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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 3 February 2013

David and Victoria Beckham ARE Headlines! Why?

David and Victoria. Lookomg more closely at media photographs. Both are shining a light. Both might actually be royal 'by right'.

After seeing the photographs yesterday, I am made aware of dangers around me 'again'. We do not all have bodyguards, so relying on my guardian angel and trusting God. The Queen accounts for £100 million a year towards her family security.

The photograph yesterday showed two cars remarkably close, whether deliberate or not, after all it could have been a staged photograph - ir certainly got my attention. The fact is 'every picture', even a snapshot can tell a story.

David as a Free agent, has obligations to his wife and children as a priority. If he is tied to a contract, then he has obligations to fulfill this within the ethic that has been laid down. The moment David and Victoria became parents, they became responsible for their little ones and those children are under their protection. This is their priority and obligation above all.

Many times in life we are tested. There will be always someone that might advise or tempt you away from what your path and what you are meant to be doing. In both David and Victoria's position, not only are they in demand, they are in a position where people will offer them telephone numbers, an expression for large amounts of money, to promote their product. They are also in a position where they can cherry pick who they want to work for and what brand they promote - is the Beckham Brand.

Brand names either go together or they do not. Both Victoria and David are a Brandname together.

There are people who are offering vast figures for services and to promote products. Looking at sponsors for people, sport and even television shows, they are united, not in conflict. The Xfactor comes to mind Either Pespi or Coke, not both. David Beckham propelled his career when playing in Manchester United football team. Manchester is now Event City. (Eve NT)

Yesterday, being hesitant to write about what is being revealed in the images, some important points caught my attention. The reason that I am sharing the pictures is so that you can see for yourself with your own eyes.

Scrolling down the article, David is pictured walking on the road wearing black with his hands in his pockets. Again he is wearing a cap, with a tartan pattern, making again these popular again. Behind him we see two orange and white bollards and a big cream and black truck. At the junction there are two white coloured vehicles pointing the opposite way.

This is a reminder that walking in the road can be dangerous and to take precautions. For the people who walk on the road, it is surely a warning just to be aware if any traffic around...Thank you David.

What a sensible idea for the truck to place the traffic cones for the person entering and climbing onto his or her seat. There are women drivers in UK, even truck drivers for the people who do not know this.

If cars came too close in this case, they would hit the cones instead of the person. Orange connects with the House of Orange, also Orange in France and California is Orange County. These are just landmarks that come to my attention having the same name. Orange County was known beause of Oranges, as also Florida oranges and juice too. The Columbia 7 who died in space wore orange, with the reminder of the 7 angels of the 7 churches in the Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible.

Orange is highlighted as important. On 27th January I recieved and unexpected gift, with one orange!

In the photograph we see more detail of what David is wearing, also the back of the mirror of his car. We can also see another mirror - a reminder of two way mirrors. Also people sit in their cars spying on people. There huge men sitting in tiny 'smart cars' taking pictures of traffic to send fines through the post - such is England. A traffic warden looking really miserable and quite worried recently said 'there are cameras everywhere' - HE was too scared even to go get a hot drink.

Watching Big Brother the first time, I remember a television programe showing people in their lounges. Not sure if it was called 'you've been framed' - what a title to have chosen. Our television and computers have quite obviously the capability to watch every detail of what is happening in our home. Some people have televisions in every room. At the very least, the electric waves of energy is detrimental to health and sleep. Add to this the radio waves traveling with mobile phone use etc.

GPS tracking is in every telephone - this could be advantageous. Say in an emergency someone is lost, there is capacity by the network to locate people and rescue them. Police helicopters can see in the dark. Nothing is hidden.

Googlemaps, has photographed roads, so if you want to go find the way on a map, look closer to see the areas, Googlemaps and Google Earth allows people to do this. Another layer of real time viewing is happening by officials. It is by using this programe that I have been able to see the road map of an area. Some time back I wrote about Hollywood Hills - LA is the City of Angels. My brother lives in America because he was guided to go live there to make a family 'even if he does not realise it'

Prince William was furious when international media 'exposed his wife' with the headline 'The Queen is Naked' - It might have even been written 'LOOK THE QUEEN IS NAKED/EXPOSED' Not sure of the exact translation, same meaning! He has a cheek. Is he a hypocrite knowing that the people are being spied on? He is exposed too! I did publically declare here, if people go to Googlemaps and type their address and can see their home close up, William must give up the crown.

The media coverage of William and Kate wearing the floral crowns was quickly spotted by myself. 'If they have had a church crowning cermemony. If so, some detail they both might have missed.

When a London Barrister lied on oath in the Court of Law in London; rather careless in London; This Barrister corrupted the Court AND caused the Court to be in Breach of Contract. Refusing to work for justice is a very serious crime! Discovering that he was trained in Paris is not a coincidence - he might hide behind that like another slippery snake.

If the British monarchy falls, it will be their own doing. They allowed a girl to enter the Royal Court who is a commoner with no idea of Spiritual accountability. A Queen Head of a Church at least is sincere with people, not playing games and taking everyone as fools, while marketed for being someone she is not. God is not a deciever and neither is Jesus Christ.

DAVID AND VICTORIA stand our because they are names of King David and Queen Victoria and meant to.

David and Victoria have been living in the sunshine, away from the cold wet British weather. David has been playing for LA Galaxy. They recently returned before David is off again to play for St. Germain in Paris. With Galaxy and Saint - consider the cosmos and the universe. The Saints who died in Faith are immortal souls. Paris is the capital city of France.

David and Victoria are British born and bred. They have show no intention to 'give this up'.

The Louvre Museum in Paris featured in the DaVinci Code Movie. The glass pyrmaid outside is illuminated at night to show inside there is truth about history. The pyramids connect wtih Egypt and the Tombs of the Spiritually Enlightened Royal family. With a few men who are trying to claim the Crown of France, the Da Vinci Code movie, identifies a women is eligble and known about. The Louvre museum is housed in the Louvre Royal Palace which began as a fortress built in the late 12th century under Philip II.

Phillip II of Spain married four times and had six children. More details in the link below.

Going back (382–336 BCE) Philip II of Macedon was the father of Alexander the Great and Philip III. Phillip also had several wives -Audata, Phila, Nicesipolis, Philinna, Olympias, Meda of Odessa, Cleopatra Eurydice.

His children are: Cynane, Philip III, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Thessalonica, Europa, Caranus. Phillip's and Olympias' daughter was named Cleopatra and this is showing the importance of the Greek Olympic and Cleopatra connection.

Europe is named after one of the daughters of this ancient Family. Thessaloniki in Greece after Thessalonica. Athens after Athena. One of my cousin's Greek friends is named Cleopatra. When staying in Greece at one of my aunts, the location translates to mean Upper Sun City replicated the location from (from ancient Egypt). Where we live and have lived tells a story.

To listen to men say who want a claim of the Byzantine throne, say women do not inherit thrones - that is an insult to Queen Elizabeth also Queen Beatrix who has just abdicated. This is also dismissing Cleopatra who ruled by Divine Right. A mentality that put women down and do not recogise the most important role a woman has as Queen and a mother her children.

Looking closer in the background - The writing is on the wall and in the Union Flag. The colour coat that Victoria is wearing as a cloak is the Imperial Tyrian Purple worn in the Early Holy Roman Empire.

Victoria has her own business interests that have grown since she was a pop star, show that a woman can have it all and does not need to be tied to the kitchen sink, bowing down obeying a man and being a second class citizen. Victoria might have help and support from family. We cannot legally leave young children and babies alone. Help is necessary and a wise choice.

Colour features strongly with designers and style. This picture is taken by a warm fire in a home - the fireplace is made for this reason and set back. Above the mantlepiece (meaning support) is a clock. Two unlit candles safely in glass holders are seen and a 3 lamp light again that is not lit. Again number 5 is featured and yet not shining light. During the Olympic Games, Victoria appeared with the Spice girls singing. Five Golden Rings were shining in this time.

The speaker on the floor is for sound. The Holy Bible Zion sings loudly! The Holy Bible is far more powerful than the Sword. The pen is mightier than the sword. There are those who have been sounding out the voices you are meant to be heard. Singers today are delivering the messages that are important to people to know too.

Victoria wearing a very bright outfit that stands out, brings attention to see the similar colour above - the Forever Union Lady. On the floor is a lighter orange colour carpet. On top is cream both Royal Cream shade with swirls of Orange. There is Royal Orange too. Not knowing Victoria's heritage and genealogy, or the fine detail of my own, she has been inspired in this colour scheme and style. The clock and the lights off are a reminder of divine timing. The main /day light lights up the room.

We are all here to learn lessons, grow and evolve spiritually. The Queen is in the position to assist this process. She is the one who decides to open hospitals and provide Free NHS. Princess Anne, her daughter has the local maternity unit named after her. The Queen decides to open schools and universities. She decides laws and can reject, cancel and change the laws too.

Victoria looks as if she is holding up the bag to protect herself. She does not look happy and the photographer has captured this for a reason. There are photographs that have been changed so I am not sure if this has - and it might not be, which shows even more detail that people will notice subliminally. There is reason to be alert for my safety now and not because of what I am writing. It is my birth heritage that is the reason and was always a continual worry from my Greek Grandmother.

In the background we can see the reflection of the van shows a dark horned face(dark knight?) This mask is showing in a triangle pointing downwards. This is indicating that he gets his power from the earth. Pointing upwards is from the heavens.

By increasing the picture, this may have been added to the photograph. It could be paint symbolising blood. There have been many pictures with Victoria and she is never pictured smiling. Also, early pictures she used to be seen always with her hand near her face - never even looking close at them. Th Beckhams have amounted a great fortune. Victoria was pictured with a man who the Daily Mail said is her body guard. People in the pubic eye are always alert of potential dangers around.

The closeup of this picture, we see the diamond detail in the background and also what looks like a mirror at the top of the past. On the diamond pattern there is a switch with the red clearly seen. The dimaond pattern connects back to Pella in Macedonia in the ancient Greek temples. It is the women from this lineage who are divinely guided by God. Victoria above her is a jug of olive oil and this is used in the crown royal anointing during a coronation, with certain ofther ingrediants.

There is seen two of something - food behind the counter that Victoria is turned away from. She is with her son on this particular journey who is called Cruz meaning Cross. He is carrying a bag with fish and chips, so the paper reported. Christ is associated with Fish with his apostles who were fishermen in the Galilee. The Holy Mother - the Virgin Mary is pictured by herself, or with her son, usually holding him. Cruz walked independantly. Baby Harper, Victorias daughter is just walking.

With the fire in Santa Maria and so many innocent people being killed - this was aaid to have started from a spark to kill over 200 people. While also concerned about my safety - another gift came through my door, a picture of an angel holding a harp from the same friend who brought the Slanket for me. Today I almost telephoned to speak to the Queen - she knows who I am, she also knows how to contact me if she wants to speak with me.

My writing is open after justice has been persistantly refused - THAT IS NOT MY FAULT. I have no gag order to keep silent and what court silences the truth? Officials openly say 'everyone knows the system is corrupt' - so clean it up! The people who stand by and watch people being hurt, losing their lives and homes in silence, to whome are they serving? If the Queen makes an error in her judgement, I am at ease to tell her - She is a human being. She is a Servant FOR the people.

Again I have taken the close up of this picture, directly above where is the red paint, is a man's face not clearly seen. He is wearing a dark blue apron of a mediteranian colouring with black hair. He is standing behind the barrier, the top is stainless steel. The glass is reflecting back a very bright light, from the flash of a camera. A red label reads 'NK FORD'. Behind the counter, the colour orange 'again' behind the window of what looks like behind a closed door. The door into the shop front is open. There is a spear type pole too. All these little details provide inforrmation to understand.

With the red label, Bank Ford came to to my mind. Google reveals DIE FORD BANK - translates into meaning 'The FORD BANK Overview. It is a financial institution. Banks recently have had fines, no idea who is collecting this. The people who are at the top who want to control and get rid of people, do not doing by hiring a hit man. That is a lower mentality. Years ago people were asking who is the anti-christ here in UK. Some of the movies evidently has some element to truth to it.

Looking at main photograph far background are black and white diamonds on the wall. There is a bar area. One one side there is what looks like red paint, as if blood (could have been put there) On the red velvet seat is shining an orange light. There is also seen a website on the van that I cannot make the detail - the first letters spell out Eulo.

The internet search engine shows this is an opal-mining town in South West Queensland, Australia. Again Queensland is featured. Opals are used in Jewellry. Black diamonds are a stone and physical place names. Black diamonds also connect with the Royal Danish family. Black Diamond is the former name of Pittsburg, California, United States.

Outside Buckingham Palace is the Victoria Memorial Park with the fountain and Queen Victoria. Above is a golden angel that is showing a heavenly messenger. In Queen Elizabeth II diamond jubillee photograph, outside the window is seen clearly the top of the fountain that someone said is known as the wedding cake. The Bride of Christ might actually be a woman.

Queen Elizabeth II decides who she will pass her crown to when she is alive, if she decides to abdicate. Queen Elizabeth has not made a public declaration to abdicate as Beatrix Queen of the Netherlands. The Queen by right can pass her crown to whoever she wants to. If she recognises someone is anointed by God, her family must also respect this. With the laws being changed to ensure the crown stays within the same family, such a rash decision might be with regret. Everyone is learning lessons.

David and Victoria are ordinary people who have led an extraordinary life. David will always be who his is and Victoria will be too. As individuals they are both going through their own personal growth and learning. A young woman who has listened to her intuition even in this day, is a mark of a woman who is following her own truth and living her purpose.

We see the spiritual purple very clearly. The Green is also a heart Chakra colour - as an outfit showing that while Victoria does not openly express herself, she is all heart and her pupose in life is a spiritual calling she is aware of. A few days ago, the media published a picture of a girl climbing a rock, with a huge wave, showing potential dangers. The materialistic climb, is not at all related to the spiritual climb. I had a choice, be a multmillionaire or continue with the direction that I was being called to follow and that has included given all the officials every opportunity to put wrongs right. They have not.

On the 7th January Christ showed himself clearly to me wearing a Gold and Red crown. The Crown of Asia is a Gold and red Crown. Queen Victoria was made 'Empress of India'. Kate and William recently made a trip to Far East and Asia. Queen Elizabeth had her coronation in front of Millions of people - she does not need to repeat this. If both Kate Middleton and William have had a 'crowning' ceremony overseas - 'they' will not be able to repeat this. We only have one Baptism, mine was with 3 full immersons.

There are lots of men who want to be King for Power and Wealth. Is that good enough reason? There are people who will do anything to be in the seat of power. Watching the story of Demetrius and the Emperor who was so hungry for power he sent his army to get the the cloak that belonged to Christ because he beleived it had powers that he wanted. It did not. That same hunger for power exists today. The British royals are billionares. They do not need any more money and they know it.

David Beckham has made history by pledging to donate his whole salary to an unnamed children's charity in Paris. One of the big issues that concerns me for 30 years, is children wandering off when they can be snatched at any time. People are horrified for 5 minutes when a child is missing and even found dead then they foget this. Countless thousands of people live with the guilt thinking 'if only they had watched their child' and wish they could turn the clock back.

Victoria carrying a bag from her own collection - white can also mean a fresh start, blank canvas and also purity. The bright orange stripe is standing out in her pulloer is a colour that does not suit everyone and yet is meant to be noticed and remembered. Behind Victoria are big glass doors with iron detail and inside light coloured doors. The Royal blue wheeled trolley an be easily moved because it is on wheels - recalling Charles had his Birth-day in Government House in New Zealand - no coincidence!

Nothing is straight forwardly placed in this world. Kate has shown interest in Istambul and Hagia Sophia. Queen Elisabeth did not 'steal' the crown from anyone. Because Greece is vitally important for the British Crown, if Kate and William have gone behind their grandmother's back to be crowned in the Solomon Islands, with an interest in the Eastern Roman 'Byzantine' Empire, it could be they have trodden on their own grandmother's toes. Just a thought to consider - just one point!

David Smiling and appearing to be really relaxed. In the background, there are quite a few sponsors that can be seen, including Emirates, Orange - 'again' and Nike who is also referred to as The Goddess. Nike is featured on the Olympic Games medals with the Parthenon Acropolis Temple of Athena seen in the background. They are evidently connected and expected.

The Physical Crown is a Physical Symbol, the Crown is not the power itself. The Head that Wears the Crown is recognised authority ONLY to work in the people's best interest and be fair in justice. There are people who draw power from another source, whether from the earth, or from other people, or with rituals and sacrifice. The only protection we have is from God. The Only power is from God. The Lord's Prayer was given to people for a reason.. The Bible was not written to control people. The books are a reminder of a far higher power above this earth taking care of this planet, or there would be a planetary collision long ago.

There are two family lines that have sufered over in history. One is the descendants of David. The other have been from the Christ family - the name Christina means Christ Athina. Victoria is meaning Victory. The message that is being shown also in thes pictures with Victoria and Cruz together is the reminder of the Victoria Cross.

"The Victoria Cross (VC) is the highest military decoration awarded for valour "in the face of the enemy" to members of the armed forces of various Commonwealth countries, and previous British Empire territories.[3] It takes precedence over all other orders, decorations and medals. It may be awarded to a person of any rank in any service and to civilians under military command. The VC is usually presented to the recipient or to their next of kin by the British monarch at an investiture held at Buckingham Palace"

The 'Spice Girls' Viva Forever' musical has been recenty launched in London. Viva in Spanish means 'Live'. David Beckham has played for Real Madrid - Real Means Royal in Spanish. The King of Spain is the King of Jerusalem and so we return back to the Holy Land were everything started thousands of years ago. In different ways we always come to the truth.

Christ did not seek wealth and power. He gave up everything so that he could serve the people.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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