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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Kate Middleton Awarding Olympic Medal to Iran

After Queen Elizabeth and most of the present at the closing ceremony on 12th August - which is the anniversary day of the death of Greek Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt, people ignored the masses singing the National Anthem to Kate Middleton.

Harry was introduced as Henry Prince of Wales - his formal name with the title of Heir to the Throne.

After the Games here, William and Kate travelled overseas on a Diamond Jubilee Tour. On their return, an urgent push to change succession laws evidently was because of a threat to the throne and they beleive man made laws will sort it out.

What has been on my mind for some time, remembering that Kate Middleton awarded an Olympic Medal to someone who would have been forced to bow to her to accept it - today I have located a video to discover the gentleman is an Iranian.

This might have been a deliberate detail by the establishment. Various people have made comments. Few people realise there has been an ongoing political agenda. The Iranian PM has spoken out about the Imam Madhi and also Jesus Christ.

It could be seen from the above vidoe that the Iranian athlete is bowing to Kate Middleton, however, in looking much closer, he is, like most if not all the athletes who have recieved Olympic medals, holding onto the Nike Goddess close to his heart.

To win an Olympic Medal is something every athlete cherishes - even though every athelete is a winner.

People have commented that the Iranian athlete declined to shake Kate Middletons hand. For a Muslim, this would be disrespectful to 'any' married woman, especially as hands are very personal and to touch hands is entering someone's personal space.

An Iranian bowing to Kate Middleton and shaking her hand could be seen as agreeing to be subservient to her.

My prayers have been that Britian does not invade Iran - the war monger mindset here who have no care or conscience, and would not care if people in Britain suffer a retaliation. There exists a cold bloodded killer mindset 'for profit'.

Muslism are told not to bow down to anyone but God. The Athlete did NOT bow down to Kate Middleton.

If Mrs Cambridge is playing a game of deception with the people - it is going to backfire on her!

Strange how this would again come to mind to look up 'who was put in the position to bow to Kate'.

Well it is here for people to see and remember the British establishment have an agenda.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria