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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snow Scenes UK - New Snow White Story Part 1

Children and adults enjoy an unexpected day off St. Andrews Park. Saint Andrew is revered as a Fool for Christ in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Saint Andrew is Patron Saint of Hagia Sophia, Constantinople and Scotland.

Mother and Children together in Dartmoor, Devon.

Princetown, Dartmoor in Devon is named after the Prince of Wales. The Royal Duchy of Cornwall rakes in income earned from the lands to the Duke of Cornwall and Devon. This is passed to generations of the royal family. Dartmoor Prison has housed Myra Hindley the moors murders of the innocent children. With the reminder with children going missing today, it is important that all parents protect their children, for this reason.

HMS Prison costs to house criminals are at least £50,000 a year. The Prison service is a coporation that is operating for profit. People regard prisons as being at HER Magesty's Service, however, Charles was coronated in 1969 in the Kingdom of Wales.

Police Discovery come to the rescue to help Arriva bus. Double doors for disabled access, has been one of many changes to enable people who are wheelchair bound. Breaking down the barriers to travel distance, over lands and fly was set by my mother who was paralysed from the neck downwards. She became an influence for change and inspiring courage.

At the foot of Nelson's Column are two lions. The guardian protectors of the ancient temple are evidently here in England, Two lions sit guarding the doorway to Bolton Town Hall - the entrance has been guarded too for many years.

Kensington Palace Gardens, where Nottingham House is home to Kate and William. Nottingham Kingdom is often associated with Robin Hood robbing the rich to give to the poor; also Maid Marian. Kate Middleton has been pictured wearing a Maid Marian hat.

Father and daughter with heads down in Kington. (King Town) They do not look happy. In the distance a vehicle with lights on is approaching.

A young girl wearing tyrian purple, the official colour worn in the Imperial House of the Ancient Roman Byzantine era. She is making the impression of an angel in the snow. An angel on earth is revealed. The Holy Bible identifies 7 angels with churches.

A Metropolitain Police officer on Duty guarding Buckingham Palace. In the Eastern Orthodox Church A bishop is head of an ecclesiastical province and ranks next below the patriarch. The Queen's position includes this context. Metropolis means the "mother city".

People are photographed now going their own way on Queen's Square.

In Newcastle one road was blocked for a few hours when a lorry tipped over and scattered rubbish all over the toad. The signs around show the New Castle plan is not happening - with Newcastle Spencer Court being demolished after floods exposed foundations.

In Bath, despite the freezing weather, people are still enjoying a Thermae Spa. The freezing temperatures, will also kill germs and so has added benefits.

Here sparks are seen from electric connectors. This could be indicating a ley line crossing - one of the earth's energy meridian lines.

"Magestic Stags lie peacefully in Richmond Park" - notice the horns could replicate a crown of thorns. Mond relate to the world, Rich to Wealth. We are reminded of those who have got rich by deception to people....'lie' is identified in the caption.

Here red dear lock horns on Richmond Park - perhaps there is some territorial threat, a comon issue happening that is being revealed through this behavious.

A snowman is crowned by the people with a hat in Victoria Park, Totterdown, Bristol. Tottterdown, was built for the nearby railway industry in 19th Century. Beleived to be site of Aldebury Hill Fort, now built over. Aldebury Road in Maidenhead is near Sandringham Road. One of the Queen's private estates is Sandringham. Landed estates are passed on generations without paying pentalty inheritance taxes. William Street is in Totterdown.

In Tottertown, the people have built the snowman and crowned him with a turquoise hat. For the monarchy to continue, this is with the people's permission. However, the people, the royal family and the government are not always aware or care about the people, their best interests or the divine plan. There are also people who work their way to positions for benefits this brings.

Rememberng the day out with the Queen, Camilla and Kate. The tiered cake is crowned and can replicate kingdoms and chakras. There has been times in history where Kings have ruled for days, or months and then removed. This happens for a reason.

The Queen is Head of the Church of England, a Church of God. He appoints and if there is deception involved, the coronation oath is broken. Queen Elizabeth's children have not got right to be King or Queen. Kate Middleton has been heavily promoted to be the front face of a vast corporate empire. There has been a rush to privatise services and get people tied up to new contracts. In the law court, only contract law is inforcable. The Coronation Oath and wedding vows are Oaths to God. Deception is not allowed.

Because the Queen claims her right to be descended from King David, the successor is expected to be the same. With recent Law changes to protect the crown in the same family, this has happened in history and disregards the divine plan. People are reminded everyone is given Free Will and Divine Rights.

One of the fundamental universal laws is not to encroach on anyone else's free will, even by deception. This is given for the people's protection.

The media reveal agenda through reporting and people either accept it or reject it. From the begining Kate was labelled Duchess Dolittle and Waity Katie. Fake Kate came to my mind and over time it seems the people are being decieved, sadly.

There is a story unfolding, and so sharing this accordingly.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria