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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Temple of Portunus - Temple of Fortune in Rome

The Temple of Portunus is an ancient temple in Rome, Italy dedicated to the god Portunus in the city. The temple is believed to belong to Fortuna Virilis. The little temple is generally identified with Portumnus, the God of Doors and Harbours.

The Temple of Fortuna Virilis associates with 'Manly' or 'Virile' - the influence of making boys into men.

Temple of Portunus is from c. 120-80 B.C.E. meaning this temple church is more than 2000 years old.

The steps leading up to the enclosed space, has maintained the external architecture feature of columns that have been seen with for example the Acropolis, except in this building structure, people are guided to one entrance through one set of steps.

The temple was preserved and converted to a church in 872, when it was re-dedicated to Santa Maria Egyziaca (Saint Mary of Egypt). Looking at googlemaps, the building is surrounded by scaffolding and seems to be undergoing some work in this time.

"The Temple of Fortuna Virilis" in Isaac Ware, The Four Books of Andrea Palladio's Architecture, London, 1738.

Fortuna is equivalent to the Greek goddess Tyche, the goddess of fortune in Roman religion.

Fortuna governs the circle of the four stages of life, the Wheel of Fortune, in a manuscript of Carmina Burana.

It is in the Ionic order and located in the ancient Forum Boarium by the Tiber. The Temple site overlooked the Port Tiberinus at a sharp bend in the river; from where Portunus watched over the vessels as they entered the city from Ostia.

'The 18th-century Temple of Harmony in Somerset, England is a folly based on the Temple of Portunus.'

The Olympic Flame that travels from ancient Greece to the location of the Olympic games is also known as the Flame of Harmony. In a time where there is still division between people, it is the divine plan to unite people in peace and harmony.

Ancient Rome and Rome are prevailing the times, with past and present being shown on the map in physical locations. This is evidence of history. New Rome is a mystery unfolding, that marry's past, present and future in context.

There is a big difference between fortune telling and good fortune. Fortune telling is forbidden for this is firstly, with taking into consideration the power of suggestion and the power of influence. When people speak of gloom, they influence this. Also when fortune tellers speak to infleunce people and events, they are ignoring the far greater power that influences change, for man and destiny, also what happens on earth. The ancients spoke of our destiny being written in the stars!

Even my Greek grandmother said your destiny is written in the stars. Our destiny is already planned. When we learn to respect there is a far higher order beyond this earth, then we can begin to undertand how this governs the earth.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Brazil Carnaval 2013 - Old and New World Unite

Brazil’s Carnival is a mass of colour as millions of people arrive for the five-day fiesta. This is a time of song and dance for people, before the faithful Brazilians begin lent with 40 days of fasting and preparation of Easter.

The detail that has gone into the creation of costumes and the floats reflect the passion of the people to invest into what this means for the people. There is a celebration of history and tradition that tells a story for all to see.

"Parade: Members of the Mancha Verde samba school at Sao Paulo's Sambadrome" - Mancha Verde means Green colour and can relate to land and the wilderness.

In Spain Castile–La Mancha was formerly united with the Madrid into Castilla la Nueva (New Castle) With the advent of the modern Spanish system of autonomous regions it was separated due to great demographic disparity between the capital and the remaining New-Castilian provinces. This is one of the kingdoms that founded the Crown of Castile, and the Kingdom of Spain. The Spanish Imperial Eagle is found mostly in the region of La Mancha. Imperial means Empire! The reason I am including this is because Juan Carlos, King of Spain is also King of Jerusalem. The Holy Land belongs to God and because God is for all nations - this means the time has come to revert back to spiritual laws of the highest order. God forbids war and injustice!

"Va-Va voom: Dancers from Vai-vai samba school take centrestage in the parade at San Paulo last night" - these ladies dressed in gold with golden head dresses. On their sash we can see a black and white checkboard design. Their head dresses could pass as those that we see in the Egyptian law court. They appear to be wearing the Eye of Isis around their neck.

King Solomon Married the daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh so this made an important connection in history that still continues to be revealed today that people from different cultures have been united in peace in history too.

"Got rhythm: a queen of the drums of the Rosas de Ouro samba school performs during the first night of Sao Paulo's Carnival parades"

"Technicolor samba: dancers from the Rosas de Ouro samba school perform in Sao Paulo in the small hours of this morning"

Here this dancer from the Rosas de Ouro samba school is dwarfed by his float. Rosa de Ouro means Golden Rose.

"Piano men: members of the Mancha Verde samba school wow the audience in Sao Paulo's Sambadrome" - the detail that has gone into the costumes is for all eyes to see. The ships were commonly steam ships and guided by God who rules the Seas. Above a figure representing a King/Queen sits on the throne. The lights are on and pointing upwards towards the heavens.

Here a lady wearing white and silver, with a parasol, is showing a pregnant lady wearing the colour imperial purple, sitting in the yoga position, on what could represent a throne. The headdress could represent a crown. It is expected in this timeline that a divinely guided one will be also bringing Holy Wisdom to the people. There is also a warning that people will be decieved - many people meditate and want to have powers 'over people'. We are seeing many changes taking place today.

"Charge: after the Sao Paulo festivities last night and tonight, parades in Rio kick off on Sunday" - A while ago a vision of Christ returning on a white horses showed him radiating the most brightest of white light imaginable. Sao Paulo means Saint Paul, who was an apostle of Christ and from whom Pauline Christianity has been named and known.

"Weird and wonderful: members of the samba school Rosas de Ouro Special Group at the Sambadrome" -

The Society Rosas de Ouro was inspired by an award instituted by Pope Gregory II in 730. The Golden Rose is a papal decoration conferred on prominent Catholic personalities, initially, kings and dignitaries. Later it was conferred almost exclusively on Queens and Princess's. 10 have been given by Pope Benedict XVI

"Big band: drummers from the Mancha Verde samba school make some noise" (While in San Paolo, La Mancha is a plateau of central Spain, between the mountains of Toledo and the hills of Cuenca: traditionally associated Don Quixote)

"Come on, boys: the five days of parades, balls and street parties are expected to attract millions of locals and tourists" - notice the detail of red grapes being a feature focussed on this year for a reason and spiritual purple too.

"Shout it out: the overwhelming popularity of the carnival events boosts Brazil's economy to the tune of £420 million"

"Walk like an Egyptian: revellers' costumes have become iconic in the way Brazil markets itself to the world" - In my earlier article pyrotechnics were said to be again to blame for Saida Maria Prieto being burned along with her costume that had distinctive Egyptian symbolism in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. In the above, we see that the full Golden headdress is being worn with an even more detailed float that is an example of when the truth is being suppressed, the truth will get even louder.

Cleopatra was divinely appointed would have been be The Queen of Justice. The golden head dress is symbolising that she is given divine authority to Judge on this earth as the Vigin Mary was also given divine authority too. This is why, many people reject anyone who is not divinely appointed. Biblical prophesy identifies deception taking place with this.

Members of Uniao da Ilha do Governador take part in the first day of the parades. Picture: EPA/ANTONIO LACERDA

Members of Salgueiro samba school dance on a float.Picture: ANTONIO SCORZA/AFP/Getty Images

So many people with so much happening - the diversity to capture the imagination of people from a creative perspective and to see, that in different ways, people have brought their truth to share openly in this occassion.

We are in the moment of passing from one phase to the next phase - taking the positives from history and learning lessons from the past. This applies to each and everyone today. Confession is more than speaking about sins, make a conscientious effort not to repeat the same mistakes and also still to put wrongs right. For only in this way is redemption possible.

Millions of people will be celebrating with carnivals and parties - this precedes Lent leading up to Easter. Traditionally, Christmas, Epiphany (January 6th) and Easter were days chosen for the Crowning of Emperors. Christ revealed himself to me during prayer on 7th January - He is dressed in long robe and wearing his Gold Crown. No one else can take this!


'The name Brazil is derived from the Portuguese and Spanish word brasil, the name of an East Indian tree with reddish-brown wood from which a red dye was extracted. The Portuguese found a New World tree related to the Old World brasil tree when they explored what is now called Brazil, and as a result they named the New World country after the Old World tree.

In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI granted the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady Aparecida a Golden Rose. The "Old Basilica" also possesses a Golden Rose, awarded by Pope Paul VI in 1967. The Golden Rose of Paul VI was delivered and bestowed as a gift of the Holy See to mark the participation of the Supreme Pontiff in the commemorations of the 250th anniversary of the devotion to the Virgin of Aparecida. The "New Basilica"'s Golden Rose, was delivered to the shrine by the Pope in person.

A basilica in Hellenistic Greece, administered justice on behalf of the Basileus a name used by Byzantine emperors. A basilica is the name given to certain churches granted special privileges by the Pope.

As part of the Portuguese Empire, Brazil inherited the devotion to Saint George as patron saint of Portugal. Saint George is also the patron saint of the football club Corinthians, of São Paulo. The official patron is Rio de Janeiro is Saint Sebastian both saints' feast days being local holidays.

Corinth and Corinthians relate to Greece and so it is no coincidence that St. George is the principal Greek Orthodox cathedral still in use in Istanbul (Constantinople) in Turkey, where Ecuenical Patriarche His Holiness Bartholomew is based. St. George is also known as the "Patriarchal Church of the Great Myrrh" - The name of the city of Smyrna also means Myrrh!

People in our lands have origins from different lands and traditions. We are living in a multicultural world with diverse ancient traditions. 2000 years ago Christ gave the law for the Brotherhood of Man. Today, in areas of high tourism, people from differnt cultures come together and appreciate differences. Over a million people will attend the 2013 Carnival - the show that has far more meaning to people than glamour, dance and a spectaculor display of colour and creative expression.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright Infringement Intended.

Pope Benedict XVI to Retire 28th February 2013

News has stunned cardinals and the Vatican - Pope Benedict XVI has announced his retirement.

Hours after the first resignation in 600 years, a lightning bolt struck the top of St. Peters.

The Pontiff age 85, acknowledges his health being 'no longer adequate due to his advanced age'. Pope Benedict has made his decision in 'full freedom' and aaware of the 'gravity of gesture'. His doctor has advised him not to make translantic flights for health reasons. His words 'I have had to recognise my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry'

No Pope in history has stepped down from his position for health reasons. Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratizinger is the first to stand down since Gregory XII in 1415.

The Pope announced his resignation in Latin to a meeting of Vatican cardinals this morning, saying he did not have the 'strength of mind and body' to continue leading more than a billion Roman Catholics worldwide'

"Sense of incredilty: Pope Benedict XVI attends a consistory with cardinals, who were shocked by the decision"

'Speaking in one of the Vatican's state rooms, the Pope today told cardinals: 'After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths due to an advanced age are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry.

'I am well aware that this ministry, due to its essential spiritual nature, must be carried out not only by words and deeds but no less with prayer and suffering.

'However, in today's world, subject to so many rapid changes and shaken by questions of deep relevance for the life of faith, in order to govern the barque of St. Peter and proclaim the Gospel, both strength of mind and body are necessary - strengths which in the last few months, has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me.'

'In November 2011, Andrea Tornielli – a well-placed reporter from the Vatican Insider, a project run by La Stampa newspaper in Italy – said Pope Benedict found it agonising to walk even short distances due to 'arthrosis', thought to be an Italian term for osteoarthritis, in his knees, hips and ankles.

The condition forced him to pull out of a trip to Brazil in July.

Mr Tornielli said this was why the Pope began using a moving platform to address crowds during mass in St Peter’s Basilica.'

"Aware of gravity of announcement: Pope Benedict said he had repeatedly examined his conscience before God"

There have also been reports that the Pope has struggled to read texts.

We are constantly reminded to see with our own eyes and to hear with our own ears. The images above are strikingly similar and could be taken at different times. Glasses on are revealing a man with having second sight.

Dr Alan Silman, the medical director of Arthritis Research UK, said Pope Benedict most likely has osteoarthritis. 'It would be painful for him to kneel while he's praying and could be excruciating when he tries to get up again.'

Pope Benedict has already stated that Popes who are unable to do their job because of ill health should step down. For this reason it is not unexpected that he would follow through this decision with his own conscience.

His deterioration during the last few months has become noticeable and, according to his brother, 'he has been considering stepping down for some time.

Georg Ratzinger, who still lives in the family's native Germany, said he had been having trouble walking and his age was weighing on him.

'At this age, my brother wants more rest,' he said adding that the doctor had warned him not to take any more transatlantic trips.

The decision to resign is most unusual. The vast majority of incumbents die in office. Jospeph Ratzinger is the first pope to resign in 600 years. Who is to be the successor is already being speculated.

"Pope Benedict XVI meets members of the Order of the Knights of Malta after the Mass to mark the 900th anniversary of the Order in Vatican City on Saturday. He said his health is too weak to continue in office" - Matrix photographs are particularly eye catching with detail being revealed for a reason. 1) People are being spied on. 2) Cherie Booth, maiden name of Tony Blair's wife works at Matrix Chambers. When asked to work for justice, they wrote to say they did not have the experience to advise. The blocks to justice have been tried, tested and ongoing. Tony reportedly had more interest in what the Pope earns, than what he could learn from him. Many peole in office are too preccupied with power and wealth, they ignore spiritual wisdom.

Wikipedia Malteze Cross 'Aviation -"The Maltese cross is used to identify the final approach fix in a non-precision instrument approach (one that lacks precision vertical guidance), in contrast to the use of a lightning bolt type icon, which identifies the final approach fix in a precision approach."

The Most Rev Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster and leader of Catholics in England and Wales called on 'people of faith' to pray for the 85-year-old pontiff, saying that his announcement had shown 'great courage.'

'Pope Benedict's announcement today has shocked and surprised everyone,' he said. 'Yet, on reflection, I am sure that many will recognise it to be a decision of great courage and characteristic clarity of mind and action.'

The Pope, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in the drawing room of the Palace, Holyrood House, Edinburgh.

"Throngs: Pope Benedict XVI delivering the 'Urbi et Orbi' Message and blessing to faithful from the central loggia of St Peter's basilica after the Easter Holy Mass at The Vatican in April 2012"

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, retired Archbishop of Westminster in 2009, said: 'My reaction was one of surprise and then gratitude for his service and leadership of the Church over the past seven years in troubled times.'He has been a great teacher, thinking particularly of his visit to Britain and the example he gave of being a Good Shepherd and a good pastor.'

"Popular: Benedict XVI drives past crowds of pilgrims in his Popemobile in Longridge, Birmingham, during his UK visit in 2010"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she had the 'very highest respect' for his decision to step down.

'As chancellor, I thank Benedict XVI for his work and wish him from the bottom of my heart all the best for the coming years,' she said.

Merkel, who is a Protestant, praised Benedict for his efforts to promote dialogue with other Christian denominations and religions. She said that he 'reached out his hand to Jews as well as Muslims.'
"Pope Benedict XVI waves from the Popemobile wearing a Mexican sombrero as he arrives to give a Mass in Bicentennial Park near Silao, Mexico, on March 25, 2012"

Startled New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, tipped as an long-shot for the pope's replacement, said he felt a special bond with the pope because he was the one that appointed him archbishop of New York.

"Startled: New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, tipped as an long-shot for the papacy, was shocked by the decision"
Prime Minister David Cameron, met the Pontiff in Archbishop's House, near Westminster Cathedral in London 2010, said: 'He has worked tirelessly to strengthen Britain's relations with the Holy See. His visit to Britain in 2010 is remembered with great respect and affection. He will be missed as a spiritual leader to millions.'

"Warm welcome: The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, greets Pope Benedict XVI at Lambeth Palace in central London on September 17, 2010"

Labour leader Ed Miliband said Pope Benedict had made a 'brave' decision.

'Many people will remember his historic visit to the UK in 2010 - which was a very special moment for many, especially Catholics, across the country,' he said. 'His decision to stand down is a brave one and we know he will not have reached it lightly. The choice of a successor is clearly an important one for the Catholic Church. 'Our thoughts are with those who must make such a critical decision on behalf of millions around the world.'

"Triumphant: Pope Benedict XVI arrives to give a speech at Westminster Hall, London on the second day of his State Visit in September 2010"

The Pope was made Archbishop of Munich and Freising in 1977 after a career as a university professor. Born in the village of Marktl am Inn in Bavaria - he explained on a visit to Germany after his election 'my heart beats Bavarian'.

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI upon taking office age of 78 in April 2005. He succeeded Pope John Paul II, who served continually until his death despite suffering a number of health problems including cancer, osteoporosis and Parkinson's disease. He also survived two assassination attempts, one of which left him severely injured.

"Keeping up with the times: The Pope joined Twitter in December to get his message across to more of his 1.2billion followers"

Pope Benedict XVI's papacy has not been without controversy.

In a time where people are starting to speak out, child abuse scandals have hounded most of his time in office. As a woman of faith, is it not our purpose to suffer in silence. Everyone is entitled to seek healing. Fear and intimidation has kept people frozen, when it is not excusable for anyone who is a servant of God to abuse anyone.

In 2010, Pope Benedict was forced to apologise to victims of abuse by Irish Roman Catholic clergy, saying he was 'truly sorry' for their decades of suffering. The Pope broke the silence by acknowleging this abuse publically.

'He rebuked Irish bishops for 'grave errors of judgment' in their handling of the scandal and ordered an investigation into the Irish Church, but he did not admit any Vatican responsibility for a cover-up. He ordered an official inquiry into the abuse, which led to the resignation of several bishops in Ireland.' - This is a step in the right direction!

The world was not built in one day - the global healing need cannot be resolved in one day. The global healing need is not being ignored, most definately not by myself or people who have made a commitment to serve the Holy Light.

The Papal Emplem is seen with three crowns with the cross on top. Two keys, one gold and one silver held together by one Holy Belt and crown at the top, at the bottom tied with red cord.

The Holy Mother Mary unites people globally in peace and love, with her son Jesus Christ. The Son of God is named, because Christ was miraculously created, not by intimate relations with a man. We learn the power of the Holy Spirit of God is given for a reason. Even when churches have their differences and loyalty divided, still the truth remains the same.

Prophesies were given to who will become pope in history - listed below.

111 Glory of the olive. Joseph Ratzinger chose the regnal name Benedict after St Benedict of Nursia, founder of the Benedictine Order. The order's crest contains an olive branch.

The Abbey of the Dormition is also name of a Benedictine community in Jerusalem on Holy Mt. Zion just outside the walls of the Old City near the Zion Gate. Between 1998 - 2006 the community was known as the Hagia Maria Sion Abbey of the Virgin Mary. Hagia Maria Sion is now the name of the foundation supporting the abbey's buildings, community and academic work.

The Olive Branch has always been a symbol of peace between people. The Olive Tree was the gift from Athena to the people. Athena disliked fighting and used wisdom to settle situations of conflict. 'Glory of the Olive' is a reminder of the Holy Family who have shined a light of peace in our world. To this day the Olive Branch symbolises Peace offering.

The Olive Tree holds mystery in history and hope for the future. There are olive trees that are 2,000 to 3,000 years old. This tree is said to be around 1,500 years that is timely to find and share here.

In a time where there is speculation about succession, listed on the original Daily Mail article are several Roman Catholic cardinals. The successor to Pope Benedict XVI will be decided by a conclave to elect a new pontiff. Only cardinals are eligible to take part in the conclave, which will continue until a successor is chosen.


In Latin reads 'Petrus Romanus, qui
paſcet oues in mul-
tis tribulationibus:
quibus tranſactis ci-
uitas ſepticollis di-
ruetur, & Iudex tre
mẽdus iudicabit po
pulum ſuum. Finis.

This is usually translated into English as:

"In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit [i.e., as bishop].
Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations:
and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed,
and the terrible judge will judge his people.
The End."

Petrus also means ROCK. So this can also translate to mean the Rock of Rome. Keep an open mind!

Listed is Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, 64 from Ghana as favorite according to the 'bookies' - if only there was more focus on the most suitable person to being a spiritual shepherd instead of betting, but this is just a thought. Gambling and spirituality do not sit well, especially in a time when people are suffering and struggling in our world.

'Two other contenders, Cardinal Odilo Scherer, Archbishop of San Paolo, and the French-Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet, would also be a break with the tradition of electing only European popes.'

Back on 28th February the London Occupy movement were moved from outside St. Paul's Cathedral. A physical clearing away took place by officials to open the doorway. While raking in a large amount of cash, see the spiritual message happening. The origins of the name Pavlos, Pavlina and Paulina all are names that have origins from Apostle Paul.

February 28 is the Catholic Saints day of brothers Saint Romanus and Saint Lupicinus.

Other saints commemorated on 28 February include: Saint Basil the Confessor, Blessed Nicholas of Pskov, The Hieromartyr Proterius, Patriarch of Alexandria, and those with him, The Hieromartyr Nestor, Bishop of Magydos, Venerable Saints Marana and Kyra - sisters by birth who lived during the fourth century in the city of Veria (or Berea) in Syria.

KYRA and Mariana name day is on 28th February 2013. The name Kyra/Kyria means 'Sun', 'enthroned' and 'Lady'.

Time will tell what will unfold - The seeds of tomorrow flourish from what we plant today.

What is certain, anyone who is a servant of God and a guiding light for Christ, this is a lifetime vocation; not a role that ends with retirement. Physical limitations have been given for moblility and traveling overseas due to deteriorating health as reasons to retire by Pope Benedict XVI. However, I am quite certain that Joseph Ratzinger will continue to pray for people globally and for peace in our world for the rest of his life. The power of prayer with sincere heart does not have a retirement date.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Read full article below. No copyright infringment intended.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Wesley Daniel burned by Fire in Chicago - Why?

Another fire has taken place where a young actor burned during an opera dress rehearsal.

Actor Wesley Daniel, 24 has been rushed to hospital suffering from second degree burns to his face and throat and first degree burns to his hands, after his head caught FIRE on stage at Chicago opera dress rehearsal.

Currently the actor is in in critical condition with breathing problems.

An eyewitness said 'His head was engulfed in flames and he was centre stage'

The tradegy took place during the rehearsal of the Lyric Opera of Chicago's production of Die Meistersinger von Nurenberg. The stunt is reported to have been approved by the Chigago Fire Department.

The actor was on stilts at the time and wearing a fire-proof maks. When he blew on the fire, the flames took hold. Trying to put out the fire, he became engulfed in flames and had alternative but to fall down from the height.

Mr Daniel staggered away and collapsed just off stage. A stage manager extinquished the flames.

'His head was engulfed in flames and he was centre stage and in a panic,' said audience member Edward Voci told ABC Local.

'He was trying to put it out and then moved as quickly as he could on stilts but then he had no choice but to just fall down.'

Chicago paramedics took Mr. Daniel to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Later he was transferred to Loyola University Medical Center in a critical condition.

The rehearsal was 5 hours into the performance when the accident happened.

The Lyric Opera of Chicago issued the following statement Monday evening: 'An actor sustained burns this afternoon at Lyric Opera of Chicago during a dress rehearsal. The actor, Wesley Daniel, was performing a fire-spitting effect while on stilts. He was wearing a flameproof costume and mask.

'Lyric's emergency plan was activated immediately. Trained fire guards extinguished minor flames immediately. The fire curtain was lowered. Lyric personnel called 911 and paramedics arrived within minutes. Chicago Fire Department commenced an immediate investigation, then allowed the rehearsal to continue. The actor is being treated at Loyola Hospital.

'The decision was made to remove the fire-spitting effect from performances.'

All performers must examine their inner self to ask if fire is really neccessary in their show.

There are digital effects that can be used to bring dramatic background to stage performances - these being effective and safe. We have had warnings with the Santa Maria fire, the report in my previous article where a young woman has been burned and in hospital, also now with this young man. People are waking up to the dangers of using fire in these conditions.

"This photo provided by the Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Ill., shows actor Wesley Daniel, 24, with bandages over his face, head and left hand and giving an "OK" sign as he is released from the hospital Thursday, Jan. 7, 2013. (AP Photo/Courtesy the Loyola University Medical Center)"

In this instance a life is saved. What else is this incident bringing to light.


History has known a great fire in Chicago when a cow kicked over a lantern in a barn, burning from October 8, to Tuesday, October 10 in 1871, killing hundreds of people and destroyed about 3.3 square miles (9 km2) in Chicago, Illinois.

One flame can cause tremendous damage and the most traumatic loss of life. We cannot ignore this!

Chicago is home to the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower tallest building in the Western Hemisphere), and Trump International Hotel and Tower. The City Beautiful movement inspired Chicago's boulevards and parkways.

The Lyric Opera House is also a music venue in Baltimore, Maryland, United States - Baltimore won the 2013 Superbowl. The building was modeled after the Concertgebouw concert hall in Amsterdam - again Amsterdam has come to light and shown a connection with the Opera House by name. Maryland is named after Queen Henrietta Maria of France. Henrietta Maria's court in exile was based at St-Germain-en-Laye - News reports about David Beckham being signed up to Paris St. Germain for 5 months is not just another French Connection, there is a brand name called the French Connection that is for a reason.

The Lyric Opera house is 'sometimes referred to as "Insull's Throne" It has been rumored that Insull designed the building in the shape of a throne upon which his daughter could figuratively sit as star of the opera. Having been rejected by the New York Metropolitan Opera, she could sit with her back facing eastward toward New York City."

"Samuel Insull began purchasing portions of the utility infrastructure of Chicago. When it became clear that Westinghouse's support of alternating current was to win out over Edison's direct current, Insull switched his support to AC in the War of Currents.

His Chicago area holdings came to include what is now Federal Signal Corporation, Commonwealth Edison, Peoples Gas, and the Northern Indiana Public Service Company, and held shares of many more utilities. Insull also owned significant portions of many railroads, mainly electric interurban streetcar lines..." Read more below.

Sculpture in the entrance by Henry Hering

NUREMBERG AND THE OPERA: Die Meistersinger von Nurenberg

Nuremberg is a city in the German state of Bavaria and where the Nuremburg Trials were held.

Die Meistersinger von Nurenberg transalates to mean 'The Master Singers of Nuremberg'. The opera is written and composed by Richard Wagner.

The story takes place in Nuremberg during the middle of the 16th century when Nuremberg was an Imperial Free City, and one of the centers of the Renaissance in Northern Europe. The story revolves around the real-life guild of Meistersinger (Master Singers), an association of amateur poets and musicians, mostly from the middle class and often master craftsmen in their main professions. It is the only mature Wagner opera to be based on an entirely original story, devised by Wagner himself. It is also the only one of Wagner's mature operas in which there are no supernatural or magical powers or events.

Meistersinger was to be a comic opera to follow a tragic opera, Just as the Athenians followed a tragedy with a comic satyr play, so Wagner would follow Tannhäuser with Meistersinger: the link being that both operas included song-contests.

The synopsis of the opera can be found on the link below. The first two names listed as roles are 'Eva, Pogner's daughter' and Magdalena, Eva's nurse' - these are names that have remained significant throughout history.

Tradition has recorded that, Mary Magdalene went to live in France. We also see above the name Maria also belongs to the ancient Queen. The meaning of Eva is 'life' or 'living one'.

Large companies headquartered in Bavaria include BMW, Siemens, Rohde & Schwarz, Audi, Munich Re, Allianz, Infineon, MAN, Wacker Chemie, Puma, and Adidas. Bavaria is also associated with the illuminati. Not everyone strives to pure in thoughts and intention, to realise a higher consciousness. There is a point to realise enlightenement. There is no short cut.

A fire started in Chigago, that connects Baltimore, Maryland, a French Queen and her Court in Paris, also Amsterdam. Even to bring the connection with Santa Maria. There are two short obelisks that are placed outside the Lyric Opera of Chicago, one is visible outside the door, the other at the far end of the building across the junction, if google is accurate. Everything is in place for a reason, our world is constantly forming and becoming what it is meant to be.

This article began about an actor spitting fire on a stage, even with protection, he got seriously burned. As the danger about using pyrotechnics is emphasised, most adults were warned not to play with fire or they might burn. Today people play with fire ignoring the risks and dangers that they might even be placing on other people and putting lives potentially at risk.

Wishing Westley a speedy recovery.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No copyright infringment intended.