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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Emperors, Kings, Princes and Princess in USA

My letter to President Barack Obama sent today, with more detail.

"Being born in a family with a heritage that covers several nations and family who live in USA, my focus is global peace and healing.

Our world is facing so many challenges and people are suffering. Americans value their freedoms, in a country where everyone is equal, other than being in a role of responsibility, merits rank and status identification. We are a global humanity being one family under God Almighty as overseer of everything and everyone.

Concern is the reason I am writing today, There are people in America tracing royal heritage as their entitlement. There are also people who are giving away/selling titles and honors. There are also designs to rule over people and lands.

One man David Howe from Maryland has reportedly been selling titles for £90,000 as genuine. These same titles belong to the British Crown.

Karen Cantrell went to court in California to change her name to put Princess as her first name by deed poll. Before this she was declaring falsely to be Princess of Aquitaine, a Duchy in France. She was involved with David Howe and warned of criminal deception being against the law. Since, she has amassed several 'honors' and 'doctorates'.

It is unknown if these people declare their earnings to the IRS.

Another person in USA, has declared himself Sovereign of the Imperial Sovereign House of Kings. The link below includes a constitution and a list of people who have accepted nobility titles, including citizens of USA. Self elected 'rulers' can influence people with favours, to their and other peoples detriment.

The final person, you may already know of and the plan. If not, you are entitled to know.

Initiall seeing the face of Prince Gharious, I sensed we could be related in some way.

He posted a letter to show the Pope approves recognition as Prince.

He states he is anointed by a Catholic Orthodox Bishop declares the following legally:

His Imperial Majesty "De Jure" Emperor of Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine)

His Imperial and Royal Majesty "De Jure" King of Ghassan Al'Numan VIII

His Majesty "King of all (Christian) Arabs"

Imperial Majesty Augustus (Sebastos)

No public ceremony or people's approval and being Greek Orthodox, I question his validity."

There is no way to deceive anyone with the right to the Imperial Throne, for the simple reason, succession is identified in the Holy Bible. Furthermore, intricate detail of the structure in society prevents people who have no claim by divine right.

There is a reminder to people that God does not decieve people!

As I have said before, God appoints and He anoints. With the reminder that no one can get to the father except through Jesus Christ is for this reason.

In Biblical times, King David was the youngest son who was chosen. So even the eldest child is not someone who can assume the right to be put on a throne.

My communication with the President is 'in the people's best interest'. America is being protected and yet there are people who blatantly disregard divine authority! America has been blessed.

America is a possession of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem; this explains why I am spiritually connected to the land and the people. This is why America is tied to Jerusalem. For those who forget, the Holy Land is homeland of the Christ family.

Prince Gharios claiming to be Emperor and King came to my attention yesterday. One article claims he is by right King of all Arabs - around 450 million people. Has the Judge in the law courts considered the repercussions of this decision?

Who is the Catholic Orthodox Archbishop who did the annointing?

Prince Alwaleed was born in Saudi Arabia. His motivation to work empowering women has been recognised. He is keen to address other issues for His people. Furthermore he is someone I could work with and has the intellectual qualities expected from a Prince and King. Prince Alwaleed is 'dynamic' and a self made billiionare. Who people are, is in the core of their being, not status or wealth.

Looking at this map, Anatolia - Smyrna, Athens, Constaninople, Jerusalem, family have lived in Alexandria and I have been given a Fayum mummy portrait that I am told is connected to me from Egypt that is in the Louvre museum. On top of this, France Spain, Luxumburg and England are the heritage from my father and UK birth - USA is where my family live. Descending from the Counts of Requena this connects with the King of Jesusalem. So when I hear of people claiming 'de jure' by right soveriegn King, prove it.

Land in Pink is where Prince Guarios claims Emperor 'by right'.

Furthermore every Muslim - Arabs too, waits for the divinely guided one (successor to Muhammad) The anointing that takes place in a coronation is not the same as being 'The Anointed One' by God. The spiritually enlightened elite can tell the difference.

Every effort is being made for many years to promote global peace and to bring and end to the wars and so anyone who is going to be in a position to govern any people, is expected to have been chosen by the highest authorities and met with approval. Also they will be working with the leaders of other nations, if you did not already know.

The anointing and crowning of an Emperor/Empress is of international interest and the media will want to be involved too. Such an event would fill the seats in the Olympic Stadium in London....Nothing in the news about this important claim here.

This is the throne room inside the Patriarchate of Constantinople. The Gospel is enthroned on the dais; the Patriarch sits on the lower throne in front. This is the throne of the Spiritual Leader of 300 million Orthodox Christians who considers himself to be first amoung equals. This is someone I am Spiritually connected to.

Anyone who is Emperor or Empress, would be able to show that they are divinely guided by God and understand Providence. Bringing God's Wisdom for all people as is expected in this age. The position belonging to Christ is already been protected.

The head of the Orthodox Church is Jesus Christ. Being Crowned as Head of a Church guided by the Holy Spirit comes with much more responsibility. The Spiritual Protection of the people is all to often ignored. The world population this applies to.

"Prince Gharios' rights and titles were recognized by the by the International Arbitration Award number 0413/2011 that, according to the Brazilian Federal Law number 9307/96 has the very same legal value as a Federal Court Verdict and according to the the "1958 NY Convention on Arbitration" is a legal binding court decision in 142 nations in the world. Even being already "res judicata" (matter already judged not subject to appeal) by Brazilian Law, the International Award was recognized and enforced by the Los Angeles Superior Court in February 2012. (Los Angeles Superior Court Case Number BS-135337 of 02/24/2012)."

Judges and lawyers do not disclose what goes on behind closed doors, Prince Guarios openly implies that no one can oppose this ruling. Who rules over LAW Courts? The answer is God!

To interfere with the natural order of things, invites divine intervention and this explains why I have been put in my positon. I have been a witness to people who are wearing false titles and a few men claiming to be King of Kings too.

Would Americans react if a man declared himself King of USA? If only men could understand the Crown in context.

There is no law court in the land that has the authority to go against what God has already ordained - just remember this.

This image is from Prince Gharios page and you will see as in other articles, what you see is relevant to know. The Queen of Justice has taken the Crown back because it belongs to someone else. I will explain in another article and then you will understand!

Regarding the Isle of Man - Lord of Man is Queen Elizabeth II. David Howe is living in Fredrick in Maryland. The Land of Mary is clearly identified. There are men who have said women have no right to claim titles, Cleopatra was Greek and ruled by divine right. Queen Elizabeth reigns by right and is Queen over 16 nations.

To finish with a quote from the website of Prince Gharios:

"The first Ghassanid queen known to the sources is Mariya, who appears in the matronymic of her son, the Ghassanid king Al-Harith Ibn Mariya - Al-Harith/Arethas son of Mariya (A.D. 529-569). That he was referred more often by his matronymic than by his patronymic, as was usual in the Arabic onomasticon."

Does Mariya sound like MARIA? My name also Holy Mother Mary!

There is a Divine Plan unfolding. Remember the $ all seeing eye!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria