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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pippa Middleton Promotes Cheap Labour Brand

"Inside the Indian factory where workers churn out £200 handbags sported by Pippa Middleton for just 17p an hour

Rate of pay falls below an acceptable standard of living - even for India
Pippa's patronage has boosted sales from £10,000 a month to £500,000"

"Marketed as the very best of British, a handbag that has become the season’s must-have accessory after capturing the heart of Pippa Middleton.

But what Modalu London’s thousands of admirers may not realise is that their favourite brand has hired a firm in India to make the bags, using workers on the lowest rung of the social ladder who are paid as little as 17p an hour for their efforts.

Modalu has gone to great lengths to associate its flagship bag with the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, naming it after her, describing her on its website as ‘our biggest fan’ and giving her four free bags to ensure she is seen as often as possible in public displaying its wares."

"Modalu has outsourced production to two facilities in Madras in Tamil Nadu in India. Although the factory is clean, the workers are the most poorly paid in India"

We can only imagine the branding being promoted by Pippa's sister, Kate Middleton. You may notice that the Queen does not sport brands, partly I would think that 'she is aware' of the impact she has on billions of people around the world. Instead she has a personal designer and dressmaker Angela Kelly, a 'name' close to my mother's heart!

Other people in the headlines are sporting brands, even their own names. It is unknown where manufacturing is taking place. What is most sad is the people in India still have a vast poverty level even comparable to the cost of living over there. The profits is unknown that is being made by the manufacturer owner - or who the owner is. Because it could be this is someone from Britain or outside, who is exploiting because they can.
The tannery in Madras lies down a narrow lane next to a nullah, an open drain choked with rubbish - The clean up is overdue.

Well done to the Daily Mail to have printed what I often comment on and get the red arrows from other readers. At some point, particularly British people will wake up!

It is about time everyone starts to look at the labels and see where they are manufactured, instead of paying for the brand. Eventually people will have to face that the stores and suppliers would rather cheap hire labour overseas for £1 a day and not pass the savings to the customer.....a big price everyone pays for greed.

This is not a news....I have known about this for at least 10 years. The cost in the long term is Britain becomes the poor nation and India which was once regarded as a third world country is not a developing nation. Can you read between the lines?

Pippa Middleton carries a taupe version of the bag out the day after her sister's wedding. This picture had maximum exposure with international media focus - Free advertising!

"Modalu is owned by the TLG Brands company, which has been keen to cash in on the association with Pippa. It has registering the names ‘Pippa’ and ‘Pippa by Modalu’ as trademarks. According to chief executive Mike Hiscock, Pippa’s patronage has boosted sales from £10,000 a month to £500,000."

"In India, the minimum legal wage differs between states but the figure for a leather worker in Tamil Nadu is low compared with those in the same industry in other states. It is 121.9 rupees for an eight-hour day, equal to £1.39, or about 17p an hour. A worker on these wages – £431.58 a year"

A lawyer in India spoke of earnings in management of £3000 a year.

When any structure is built on false foundations, the rest that is built on top is the same. While India has millions of hard working people, evidently to this day the British continue to exploit these people, who are hard working and grateful for the job.

A friend wanted to buy me a top as a gift a few weeks ago in M & S and seeing it was made in India I refused on principle. She did not understand, even though I explained. We wandered into a charity shop and I picked up a top for £1 - happy to wear it too.

The true figures of unemployment could even be 20 million people in UK. Keep the British people down, deliberately hike up the cost of living and add injustice. Too many innocent people are landed legal fees because the loser pays in this corrupt court!

Such a greedy mindset brings gridlock to society eventually - instead of moblising people and creating opportunity. There is not the vision or interest to empower people. We are living in the times where worshiping false idols is heavily promoted.

The reason for my article is showing with Pippa Middletion willing to accept 'free bags' she has chosen to promote the poverty and horrendous conditions in India - by carrying the bag. My effort also on facebook is to expose cheap labor and the cost that everyone is paying for greed. Even corruption is boasted in society today.

Read the manufacture labels - including designer labels! Billionaire High Street store owners became wealthy with your help.

There was a time when I sought the 'quality' brands and fussy. Today I count my blessings to still have a roof over my head. Many millions of people are homeless!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria