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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Signs of the Times - UK World Royal Exposure

In a matter of days, we have seen the extreme changes of weather - climate change has been promoted. The reason for this happening has not. In history, going back this time 60 years ago, Britain had floods and also likely to have had snow too. This is a reaction to what is happening on our earth. 60 Years ago in June Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.

Here is a lady of mature years in a blue coat and umbrella, carrying a bag with a cockrell design and detail underneath. This blue colour has been pictured both seen on Sarah Fergusson, Duchess of York and Kate Middleton. The colour is 'royal blue'. In the farm, a cockrell is heard as the wake up call. It is time for people to wake up now.

A series of photographs have been published in the daily mail by a Greek named Photographer, Legasis with a /Athena identified. This is revealing Athena being connected to these floods. Athena is the Protector of the people in the ancient times, Queen by divine right because our Almighty God was her guide and commander. My mother, also Greek Athena is now in the heavenly realms and had care and concern for humanity when alive.

The weather board were not happy that names are being given to weather conditions, however, everything happens for a reason. We remember Hurricaine Katrina as a specific event, not just one hurricane that happened somewhere in America. If I recall this was in New Orleans. This is a name associated with Royals too. This is not a coincidence at all.

In New York floods recently, Athena was associated in the name. Emergency services were on full alert, people were prepared and protected as best as possible. The highest echelons of government know what is going on. They know there are rulers over lands that we are living on. They are unable to tell you these people are divinely appointed, because there are those who are not. Athena is named for a reason and She empowers the people!

Water ia nearly reaching the level of a letterbox of a house alongside the A477 in Llanddowror. Names and numbers have meaning. Llanddowror is in Carmarthen - Caerfyrddin, the original Welsh name means Merlin's fort. The people who are involved in rituals, should also know that there are consquences too. There is a price to be paid! All power comes from God.

The empasis on Royal Blue is seen. Is a female of the royal family of Wales involved in wizardry? The fooding is high. The lights are on inside so the electric circuit is not broken. On the upper floor, a woman is looking out of the window. There are people who do rituals for wealth, power and also fame.

Llanddowror reminds me of landowner. Gematria 1249 means 'kingdom of heaven on earth'. It is not the kingdom of heaven on earth when there in injustce, war, people persecuted, abused and oppressed, or children going missing - even in Wales!

A few years ago, dreams showed flood waters coming to my door - it did not make sense at all. A woman wanted to stay from Ireland, I took it as a warning sign to say no. More recently I learned this area is the soveriegns land.

The land of Prince of Wales, with Prince Phillip's Hosptial is a Kingdom. Wales is the land of Saint David and this connects wih King David from ancient Israel. Prince Phillip claimed ownership of government building in Israel - Charles tried for a few years. The British establishment created the State of Israel. Christ will re-create the Hold Land

The ancient spiritual Imperial Royal family are from the Church guided by the Holy Spirit. Women are given the name of a Saint and our grandmother. We trust in Divine Providence to bring everything as meant to be - even when we doubt we are given the signs. My mother married a man named Richard and named my brother Robert - Richard and Robert are names of Kings. This was not planned. I was named Pauline Maria, and told 10 years ago this is the name of the Dutch Queen. Maria is the name of the Virgin Mary. Through the maternal line we are related. This is the messianic bloodline that people have been talking about.

In my privious article, I brought to light Kate Middleton being accepted as an honorary member of All England Wimbledon Court. The Daily Mail wrote of her being put forward to be President. Wimbledon Common is a poplar landmark. The House of Commons relates to the Common People. The lower court is for the common people. Corruption is rife in the lower court. The High Court is separate. Kate Middleton being a commoner, as Crown Head of the Upper Court does not even Fit her!

Yesterday the 'Wombles of Wimbledon' came to mind - a children's television animation. Here is 'Remember you are a womble' with a sing-a-long repeating back 'remember you are a womble' (commoner). It is intersting to observe awake people saying Kate Middleton is a commoner. Even if they are not people who are blind sheep follow the leader.

Here is Super Womble, dressed in blue. Introducing the song the presenter says 'Behind the is musically is Mike Bat, it's not Batman, this is Super Womble'

The lyrics go 'In the Middle of Manhatten when the whole town sleeps, there stands a lonely figure, he's the guardian of the streets. And he flies in though the window when you are trying to get some rest, You will know it's super womble because his name is on his vest. He can fly, he can swim, hes a hero....'

Prince Wiliam uses the nickname Wombat. Williamsburg is in Manhatten. Kate Middleton just before announcing her pregnancy and wearing McQueen, was sporting a long fringe. The media report wrote 'Kate takes Manhatten'. Hair carries energy. In ancient tims, people made sure no one took the hair of someone to use this in a ritual against them. There are people invovled with witchcraft to carry out rituals for their own furtherment. Many women are entrapping men for marriage with ritual spells too.

Looking up Wombat, Wombat Woman is corresponding with Wonder Woman. William is not Jesus Christ and Kate is the partner to William, not Partner of Christ.

Even the songs give messages and detail. Notice the colour of the fluffy suits and compare this to the colour the foam in the prevous article. These people are also wearing Scottish Tartan. In Scotland, the Highlands is supposed to be Free and Indpendant.

Here a bungalow is pictured as flooded - again the lights are on. The lower floors of the house that sits on this earth, is being washed out. It is important to remember that this is actually the Kingdom that belongs to Jesus Christ - People are praying for God's Kingdom on Earth in the Lords Prayer. Christ is the King!

The ancient Royals were spiritual alchemists, given the power to influence mother nature, to restore balance and healing to our planet. The people who are praying for this are assisting this process. It is the common people who are saving this planet today. People are not told of the power they hold by those who want to have power over the poeple.

Again still at Llandowror we see a house on higher ground and in the background, a house that is even higher on the top of the hill with the white ligthts shining. On the left side of the road we see the triangle shaped sign pointing downwards and illuminated as the light form the upper floor. Above is a blue sign with text one. The road sign, has had whatever detail that was on before removed. To the right, the triangle sign is in darkness. This is a reminder of those who 'were' ruling and royals taking ownership of the lands, no matter how hard they try - God is not listening to their prayers.

This is bringing into context of what is meant by God annoints and he appoints. Notice also in the above image Royal Blue is featured in the vehicles predominantly. With the increase of laws in relation to roads and fines and the arrow pointing downwards to the flood, the message is showing here that the man made laws are being washed away.

These pictures might have been digitally enhanced and yet still they carry a really important message. Bear in mind also that photographs can capture and change what we do not see, depending where we are standing and what time it is. Remembering seeing an image outside a church with evident Ghosts outside the door. This is to show in context something that has been proven to me on the 7th January 2013 seeing Christ himself.

The spiritual purple coloured lights relate to the thrid eye Chakra. The yellow colour is shining the same as the colour depicted for the sun, even tough in daylight, we see the sun as being white. Above we see the moon radiating in the same colour yellow, with red aura and also above the roof a smaller yellow light is shining. On the upper floor of the building on the hill is another light - the light is shining in another house now.

Epiphany on 6th January, is commemorated for the manifestation of Christ and a reminder of the Risen Christ. This is also a day when the Roman Emperor is crowned. All the men with plans ro rule over Rome, it is not possible, not by man made law or manipulation. A ceremony took place in a church held by the Ecumenical Patriarch in Istambul, Constantinople, then at the Golden Horn three crosses were thrown into the Bosphoros and rescued. With all the manupulation and deception taking place on earth to rule the world, the Bosphoros Kingdom is the Kingdom of Christ - There is a Golden Horn on the British Crown Crest!

On the 7th January with my eyes closed before sleeping, Christ was standing on three steps at an opening of a door with white light behind him. He was wearing long light coloured clothes with a robe over his shoulders. From his body was radiating shining bright yellow light as depicted on the image. He is wearing a crown made out of gold with red material. This was like the Crown of the Emperor of India/Asia.

When the King was to be crowned Emperor of India, there was an issue about taking the crown out of the country - something I must look at more closely to understand. However, it is these examples that do not happen by accident. It was never for one family to rule forever this earth or to manipulate laws and people to keep a family in power. All the talk of men ruling this world. They can never because we are caretakers of this land only.

Described as a 'dramtic turnaround' we see here emergency services dealing with the situation at hand after the snow melts and the flooding taking place. This image is taken on the A477 the St Clears road to Ros-Goch (Red Roses)

The Saints are intercessors for God. Clears relates to the extra sensory perception and clairvoyance being in context to see clearly. Red Roses have been connected to the Royal Princess - if you watched the Davinci Code Movie, a red rose was featured at Rosslyn Chapel, which is in Scotland. Lancashire where I live is Red Rose County,

In this picture, the man has an expression on his face, that we could say 'is a picture'. In the background is what looks to be normally a 'white house'. He is driving what looks to be normally a white car. A 5 pointed star is visibly featured too. The spiritual purple colour haze over the buildings and car, is revealing the water that looks red as if they are waters of blood and I want to cover this more in brief too.

In America at the White House President Obama has been sworn in as the 44th President. The Oaths for officials is public, not secret. There are always witnesses shown, plus the people are witness, if they see this at the time. All the officials in America take their Oath in front of officials and always the President and Vice President publically. This does not happen in England. Tony Blair's colleague said he did not go God when PM!

There is great effort by individuals, and motivation from within the White house to empower the people, Michelle Obama has been promoting healthy eating and well being. One friend in LA has served over 25,000 people now. My neice is inspired with the Goddess Project movie, She did not know her grandmother was named Athena. Greece and America are tied as family. The Statue of Liberty has ancient Greek roots. The 5 pointed star is also the planetary movment of Venus - the feminine energy that balances this earth.

The river of blood is a reminder of the illegal wars taking place. There is a reason they are happening. What is stolen - must be returned. The wars that go against God's Laws has allowed God to take this world back again. This is how Karma works.

The highest village in Wales is Bwlchgwyn, covered in snow. Wales has names that associate with the Holy Land. Being Prince of Wales is why William has been living there - as King of the Holy Land? Bwlchgwin means 'white hill'. Mount Sion!

How the waters are healed is from the heavenly realms is a mystery. These photographs are digitally enhanced. we see Royal Blue, Royal Yellow/Gold and Spiritual Purple. I have no idea of the 'two houses' that is bathed in spiritual purple, at any one time, it seems there are two people who are sitting on the throne.

The following are presented to think about:

Queen Elizabeth II - Prince Phillip.
Charles and Diana
Charles and Camilla
Charles and William
William and Harry
William and Kate Middleton.
Harry and Kate Middleton

William holds a title as ruler of Scotland, Duke of Cambridge in East Anglia, - Anglia in Greek means England. Prince king of Wales, Ruler of Scotland, Duke of East/England - and beyond with global territories.

Again this is in the highest village, a white 4X4 with lights on. Not forgetting that an injustce took place and a little girl went missing, while a man went to prison for murder, yet no physical body was found. There is a far higher power beyond watching everything that is happening and knows exactly what is going on behind closed doors. All the manipulative plans of man, and wizardry by women is already known about. Is Kate Middleton ready to resume her life as a commoner?

These photographs show Prince's Charles, William, Harry and Kate Middleton no longer have any authority of the Wales, OR, the Holy Land belonging to Christ. One village in Wales is 'Beulah' and the Holy Bible identifies Beulahland clearly. I was born on Beulah Cresent and so I noticed Kate Middleton wearing dresses, McQueen and Beulah London. Has Kate Middleton called an end to all the killing and oppression of people in the Holy Land and around the world - wanting to be Queen of Israel? No!

Anyone who is in the positon of being a Queen, does not act, or pretend, or ignore the real issues going on in the world. Being a Queen is more than a title.

People who swear allegiance to the Queen are her servants to do right to the people. When a Queen is not for all people, people suffer. Prince Harry is in Afghanistan killing people in his war game to conquest the Kingdom? He spoke of someone being killed so someone can live. Who? What right has anyone got to choose who should live or die? None!

There are rituals are taking place, the wars are blood sacrifice.

Evidently for Wales to have had all these floods, something has happened. The timing of this is also after the Confession from Harry who violates God's Laws. The photographs above, are a reminder that Christ has taken rulership of His Kingdom again.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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