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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Russian Vitally Raskalov Great Pyramid in Egypt

The Daily Mail has published some stunning photographs of the Pyramids at Giza. Everything happens for a reason and this was to be a sign of a significant turning point to open people's minds up to realise a greater perspective to life and this planet.

We are living in a time when there are wars and rumors of wars - This is biblical prophesy. Since the ancient times until today, there have been countless bloody wars and there comes a time to say no more war. Enough is enough.

The Pyramids in Egypt are Royal tombs. The Sphynx represents the Oracle of El - God. By looking at Pyramids, we are reminded Pre-Christ when the Royal family have been divinely guided and divinely appointed - for the upliftment of mankind.

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned on a fake pyramid. Underneath the coronation throne sits the Stone of Jacob from the Holy Land. We know from this that she has a connection to both the people in Egypt and also the Holy Land - Israel.

Quite recently a meteorite landed in Russia. This is a distinctive sign many people will recognise as being 'literally' from the heavens - especially to remind people who actually rules this earth. We all know deep down within our being this authority is beyond man, however most people have forgotten this. The Kaaba is said to be where a meteorite landed in the time of Abraham.

In Egypt, the ancient religion was spirituality. Isis was divinely guided and Cleopatra too.

Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church is situated on Moscow Road in London. This landmark connects Russia and Greece. The Russian Orthodox Church is a sister Church. The Orthodox churches function independantly. The Russian Orthodox Church venerate the Holy Mother of Christ. In November 2011 the Belt of Mary, a sacred treasure that has been kept on Mount Athos was taken to Russia.

Saint Sophia connects with Hagia Sophia meaning Holy Wisdom. This is Wisdom from God.

Sacred Magisterium means to 'interpet and serve the Word of God' - as in the ancient times. The Virgin Mary was divinely guided and an intercessor for prayer. Being the Mother of Christ was to compound this truth for she carried the living Word of God within her being. Furthermore, other people at the time knew of this. Mary's husband Joseph was told before he married her.

Evidence has shown that God since the ancient times, has ruled over this earth. The people who are open in their hearts and minds to be instruments in the light, are being guided - sometimes knowingly, sometimes living their live knowing that every moment of their life, where they go and who they speak with is all part of the divine plan unfolding - as this occassion is.

When man tries to conquest the world by war and deception, he has forgotten who rules this earth. Russia have been in the news these days with a case that again highlights the British Legal System. From experience this is a legal system that has shown repeatedly not to work for Justice and holds corrupt evidence in a law court they refuse to retract - just in my situation. With officials boasting of innocent people in prison, there comes a time when eventually all these abuses must be brought to an end!

It is certainly not a coincidence that Russians have climbed the great pyramid and document the occassion for all to see. People comment about the danger - there is danger in climbing Mount Everest, this did not stop anyone. The reason for climbing might be for a personal challenge. This occassion has perhaps far greater significance. Mount Everest is named after the Great Mother.

When Prince Charles married divorcee Camilla, they included a Russian element in their wedding ceremony. In the Russian Orthodox wedding ceremony the Bride and Groom wear royal crowns. When William married Kate Middleton, Holy Icons from the Greek Orthodox Church were placed inside Westminster Abbey. In learning William is godfather to children who have been baptised in the Greek Orthodox Church, he would have to be Greek Orthodox too. In the Greek Orthodox Church everyone is equal and Jessus Christ is King.

The British royals have gone to great lengths to trace their lineage both through the maternal and paternal lines back thousands of years. This effort is for a reason. This does not mean these people have the right to rule over lands or people. This is especially so, with the BBC proving Queen Elizabeth II is from an illigitmate bloodline. The Laws of God are written.

If we look on the Egyptian mummy tomb, the body is carefully preserved in casing with signs of origin also family connection depicted. Today, the body is prepared and preserved for burial. The origins of this process is taken from ancient times. The ancient Egyptians preserved the body for the afterlife. The soul and preservation of the soul has always been important to understand.

In the time when Moses was born, his life was already mapped out. His purpose decided before he was born. Moses was an instrument to Free the Isrealites from slavery and oppression set by a male Pharaoh and his officials. Moses was not born in vast wealth and yet he was raised in the palace to become a first hand witness to what is going on in reality to the people.

As a servant of God, I have been placed very specifically, with phyaical landmarks and experience what is going on here in England with the System. Many officials have no shame and even boast of having no care or conscience. The moment I was asked to take an Oath in a Court of Law, this compounded my Oath to God, the same God Queen Elizabeth II took her oath to.

I am not sure that Russia see Prince's Charles, William and Harry as the King of Russia. In reading that the boys were circumcised by a Jewish Rabbi as babies, I am not sure the Jewish people see them as their King either. They might do! Circumsision is carried out on both Jewish boys and Muslims too. This has a religious and spiritual convenant with God as a promise to the people. With this, there have been obligations from the people to uphold. Ignoring the authority of God, is mocking God.

The Goddess has been depicted with an Ankh, that is symbolic of the Key of Life. The Crown of Life in the Holy Bible is the Spiritual Crown connected to the Crown Chakra on top of our head. The physical crown is just a symbol.

The mystery of life is how with all the wars, destruction of evidence, moving people to different lands and mixing up tribes so that they intermarry with other people, invites us to rediscover our spiritual roots. As for that tax man so many people resent - in the ancient times the Romans took the names of people and so there is evidence of who is related to who 'somewhere. What is most fascinating, is to see and witness how the truth comes to light in so many different ways that we must now be open to know this.

With much appreciation to Vitally Raskalov for this evidence.

In 20th December 2012, the Daily Mail reported 'Mercury City Tower, an office and residential building in central Moscow, Russian, is set to be the tallest building in Europe - once it is finished - Vitally Raskalov intends to climb this too.

Notice the date 20: 12 and yera 2012 being repeated for a reason. Remember the end of the world was predicted and this means the start of a new world era. We ARE in a Spiritual Age of Aquarius.

"And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books." Revelation 20:12

"Lord Almighty, you who examine the righteous and probe the heart and mind, let me see your vengeance on them, for to you I have committed my cause." Jeremiah 20:12

The photographs above were published 25 March 2013. 25th March is the annunciation day of the Virgin Mary. In this day in 2011, Christ revealed himself to me on the cross and I was shown His mother was the Spiritual guide for the people. Many thousands of people have had visions of the Virgin Mother and private revelation. Many miracles have taken place from prayer.

The Spiritually Crowned Royal bloodline are divinely guided and intercessors for prayer. Is this still being deliberately silenced?

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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