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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Saida Maria Prieto: Santa Cruz Carnival Queen Fire

The Daily Mail have reported "An aspiring carnival Queen has been severely burned after fireworks set her costume on fire during a parade in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Saida Maria Prieto, 25, was minutes away from going on stage when her costume turned turned into a giant fireball. This was said to have happened after coming into contact with pyrotechnics on another competitor's outfit."

Another fire; another tradegy. Pyrotechnics again being to blame. Again Maria is a given name.

Saida means 'blessed'. As a baby this lady was given the name Blessed Maria.

The aspiring carnival Queen is in hospital being treated with severe burns particularly on her back.

"Witnesses said as she was engulfed in flames the column of fire reached ten metres high"

"Burns: It is thought her costume caught fire after coming into contact with pyrotechnics on another competitor's costume"

"Recovery: Miss Prieto is currently on a respirator and sedated according to hospital sources"

Despite trauma and injuries, the report says Saida Maria was 'conscious and oriented' and was able to explain to the Red Cross staff that she had allergies to certain drugs.

Miss Prieto was initially taken to the HUC (Hospital Universitario de Canarias). She was later transferred to a mainland specialist burns unit in Seville's Hospital Virgen del Rocio.

Miss. Prieto is currently on a respirator and sedated according to hospital sources.

Comments from readers of the article

"its a miracle she survived."

"wishing speedy recovery"

"Poor dear girl. Let's all pray for her."

"From joy to horror in seconds, how dreadful, please let her make a full recovery."

"I was in a fire as a child which engulfed my whole body. It didnt hurt while it was happening it was just very very frightening. It was afterwards that the pain began. She has a long road ahead of her. I am to this day terrified of fire. All my love to this lady."

My thoughts and prayers are with Saida Maria to recover and be strong.

The Wednesday before Shrove Tuesday is when the election of the Carnaval Queen takes place. This event is a huge evening gala. On the Friday is the announcement parade, Each year is a different theme. Last year was 'Flower Power'

The Queen of the 2013 Santa Cruz carnival, Soraya Rodriguez in Tenerife on February 7, 2013. The annual Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival runs through February 17, 2013. Photo credit: Desiree Martin / AFP / Getty Images

With the elaboate costume and expense this is evidently a very serious competition. Also notice the feathers and these could easily catch light. With some fabrics being flamable it does not make sense to have pyrotechnics around.

Carnival is also the name of Carnival Cruises and this comes to mind.

Carnival Cruise line, include Carnival Freedom, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Valor, Carnival Glory and Carnival Conquest, the latter being replaced by Carnival Destiny/Sunshine after her maiden European season November 2013-onward.

Carnival purchases include, 1972 Empress of Canada and 1975 Empress of Britain - Previous articles identify Queen ships and town ships, relating to admiralty law being applied on land.

Miss. Prieto was wearing an elaborate crown headdress and Egyptian style snake necklace. She is wearing mainly in Red and Gold witha jewelled top. The report said the aspiring carnival Queen was engulfed in flames 'by accident' from another competitor. In this video you can see more detail of the costume that must have been taken moments before the fire took place.

Just great sadness fills me that this has happened. So much love sent to this young woman.

Alexander Romonov has made a public announcement for Queen Elizabeth II to pass the crown to 'Isis'. The Last Pharaoh Queen of Egypt was 'Greek' and so Queen Elizabeth II knows that 'her' successor will be Greek through MtDNA!

Then, even though the Greek monarchy is 'abolished', the former Danish king and his wife insist of calling theirselves King and Queen of the Greeks! They are NOT! For all the suffering of Greek people already; to this day!

The theme of the Carnival in 2013 - Bollywood: India and so the Carnival Queen would be given an association to India and Asia. No coincidence that the 7 churches of Asia are identified in the Holy Bible. The lady who was announced the winner, is wearing wings and a full crown covering on her head as a reminder of being divinely guided by God. One way or another the truth is going to keep coming out and so while Saida Maria is in hospital, she also has many people praying for her too.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife celebration of the Carnival Queen ended in tradegy. Santa Cruz means Saint Cross and Holy Cross. Tenerife is the largest of seven Canary Islands. This connects to Spain. With Juan Carlos being King of Jerusalem this connects with the Holy Land directly to the Holy Cross and is the Holy Cross that unites all other lands.

The Harry Potter fans are shown there are people trying to have power over the elements. The scar on Prince William's forehead has been described as a Harry Potter scar. This school of wizards and witches is not my interest! There are people who are trying to harm people by using the elements. It is unknown if this is another situation that relates.

The Queens of the Carnival reign just for one year. With all these contests there is an opportunity to do great good in this time. To be a Queen of a country or group of countries is being a spiritual mother to people. Recently someone said to me, our world has been taken over by corporations - wars to conquest lands does not mean people have a right to rule them.

Somehow in some way, our world will work out as it should be. This lady might end up wth physical and psychological scars from the trauma of this fire for the rest of her life. The beauty within Saida Maria will continue to shine.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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