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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Devon Royal Mail Tower Down by The Great Force

I could keep this as the ongoing story of the New Snow White.....if I remember, was there some huffing and puffing going on in 'Litle Red Riding Hood' story too? Nothing is coincidence. Why this?

There is a spiritual battle taking place and elemental. The difference is all those on earth who are manipulating, 'forget' there is a far higher power governing this earth and the entire universe.

The Daily Mail report - "The wind turbine that couldn't cope with a gale: £250,000 tower crashes to the ground after its blades spin out of control"

Quote "Investigating: The firm that built the turbine no one was put at risk because of its isolated position." - the planners and builders are aware of the importance of postion. This was evidently a planned structure in a specific location.

The location is Devon. This is land of the Duke of Cornall and Devon. Prince of Charles - or did he pass this on?

"A spokesman for the Welsh firm said the Canadian-built generator has a five-year warranty and no-one had been injured when it fell on private land."

"Three turbines were wrecked earlier this month in the last bout of rough weather, while a 300ft turbine in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, erupted in flames in December during gales of 165mph."

With William and Kate Middeton making a publicised trip to Canada - plus the documented landing on the Sea/King/Lion helecopter on the water - this has to be the easiest conquest of land, with permission of the people.

The British royal family can only rule over them with people's permission. They do not have divine right to rule over any people whatsoever. The reason why everyone has God given rigths and Free Will is to look to God as the Boss!

Something is going on - a multilayered agenda is being revealed - and deception too!

More to the point, is anyone jumping succession. Government media mentioned this. A law has been rushed through to make sure Kate Middleton's baby inherits the throne. The only way they could work this, if she was already Queen. The government know this!

People do not know Kate as THE Queen - or do they. Remember the nude photos?

Quote: "'Mangled wreck': The gale-force wind made the blades spin out of control and the turbine caught on fire"

If the governmet are not being honest with people, they are lying to the people. If the government are lying to people, they ae being treacherous. When decieving people they are doing so in the name of Queen Elizabeth II.

If the royal family are not being honest with the people they are deceiving people. I am not in a position to say they are lying to the people, because thse people usually use other people to speak on their behalf.

Quote: "What a waste: The controversial structure was only erected in 2010, at a cost of £250,000" - Has someone within the British royal family done something to cut their nose off. This morning I was thinking 'a price will be paid for having 'a commoner' who has no idea of the highest authority ruling over this earth and unlikely to tell people either.

THE QUEEN IS A SERVANT OF GOD. She is not permitted to manipulate anyone.

Quote: "Pushing on: The farm's owners have recently been granted permission to erect a second turbine" - behind this is a tree that does not very aged in years. Notice the royals do tree planting, this is to establish their place on land.

Since this particular tower has been erected, Holy Thorn Tree on Glastonbury hill has been deliberately cut down! Then what happened a new tree was planted with steel fencing to protect it. All the police and servicemen here, take an oath to the Queen. A change in the oath has included heirs and successors - so if Kate is deceptively made Queen, they are her servants.

Prince Harry spoke in Afghanistan of serving the Queen - which Queen exactly? Deliberately posting this Royal Blue image, because of Copyright protection on the image I want to share.

The original photo shows a Boys School closed and boarded up.

In the same article more images are posted. Quote: Close call: A 64-year-old in Oldham was knocked unconscious by a tree after gale force winds knocked it down. Prince Charles is 64 years old - no coincidence with that point!

So when Harry talks about taking a life to save a life - we see this is what is happening. There are people who weald power and those involved in rituals know, they cannot kill anyone, unless in self defence and someone is to attack them. Diana was a threat to the future plan to keep the crown in the same family - 'The boys' wanted her silenced forever.

There are copyright on these photographs and I am not using these profit. This is an important story that is in the people's that is being given the opportunity for more readership. The Daily Mail publish many artic les!

Because Copyright is connected to Cavendish - I have decided not to publish them. There is nothing more than those who are against the Christ family would want is to cause more suffering 'in their law courts' The captions are revealing important messages and providing the Daily Mail does not remove them, you can see for yoursef on the link.

Quote "Shock: The man suffered head injuries after the tree fell on him. Luckily, he was just opposite a fire station" - On the other side of the Royal Blue painted fence is boarded up building. The tree lifted up by the root on the land at the side of the road. The land belongs to Jesus Christ and he is taking ownership and authority again. This relates to all the land.

Quote "Hospitalised: Firefighters said he was 'lucky to be alive' after 65mph winds dragged the tree from its roots" - we are being reminded of a greater number and a far greater force than Prince Charles is in his years.

Queen Elizabeth II is custodian of the Crown of David. The Crown belongs to Christ. Kings have made laws to keep succession to the throne to the same family. The Whole land was identified to establish the Kingdom of God - by who He chooses. The Queen certainly knows this. Family and officials might show more focus to their own intersts before the people.

A little girl came to tell me in August at Cornwall, Jesus Christ appeared on her dream. People were waiting outside a home for him and praying when he arrived outside to confort them. She said the people were very poor.

God is not for one people and not for another - not for one country and not another!

If the British royal family members trying to jump the throne from their mother or grandmother - that is treacherous. We know in history people have been killed off. Today the throne is very important in the eyes of those who have got used to living in tremendous wealth met by the people - plus it is unknown the resources they control for profit.

The Wind Tower was standing at 115 feet tall. The ArcelorMittal Orbit is a 115-metre-high (377 ft) sculpture and observation tower in the Olympic Park in Stratford, London. Is there a connection with the numbers here?

Quote "Barking: A 70ft tree that fell down in the back garden of a house in Shirley, West Midlands, is lifted out by crane" Number 70 relates to Spiritual Order. This looks like a Christmas Tree Fern. Whoever is trying to knock down the Christ family, we are shown that are people who will lift them up again. The reason there are a great number of Christmas trees, reflects, 'even if they are cut down' there are always more. We are masses of people who have descended from HIS ROYAL FAMILY!

Barking is a reminder of dog. Barking is the sound a dog makes to warn people, and especially the owner/keeper. Jewish people specifically write G-d so that His name cannot be reversed. The image is a warning to people.

Quote: "Big job: Police and firefighters checked out the risks before attaching the tree to chains and hoisting it out" - while this is a tree, chains and hoists can refer to enslavment and physically removal. A tree is a living body. The tree of life is given in different ways. There is silence in England about the ancient Queen lineage. Kate Middleon is no Athena!

Quote: Out of the woods: The retired homeowners escaped unharmed despite some guttering being torn off" - this got a lot of coverage for mainstream news. At least we are told that the homeowners in this incident escape unharmed.

Quote: "Landslide: Millions of pounds-worth of luxury holiday chalets face being condemned to the sea in Dorset" - counting 7 steps and this is related to 7 steps to heaven, with the 7 chakras.

Traditonally in England people have beleived in God and motivated to do right by everyone. Christ has been the centre point of millions of people's lives. As in history, all the attempts to silence the truth in some way the truth will come to light. We are shown here the steps have come away from the house. What is happening on the Royal Crown Land?

Quote "End of the road? The 18 wooden chalets, which cost £200,000 each, slumped towards the sea after 500 tons of mud slipped down the cliff following heavy rain" - End of the road can mean there is no where else to go. These people will be unable to claim on insurance to rebuild if the land beneath them has moved. While these might even be holiday homes, there are people losing their homes because the land is eroding away on the coastal regions.

Other images are shared here with captions. Revert to article for the actual report. This is just in taking the images and reading behind what is being revealed from the images that are presented. I have not been silent about the injustice suffered or officals boasting of lying and innocent people in prison. This is being decided by those ruling the lands.

Quote: "Crash: Waves pound the coast in Saltcoats, Ayrshire, Scotland, as high winds batter the country' - Prince William, also Prince of Wales, With Harry, is given the ancient title that relates to being ruler of Scotland.

Other captions start with Fierce, Eye of the Storm and "Dramatic: Scotland will see more extreme conditions over the days to come, with hail and thunder forecast"

Quote "Trapped indoors: The main road in the village of Holywell, Cambs, today after overnight flooding" - Holy Well is identified to be connected with Cambridge - Kate or William are not divinely appointed or deliving the Word of God to people. A Diamond Jubilee Bible was published, as a New bible was published for the Queen's Crown coronation.

Quote: "Bubbles: High winds cause sea foam to fly across the path of motorists in Cleveleys, Lancashire" - Lancashire is Red Rose County. A great deal of effort has gone into uniting the United Kingdom in history. There is a divine plan to unite the whole world in peace and without war, or weapons. Evidently war is profitable for who is the head of the corportion.

Quote: "Washout: A man in a hi-vis jacket looks out at the gathering clouds as the sea churns around his feet" - hi-vis is a reminder of being spiritually enlightened and clear seeing. He is standing alone. We see the land has been washed by the sea. We are also reminded of the all seeing and all knowing God that knows exactly what is happening on earth.

Not long ago I wrote about wind turbines in Wales - this is Prince of Wales land. The interest to put these on 'Crown Land' is because as long as the family keep hold of the crown land, they also keep hold of the profit too. Here about what is said to be a £250,000 Tower has been blown down. The royal controlling the wind is the Duke of Cornwall and Devon.

Is the 'Man' controlling the wind for profit - trying to blow THE Royal House down? Is Kate Middleton eager to take the place of Queen Elizabeth II? Valid questions - answers are going to be revealed.

Why would a man want to blow down a house on his own land? It seems that looking at the pictures, the wind is blowing the royal influence of the ROADS and the Wind Turbine business off the lands here too.

Wales had a clean up - the 'floods' yet again for this reason.

Gale force winds in UK is happening for a reason.

What have the people who are ruling over the lands for hundreds of years been been up to? They know very well. Seems they have been very busy all this time.

There are people around our world who respect the elements and the universe we live in. We also respect the earth we live on - as being OURS to take care of, not for one family to take control for profit and have everyone else falling for the mask and self-declation of being like everyone else. Everyone does not go to illegal wars for profit to conquest lands!

Then there are those who are involved in rituals and being blatantly underhands to get their own goals. So arrogant are those who beleie they have a right to control lands and people, by manipulating the laws and costs of everything, with what has been seen to be happening here - I wonder if Queen Elizabeth II has been betrayed by her own family.

God does not charge a penny for people to pray to him. The sun, wind, water and earth were given as fundamental elements to sustain life on earth for FREE! Today the government and royals have taken ownership of this for profit.

Prince Charles interest in nature and 'Free Energy' is to profit his family.

The government even have a new scheme to 'give' solar panels and then tie people up to contracts. They are 'selling this' with a 20 year contract promising the government will pay back the cost of electricity to the people.

This is a partnership effort with Barclays Bank - so I was told on the telephone. They provide and fit the solar panels. The bill arrives and the governmet pays the people back with a cheque.

The government is on the shoulders of the Queen. New Queen new government.

The royals also know Contracts are legally binding in the court of law.

The royals know if they have a puppet Queen, like Kate Middleton - they can continue to get away with anything they choose. Kate Middleton is being sold to the world. She has no right to rule lands or over any people.

Looking from what images are given in this artcle, the TOWER has been blown down.

The Royal Mail truck is blown off the road. The royal MALE is removed from the road.

The royal road is blown away now. To replace this is a far higher power. Even the elements have shown this. The world is round. If I am to send something around the world - it will return. This is the law of the universe.

Is the Duke and Duchess of Devon and Cornwall involved in destruction of an establishment?

Quote "Red Alert: Royal Mail driver's lorry veered off the road into a ditch near Broadmayne in Dorset on the A353"

The A353 is on the Littlemoor Road/Preston Road, in Weymouth. Landmarks include Francis of Agassi Church and St. Andrews Church. Also is Preston 'Court' building (the landmark location of the Common Law court to fleese the people. As a Royal Duchy, the Duke claims the right to make the laws of the land too - The laws are for profit are nothing to do with Spiritual Laws)

The media covering Kate Middleton wearing McQueen on St. Andrews day at St. Andrews School, playing a game of hockey is exposing her as the game player that is willing to do anything. What did she do to get in the game?

VN-A353 shines a light of Vietnam airlines also LG 353 mobile phone network. Vietnam is in Southeast Asia. The Crown of Asia is connected with the ancient 7 churches - Is the Duke steaing the Crown of Asia?

Another link shows Vietnam - Central Intelligence Agency. Whatever this brings to light what is happening, the crop circles appearing in different palces around the world, reveals there IS a Higher Intelligence' that governs man.

A353 connects with Colorado Springs, CO 80906. Also The Broadmoor Hotel - In England, Broodmoor Prison Corporation is on the grounds that rakes in huge profit from the rooms used by prisoners. Around $50,000 a year.

El Paso is also in Texas - there were floods in Texas, if we apply to what is seen here in England to wash any influence of British royal family ruling or possession of these lands. This is what is being revealed.

El Paso is a name associated with Brazil. Still in USA - Fort Bliss is reveled. Texas is oil country and the famous series of Dallas brought this awareness to everyone for this reason so that we are aware.

Americans are aware of oil reserves and need to look at sustainable alternatives. Back in the olden days, people have been using water and wind to generate FREE electricty. Holland had the windmills for this purpose.

A353 also brings to light Turkey and Kazakhstan. British royals might beleive they have a right to conquer lands. They have no right whatsoever. They are not divinely appointed. Has Queen Elizabeth II passed over HER Crown?

My previous article included pictures of a husband and wife in Cambridge laughing!

What started off as a good idea for Free Energy is not as it is portrayed. The government think nothing to spend billions on wars. The Apache helicopter killing machine that Harry guns buildings and people down with costs £45 million.

Are the government giving back to the people. Perhaps people are funding these wars!

'Devon and Cornwall, the land of the Pirates' is what I am hearing clearly.

Quote: "Bad day for a stroll: Strong winds and a high tide on Blackpool's Central Prom" - thinking about the pedestrian who was run over my the mercedes, is a reminder that 'accidents' can happen. There are people influencing harm even by thought. There are people who look down at the North. The Royal Duchy of Lancaster is The Queen's Land paying £13 million year income.

Is the Crown being stolen from who it really belongs to?

What happened to doing right by people and respecting people have God given rights. Harry openly spoke about 'taking a life to save a life' - he does not have God given rights on who should live or die! No one has a right to take anyones life.

Manipulating the elements is what those who are involved with rituals do - so I have been told. With Wales and the area that is reported in the media this week, is connected to wizards in history. Says it all really.

Wales also replicates the Holy Land and known as a place for healing too.

Those who do not respect the highest cosmic order are being revealed now.

Not yet writing about the fire and killing of all those innocent people in Santa Maria in Brazil. This could have been as a result of a ritual. The British royals KNOW the successor to the BYZANTINE Imperial Crown is GREEK!

Prince Gharios from Brazil claims to be Emperor of This land. Evidently He is NOT!

Every day I search in my heart and conscious to do right by everyone. When any information comes to light - I am also seeking validation. The reason this tower could have been blown down is what is meant to be understood.

A fire was involved in this Wind Tower. The fire has 'destroyed' the tower THEY built.

Building any structure on false foundations, deception and lies, there is enough evidence to show that God will pull it down. In England, the Tower of London holds the crown jewells today. Does this tower relate?

If we go against what God has ordained, what He has planned, He will put this right again. As we see the tidal waves ebb and flow, this is by the order of the moon and heavenly realms. We are reminded of the ebb and flow of life.

We have seen floods and huge waves - the elements are reacting to something that is happening on earth. And yet there are those who trust, that all will come right in the end, by God's Order - HIS NEW WORLD ORDER!

A Kingdom built up on bloodshed is for what reason? British royals to be King or Emperor, or Empress of the Kingdom of God. The lady who has married into the royal family to rule over peoople is reason to be concerned.

Those who are hungry for power and manipulate the elements - the meaning of elemental is fundamental and basic. Once you learn that God annoints and he appoints and trust this, then we see an open and very fair world for everyone.

People who think the British royals are good fro tourism, Think again.

When the wind can bring down wind towers, I guess this is a reminder to those who are manipulating the natural order, that there is always a far more powerful force that can bring down people and buildings too.

In biblical times, in the time of Moses, Egypt was destroyed for enslaving the people!

People ask WHO is the Anti-Christ. Who is going against Christ!

The signs are showing warning signs. Media photos reveal hidden goings on!

With Devon and Cornwall being connected and Number 1 Cornwall Terrace being sold in London, this is also the residence building that was built at Regents Park for the Prince of Wales. We were shown an exchange of owner taking place. The building was being divided up and sold. The price of each house, might reflect what the whole building was sold for.

Is the Crown of David for Profit, or For serving the people?

When a House of God is being built on deception, it will be torn down by HIM!

More has come to light that might - sharing in another article.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

P.S. The copyright photograph where is posted the Royal Blue 'Lord Cavendish came to mind'

"(Richard) Hugh Cavendish, is a British Conservative politician and landowner. He owns Holker Hall, and its 17,000 acre estate, that overlooks Morecambe Bay in Cumbria. The property became part of his branch of the family's inheritance via his grandfather, Lord Richard Frederick Cavendish.

He was created a life peer as Baron Cavendish of Furness, of Cartmel in the County of Cumbria, by Margaret Thatcher in 1990 and is third in line to the dukedom of Devonshire."

Estates are passed down generation to generation - the House of Lords is 'their' house. There are people within the House of Lords who are ethical and concerned about corruption overseas. The British Establishment made a pledge for Zero tolerance of Corruption? There is still legal corruption in the Law Courts all these years until even this day. The Heavens react! The photograph originaly posted might be 'perhaps' that the House of Lords is not happy with what is happening at the top of the pyramid. I do not know! We can look at thing from many different perspectives. Who Lord Cavendish is, is clearly not a secret!

No copyright infringement intended,_Baron_Cavendish_of_Furness