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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 18 March 2013

Richie Banker 11 Horses Running - Only 1 Winner

The Executive from Barclays with 11 horses at Cheltenham races swooped £68,000 prize money after victory in first race. The article was in the Daily Mail a few days ago - still it is being reported in the media for a reason.

The odds on to win were fairly high given how many horses he had entered.

Barclays executive Rich Ricci was reported to be given handsome £6m bonus last month.

What the media do not tell the people, is all the products the banks sell, especially mortgage insurance to cover interest rates, actually pay commission. Taking into consideration the volume of customers who are taking out new mortgages or being 'tempted' to change into another lending source with seemingly more agreeable terms, the broker earns a percentage 'from the insurance company'.

The Bank Owners earn their profit from the percentage of interest they charge to people for mortgages, overdrafts and loans. Also as long as you stay in credit, using the bank as a deposit for funds, providing the bank does not have any 'clauses in the contract with you' their service as a customer can be useful - although as media reports have shown 'not safe'.

Bank notes here have written 'I promise the pay the bearer' with a picture of Queen Elizabeth II.

There has recently been fines to various banks - Who are the rogues and who are not?

With the 'game of thrones taking place' there seems to be some shifting taking place now.

Races are competitions, with winners and losers. Gambling is taking place. Are we seeing fair play?

The banking industry has been exposed for interest rate fixing. Also what has been involved is the gambling traders - one report with turning up for work still drunk from the night before. Another high on coccaine. A trader gambling vast numbers with the banks permission - no penalty if lose, a bonus if win can attract a reckless mindset. Meanwhile most people are penny pinching.

Zara Phillips, former home in Cheltenham, has changed because she has now moved to her mothers home. Her mother could have a residence move too? With her official address being St. James Palace - this being the Sovereign's residence. This address is used by Eugiene and Beatrice, William, Kate and Harry. No one questions if there is any deception going on.

Rich Richie had his win on the first day. Zara Phillips was obstructed by security.

There are people who beleive they will always be winners. There are those who enjoy playing with people too. In England there is an expression people use and they say 'you must learn to play the game or you lose' - this explains why the system is one that has people is protecting 'real criminals' and the set up for the throne is being built up on deceiving people.

The overseer of the Bank of England is Queen Elizabeth II. She is the crowned head. With cheating (adulterous) Charles, Romping Harry, Kate and William have been sold to the people - this family could be taking the world as fools. When the government owns shares in the bank and above explains a little how they profit, is this system really ethical with wars based on lies too?

With 11 horses running, this makes me wonder if the race has far more profound significance. What big deals are taking place behind the scenes. People have thrown title deeds on a gambling tables. 'Titles' also relate to land and property.

As long as people trust - they will take in whatever they are sold, even in the banking industry. This is said in all seriousness, with knowing that products have been misold to people voer the years and today, in the finance industry, there are countless elderly people being exploited and it is being done with taking advantage of age and vulernability.

One lady was talked into taking out a bond and was told by a banking staff she wil have to pay £10,000 cash. She never got her bond but she handed over the £10,000 cash as instructed because she trusted being ethically advised by the bank employee.

With Kate Middleton's mother name Goldsmith, it is unknown if she is related to the banking family. Could be. The British establishment would unlikely just let any 'commoner' marry into the family - the monarchy is a multibillion pound money making machine. The British establishment continues with popularity - however, 'what if' this family are not being sincere with the people.

The British media often refer to 'The Firm' meaning a financial corporation for profit. There are law courts that operate for profit and prisons that operate for profit too. The insurance industry is booming. There are fines for people at every opportunity, even for going a couple of miles too fast and parking on roads. The introduction of fines for not having a car insured even when parked up and not being used is more 'easy £billions' - To what extent do the land and road owners profit from the people?

To place another family member as the Head of a Church - is this a church of profit or Church of God?

Richie the banker is laughing all the way - he is winning. William and Kate are gambling.

Laws have been put in place to ensure that income is paid to the successors of the thone.

In England and the commonwealth so many people suffer injustice and struggle. When people are ready to realise that sweet smiles can hide treacherous hearts. Smooth words can be manipulating and the stories you read in the papers that highlight problems overseas - might be to engage with your permission to agree to go to war and claim the lands for which King?

A social flutter at the races and gathering of people who rub shoulders with other people - is with a reminder that there is quite likely bigger business deals taking place too. Not everyone is aware that banks have been moving around their business operations. Is there not a New Barclays centre in New York now? So many changes happening with changes impacting everyone. Do you know?

Barclays Bank have treated my family with utmost respect. Perhaps this is because my parents were involved with a credible business, manufacture and provided a supply to other industries. The Firm (group of companies) employed a substantial workforce, with families who were dependant on the income. The shark mentality today are many who want to get rich quick and portray to be successful, Many people will get into debt way beyond their means ' to impress'. Who are they impressing? The banks profit from debt.

If anyone has taken out a loan or mortgage and does not fulfill their obligations in the contract, the bank can take away their property. So if you have a home worth £200,000 with a £20,000 mortgage and cannot pay it, the bank take possession for a property and can sell it on for profit. You do not get the difference. Many people are going to lose their homes this year, this way.

People are not protected in UK and they trust blindly - People take out loans forgetting the penalty.

The 'system' can crush people and steal homes with legal corruption. The system destroys business too.

The administration tool people are using in banking to profit is 'a contract' - contract law applies.

'US born Mr Ricci is worth £57m according to The Sunday Times rich list. He cashed in £9.7million of shares bonuses last year, earned £44million of pay and perks in 2010 and is set to pocket up to £6million in deferred shares bonuses this year.

Mr Ricci with his 49-year-old English wife, Susannah, owns 30 horses with Ireland’s champion trainer Willie Mullins. Their thoroughbreds have won £588,125 in prize money this season.'

People who earn millions might even gamble to play millions. Horseracing is serious business and so with these thoroughbreds, it seems as careful thought has gone into investing into this. Not sure if gambling winnings are tax free earnings too. Banks are usually offshore registered corporations. The reason why people pay increasing taxes is because the law makers make the rules.

'In January 2005 Mr. Ricci was named chief operating officer of investment banking and investment management, incorporating Barclays Capital, Barclays Wealth and BGI. The Daily Mirror state 'after his friend Bob Diamond was handed the top job at Barclays, Ricci succeeded him to become Barclays Capital joint chief executive.' Evidently it pays to have friends in high places.

The lip service address of the Government to put any restaint on bankers earning is is lip service. The people who sit right at the very top have manipulated the laws and people to serve their own interests. If there is not an ethical standard in place that protects people, then we will continue to see finance products mis-sold and people 'entering into contracts' not realising that there are consquences for not meeting the contract. The sharks are rife = asking people to give the names of home owner guarantors.

It is with this article, that I share banking concerns, with being told by lawyers the system is corrupt.

There are ethical bankers. People do not know who they are. Banking is another a service provider.

Orange tie....who is Richi Ricci? This man is a very intelligent businessman and no fool.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria