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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 1 February 2013

Columbia 7 - They died not knowing the danger

The Daily Mail are bringing some profoundly thought provoking stories today.

'I think they would rather not know. Wouldn't it be better to have a happy successful flight and die unexpectedly during entry than know there was nothing to be done, until the air ran out?' How Columbia crew died in ignorance'

Quote "Doomed: The crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia (left to right) are David Brown, Rick Husband, Laurel Clark, Kalpana Chawla, Michael Anderson, William McCool and Ilan Ramon"

"NASA has revealed that the Columbia crew were not told that the shuttle had been damaged and they might not survive re-entry.

The seven astronauts who died will be remembered at a public memorial service on the 10th anniversary of the disaster this Friday at Florida's Kennedy Space Center.

The shuttle was headed home from a 16-day science mission when it broke apart over Texas on February 1, 2003, because of damage to its left wing.

Ten years ago, experts at NASA's mission control faced the terrible decision over whether to let the astronauts know that they may die on re-entry or face orbiting in space until the oxygen ran out."

Quote "Failure: An investigation following the crash found that Columbia had been damaged by a piece of foam on blast-off"

"Unaware: The Columbia crew were kept in the dark by Mission Control that they were more than likely heading for disaster"

Tragic space shuttle Columbia accident in 2003....

The ground decided it would be better if the crew were spared knowledge of the risks.

"There was no way to repair any suspected damage - the crew were far from the International Space Station and had no robotic arm for repairs. It would have taken too long to send up another shuttle to rescue them."

Mr Hale writes: 'After one of the MMTs (Mission Management Team) when possible damage to the orbiter was discussed, he (Flight Director Jon Harpold) gave me his opinion: ''You know, there is nothing we can do about damage to the TPS (Thermal Protection System).'

Quote "Unaware: The Columbia crew were kept in the dark by Mission Control that they were more than likely heading for disaster"

'"If it has been damaged it's probably better not to know. I think the crew would rather not know. Don't you think it would be better for them to have a happy successful flight and die unexpectedly during entry than to stay on orbit, knowing that there was nothing to be done, until the air ran out?"'

When Mission Control had it confirmed that the shuttle had broken up over Texas, Flight Director Leroy Cain ordered the room on lock-down and all computer data saved for later investigation."

"Reminders of Columbia's dead are everywhere - including up in the sky.

Everything from asteroids, lunar craters and Martian hills, to schools, parks, streets and even an airport (Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport) bear the Columbia astronauts' names.

Two years ago, a museum opened in Hemphill, Texas, where much of the Columbia wreckage rained down, dedicated to 'remembering Columbia'."

Quoting segments of text from this article because the message is to consider carefully.

The full article can be found below to read more detail.

There are mixed comments in the feedback of the original report. Living in a small island in comparison to the size of the United States, there are people who think nothing about driving 8 or 10 hours to another state. Space missions, Hollywood movie making and big buisiness happens in America because people are encouraged to flourish and grow. People are encouragd to realise their dreams and also to succeed. Not everyone will - not everyone chooses too follow the materialistic path.

The families who have lost their loved ones and friends in these missions, they are the keepers of these times and experieneces, to remind future generation of possibilities and at least they tried. These people were guided to be on this mission for a reason that is far beyond what we might know - that again their memory is kept alive serves a purpose.

When loved ones do not get a chance to say 'Goodbye' - somehow live must go on.

2003 not a good year at all - 7 people went to the heavens and did not return to earth.

The space missions are going beyond planet earth and remind people that there are planets and stars above and beyond us. The crop circles are a reminder of a higher intelligence who are trying to communicate with everyone. There are people teaching and diverting people away from what is important - that people have lost their lives to point people upwards.

We also learn that once we make our journey to progress - there is no turning back.

Noticing the Columbia crew are all wearing the colour orange. They are also seen wearing blue and deep red.

Columbia connects with British Columbia and Lady Columbia.

An orange was given to me the other day with some other fruits with a gift. The next day I realised these all held a message. The House of Orange came to mind - then I saw Queen Beatris is abdocating. The orange came to mind again with seeing the uniforms the astronaughts are wearing here. California and florida connect with oranges too. In a thought I can consider other lands and locations there are people who contemplate stars and beyong galaxies.

There was a time when men tried to fly and could not stay off the ground. Today the most intelligence and creative minds are reaching beyond technical comphrension. The divide in our world, is not bringing the awareness openly to encourage everyone to realise a far greater potential. The space missions are the reminder that these people knew.

The people who have given their life in service to humnity have enabled progress.

The future is unclear, with so many danger signs around.

America has a family of people who are shining bright lights in this world. Remembering with love and celebrating the people who have stepped right out their comfort zone. This is not so easy so do...

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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