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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 4 February 2013

Beyonce Crown Queen Mrs. Carter's World Tour

Well folks - the message is very loud now. There is a reason.

Quote "'I may have an announcement after the performance': Beyonce released the dates for her world tour just hours after her Super Bowl performance on Sunday night"

Mrs. Carter is also the name as Wonder Woman. Linda Carter.

There is a reason for Everything. A World Tour connects with The New World Order! Unless Christ is on The Throne as King of the New World Order, it is not His! Promises have been made to the people. The world is waiting!

Lady Columbia relates to British Columbia, is seen wearing a light coloured dress with a blue wrap, holding up a light and shining this to the world. She is pointing to the heavens, the Ruler of this World.

On 7th of January, the day after Epiphany Day, Christ revealed himself to me dressed in a a long robe and wearing a gold with red velvet crown. This colour evidently connects with the Kingdom of the World. The successor to the Throne will be directly related to Christ plus also be in direct relationship with him. Time is going to reveal what will happen.

Quote "Paying homage: The tour is named after her husband - whose face she wore on a necklace in the advert"

Beyonce probably has more royal blood running through her veins, that would make her to be eligible to take the Crown. I do not think this is her intention - Beyonce is showing the World it is time for Change.

The blue and the deep red are the colours of of the covers over my legs. The deep red is seen on the robe worn by the Queen in her official Diamond Jubillee Portrait. This is the Robe of State. Queen Elizabeth II is Head of State.

In this short commercial, Beyonce has a small crown, a similar size to Queen Victoria (there she is again and probably wanting to be remembered too) and is handed a scepter with gems. It might not be the 'Star of Africa' diamond.

No one should be offended by this. Kate Middleton's parents sell throwaway princess childrens's party bits and likely made a fortune because of the royal connection. Her sister is modeling bags made by cheap labour, thought and awareness is not there to consider that they are promoting cheap labour and maximum exploitation of the people. They have some lessons to work out!

"It'll be a wild affair: The advert featured dancing guards and a jester-turned-DJ"

Children laugh playing princess. Born Royal Princess's are NOT laughing!

After a dream very recently being in the company of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip at a Sports arena, this was in relation to the Crown. Waking up I realised this was the Olympic Stadium - Greek Crown. Also I realised the sceptre will come from France. until now thinking Paris in France, Beyonce reveals New Orleans in Los Angeles - City of Angels.

Santa Maria is in California too....Landmark Skyway Drive!

While it seems a crowning ceremony might have taken place with William and Kate while on their trip to the Far East and Asia, His geography degree served him well to travel at the people's expense. My mind was more taken to show the orb on the Solomon Islands coins. Have people been lied to about Kate Middleton. All deceivers eventually trip up.

Road maps do not teach Divine Providence. Sincere heart and enduring prayer does.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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