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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 29 March 2013

John F. Kenndy - Religion, Church and State

One gentleman's name is not being forgotten for this man was not just a figurehead, he had a passion not just for the American people either. The late John. F. Kennedy had a passion for Life and Freedom for all people, without prejudice.

In this speach, John F. Kennedy speaks about Religion, Church and State. When we consider the bigger picture of what is happening in our world, it is neccessary for someone in the role of President to be neutral for all religions, or he would not be able to identify with all people. The role of a President is not to convert people to a religion for this would be inviting the same to happen again over and over. There have been in times forced conversion to religion and this is NOT what God has asked or commanded.

When I go shopping, it is likely to encounter people from different religious backgrounds and cultures. If I can look at the person, who might be Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhst and even the non beleivers of wisdom teachers and try remember to accept that everyone is in their own learning process, in some way they will learn their own lessons - so can you.

My passion about the Greek Orthodox Church is with knowing wars are taking place and injustice too. My passion to speak out is because silence would allow the voices of those who are pleading, to continue being silenced and be ignored.

My passion to speak out is because I believe that our world can be a world of peace for all manking, with people who are realising a higher consciousness. I am not naive to ignore that there are deviants and sociopaths who have no care or conscience and KNOW, that in some way, they are going to have to face up to the error of their ways - even after they die.

Everyone is an instrument to enable humanity progress - even the sociopaths. The people who think they have nothing to offer, might not realise just being who they really are, they are impacting lives in some way. The people who have profound disabilities and overcome tremendous life challenges - these are the inspirational teachers of the next generation.

We are living in the time of the brave and courageous, with people finding their voice.

There is no mention of muslims in the above video, made in 1960 when perhaps there were conflicts between different churches that were of most importance to address. However I still think this is a very important speech that applies today.

If you are religious, your actual relationship with God is personal. No one actually knows the personal relationship with your parents or how much you love your mother. No man or woman has the right to judge your personal relationship with God.

In listening to this speech, in a cosmopolitain world, with many different nations, to 'force' one established religion that everyone must join, actually shows spiritual ignorance and naivity. This also goes against what is ordained by God.

Throughout the ages people have been given spiritual understanding to share. Both men and women.

There is no spiritual teaching that has been given 'to me' with divine guidance that is to restrict or oppress, hinder learning and growth, certainly not to cause harm or suffering, or turn one nation of people against another.

You will read how I am openly condmening the crimes against humanity by the oath takers - God who is the Judge for the penalty that people will pay for the errors of their ways. However, in this one aspect, I have been GUIDED when THE ETHICAL GOVERNMENT are ready, they are to implement the structure to prevent unethical officers from working in trusted roles.

It is noticable that officials in America are not ashamed to proclaim their oath to God.

Today is again a new begining. It will take effort in rebuilding trust and setting a standard of moral and ethical responsibility in any office and the church. This starts from the individuals who work in office. It is expected that a President can be selfless to serve his people. The reason why President John, F. Kenney was assasinated is unknown. In the divine plan, people are learning now that even when someone is killed they are not easily forgotten. People are being shown the truth cannot be silenced forever.

Everyone is born with fudamental Rights. We are all given Free Will. Man does not rule over God.

The President is the Captain of a ship and the passengers decide the destination. His navigation is vitally important and equally important are the passengers who are the pioneers of the New Golden Age for future generations.

A conscientious, intelligent and committed group of officers, with vision, dedication, motivation, passion and compassion, sensitivity and strength, with individuality and versatility, team building collaborators, empire building organisers are to address the structures that are to be put in place and exist already to enable people to heal, learn, grow and evolve. This same structure becomes the beacon of light for other people to learn from and duplicate - not to divide or compete. This is the eternal flame.

Lands of origins might have been taken and occupied. The building of the new Noah's Ark in Holland is a reminder to the people who decieve and manipulate to rule over people that actually they have no right to rule over anyone at all.

The Ecumenical Patriarch of 300 million Orthodox Christians describes himself as first among equals. Pope Francis I has stepped into the role of be a leader for 1.2 billion Catholics - he is soveriegn, he is gentle and compassionate too.

People who use religion to divide and decieve people will find they are going to lose their way.

There is a function for Church and State. The video above addresses the foundation to build on.

'The word "democracy" (Greek: δημοκρατία) combines the elements dêmos (δῆμος, which means "people") and krátos (κράτος, which means "force" or "power"). In the words "monarchy" and "oligarchy", the second element arche (ἀρχή) means "rule", "leading" or "being first".'

In America, there is one man in Maryland who believes he is by right King of Man (Isle of Man) Another believes he is by right Emperor of the Eastern Byzantine Empire and King of all the Arabs. Another who beleives he is Emperor, Tsar and Duke of Windsor. These are just people that I am aware of in America. People in America are buying fake worthless titles too.

Another women changed her Christian name to Princess by deedpoll and this was accepted in a court of law. This happened are she was exposed for selling worthless titles and decieving people. Since this time she has amassed a long arm of honors - including one assocated with Justice. Does the self declared Emperor by right believe the Court in America approves this?

President Obama made a powerful speech in his inauguration of second term in office. The unity of the people came with being American with a President who reminds people that they can succeed in their dreams. Since a young girl, I have known America as being the land of opportunity for people. Years later learning of a man who had 30 + work placements be hired by a top company because they valued the diverse experience he had to give in the company. The visionaries understand versatility.

The founding fathers of America did not document the rights and freedoms of people, without reason. The declaration of Independance of the 13 States of America are now set in stone 'with' the Declaration of Independance of Israel together.

One day we will learn the truth that is not being printed in the media.

By then another chapter will be written, with the reminder not to worship false idols.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria