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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

7 Point Star Crop Circle With All Seeing Eye

The Holy Bible speaks of 7 ancient Churches. The descendants from these churches are now living in different parts of the world. This does not change the origin. What has happened, the light of Christ has been shining around the world since this time.

During the 2012 Olympic Games opening cememony in London, the flame that originated in Greece and travelled by air and land being brought to England was to take an unpredicable process before illuminating the cauldron. One flame ignited 6 more making the seven flames in total. The embrace became an important element of the flame, between people from different nations, symbolically and literally between people from different churches.

Together the seven olympic flames of harmony 204 ignited petals that had been arranged in a sculpture form of a flower. Each petal representing a nation participlating, was shining their own individual light and this being raised up to become one.

A spiritual experience is mystical, not always tangeable or even describable. When we experience the profoundness of divine love, this is with a spiritual connection with the divine. When the 2012 Olympic Flame was travelling around the country, people had spoken of a 'feeling' experience. One man described this as if the flame was sprinkling magical dust on this country and this moved him emotionally. Another said he felt sadness that 'it was all over'. Another man said 'for a moment Britian were united as one'.

Once the flame is ignited in our heart to love - we know this from experience. Once we have felt real unconditonal love, we know this from experience. The United Kingdom has become dependant on external factors to stimulate inner feelings and perhaps, this is why people have felt this void within. You have the key within your being now to love and shine your light in our world - to give of yourself and to encourage other people too.

We are in a time of spiritually re-awakening. People are realising a higher consciousness. With this, it is important to know yourself and be true to yourself. If you are wanting in your heart to do something, yet are doing something that you do not want to do, you are in conflict with your own inner being. Only you can change this.

Only you know your strengths and hidden talents. Only you know what is inside of you - the spark of life and purpose for being here. Only you know what you are thinking and feeling. When we consider individuality as experience, it might seem strange to stand alone in this world and be who you really are. At least by knowing yourself, you will discover not only your personal potential, you will disover fulfilment in this life too.

All the talk of the all seeing eye and we see here now a central focus. There heavenly all seeing and knowing God and our Lord Jesus Christ is also all seeing and knowing too. He has guided me to Him - He wants people to know Him. It is unknown if the hidden elements of information about history is deliberate. Still the truth can come to light. There is nothing stopping anyone to seek in prayer with sincere heart to find the truth.

If we are spoon fed all the answers of life and the spiritual mysteries, without doing the work, we can become lazy and then neglect this sacred path. When we learn to appreciate that there is a mystery to life, from the heavenly realms to the earth, we can appreciate the mystery between everyone and our soul connection with the divine.

So I am sharing this crop circle, because this shows how Christ is throughout this time been a central figure for everyone, in all nations and for all people. He is not forcing people to see the light, this is a choice. It does not matter where we are physically located, the Holy Light can still be felt within. Love that is divine is flowing energy.

We have within our capability to shine the love of Christ to everyone. From one candle can light a million flames of light. From one person, we have all been given the light that allows us to spiritually awaken and understand beyond what we are given.

The mixing up of our origins, has now brought together a cosmompolitain society that has far more tolerance to differences than has been in history. There is no one who has not been put in this position to learn the lesson. When we understand our place in society - not measuring materialistic gains, our spiritual understanding reflects being in a position to serve to assist other people with their spiritual growth. The most humble and lowliest of people might be our greatest teachers who are chosen for this role.

This crop circle is being used to illustrate how we are from a paricular origin and how this is reflecting time and progress. It can be seen as the schools of thought; the structures of society and educational system. The circles can reprsent energy waves. There is no fixed concept to anything because there are layers of understanding. We can consider moving from our present day (external) to return back to Christ (heart). When you know yourself you know God. In our knowing ourself, we discover spiritual wholeness. As we return to Christ - He is the central figure that keeps humanity bonded together in love, with His love.

The all seeing eye at Mount Athos - the Holy Mountain given to the Virgin Mary. The Orthodox Monks live there with a life of prayer dedication. Because of the position of the eye, we see this is the connection to the heavenly realms, on earth.

There are people who totally reject a higher power and higher intelligence. That is OK. Sometimes the truth can smack people in the face and they will still argue and reject this. Just remember what is marketed, is being sold to you and this does not represent truth, Illusion and creating illusions is how people have been kept in the dark for a very long time already. The least you understand and seek to understand your divine rights, the more likely you are to have these being taken away from you - with permission.

The crop circles are a mystery. They are certainly revlealing that there is a far higher intelligence. Britian has not hidden these from anyone. They stimulate the mind to consider greater perspectives to life and dimensions of life and the universe.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria