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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Nine Fruits of The Holy Spirit - Seek Within You

Often what we see and learn from other people is a reminder of what is important. Not everyone has a constant focus on God, Millions of people forget that Christ and his Mother were born to shine a spiritual light on this world that no one has ever extinguished. Now it is time to spiritually uplift people to realise unity in Christ and his mother's love.

So with hearing 'the 12 days of Christmas' in relation to my previous article I would like to revisit the ninth day message - because it has come for a reason. Sharing from the heart can come from ourselves and from other people as you will see here.

Prayer by mimorena: Lord let me be known by my fruit

"Dear God, Your word tells me that I will be known by my fruits. I pray that the fruit of the Holy Spirit will grow and be evident in my life, that I will be a loving and Christlike example to others, that I will have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Thank you for your Holy Spirit that makes this possible, for I know when these fruits are nurtured and grown that I will be happy and content and able to reach the potential you have for me; that I will be able to minister to others through the power of the Holy Spirit; that I will be pleasing to you. Help me please to live in the Spirit, not in the flesh. I pray and thank you in the name of Jesus, amen."

Finding this image of the nine fruits of the holy spirit - we are reminded of what we give and also to identify key aspects of our nature and inner process.

Love is feeling energy, not physical form. We cannot possess love. We can expereince love. Energy does not have conditons or restrictions of distance either. The word love is not the same as feeling love. The word can be conditional. Love is pure and unconditonal. There are people who say they want to be loved and yet, when we learn to experience love, then we can send loving energy to the world. Learning to love is a gift.

Joy is a feeling that we experience within often stimulated by an external factor. We might hear something that brings a feeling of elation, or recieve news, letter or a gift that brings joy. What we see can bring joy. Joy is an experience that moves our heart and soul. We can experience joy at any time. Spiritual connection with divine realms, with your guardian angel, Christ, Virgin Mary and God can all evoke joy within.

Peace is an experience within of calm, stillness, relaxation - letting go of all control of outcome. We do not need to be in a place of total meditation to be at peace within. When you know yourself and accept yourself fully as a person, this does remove a lot of the pressure that many people face who live with the bubble of conformity and expectation. People who are trying to succeed, ammass wealth, climb the corporate ladder have these preoccupations. When you know who you are, you will have no interest to compete with anyone.

Patience is one of the most challenging qualities. If you have ever been in a position where someone is pushing you beyond your limit, that you never attain their standard (often they have not attained theirself) then you will apprecate the reason for patience and allowing people to learn and grow in their own time. Patience as one of God's attributes given to understand. He has waited thousands of years for humanity to know Him.

Kindness can be an expression or action. We hear of acts of Kindness. We are not perfect, we can strive to be kind to ourselves. This will automatically reflect kindness towards other people. Billions of people suffering in our world can be transformed by kindness and care. When you acknowledge someone with kindness, they learn kindness from you.

Goodness is cultivated from within our being. When someone is hurting and angry, this is for a reason. Good people can experience pain. It is from within our being that we acknowledge our healing need and nurture ourselves, being conscious that we do impact other people. When we see goodness in other people, by acknowledging this, we are nurturing the goodness within ourselves. Goodness is not perfect behavior, Goodness is the esssence of our being. To inspire goodness, praise goodness and good works.

Faithfulness can relate to God, relationship and friendship, also your own relationship with yourself. There is not one person on earth who can judge and measure your relationship with God and no one is given the right to judge this either. As far as your relationships with other people, as sincere as you are with yourself, reveals the sincerity of heart you can be with other people. When you experience faithfulness and are true to your heart, you give permission for other people to be faithful and true to their own self too.

Gentleness is not realised until we see people who are gentle as a way of being. When we are busy being strong and over loaded with stress and pressures in life, we might not realise how far removed we are from being gentle on ourselves. If there is a choice between stress and strain, or to choose a life experience with gentleness, only you can make that choice. When our life is out of balance, our relationships are out of balance. To bring harmony and balance back into our life, we must address our inner process.

Self Control is not restricted to one aspect of our life. Self control relates to what we say, do, give, take, eat, buy, spend. Self control also relates to self mastery for when we know ourself, we realise the impact of our thousand and feelings. There are times to go forward and times to stand still. There are times when we are meant to proceed and it is Ok to doubt and even assess situations. What I learned by experience is what is meant to be will happen anyway. We can step back and look at the bigger picture.

As we move to this time of change, there is the clearing away of the old to make way for the new. The movement to empower the people comes in a time when there is also a threat of oppression. There are a few men trying to claim the Imperial Throne. One beleives he is entitled to be Emperor 'by right' by using a law court. These males reveal their agenda to even manipulate the law. Most certainly no Court Judge is above God.

There is a Higher Power far beyond human manipulation.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria