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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 8 March 2013

Sage Building & Millenium Eye and NewCastle

An interesting find came my way today - the Sage Building in Newcastle. The building is attracting attention and a topic of discussion on the internet. What caught my eye in the three pyramid impressions of the windows, are the pale blue tiers that can be visibly seen. In the larger pyramid shape, with the base 5 tiers can be seen. In this picture only one or two are visible.

In the ancient times, the pyrmaids were tombs of the Pharaohs who were spiritually enlightened. To be appointed to be in a position with such authority, it would be expected at the very least to be appointed by the heavenly realms. The problem is as a lawyer said to me, our world has been conquested by corporations - he did not mention lands being cnquested by millitary might.

With the name Sage being chosen, this associates with Wisdom - is this divine Wisdom? Sage has been identified as being connected with a man. However, if you look in the Holy Bible - Wisdom is described to be a female.

Here is a screen capture from googlemaps of Buckingham Palace, Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain and Lancaster House. The roof of Buckingham Palace, the fountain surround and roof of Lancaster House are pale blue.

The Duke of York commissioned Lancaster House in 1825. After his death, the house was purchased by the Duke of Sutherland whose family owned the house from 1829 to 1913. Their impressive art collection remains on the walls of Lancaster House today.

Lancaster House in 1913 was bought by Lord Leverhulme who gave it to the nation and named it after his home county. Today it is the property of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Lord Leverhulme was born in Bolton and lived also in Hampstead, where Heath Hall is named written about in an earlier article. Many times over the years the name Lord Leverhulme has come to mind - evidently for a reason. William Lever bought the Isle of Lewis and an estate in Harris. His generosity of giving land is seen here. However, how has his executors sold an estimated £500,000 investment for £5,300 and to who exactly? How much would that be today?

For this to be highlighted, evidently someone noticed that something is not right with the figures.

Mar 1, 2012 – Queen Elizabeth II, Camilla and Kate Middleton visited Fortnum & Mason store in London to view the Diamond Jubilee products. In front of everyones's eyes crowning someone is expected to take place this Jubilee Year.

Here is the Millenium Bridge in Gateshead Newcastle. This landmark indicates the Gate to the Head. Again, in the ancient times Castles have been occupied by Royals and while on the Head is placed a crown, the physical crown is just a symbol of the Spiritual Crown. While this is the Age of Aquarius, it is expected that Spiritual Wisdom be given again to people.

The Millenium Bridge is also known as the Millenium Eye, winking eye or blinking eye.

'The bridge was lifted into place in one piece by the Asian Hercules II, one of the world's largest floating cranes, on 20 November 2000. It was opened to the public on 17 September 2001, and was dedicated by Queen Elizabeth II on 7 May 2002.'

Hercules was a Greek hero, the son of Zeus and Alcmene - real people who lived in history. Hercules is a name in my Greek Grandfather's family; also Aristotle, Athena, Demitrius his name, Maria and Eleftheria meaning liberty.

A Roman marble of Hercules as a baby presents him strangling a snake sent to kill him in his cradle. All the divinely appointed Born Royals have suffered and had attempts to their life (even my mother) The Pharaoh at the time of Moses knew from the Isrealites will be born a boy who was to threaten his position. The same applies in this present time as in history.

Newcastle is also home to the Angel of The North seen from the motorway and some distance away.

The Egyptian mummy caskets are decorated with various symbols and identification marks including their family. Isis and the goddess are known because they are divinely guided by god, and depicted holding an ankh (Spiritual key of life).

From Bolton museum, the mummycase of Takhenmes from Deir el-Bahri, Thebes, Egypt from the Hatshepsut Temple from the Dynasty XXV; 700 B.C.
The material is cartonnage. Notice the detail on the casing including the wings and feathered headdress.

This is indicating a woman who was divinely guided from the heavenly realms and was born from a family who were accordingly.

Bolton Museum, is currently touring the Far East with the 'Quest for Immortality' exhibition. For humanity to ascend spiritually, it is necessary for the understanding and environment to do so. Our physical body houses our soul. The ancient Egyptians took great care to preserve the body for the afterlife. Preseving bodies has been passed down from ancients to this day.

Bolton Museum also has a gold eye ornament from Tanis, San el-Hagar, Egypt in its collection.

Here in London we see an eye shape on the ground with 'The Boltons' - in the centre is The Parish Church of Saint Mary The Boltons situated in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London, UK.

Here is a Regents Park in London with the inner circle showing Queen Mary's Garden. Two roads are visible Chester Road and York Bridge. In an earlier article I wrote about Cornwall Terrace and this building overlooks Regents Park.

A regent is a person appointed to administer a country because the monarch is a minor or is absent or incapacitated. There are many times I have thought 'If my mother was Queen there would be no injustice, no war, no homelessness' - we spoke about this and the famine in countries too. British people have been conditioned to reject foreigners...deliberately! We do not know the divine plan for each of us, however I do know that God always has a back up plan. Silencing of the truth will not be forever.

Back in Newcastle is also a golden coloured globe that has a open cage structure. It was on the day of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary on 25th March 2011 while in prayer and meditation I had a series of visions. The first one Christ was on the cross, next the Virgin Mary was dressed in Pale blue and white talking with other women. The third vision our entire world was golden and I was looking 'as if' from the heavens towards the earth to people who had their arms raised towards the heavens.

It is no surprise to see the Golden Globe awards and an increase of people who are motivated to focus on humanitarian goals. It is a privilege to be in a positon and use expertise and/or wealth to make a positive difference in our world. Many people who have made their wealth have said when poor 'if they have this, they are going to use the funds in a specific area'. Not everyone remembers the promise they made. The billionaires and millionares who are pledging their wealth is all very timely.

One clear vision and intention was to bring together the elite movers and shakers to address real issues.

Here is a sculture - Blacksmiths Needle "comprises of six layers, each layer with objects relating to the senses including what was describes as 'the mysterious sixth sense'." A blacksmith creates objects from wrought iron or steel by forging the metal. It is no surprise that wrought iron work is becoming very popular again. On a small wrought iron table top here are candles, white feathers, a little angel ornament gift and marble stones, one from a Greek bank in Volos. One day walking, thinking about my guardian angel and assurance, suddenly something gold caught my attention. It was a golden angel wing. That was timely.

Being born the daughter of Athena, and having sat on the Acroplis steps in Athens feeling connected to the world, this place holds a personal and spiritual connection. Learning that the British sent ships to transport the Acropolis Marbles, when Lord Elgin could not produce reciept to take them, evidently Greek people have been angered by the refusal to return them. Then there are people who are not even allowed to mention the name Athena - such a threat she was. Athen's name cannot be silenced forever.

It is not in the divine plan to keep people oppressed and enslaved with man made laws! Media overload reporting on Kate Middleton with someone refering to her as 'Majesty' as she is being marketed for this. Has this happened in history? People have been decieved for far too long. Sacred Magisterium refers to someone who 'interprets and serves the Word of God'!

If the wrong person inteprets the Word of God - this has excused wars and even people who beleive they have a right to rule over lands and people when they do not. The law courts that profit lawyers from corruption is being done in God's Name.

In Paris, Egypt is remembered by the Louvre Museum. Outside transparent pyramids illuminate at night time. Underneath is the entrance to the Louvre Museum. The Louvre was a Royal Palace, Inside the museum is evidence of history including Fayum mummy portraits taken from the tombs found in Egypt. A picture was given to me around 20 years ago and I was told she is connected to me. She is wearing Imperial Purple and Gold. No name is given for this Lady to identify her although she is famous. She is known as The European.

The anti Europe propaganda pushed in the British media just reveals traitors to the people in Britain. A dumbed down and spiritually blind society reject foreigners and yet happy to be exploited even with deception to enter contracts. So dumbed down are British people they buy clothes and consumer goods made for 'pennies' for vast profit. It is no surprise high street store CEO's are billionaires. Marks & Spencers is a multibillion pound PLC. At least Sir, Phillip Green does not hide that he is resident offshore.

Newcastle is where the Spencer Court apartment building was, so for this to be demolished, the Law of Nature is witnessed by officials. Land 'owners' and builders of the property will certainly reveal more about this place. While we are not the All Seeing and All Knowing God, you can be sure that there is a lot going on that Almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ are not happy about.

Quoting "There used to be a big white building called Spilliers Wharf a little further east, it had 'HOPE' graffiti in big black letters along the top. Magnificent & inspiring, if only for the graphiti, better than any of the regeneration ones including the baltic. It was pulled down recently."

At least people are starting to notice the signs. Just 4 letters 'HOPE' touch people and always fear of loss triggers internal reactions. The Hospital in Salford was chosen to be named Ropyal Hope Hospital. This is in the Royal Duchy of Lancaster where I live. The NHS Trust has changed to NHS Foundation Trust, indicating a new establishment. With Kate Middleton being Patron of Hope House, a charity for addictions - another being 'the new Oak Centre' meantime the media work overtime to get the people addicted to her. If there was not deception to the people it would not be an issue. There is a lot of deception taking place.

Landmarks and place names really are revealing and connecting together we can understand more.

With William and Kate living in Nottingham House in Kensington Palace (Nottingham was once a Kingdom) plus having a home built in Scotland and the New Hebrides (New Scotland) is not a coincidence. New Scotland Yard were reported to be moving premises not long ago. In my earlier article, when Charles had his birthday in New Zealand government house, was this to set up a New Government? If so, Why? Because his family are not entitled to rule these lands? Most certainly not with deception.

The 100 years contracts are up, so creating new contracts with deception does not make them valid! Phonecalls with being offered 'free solar panels' to enter into 20 year contracts with grants being given back by the government.

So much serious criminal behaviour is being ignored - including illegal wars for profit. Who is collecting all these banking fines? When was an audit last done to account for public money being spent by officials? Bilions spent here and there. No one rocks the boat or questions anything. Diana was a people's person who married for love. She realised in that marriage what was really going on. Sometimes it is better to have rose coloured glasses on because learning of some of goings on are alarming.

The British establishment reject the foreign courts influencing justice and people are saying openly they do not want 'human rights'. They give permission to be violated, abused and exploited. How many people must die of cancer before people listen that cure was found over 100 years ago. Dr. Simoncini has been successfully treating cancer with Bicarbonate of Soda. How many people seek to find the root cause of illness? Aspartame gave brain tumors to rats during testing. An unknown amount of people have died with brain tumors. The Queen is allowing deadly poisons in our drinking water that contribute to cancer. Why?

Imagine, at one time people lived for hundreds of years....The establishment has downtrodden people. Greed has taken employment to cheap labour countries. People are being penalised and exploited at every opportunity and yet they accept this as the norm. Food taxes being hiked up by 20% recently. The people cheering Kate Middleton are saying how wonderful she is.

Talking to homeless people recently...I know what has to be done and have been blocked.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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