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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 4 February 2013

Destiny's Child with Stage on Fire at Super Bowl

The Daily Mail Headline reads "Destiny's Child are back! Lady in leather Beyonce sets the stage on fire as she's joined by bandmates in show-stopping half-time Super Bowl performance"

"The 31-year-old singer sported a plunging leather corset and skirt which she stripped off to reveal a lace underlay during a slick, energetic show packed with special effects at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

However, her show may have taken up a large amount of electricity, with the power in the stadium going out shortly after the 14 minute set."

Beyonce is a supercharged individual who sends all her energy back to people, that she gains from both the audience and from higher realms. There are people who are energy vampires and give nothing back. Beyonce gives of herself and using the love she gets from people in dynamic and hi-energy performances. The lady is diverse, talented and her voice is a gift to sing.

Quote "Victory salute! Beyonce was clearly pumped up during her energetic performance at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and held her hands aloft to her fans"

In my previous article I wrote about the danger of pyrotechnics. This still applies. Here at the superbowel is a bigger open space and likely has strict safety standards in place for these displays and accomodating the audience.

In this article we see someone who is in the public eye making a point and sharing her truth. There are people who already have the understanding of our soul being immortal and the pheonix rising from the ashes. It is no coincidence that from where I live in Bolton, the Egyptology museum department, the 'Quest for Immortality' exhibition tour is in the Far East.

Quote "Multi-Beyonce: The singer sung in front of a screen of the star mirroring her moves" - Here is an illustration of Beyonce using herself for the point, that also demonstrates that it takes one leader to inspire everyone else. When one person is empowering people, everyone else when focussed on the same, they will be empowered too.

We are in a time to empower women and also to inspire men to treat women with respect. To be a prince, treat a lady like a princess. The laws that prevent people using this title are obselete now. Thinking, if I am recognised as being a Princess 'by divine right' that would mean that the British Establishment would have to take notice of what I say.

The more that there is attempts to silence the truth, the truth gets louder.

Of all names that this group of girls are known as is Destiny's Child. Destiny's Child are three women - Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Child is singular. Children is plural, meaning more than one.

Here we see beams of blue and spiritual purple circles. Not only will the spiritually enlightened royals be shining their light, it is a duty and responsibility to enable other people to reconnect back to the source our life. In this image there are 9 beams being revealed with beyonce making the 10th person. This would relate to 10 Spiritually Crowned Heads.

Looking beautiful - Beyonce gives 100% energy in her show, she is admired by her fans for what she represents and also she has a humanitarian heart. Her intention is to leave this world a better place.

Michelle Obama is one of Beyonces famous fan, posted on her Twitter page: 'Watching the #SuperBowl with family & friends. @Beyonce was phenomenal! I am so proud of her! -mo'

Michelle Obama is also motivated to empower the people in America, especially children.

Quote "Lights, camera action: Beyonce takes a breath in front of dramatic black and white video screens" - the way the images fall are telling a story. Destiny;s child 'takes a breath' after a stage on fire'....

Notice that some of the greatest singers of soul have African origins. The voice is a gift to deliver a message. What Beyonce has is also the French Herige. Her mother looks remarkably like Sophia Loren and could be related.

Quote "Smoking hot: Beyonce strikes a sultry pose alongside a female guitarist whose guitar sparked with fire" - these are examples of images and captions that do not necessarily have any connection to other situations. However, we can take the words of a female 'player' who is playing an instrument that sparked fire. Keep an open mind as I do.

Quote "Looking up to the stars: Beyonce's spectacular show was witnessed by millions of viewers worldwide" - how can any establishment claim to be any authority of the world if it rejects that God is the Ruler of this world. All it takes is one person to remind people that there is a higher authority that governs everything and everyone. Truth cannot be silenced.

Quote "Crazy in love: A dramatic silhouette of the singer contained cheering fans watching her take centre stage" - My neice in Los Angeles has travelled 10,000 miles with her documentary filmaker friend for an inspired Goddess Project Movie. This is to empower women in USA, These years my focus has been for the global need of healing and empowering people. Family and friends helped to raise the $10,000 Goddess Project Movie 'extremely basic' budget and someone gave them an old school bus that was meant to be too. The girls were told this was going to be huge....not sure they could see this at the time.

Two female heads, that have lights shining like the ancient crowns that covered the head. Notice the bright colour light in an area of the brain that is to do with clear vision and perception. Beyonce is standing on the white square, with the reminder of the black and white checkerboard. She is for the white team.

In the above image, we see Beyonce standing in the centre and can see clearly! People in America are loving what is happening and the irony is, so much effort has gone into keeping me down and quiet, so I decided to type instead!

Here is an example of being inspired from the heavenly realms. My neice who is also born on June 1st and 8 hours time zone difference -. She is divinely inspired and knows her role is to evoke consciousness. As a gifted artist she is able to produce her own visual expression allowing people to see clearly. The Spiritually crowned Royals are Divinely Inspired.

There are dangers around, mainly by people who want to block the truth coming out.

Quote "A commanding performance: Beyonce is shown confidently strutting around the stage in her slinky leather outfit in another post on her Tumblr"

If I recall, Madonna also did a dynamic show at the Superbowl too. Madonna entered the arena dressed as Cleopatra - no coincidence. These women are not in competition with eachother - THEY ARE WAKING PEOPLE UP!

This photograph is not in order of the original pubication. If you take a look at my previous article, about Santa Maria, you will see an 8 pointed star with what looks to be shining on a woman wearing a crown. The man dressed in black in front is holding his hand up. In this image, Beyonce is in the circle of herself being 8 times replicated in a circle. Outside of this are hexagrams with three layers. In the middle a red circle that looks like an eye.

Quote "Many hands make light work: The half time show featured plenty of impressive tricks and effects" - the ancient goddess is pictured with many hands for the many different situations she is helping with. To be a spiritual alchemist, first become spiritual and then serve God to assist positive change in this world. Those who rejected God made their choice. The reason why Queen Elizabeth II is in the Role as Queen is because she is in the positon of God's helper on this earth.

Quote "Light spectacular: Beyonce's performance was hailed by a lit up silhouette of the singer"

Super Bowl, Super meaning very big, a reminder to anyone playing a dangerous game with people on the world stage they better be good at it. Being born a Royal Princes, and marring someone for a title is a big difference. Kate Middleton walked on stage 'at applause time' wearing Royal Green McQueen dress with a very high split, to capture men's attention. Beyonce shows her legs because she can and does not need to pretend to be anyone other than who she is. Real Royal Vs. Fake royal. Princess Beyonce wins!

Quote "Stage with a view: One striking photograph on the singer's Tumblr showed the Destiny's Child trio looking out at the vast crowd"

The Ark of the Covenant is said to be held in Ethiopia Africa at St. Mary of Zion Chapel. The realisation of what is happening in our world is with people saying, they do not want to be putting theirselves down any more. They are NOT going to bow down to Kate Middleton - Fake Kate has been exposed! She cannot deliver the goods people are waiting for!

Quote: "Light show spectacular: Beyonce's striking Super Bowl performance from the air" - we see the most impressive stage settings and performances can be transformed with lighting. Here with shades of blue from deepest of Royal Navy to light blue rays of light lookng upwards is replicating the 'Eye of Isis' on Earth, planned or not, it is showing everyone the reminder to look upwards. For this is the only authority that has any credibility on this earth.

Quote "No smoke without fire: Beyonce played on her distinctive curvy figure, as she posed silhouetted against blue smoke" -

Notice there are rays pointing upwards and also downwards - this is reflecting people who are spiritually enlightened are interacting from the heavenly realms on earth, to being on earth in the heavenly realms. Everyone who is creative is inspired in a certain way for a certain reason and it is all relative for the divine plan. This illustrates that when we take our attention to the higher realms, then we can be inspired and guided from the heavenly realms too.

Quote "Beyonce lights up the stage during the half-time show of the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game in New Orleans" - Remembering Hurricane Katrina and all those people who were killed, their homes destroyed, the trauma and suffering in this horrific time too. Fats Domino from New Orleans is also 'awake and aware'. Domino gained attention with "The Fat Man" in 1950 on 'Imperial' Records.

There are many people now who are instrumental in getting people to use their voice and communicate their truth. If people do not realise a higher consciousness, they become slaves to people who have not!

Unholy Fire flames can be put out. Live will go on. The Flame of Truth cannot be extinguished. Countless people have died in fires. Immortal souls will live on. The Holy Spirit is not Physical.

With the report identifying the power went out at the end of the show, assuming it was turned back on again, perhaps a switchover took place in the process, from the old to the new. Lots of changes happening in our world at the moment.

When people go against the divine plan, they will not succeed.

During the Athens Olympic games opening ceremony, a lady descended towards the lake after having her Royal Blue coat removed - she was portrayed as being pregnant with her womb illiuminated in light. This is for a reason!

Does Beyonce sit on a throne....No! Lady Gaga did in India, there's a point to consider.

Seeing commercial for the Mrs. Carter World Tour - next article.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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