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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Pope Francis and Bartholomew I Holy Land Plan

Pope Francis and Bartholomew I embrace each other with the focus of unity and peace.

"Vatican City (AsiaNews) - The ecumenical patriarch of Constantinople has invited Pope Francis to travel with him to the Holy Land next year to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the embrace between Patriarch Athenagoras and Paul VI, the pioneers of Catholic-Orthodox dialogue. During their private meeting, Bartholomew and Francis explored possible paths towards unity, including theological dialogue, environmental defence, and a visit to the Fanar, after going through proper diplomatic channels.

Earlier, when the pontiff met Christian and other religious leaders, Bartholomew I was the only one who addressed Pope Francis. For the patriarch, Christians must bear witness in a credible way through "Church unity" in order to cope with the world's economic crisis and to counter "worldly trends" that limit life to its earthly horizons. Bartholomew's words reflect the pontiff's notion of stewardship, which he presented yesterday during his inaugural mass.

All this is evidence of the great unity between the two leaders. When Pope Francis introduced the patriarch, he called him, off the cuffs, "my brother Andrew" underscoring the blood ties between the two apostles patrons of the two Churches, Andrew of Constantinople and Peter of Rome, the "first one to be called" and the "first one among the apostles".

Like Francis, Bartholomew referred to Benedict XVI "as a mild man who distinguished himself by his theological knowledge and charity."

When he spoke about the "task and huge responsibilities" that await the pope, he said that "the unity of Christian Churches" was "the first and most important of our concerns" in order to ensure that "our Christian witness is seen to be credible near and far." Hence, it is necessary to continue "the theological dialogue" between Catholics and Orthodox, based on the experience and tradition of the first undivided thousand years.

The world's economic crisis is another "imperative," requiring that "those who have more give more" so that "justice can ensure peace".

The pope, Bartholomew said, has a "long and valued ministry as a Good Samaritan in Latin America. [. . .] Like few others, he has known the bitterness and suffering of human misery."

Echoing what Pope Francis said yesterday in his homily, Bartholomew also noted that "We have a duty to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, cure the sick".

The patriarch went on to praise the pope for "his choice of simplicity," a necessity if we want to correct the "worldly notions" that have emerged among Christians and others that weaken the notions of justice, mercy and cooperation among men by encouraging them to remain too attached to the earthly things.

"The Church," said Bartholomew, "blesses earthly life but does not limit its mission to it." We must correct "worldly notions" so that man can return to the "original beauty, that of charity."

Yes we have a duty to feed the hungry, cloth the naked and cure the sick. These gentlemen are very much in tune with my process. In 1965 I knew of people dying of famine in lands that can grow food. It did not make sense. Children have been working in some countries when they could be in school. We are living in greedy selfish times and this has to change. Passing over vasts amounts of cash that is not monitored or accounted for and said to be for vulnerable people and causes - how much reaches the destination?

The warmest feeling came with seeing Pope Benedict XVI and Ecumenical Patriarche Bartholomew together. This continues with Pope Francis embracing unity with Ecumenical Patriarchate Bartholomew shows the dedication of two gentlemen with sincere heart who are chosen for their spiritual purpose. A Church means a 'gathering or assembly of people' a House of God is open for all people.

Since the early years, a constant focus every day to be guided in the right way and do right by everyone can be diverted by distraction. Once learned, it is not easy to forget. It is like a light switch to be turned on and off. Not everyone knows where the light switch is. If people could see the devastation and loss they cause, they might think twice before telling lies on oath.

In the ancient times, the Virgin Mary was born in a very specific lineage - the Royal Priesthood lineage. This bloodline was given a personal and direct relationship with God. As an intercessor for prayer, Mary is a bestower of blessings. Evidence of the Holy Belt as a High Priestess has been preserved all these years and considered sacred by the Orthodox Faithful. No one can deny this.

Not everyone understands the Power of God who can make anything happen for His divine purpose.

Yesterday, before going to the dentist, I wrote on facebook if every Muslim spoke out and said they were waiting for Christ to return, this would silence the critics who claim to be Christians and speaking against muslims. In the dentist chair, a telephone discussion was taking place on the radio. Muslims were acknowleging there are differences in in what they are taught, because they beleive that someone else was crucified instead of Christ. However 'Every Muslim Waits for Jesus Christ to Return'.

It is unknown how many thousands of Christians and athiests heard this - this message was delivered!

Last year with a headache listening to the bickering of who is right and who is wrong between Muslims and Christians, I asked in prayer, 'God guide me in the right way to advise Muslims what they must know to bring an end to all the arguments.

That night Muhammad appeared in my dream standing on a grassy hill top, surrounded by clear blue water. My vision was showing me under the water there was a hook shape of a cave. The impression I got is people could be sucked under the water by the current and would drown - with no-one to rescue them. Moments after turning my computer on the next day, I was guided to discover the letter from Muhammad that is at the Greek Orthodox Monastary at the foot of Mount Sinai - where Moses recieved the 10 commandments.

A copy of this letter has 'disappeared' however truth is held where God has trusted this to be.

Muhammad is the foundation Islam has been built. The Quran was written by scribes. Muhammad did not want fame - he pointed people to God and to rightfully submit totally to God/Allah. Another misunderstanding 'the Sword of God' this refers to 'The Word of God'. There is a man who actually beleives he has the right to be Emperor and to rule with the sword. He has shown that he does not.

One of the fundamental laws we are given as people, is not to kill anyone. God is the Life Giver to all.

Sacred Magisterium (Holy Majesty) means to intepret and serve the Word of God. It is easy to witness!

Pope Francis has been welcomed into the hearts of millions of people around the world. We might not know him personally but we can look at his work before he was elected as Pope to discover this man is a people's person with a caring heart.

Ecumenical Patriarche Bartholomew is a theologian who knows the responsibilities of every servant of God. Lawyers dismiss the gravity of reckless misconduct 'in the name of God'. When they refuse to work for Justice, this has far reaching conquences.

We who are faithful do not want a world war. The meaning of apocalypse is revealing he truth. Already there have been wars and many signs that are prophesised in the book of Revelation have passed. The 'DARK AGE' was 100 years ago.

The people who are shining the light for peace are instruments to bring people together by opening hearts with love. HH's Bartholomew and Francis 1 dedicate all their time in being divinely appointed instruments - This is a full time job.

With all the manipulation taking place, I have considered if Pope Benedict was put in a compromising position. No matter what, Joseph Ratizinger will continue his life in prayer for the people and for peace. Spiritually enlightened people right at the very top know about accountability - They know about Divine Providence too. We are being divinely guided accordingly.

Imagine a world of 'Justice with Compassion'. England has not wanted this either. They silenced me!

While it is forbidden for Christians to take an oath...I did knowingly in a London Court as a Servant of God! Queen Elizabeth II took her oath in front of hundreds of witnesses and millions of television observers. Mine was in front of 3 robed Barristers, a district Judge and a recorder - They cannot deny it because it is on record. God chooses credible witnesses and Sincere Servants!

Queen Elizabeth II is the Crown Head of a Church that is governing over 70 million people - that makes the laws for the people. If she is a sincere servant of God she has obligations to uphold. She has to prove her sincerity to people.

No surprise Simon Cowell is a world famous Judge of 'Xfactor'. The Court Judge rejected credible evidence (professsional training and qualifications) after being injured in a car crash, was named Cowell too. Mistakes can be made, errors must be put right.

Human rights abuses are crimes against humanity. The British establishment are trying to get out of addressing this issue because they have dug a deep hole for theirselves that they cannot avoid now. My public exposure is deliberate.

Uniting humanity in peace and harmony is an ongoing process.

When laws are being made to take away people's human rights and silence the voices that must be heard 'by Royal Charter as a Law' - (made me think of a chartered boat or chartered airplane - with maritime law being used to enslave people) Lawmakers are reminded of having no auhtority to rule OVER GOD. The Queen holds her position on condition she UPHOLDS Her Oath!

As for being Queen of a Ship - Someone built A Noah's Ark in Holland. Check out the Grande Dame too!

This inspired painting was done hoizontally in a small postcard. Turning the picture around, clearly Christ is wearing his crown. Christ is the sincere King of the People; who gave to the people. Jesus Christ answers prayers and he still gives to people.

Around the time of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations a little girl knocked on my door and asked to come in. She told me Christ appeared to her (around 13 times now). He has since revealed himself to me in prayer wearing His Crown.

Blessed are the innocent children - for they will inherit this land, we are all given to live on.

Blessed are the Meek for they will inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5

God appoints who he wants to Serve Him. Christ chooses well.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12

Peace, love and best wishes
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