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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 12 January 2013

York Cathedral, UK New Years Eve Revisited

This is a delayed article and so apologies for taking time to complete and publish. Sharing a few more insights that come to light from New Years Eve.

People in UK have said London was the best firework show. With the amount of gunpowder used, I am glad I was not anywhere near this. To reiterate, when we close our eyes and listen to fireworks and rockets go off it sounds like a battle or war taking place.

For all the people who are promoting war in the world - Please Stop Now! Take notice on what you are sending out in the world. Thoughts have power. Words have power.

London, Westminster Bridge packed with people watching New Year Eve celebration. The Houses of Parliament illumined in Golden light, was built as a Royal Palace. Two white vessels sailing with spiritual purple coloured lights. This symbolically shows spiritually uplifting people. We can assume this because they pass under the bridge and carry passengers. Vessels have registered names. There are Queen ships and Royal Princess lines too.

Many people pray for government ministers to make the right decisions. When officials ignore people, they neglect their responsibility and people suffer. When you place your trust in an elected (selected) official, you permit them to act on your behalf. You pass over decisions to be made for you and these might not be in the people's best interest.

Queen Elizabeth has millions of people praying for God to save her. The National Anthem is a powerful prayer sang by the masses. Last year I noticed someone is advertising a $500,000 reward to kill the Queen -> to remove her from her position. This was confronted and also condmened. If the Queen is killed; this could mean Charles 'might' be seated on the throne or William, although the place PR team work overtime to promote his wife!

With questionable circumstances around Diana's death, there is evidently sinister goings on within the establishment, Layers of cover ups does not take away the truth. When man made laws that go against God's laws these are voidable. People may not realise, at any time, God Almighty can 'bring the royal house down' as has happened in history. The floods and earth moving are all signs of the times. The Law of Nature applies now.

Imagine if there were no wars anywhere in the world. I am surely not the only person who cries for the suffering of humanity. How have people become so uncaring and heartless? Who gave the right for any human being to decide who should live or die?

2012 saw the Olympic and Paralympic games with people who defied physical limitations and used their energy and determination to reach goals beyond imaginable, 2012 saw new standards set and humanity united in friendship. The 'United Kingdom' happened with the 2012. There was also the Mystery of the Big Bell - a new church?

With Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, this is a reminder of Jubilee Law that calls for repentance also to free people from slavery.

Westminster is connected to Christ and where the Royal Courts of Justice is located. Many oathtakers pay lip service 'to God'. With all the human rights abuses taking place in UK, people are not safe. The Greek St. George is the Patron Saint and Protector of England - He killed the dragon. The dragon is mentioned in the Holy Scriptures.

The law of God forbade outright sale of land, because the land belongs to Him. For as long as God is ruling this land, people are protected. For this reason Christ was born and when he resurrected, this world Kingdom continues as his. When people forget God or reject the Most High power, they become enslaved with man made laws. When people do not know, or put off knowing that Christ is going to return, God has His back up plan(s).

Queen Elizabeth is supposed to be protector of the land for Christ!

The reason the Queen has been crowned is because 1) She claims her lineage from King David and Solomon. 2) The Holy Bible identifies the eternal throne of David because Christ is a descendant of David from his mother, however 3) The Queen is from an illigitimate bloodline and so therefore her children and their offspring are too - not her fault. 4) Biblical Laws identify succession that has been forgotten 'in context'and reasons why.

With the mother of Prince Phillip being born in Windsor Castle, Elizabeth being 'chosen' to be Queen is not unexpected. From a child, she may have had an inclination that she will be called for this duty. Witnessing my mother, an uncrowned Queen, her every moment was with a focus to do right by everyone. This is expected from Elizabeth too.

Big Ben is now known as Elizabeth Tower. We see the green crown effect lighting. Has the Queen symoblically been sent to the tower? I doubt it. The video shows an explosive spray of fireworks. Queen Elizabeth assumed the decision of who will succeed her. She has ignored injustice and her obligation to put wrongs right. There are no excuses for this. Selected Prime Minister David Cameron has decended as an illigitimate child of William IV. God Almighty chooses His servant. Queen Elizabeth II is not God.

With law Courts in the Royal Borough of Westminister and Manchester, complicit with legal corruption and obstructing justice - Queen Elizabeth II is accountable. Charles being Earl of Chester, was/is he over the New Manchester Court - Man-Chester? During my still ongoing injustice in both juristrictions, over 150 courts have reportedly closed.

The media report urgent change to laws for Kate Middleton's baby to be monarch. If Kate Middleton has a baby girl, Elizabeth or Diana might be a chosen name, after William and Harry's mother. Elizabeth is Kate's middle name - a popular name. Elisabeth is the name of the cousin of the Virgin Mary. Elizabeth means 'God's promise' or 'oath of God'. Catherine is associated with 'holy', 'pure' and 'blessed'.

Naming Land as Elizabeth land, identifies land for future generations. Land and locations identified to 'Mary' is for this reason too! ie Maryland. The Churches of St. Marys' are a reminder of the Royal Priesthood who are divinely appointed.

The Queen's solemn promise to God is to protect people not to turn a blind eye while people suffer. Her oath cannot be revoked because already billions of people's lives have been impacted by her decisions; those of her officers and predessessors.

Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth's husband, claimed ownership of the building in Jerusalem that houses the Israeli government. Charles was after owning this for some time. The British establishment created the state of Israel. Phillip and Charles have interest in Mount Athos too. This land is not for sale and cannot be conequested to be 'owned'. This protected land was promised to Mary by God and God's authority stands eternally.

With the Jubilee, Blblical Law obligations are to be met. Queen Elizabeth is custodian of the Crown of David, connected to the Holy Land. The United Kingdom of Israel is identified. The Jewish people and Muslims both pray for the Divinely Guided One, not openly spoken about in UK. People have also been warned not to worship false idols.

In June 2012, the Queen lit a Beacon of Light with the Jubilee Diamond. The Olympic Opening and closing ceremony in relation to the Holy Light, was in bringing our world together as one humanity in peace. One flame lit 6 more flames and the 7 flames ignited petals from all nations and then raised up into one light. People from the 7 ancient churches in Asia have been again united as one humanity. People are being spiritually uplifted.

We see above three rose coloured fireworks with the reminder of three Rose Queens. Queen Elizabeth, Queen Beatrice and Queen Margarete come to mind. There was a time when the war of the roses took place in Europe. There is still conflict in our world that must be addressed in the most ethical way. We see above what looks like one golden crown - or one ring. When there is one who unites all nations in peace, peace becomes possible.

The golden light is a reminder of a healing meditation, I was looking, as if, from the heavens at the earth bathed in golden light. People were standing with their hands raised upwards. This happened in the early evening of 25th March 2011 the day commemorating the 'Annunciation of Theotokos' when the Virgin Mary was told she will bear a child. The Greek Orthodox Church in Salford, Manchester is named accordingly from this.

The article refered to the London Eye as a Catherine Wheel. Kate Middleton had her name confirmation ceremony to Saint Catherine and married on Saint Catherine's day to maximize impact. The London Eye is a reminder of the All Seeing and Knowing God Almighty watches absolutely everything and even knows our every thought and plans.

Saint Katharine pier is where the Tower of London and Crown Jewels are found. River cruises are operated by Crown River Cruises. St. Katherine's Greek Orthodox Monastary at the base of Mount Sinai, the Mountain where Moses receieved God's commandments written in stone. In Greece there is an expression, 'laws written in stone cannot be broken'. God's Law cannot be broken, even if people change the laws to suit their agenda. When the stone tablets given to Moses were broken - Christ was born. Spiritual laws have been forgotten.

Royal Princess's are BORN and know their spiritual purpose. Religious Jews know all first born children are promised to God for His Purpose, with submission to God. The God mocking hypocrites are many especially in UK. No wonder people have lost their way!

Providence reveala Saint Katherine's Greek Orthodox Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai is a beacon of light and HOPE that unites all nations in peace. The Greek Orthodox Monastery is holding a precious letter - a Promise from Muhammad for all Muslims and this applies for all Christians too. Being Greek Orthodox has proven to be uniquely important in the divine plan; with being spiritually guided to bring the truth to people.

This looks like the London eye area is set on fire - this is not spiritual fire. It is a symbolic fire with gunpowder that is used for these fireworks. In this situation, there is no war involving killing people or bombs being dropped in London destroying lives and buildings. We witness a staged event with lots of noise. Gunpowder plots to blow up the houses of parliament and bombs used in war, are destructive. The golden lighting on the Houses of Parliament, is the reminder of golden spiritual light.

The 'Imperial' throne to my understanding applies to the Kingdom of Christ. A few weeks ago, a children's television show depicted Queen Elizabeth being arrested and jailed. Then a lady dressed in spiritual purple coloured long dress 'as a bride', with a man having Rastafarian dreadlocks, with a heart on his chest, as we often see on images of Christ were together. People speak of The Bride of Christ. This is being revealed now.

The London Eye is 'sight seeing' London landmark with the reminder 'as above so below' there are people who are spiritually enlightened on this earth. The Catherine Wheel gives people an opportunity to understand, unshakable faith in context. The Catherine wheel was used for torture and punishment, in law for execution. To see this being symbolically blown up is certainly timely and necessary to end all torture to people.

For any injustice taking place today is totally inexcusable.

Because all officials take an oath to the Queen, I can assuringly say, I doubt very much she instructs lawyers and police to lie and refuse to work for Justice. However, when people are earning commission from the law courts, injustice evidently pays well.

In history, royals have been beheaded. The death penalty has been removed and replaced with life imprisonment. If the Queen was locked up, who would get her out of jail? Who has the authority over the laws courts and prisons to make this decision?

The same Daily Mail article featured images in York, a reminder of New York with New Year 'Eve'. Before Christmas, the media reported Heidi Klum, holding a fancy dress event in New York 'Finale Nightclub' dressed as Isis Cleopatra. Cleopatra Isis holds the Spirtual Key, The last Pharaoh Cleopatra was Greek and Spiritual Mother of the People.

York city's New Years Eve celebrating event is described as the 'New Year's Revolution' attended by 5,000 people on Continental Square. This connects overseas.

With revolution, we are reminded another life cycle taking place. When the London eye turns, it does a revolution. A clock dial turns too. Also, the meaning of Revolution is forcible overthrow of a government or social order for a new system. With this Age of Aquarius, we are in a New Era - a Spiritual Age and that is to uplift all people.

We see that York is connected to the continent. We are reminded of NEW York in the first instance. Hagia Sophia is also much on my mind in this time.

How many people say the Lord's Prayer? People have been praying for God's Kingdom on Earth as it is in heaven. Is you prayer sincere? Prayers have purpose!

York Minister Cathedral, Precentor's Court is a reminder of the Court House and Law Courts. A church of God respects and obeys God's Laws. Precentor in Ecclesiastical Terms is a person who leads a congregation or choir in the sung parts of church services.

Notice the 5 story building on the left; upper floors shine a Green light (a familiar sign with traffic lights to procede). On the upper floor on the corner, is a purple colour. Is the colour revealed shining spiritual light? Below this is a bright blue sign.

Have you heard about 'the cornerstone the builders rejected?'

The building Dean Court Hotel is on Duncombe place - a name connecting with Durham and Lancashire. With York minister being a Cathdral, The Dean of a Cathedral is chief officer of a chapter. He is the ecclesiastical magistrate next in degree to bishop, with immediate charge of the cathedral and its estates. Have decisions been made in relation to the estates in England and also with continental meaning overseas?

On the sign we see 'lit up in blue' , research revealed this is McLeod Suite. McLeod is a name descending from the Old Lords of the Isle of Man. Queen Elizabeth II is Toasted on the Isle of Man and so we can see another way Son of Man is being identified. The successor to Queen Elizabeth will be known as Lord of Man too and Queen of the commonwealth countries. From the bright blue light, we know the Isle of Man and York are connected.

With the title of Lord of Man we are reminded of Son of Man.

David Howe from Fredrick in Maryland was claiming to be King of Man. King David and the name David is not to be forgotten. It is also through the MtDNA that the legitimate successor for the Spiritual crown can be discovered and will be revealed in time anyway.

Surrounding York Cathedral, we see 6 street lamps and a brightly lit area in front of the entrance. We also can see a tree, typicaly bare in this winter time of year, although very much alive. On the other side we see an archway with a bright light above. During the Olympic opening ceremony one flame travelling from Greece, lit 6 more. In the true Church of God, everyone is illuminated with spiritual light. The brightest of lights is seen shining outside the Cathedral on 'Continental Square' -> overseas!

A few months ago I had a vision of Christ returning to earth on a white horse, while in prayer. He was radiating in the brightest of lights that would illuminate the entire earth. The light in front of the Entrance of the Cathedral reminded me of this. There is No One who has access to God the Father except through Christ himself. This is written clearly and is relating to the Royal Crown (connected with the Crown Chakra)

From above, York Cathedral is in the shape of a cross, with an octagon shaped building in close proximity. Here in Bolton is the octagon theatre. Number 8 relates to unity and infinity. A star comes to mind. The 8 pointed star is associated to Hagia Sophia in Istambul (Constantinople) As above, so below - planetary alignments and constellations formed by stars - one being a cross. Another is a crown etc. Eight pointed stars and crosses feature in the decor within Hagia sophia tii. The 8 pointed star is also associated with the 'Seal of the Prophets' - Women have been divinely guided though the ages.

Landmarks nearby include Guy Fawkes Inn and St. Michaels le Belfry, where Guy Fawkes was christened on 16 April 1570. He later converted to Catholicism which led to the failed 1605 Gunpowder Plot.

Roads include High Petergate and Stonegate, Jesus Christ said His church will be built upon Peter. The name Peter means rock. Hagia Sophia is built on a rock. With the dome on the top, is this not the dome on the rock too? For a few years I have been inspired to have Hagia Sophia cathedral restored as a Universal Church of Peace all humanity.

Other buildings in the area include Judges Lodgings Hotel, a place named Cross Keys - a sign of unity revealed in the Byzantine Empire, There is 'Treasury House' and VIII century Holy Trinity Church, with the reminder of Henry VIII and his daughter Mary. To consider that men have been searching for the Holy Grail. Everything is connected here.

Constantine the Great was crowned Emperor in York in 306ad. I did not know that! This consolidates British ties with Hagia Sophia meaning 'Holy Wisdom' in Constantinople, now Istanbul. Hagia Sophia was first dedicated in 360 by Emperor Constantius, son of the city's founder. Hagia Sophia served as the cathedra, or bishop's seat.

York minster is the seat of the Archbishop of York, second-highest office of the Church of England and cathedral for the Diocese of York. The formal title of York Minster is "The Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St Peter in York". The honorific title "minster" is attributed to missionary teaching churches.

York is one of the locations in UK that has had floods - seen to wash away the royals. The Duke of York, Andrew had a share of bad press, with Sarah his former wife and 'best friend' involved in financial scandals. They reside at 'Royal Lodge' even though they are divorced. Sarah maintained her title Duchess and it is no surprise that she has a base in New York. Her children's charity was on floor 101 in World Trade Centre.

For all the billions of pounds spent on war - this is contractictory to Orthodox Spiritual teachings where war and killing people is forbidden.

The photographer captured a changeover taking place in the New Years eve celebrations. Leading up to midnight apparently the band were shining Green light. This corresponds with the crown colour on top of the Elizabeth Tower - Big Ben in the above picture. Months ago there was an announcement of changing the name of Big Ben to Elizabeth Tower.

After midnight the lights changed to shine blue colour. The Royal house changing colour and the changing of the Guards come to mind. The Queen's Sash is blue. The colour green initially reminded me of Ireland and the Emerald Isle and from this, we discover this is also where Queen Elisabeth II reigns.

In another aritcle I was guided to find, Sarah Fergusson is wearing the blue and spiritual purple on the outside of her clothes. She is showing that the spiritual sash is external. Sarah's dress is revealing that she, like other women who have been approved of to marry into the royal house, may have a pedigree that traces to be connected to secure the throne. It could be that Sarah is related to the royals from Ireland and that it is she, who gives her husband the validity of his status. Just a thought.

Since both Sarah and Andrew have been publically exposed in their scandals, In this last year Andrew looks miserable and lost his sparkle. Meanwhile Sarah has been promoted and busy on her projects, travelling 'she is flying the British flag in USA'.

There is a saying 'the power behind the throne'. Prince Phillip's mother was born in Windsor castle; so he was not some poor boy. Being born in Greece was seen also as a deliberate and calculated plan because Greece is vitally important for the Crown! We learn also now by York Cathedral, that this seat can connect with the Greek Byzantine Empire.

With this New Year and being Jubilee too, we saw the lighting of the flame with the Jubilee Diamond in June. Jubillee Law includes returning land to it's rightful owner who is actually Christ. New Years Eve is the reminder of the New Eve and God's Promise to the people. With the purple colour reflected on the corner of the building, the cornerstone the builders rejected is highlighted. God decides, He anoints - He appoints!

In front of the Cathedral where the light shines brightly - people might not be seeing what is happening. When focus is on the light, their focus is on the Cathedral and also the Light of Hagia Sophia by this, since ancient history holds a direct line to God. Everyone who is viewing this event, is reminded of their direct link to God too,

Kate Middleton has dressed in McQueen and Beulah London to attend publisizeed events. Is Kate being promoted as Queen of Beulahland - the Holy Land? If we consider Diana was killed at a time when she was to speak out for the people in Palestine, this might explain Kate's silence for the vulnerable people in our world, or she has nothing to say!

Diana did not marry for wealth or status. She was eager to use her voice and life to make a positve diference. Diana went with the camera and exposed land mines with people's legs blown off. She was anti war and also gave her time to the most vulnerable. When Diana was threatened, even with death threats, she was not intimidated into being silent.

Sarah Ferguson entered an orphanage in disguise in Turkey that was seen to be an organised plan by the British Establishment. Turkey covers ancient Greece -> MY Mothers Motherland. After what happened in Smyrna in 1922 to the Greek and Armenian people, I speak out openly. A political decision was made that resulted in 400,000 innocent people being massacred. To show reverence to people with given titles is an insult to the human race.

Sarah has her own role in life in the divine plan. I notice she refused to speak about the royal family and seemed 'scared' to discuss Phillip. Nothing is hidden.

Archbishop of York, John Sentamu is pictured here with flowers. This picture was published at the time of the announcement of the new Archbishop of Canterbury, who will crown the new Monarch.

God does not obey man made rules. He Always reveals His Truth.

Greece being vitally important for the Crown and this is identified in the Holy Bible. Reports show China buying Greece - the Princess of China song is timely.

The 7 churches of Asia are identified in the Holy Bible, China is in Asia - so is India. The Crown of Asia is identified in Smyrna where my Grandmother is from. With being baptised in Hagia Photini Greek Orthodox Cathedral in New Smyrna, this relates to Jacob's Well in Palestine where Jesus Christ spoke with the Samaritan woman. The lady was called Photini meaning 'the enlightened one'. The Greek Orthodox church connects us all.

Turkey has meaning. Tur means mountain. Key to the Mountain.

Jesus spoke about never thirsting once you have drank from the spiritual waters. To the finest detail, God is revealing his truth that no one can deny. The way the truth is revealed, is clear for everyone. There is so much more to discover too.

The reason why the Greek Spiritual Key is important is to bring everyone back to Christ. In this time, my calling for global peace and healing is because I do not want to see any more wars take place. Already billions of people have been killed in wars.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria