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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Orthodox Christian Churches now Mosques

Not long ago someone said to me 'It is a pity you are not a muslim or you would be able to the Kaaba'.

My reply to this, it is a pity people do not spend enough time in prayer to be guided in the right way.

The following list of former Eastern Christian Orthodox Churches in just in Istambul Turkey converted to Mosques.

Arap Mosque
Atik Mustafa Pasha Mosque
Balaban Aga Mosque
Bodrum Mosque
Chora Church
Ese Kapi Mosque
Eski Imaret Mosque
Fenari Isa Mosque
Fethiye Mosque
Gül Mosque
Hagia Sophia
Hirami Ahmet Pasha Mosque
Imrahor Mosque
Kalenderhane Mosque
Kariye Mosque
Kasim Aga Mosque, Istanbul
Kefeli Mosque
Koca Mustafa Pasha Mosque
Little Hagia Sophia
Manastır Mosque, Istanbul
Monastery of Stoudios
Odalar Mosque
Pammakaristos Church
Sancaktar Hayrettin Mosque
Şeyh Süleyman Mosque
Toklu Dede Mosque
Vefa Kilise Mosque
Zeyrek Mosque

More former churches identified in Turkey - See link below.

Jesus Christ did not give permission to Change His Truth.

He said, 'I am the Alpha and Omega - No one goes to the father except through me.' There are warnings not to add or change what is written in the Holy Bible 'for a reason'.

Muslims have said that Muhammad is a Prophet of God. I did read that angel Gabriel appeard to him and told him to recite. This is very specific for understanding. The meaning of recite is to repeat from memory which he did. Scribes documented this.

Muhammad lived in a time when people did not have televisions. The Word of God given to the Prophets before and their experiences were known about and shared. As we talk today about Christ and the miraculous conception - future generations will remember this and share the story. The story is to show the power of God and also to remind people of the Ruling Highest Power.

Did Jesus Christ reveal himself to Muhammad? This is a important to know. He has revealed himslf to me in prayer very clearly and he is now wearing the Imperial Crown that relates to the 7 churches of Asia. He is appearing to many people now.

Muhammad has appeared to me in my dream very clearly after prayer to God Almighty to be guided in the right way for Muslims because of people who are telling Christians they are wrong and even me. Are you brainwashed so that you reject the truth?

Muhammad was standing dressed in white on a green hilltop, surrounded by pale very clean water. I could see that underneath this hilltop was a cave cutout with a hook that if people went underneath the water they would get trapped and drown. The impression I got was that Muslims must be very careful in what they are teaching people and how they are treating people too.

Moments after logging onto the computer, I was guided to find the letter from Muhammad a promise to all Christians that they will never prevent women from following the Christian faith, also that they will protect Christians and the Church.

The document shows his handprint and offers protection and religious freedom to Christians of the Monastery (who we are all Greek Orthodox) He made precedents for toleration and peace among people of different faiths.

In my previous article, I discovered the reason why Hagia Sophia is a museum and not a Church because a law was made to prevent people worshiping God there. In trying to see this from a rational perspective, perhaps authorities have done this to ensure that no one tries to use this to Crown someone as Emperor and Empress who has no right to be, I can understand this justified concern.

However, there are people who beieve that the world must convert to Islam and that is not true. Islam is one branch of a tree and if it is not teaching peace between all people, then something is wrong. God is not a devious manipulator who turns men against each other. I live in a country of hypocritical oathtakers and injustice is rife. My loyalty and allegiance is to Jesus Christ as my King and to God Almighty as my boss. If Queen Elizabeth II is a sincere servant of God, she will have seen Christ too.

Greek Orthodox Christians are given the Holy Spirit as a gift during baptism with full immersion 3 times in the name of the Holy Trinity. We are anointed with specially prepared oils on various parts of our body. During this process the priest is saying very clearly that we are given "The seal of the gifts of the Holy Spirit."

Take away our churches and we will pray at home, when driving, walking, with friends and strangers - We are all encouraged to develop a personal relationship with God and maintain this. Our prayers are heard and answered. Are yours?

When the World Trade Centre Twin Towers were destroyed, so was Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church - this did not stop prayers happening and people gathering together for the service outside. We often see images depicting Christ outside talking with people and walking with people - his relationship with God was and is full time as a way of being. Yours can be too, if you want to be.

Over the years men and women have given their lives to go and fight 'the enemy in wars'. The enemy has been unarmed innocent men, women and children. Lands have been conquested by people who beleive they have a right to rule and do not.

How many wars are people going to endure before they say they want to live in peace on earth?

Come together people in peace. The plan is this for everyone.

Muhammad came to me validating my prayer for guidance. I was told by a dear muslim friend this is a very rare happening.

You can believe or disbelieve.....I have delivered what I am obliged to share with you. You are FREE to reject all of this!

Muhammad did not want to be worshipped. Unless people have got a personal relationship with Allah and can demonstrate this they should not be making laws for people to live by and dominating lands with this. People who can demonstrate that they are guided by God, it is still expected they be recognised by the people who are ordained to care of people's spiritual welfare.

We are born to learn lessons, grow and evolve spiritually.

Turkey means Key to the Mountain. If muslims are told God does not communicate with people, they already have shown they do not have the key to the mountain. They also say that Mumammad is the Last messenger of God. This is not true and leaders know it.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria