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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 1 February 2013

David Beckham to give £170K week wage to charity

The man who has shown all young people that dreams can happen. David Beckham inspires and lights up the world with his smile. You do not need an Eton School education to succeed and make a difference in this world.

David Beckham has signed five-month contract with Paris St Germain. Victoria is to remain in the London with the children with their daughter Harper, because the boya, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are enrolled at schools.

The family have had the golden opportunity to travel and expand their horizons. Travelling can also provide a greater perspective to children that can be advantageous to set the foundation of their experience.

The Daily Mail report states that 'he's giving his £170,000-a-week to charity'.

The Qatari-owned club offered the Beckham family the use of a luxury home complete with pool, gym and cinema. Victoria has said it would be ‘easier’ for David to stay in a hotel when he is in France. She confidently adds 'he would do whatever was ‘easiest for me and the family when they come and spend time with me’.

New friends: David was joined by PSG Qatari president Nasser Al-Khelaifi and PSG sports director Leonardo

With David in Paris, Victoria will be busy with the children and growing her fashion empire.

David has revealed that he will be donating his entire salary from PSG. This is estimated to be around £170,000 a week, nearly £3.5million in total. This will be going to a children’s charity in Paris.

David stated ‘I’m not sure it’s something that’s been done before but it is something I’m very passionate about,’ adding that he was ‘excited and proud’ to help the as yet unnamed charity.

Victoria said: ‘Myself and the children are incredibly proud and supportive of David and we are excited about spending time as a family in Paris over the coming weeks.

'We are passionate about supporting children’s charities and donating to a local children’s charity in Paris is something we are delighted to do.’

Family - union jack, tell you what i want what a rally want...

David Beckham is shining his light very brightly now. He is inspiring countless youngsters. He is someone millions of youngsters can connect with and see, if you set your mind on achieving goals you can reach these.

To be in a position that David has attained, his is one of the most influential men in the world. While business minded, he also knows that he can anchor his position to the greater good of all - for this reason, I can see how protected his is. With wearing his cap, and being placed in his position, people are reminded of descendants of King David in biblical times.

A series of images are published on the original article, for a reason. In the first instance, we notice David with his head down - his head is protected by a cap, he is wearing his crown cap too.

A couple of weeks I told a traffic warden off for writing tickets and said to him 'you should take the afternoon off and go and have a coffee somewhere out of the cold. In replying looking worried he said 'there are cameras everywhere'.

Moving on: The former England captain has been a free agent since leaving the LA Galaxy side in November

David Beckham started his footballer career in Manchester. At a time when people thought he would have left the game, the 37 year old is recieving more offers than ever. David truly does has the world at his feet.

Quote: "Snow business like snow business: Brooklyn sits on a yellow sleigh as his dad prepares to boot him down Primrose Hill" - meanwhile Brooklyn busy on his mobile phone - maybe he uses this for surfing the internet too!

Stylish Victoria shopping in Marylebone visitng the Apple Store on Regent Street.

Victoria is a wife, mother and businesswoman. While also a public figure is also reserved. The media attention she has gained over the years have been because of her being on stage as a pop star performing and being marrried to David. Victoria is not one to be looking for cameras and to smile at every opportunity. This is not what she is about, quite obviously.

It is no secret that Victoria does not like smiling in front of the camera. When there are cameras are everywhere, who would want to smile. Being in the public eye the paparazzi stalkers are sitting in cars and vans, hiding behind walls and up trees. So desperate for a picture - perhaps this pays well. This is not rational behavior and it is unknown where it is heading.

Quote: "Time for some magic: The whole family - minus baby Harper - caught the Cirque du Soleil show in Kensington"

Quote WHaving a kick-about: David Beckham at the Arsenal FC training ground at Shenley Training Centre in Shenley, Hertfordshire" - David is sporting Emerald Green vest top, his football partner is wearing white.

Brand Nike is now becoming an open subject to talk about The Nike Goddess of Victory.

So it is no coincidence that David and Victoria found love, married and have their family. The reason why goes back a very long time - perhaps they know, perhaps they do not realise. As the dreams get bigger, so does the purpose that we are called for. David and Victoria have names of King David and Queen Victoria. Not names to be brushed aside.

For two people who have made a success in Britain and other countries, they fly the British flag and are ambassadors, yet in Britain, there are people who are legitimately from a royal lineage who are regarded as commoners. Sadly, William and Kate Middleton have not understood the message that was delivered to 'everyone' during their marriage ceremony.

The risk of being true to yourself is that you move on with your life and do what you are called to do. There are a lot of good people in this world, who do not like what is happening in the world. There are responsible parents who are protective over their children and want to be sure of their children's future - not easy in a very unpedictable world.

Happy David traveling to Paris - The City of the Starbucks Princess.

While each photograph provides more understanding from what we can see in the background - the fact is, the Eifell Tower was designed by the same architect who designed the Statue of Liberty for the American people. The pram logo under the Eifell tower is the growing of a new baby eifell that started in 1970.

London 2012 saw the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London - Paris has been important in helping to share this with the world. Paris is motivated to empower people - David Beckham certainly is the right man for the Job.

Any business that relies on sponsorship, puts for instance, both David and Victoria to cherry pick who they want to represent and how best this represents who they are as people. David has a growing fan base who swoon at his pictures. The man has never changed and a thought comes to mind, that he is not scared to show people who he really is either

David discovers he did not need to speak French to get the job.

This is clearly given for all eyes to see. Here is the Emirates Stadium in Drayton Park London. This is divine providence being revealed. There is a needle shape with the reminder of Cleopatra's Needle.

Queensland is identified clearly and connected to the Emirates. The feminine of Emir is Amira also spelled Ameera, is the Arabic & Hebrew female given name meaning Princess. Ave Maria is for a reason, with many descendants.

With Prince Gharios declaring himself entitled to be the Eastern Roman Byzantine Emperor, that could tread on toes of the British royals who want that title. The man delcared himself King of All the Arabs - that might be wanted too.

In America there is a growing movement of people empowering people and in Saudi Arabia Prince Alwaleed and his wife have been keen to address law changes allowing women to drive too. Of course, I sit in the background for when Charles, Wlliam, Kate Middleton and Harry to use their 'powerful' royal influence to empower all people. The world is waiting for equality.

Seem that the people have to do this.....David shine your light.

With the 'H' sign - H Block Prison comes to mind, behind David a black car with 'B 55 S' is seen. Sometimes it is necesary to separate the 'BS' to get to the real message. The Holy Bible does this!

"Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." Matthew 5:5

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria