indpendant.

Here a bungalow is pictured as flooded - again the lights are on. The lower floors of the house that sits on this earth, is being washed out. It is important to remember that this is actually the Kingdom that belongs to Jesus Christ - People are praying for God's Kingdom on Earth in the Lords Prayer. Christ is the King!

The ancient Royals were spiritual alchemists, given the power to influence mother nature, to restore balance and healing to our planet. The people who are praying for this are assisting this process. It is the common people who are saving this planet today. People are not told of the power they hold by those who want to have power over the poeple.

Again still at Llandowror we see a house on higher ground and in the background, a house that is even higher on the top of the hill with the white ligthts shining. On the left side of the road we see the triangle shaped sign pointing downwards and illuminated as the light form the upper floor. Above is a blue sign with text one. The road sign, has had whatever detail that was on before removed. To the right, the triangle sign is in darkness. This is a reminder of those who 'were' ruling and royals taking ownership of the lands, no matter how hard they try - God is not listening to their prayers.

This is bringing into context of what is meant by God annoints and he appoints. Notice also in the above image Royal Blue is featured in the vehicles predominantly. With the increase of laws in relation to roads and fines and the arrow pointing downwards to the flood, the message is showing here that the man made laws are being washed away.

These pictures might have been digitally enhanced and yet still they carry a really important message. Bear in mind also that photographs can capture and change what we do not see, depending where we are standing and what time it is. Remembering seeing an image outside a church with evident Ghosts outside the door. This is to show in context something that has been proven to me on the 7th January 2013 seeing Christ himself.

The spiritual purple coloured lights relate to the thrid eye Chakra. The yellow colour is shining the same as the colour depicted for the sun, even tough in daylight, we see the sun as being white. Above we see the moon radiating in the same colour yellow, with red aura and also above the roof a smaller yellow light is shining. On the upper floor of the building on the hill is another light - the light is shining in another house now.

Epiphany on 6th January, is commemorated for the manifestation of Christ and a reminder of the Risen Christ. This is also a day when the Roman Emperor is crowned. All the men with plans ro rule over Rome, it is not possible, not by man made law or manipulation. A ceremony took place in a church held by the Ecumenical Patriarch in Istambul, Constantinople, then at the Golden Horn three crosses were thrown into the Bosphoros and rescued. With all the manupulation and deception taking place on earth to rule the world, the Bosphoros Kingdom is the Kingdom of Christ - There is a Golden Horn on the British Crown Crest!

On the 7th January with my eyes closed before sleeping, Christ was standing on three steps at an opening of a door with white light behind him. He was wearing long light coloured clothes with a robe over his shoulders. From his body was radiating shining bright yellow light as depicted on the image. He is wearing a crown made out of gold with red material. This was like the Crown of the Emperor of India/Asia.

When the King was to be crowned Emperor of India, there was an issue about taking the crown out of the country - something I must look at more closely to understand. However, it is these examples that do not happen by accident. It was never for one family to rule forever this earth or to manipulate laws and people to keep a family in power. All the talk of men ruling this world. They can never because we are caretakers of this land only.

Described as a 'dramtic turnaround' we see here emergency services dealing with the situation at hand after the snow melts and the flooding taking place. This image is taken on the A477 the St Clears road to Ros-Goch (Red Roses)

The Saints are intercessors for God. Clears relates to the extra sensory perception and clairvoyance being in context to see clearly. Red Roses have been connected to the Royal Princess - if you watched the Davinci Code Movie, a red rose was featured at Rosslyn Chapel, which is in Scotland. Lancashire where I live is Red Rose County,

In this picture, the man has an expression on his face, that we could say 'is a picture'. In the background is what looks to be normally a 'white house'. He is driving what looks to be normally a white car. A 5 pointed star is visibly featured too. The spiritual purple colour haze over the buildings and car, is revealing the water that looks red as if they are waters of blood and I want to cover this more in brief too.

In America at the White House President Obama has been sworn in as the 44th President. The Oaths for officials is public, not secret. There are always witnesses shown, plus the people are witness, if they see this at the time. All the officials in America take their Oath in front of officials and always the President and Vice President publically. This does not happen in England. Tony Blair's colleague said he did not go God when PM!

There is great effort by individuals, and motivation from within the White house to empower the people, Michelle Obama has been promoting healthy eating and well being. One friend in LA has served over 25,000 people now. My neice is inspired with the Goddess Project movie, She did not know her grandmother was named Athena. Greece and America are tied as family. The Statue of Liberty has ancient Greek roots. The 5 pointed star is also the planetary movment of Venus - the feminine energy that balances this earth.

The river of blood is a reminder of the illegal wars taking place. There is a reason they are happening. What is stolen - must be returned. The wars that go against God's Laws has allowed God to take this world back again. This is how Karma works.

The highest village in Wales is Bwlchgwyn, covered in snow. Wales has names that associate with the Holy Land. Being Prince of Wales is why William has been living there - as King of the Holy Land? Bwlchgwin means 'white hill'. Mount Sion!

How the waters are healed is from the heavenly realms is a mystery. These photographs are digitally enhanced. we see Royal Blue, Royal Yellow/Gold and Spiritual Purple. I have no idea of the 'two houses' that is bathed in spiritual purple, at any one time, it seems there are two people who are sitting on the throne.

The following are presented to think about:

Queen Elizabeth II - Prince Phillip.
Charles and Diana
Charles and Camilla
Charles and William
William and Harry
William and Kate Middleton.
Harry and Kate Middleton

William holds a title as ruler of Scotland, Duke of Cambridge in East Anglia, - Anglia in Greek means England. Prince king of Wales, Ruler of Scotland, Duke of East/England - and beyond with global territories.

Again this is in the highest village, a white 4X4 with lights on. Not forgetting that an injustce took place and a little girl went missing, while a man went to prison for murder, yet no physical body was found. There is a far higher power beyond watching everything that is happening and knows exactly what is going on behind closed doors. All the manipulative plans of man, and wizardry by women is already known about. Is Kate Middleton ready to resume her life as a commoner?

These photographs show Prince's Charles, William, Harry and Kate Middleton no longer have any authority of the Wales, OR, the Holy Land belonging to Christ. One village in Wales is 'Beulah' and the Holy Bible identifies Beulahland clearly. I was born on Beulah Cresent and so I noticed Kate Middleton wearing dresses, McQueen and Beulah London. Has Kate Middleton called an end to all the killing and oppression of people in the Holy Land and around the world - wanting to be Queen of Israel? No!

Anyone who is in the positon of being a Queen, does not act, or pretend, or ignore the real issues going on in the world. Being a Queen is more than a title.

People who swear allegiance to the Queen are her servants to do right to the people. When a Queen is not for all people, people suffer. Prince Harry is in Afghanistan killing people in his war game to conquest the Kingdom? He spoke of someone being killed so someone can live. Who? What right has anyone got to choose who should live or die? None!

There are rituals are taking place, the wars are blood sacrifice.

Evidently for Wales to have had all these floods, something has happened. The timing of this is also after the Confession from Harry who violates God's Laws. The photographs above, are a reminder that Christ has taken rulership of His Kingdom again.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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