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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin First Eater

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby addresses the congregation at Canterbury Cathedral during the Easter Day service.

The new Archbishop of Canterbury in hia first Easter Sunday sermon warns against 'pinning hopes on individuals' in politics and public life to deliver deliver a better future. He spoke of ignoring complexity and humanity left us 'unreasonably disappointed' with everyone 'from politicians to NHS, education to environment'.

He told worshippers at Canterbury Cathedral that setting people or institutions up to heights where they can only fail was 'mere cruelty'.

The Archbishop, who was enthroned as head of the Church of England earlier this month, also criticised a 'hero leader culture' which he claimed led to unfair blame in society.

'A political party gets a new leader and three months later there is comment about disappointment,' he said.

'An economy suffers the worst blow in generations with a debt crisis and economic downturn, and the fact that not everything is perfect within five years is seen as total failure.

'Complexity and humanity are ignored and we end up unreasonably disappointed with every institution, group and policy, from politicians to NHS, education to environment.'

Failing to recognise human failure in any organisation was 'naive', Mr Welby said.

No mention of consquences that come as a result of negligence and recklessness.

'Put not your trust in new leaders, better systems, new organisations or regulatory reorganisation, They may well be good and necessary, but will to some degree fail. Human sin means pinning hopes on individuals is always a mistake, and assuming that any organisation is able to have such good systems that human failure will be eliminated is naive.'

He added: 'Human fallibility recognised, God's sovereignty trusted - these are also the only stable foundation for human beings in society. Setting people or institutions up to heights where they cannot but fail is mere cruelty.'

Mr Welby pointed to reports on Friday that only 40 per cent of churchgoers are convinced the new archbishop can resolve the problems of the Church of England.

'I do hope that means the other 60 per cent thought the idea so barking mad that they did not answer the question,' he said.

'Holy Week and Easter show us the reality of God and of human beings. It is a reality that equips us for action in the world, action that is based on hope and realism, not on cynicism or fear.'

Η αλήθεια ελευθερώσει υμάς - The truth liberates all of us.

Do people in Britain really want the truth?

To be sincere in faith is to seek truth. Keep seeking the truth.

To be the Supreme Head of a Church of God and also of a Law Court as God's representative on earth, it is expected that whoever is presiding over the court as the Crown Royal is divinely appointed for this role. It seems there has been some manipulation of laws taking place and ignoring fundamental pre-requisites that are clearly written in the Holy Bible.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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