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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Is Coronation Street Being Underhanded?

British television soap opera Coronation Street was first broadcast on Granada Television on 9 December 1960. The year of my birth.

Today the daily mail has the headline "Unfair advantage': BBC fury over National Television Awards winner Coronation Street using underhand tactics to win more votes

Being born down south, surprisingly there are people who 'think' people are cloth eared and backward north of Waftord. With a diversity of mindsets down south, the same applies everywhere.

Times are now changing. People are begining to see beyond the the image and look at the real person. No longer is it easy to hide something is not right in our life. Gone are the days where people pretend that all is fine when inside their heart is hurting.

There is a mindset of snooty southerners. When the London television studios were moving to Salford, some people were horrified at the prospect. Have to admit, moving up here was difficult back in the 70's although things have moved on since.

Coronations associate with the Royal and Imperial Crown. Salford means Sea Lord and this is where Granada Studios is located. This identifies the territory of the Queen. Salford is specifically identified with the Quays - souding like Keys. Salford is identfied in other parts of the country, however, Coronation Street has been identifying the Road of the Royal Coronation with the Royal Duchy of Lancaster in this specific location.

While looking at the hidden meanings of what is being revealed and the blatant messages, it seems the royal crown house are not exactly being open with people. This might explain why there are a growing number of people on the internet trying to trace their lineage to the Queen to justify a claim to the Crown. In reality, to have some value, people need to be going back towards King David and King Solomon not further away.

A soap is a television drama and also a product used to wash with. With the recent floods we are reminded of the water bearer, and the Age of Aquarius being an era of peace, - but also rinsing away those soap suds and flushing the residue down the plug hole.

For 52 years, Coronation Street has been running and millions of people tune in as their extended family. People actually relate to the actors as if they are having a personal relationship with them. People 'come alive' talking about Coronation Street. While the story line is captivating people, what is going on in the background and messages being given are also being taken in to the viewers to understand.

The concern is the compliant society - how a shift can take place in consciousness to open people up to the idea of spontenaity and real life situations. Reality TV took over. Tuning into the very first episode of Big Brother was for interest out of studying a psychological perspective, to observe people interacting. People let down their guard when the cameras are in the background. This way we get to learn who they are inside.

The Rovers Return is one local pub featured on Coronation Steeet. The other is Queen Victoria situated on this television soap.

Coronation Street is a relfection of what is happening in real life. This influences people too. The opportunity is for people see these actors and learn from what they are being shown. In other words, to become more self aware of personal process and relationships with other people. For parents to become more aware of what they are saying to their children and happening with their children. Are the vulnerable being cared for?

Society is breaking down - a real concern. Where are we heading?

Who is going to fix a broken society. Masses of people are on a self destructive path and many are destitute. Government officials are not going to fix the problem. There was a time when a frendly policeman would check up on the elderly, Youngsters respected the law because the officers stood for respect and showed this in the community. Today the police deal with some horrendous issues - beyond what we can imagine. The difference is, at least there are police realising in Greater Manchester to return to the community.

Jewish people know the Jubilee Law relates to returning land to the rightful owner and also repentance. So living in the Land of Moses in England, I am living in the Heart of the Land promised by God - to establish God's Laws on earth again.

Salford has a large Jewish community here and this has been part of the divine plan. I have no idea who is awawre of the signs, however Jewish people know about Providence. The people who have known miracles in history, look for validation today too.

Jewish people know God is not a deciever or a misleader. There were promises made to people that are to be upheld. So being guided to discover the detail is not really that difficult when we know how to read the signs. Even the Holy Bible speaks of the Elect Kyria or Elect Lady and her children - this is humanity who God really does love dearly.

As long as people are being kept down and blind, they will never challenge when something is wrong. There are people who are working hard to bring the truth to everyone. This is why you are reading articles about text messages taking place beteen officals and telephone hacking about celebrities. This is happening to all of us all of the time.

When William and Kate were on their tour in South Pacific and Asia, this was not just an ordinary trip - it has purpose. Highly promoted Kate has been sold to the people and there are people who say she will make a good Queen. I do not see how at all. Just one instance Kate supported Harry when he paraded naked with a girl in front of a group of people - in differnt circumstances that girl could have been gang raped.

We know people are easily influenced by the royal family. When Harry was in the media exposed as a naked drunken laddo, who does not know moderation, or treating a lady with respect, he had a huge following of people who stripped off and saluted him. These people posted their images on the internet. With people being so drunk that they cannot even remember the night before, women having unwanted sexual experiences, being pregnant and not even knowiong who the father of the baby is - this is avery low ebb.

Love as an energy is positive that can flow for everyone. Idolising people who are false idols, makes me wonder if people have had a spell cast over them. When deception is being used to manipulate people - this might be to their detriment.

The Queen Victoria public house has had a few Land ladies now. Described as the 'Epicentre of evil' evidently something is happening with the British royals!

Nothing is hidden from anyone. Nothing is coincidence at all.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria