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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Start of Conclave to Elect a New Pope

"Anticipation: Cardinals, in red, process through St Peter's Basilica during a mass before they enter the Sistine Chapel to elect the next pope"

So many people will never get to see St. Peter's Bassilica and the Sistine Chapel. A glimspe of inspired minds and great architecture in history who have maintained depictions of the heavenly order. When we consider so many of Eastern Orthodox Churches have been destroyed, and converted into mosques, the opportunity to see what has been built by the faithful in history is not lost.

Cardinals attending a mass in St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican before entering the Sistine Chapel for conclave.

We have seen recently the sudden announcment of Pope Benedict XVI resign early. Other than his health, there are likely other reasons that has contributed to this decision. In a time when people predicting great wars, evidently people do not realise these have happened already in history. Today people from different nationalities live together side by side without fighting.

"Hopes and prayers: In his homily, Cardinal Angelo Sodano (centre, in red), appealed to his fellow priests to put their differences aside for the good of the church"

The conclave to elect a new Pope is involving people from all over the world who have dedicated their life to serve Christ. There have been people in history who have abused their positon of trust and exploited the innocents and vulnerable. However, not everyone exploits or wants to take advantage of those who are placing their trust and faith in the church.

Fundamentally a church is an assembly of people. The role of a church, with apostolic succession is to maintain the teachings of Christ. The purpose of Christ being born was for the salvation of mankind. Nothing has changed for this.

"All aboard: American Cardinals (l-r) Sean O'Malley, Keith O'Brien and Timothy Dolan take the bus from the North American College to St Peter's Basilica before they enter Conclave to vote for the next pope"

The reason why Christ continues to hold his place as the King of All Kings is because after he was crucified, he ressurrected. If he had not, where is this miracle of God to be continuing two thousand years? There are many miracles, the Virgin Mary miraculously becoming a mother, healings, people being fed, people raised from the dead. Even before Christ, Moses parting the seas so the people could be free from slavery. Today many people want powers, they do not submit to the almighty power in the heavenly realms.

'Lonely figure: A pilgrim prays in St Peter's Square as cardinals attend mass before entering the conclave' - notice there are 5 pillars of light shining down towards this man. In this time masses of people pray for the right decision to be made.

No miracle is without God and so The conflict is created in our world with Christ, where people say he was never crucified and never died. Muslims are told someone else was crucified instead in his place. Are the people in the present time to blame for contradictory information that was given 1600 years ago? This is the question to ask.

Muslims, Catholics and Christians worldwide share one common bond. All wait for Christ to return.

Muslims who are praying to seek the truth, are realising that Christianity is a religion of Love, not Hate. The true teaching of Islam is Peace. The true understanding in the Orthodox faith is not a religion, we must convert our hearts.

We are reminded behind closed doors a lot is happening. On the outside there are people praying for the people who are inside. We have on earth many helpers who are inspired from the heavenly realms. All who are in service of Christ are wanting the best for everyone. While the men are gathered together, the ladies are gathered in prayer too and can even pray alone.

While a lot is happening in this time, there is a rising movement of people who are not seeing that there are people internationally uniting together from different faiths, that has come with different spiritual understanding and joining together peacefully as a united brotherhood and sisterhood. In my own church, there are people who are more open spiritually and accepting of other people - to be a light of truth, instead of saying you might do this this way or that way.

'Stunning surroundings: Inside the Sistine Chapel, where conclave will start at 4.30pm local time' (Tuesday)

A church does not grow to be big, without reason. Many people of the Catholic faith, thousands of people have had visions of the Holy Mother Mary and this is what has dominated in Europe. If people of faith did not have these visions, and witnessing miracles take place, there would be no foundation to build on this either. I am not versed with the Catholic Mass, however I have been inside St. Peters many years ago and seen his tomb. Then it was late and without having a chance to fully appreciate the environment. There was so much that I did not see - that today we can witness and get some impression via images and videos recordings.

There was so much I did not understand - even now. In matters I keep my heart open, with having the understanding and knowing that there is a far greater power beyond man and his manipulation. Prayers have been answered in ways they were meant to be answered. We live in a world with conscientious people in responsible positions, more than people realise. Keeping that focus and maintaining this from within any structure is not so easy. Not everyone strives to be conscious and conscientious. Many people pray for the people in responsible positons to make the right decisions - when prayers are sincere, the prayer will be heard and answered.

The people who have taken a commitment to be ministers to people, is a spiritual calling. We can all only do what we can do and follow the truth that is in our heart. Healing has been taking place between nations and churches. And in this healing we can learn about some of the people who have inspired faith within the churches. If we block the learning, who is at fault?

In the same essense of a Church is closed to accepting divine inspiration, they are closing their hearts to this possibility too. Being guided by the Holy Spirit is not just for man or just for women. It is not just for the priests and not for the most dedicated people in prayer. The Holy Bible teaches about the Lady at the Well for a reason. The important lesson being given was the He was and is the teacher and the person who is giving the spiritual waters to drink from. So when people are holding spiritual truths, if they personally do not know and have experienced any differently, they cannot teach this to the masses.

In the background the firefighters are installing the chimney for the smoke to signal the next pope being elected. Also we see clearly the clock that is showing the time as 11.26. Holy Scripture allows us to look at related numbers.

"Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt: for he had respect to the recompense of the reward."Hebrews 11:26 (Pope Benedict XVI comes to mind - Giving up his position with Christ being a greater reward. He has set an example for other people to do the same. Not everyone will because position and gains are more of a priority than service.

The church elders know what has happened in history. They know masses of the early Christians have been massacred. They will also know in this last century, up to 400,000 Orthodox Christians were massacred. So for the hope that the descendants of the divinely guided ones, would continue to share and bring spiritual understanding to enhance what is, was probably dismissed long ago.

There have also been prophesies made within the Catholic Church, in relation to what was to come. From the visionaries, these were seen as private revelation. Christ has revealed himself to me three times during prayer. The first time he was on the cross, then moments later, the Virgin Mary wearig light blue was talking with other women. She was a spiritual teacher too. Then after this I was given an image of looking at the earth from the heavens, the earth was gold and people were standing with their hands raised. This happened on 25th March 2011 - The great feast day of the Annunciation of Theotokos.

The Annunciation is commemorating when Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce to her that she would conceive and bear a son, even though she "knew no man." According to holy tradition, she was only fifteen when she was visited by Gabriel.

The other two visions were seeing Christ returning in the most glorious bright white light on a horse on October 26th. Then the day after Epiphany, On 7th January 2012, Christ revealed himself, standing on three steps in an open doorway. His body was radiating tremendous golden light. He was wearing the Imperial Crown, a cloak over a long cream coloured gown, much like the Pope wears. This has been shared openly and especially in light of men who are trying to take this Imperial crown deceptively.

Apparently the Sistine Chapel was closed for the Holy Day of Epiphany. The Coronation of a Pope takes place in the Sistine Chapel. In the year 800 Charlemagne was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in St. Peter’s by Pope Leo III. I am keeping an open mind, with the understanding that for anyone to be crowned emperor, this must be by someone who is of the authority to do so.

Absolutely everyone has been tested for sincerety of heart. Especially oathtakers, the royals in their roles, the people behind closed doors in public office - all the officials who are spying on the people and those who are violating people, are also being watched very carfully too. People have forgotten that in history, those who are abusing and exploiting have been removed from office. People who are being manipulated to carry out some agenda that goes against the ethical standards, might leave their office.

The people who are sincere in faith, will continue to be sincere in faith, whether they are in a position of recognition and propelled into the limelight with this, or whether they pray quietly as a nun or priest. When people pray, are they praying to the Pope as God? No. He is a light to lead people to pray. As a theologian, he is able to share his spiritual understanding and learning.

Everyone has their purpose and we are all instrumental in bringing this world as it should be. The cleaner is just as important as the host of an event, the gardener who grows fruit and vegetables, just as important as the owner of a 5 star hotel. We are co - collaborators to improve what is and provide the best we can. All I can give is is share some of my learning and observations. Always there is so much more going on beyond this because we do not consider the mutidynamic complexity of human beings.

There will come a time when women as well as men can share their spiritual experiences and we are at this point now. Once people start to understand the power of prayer and how prayers are answered in so many different ways, this inspires other people. There are more people who are in a religion and yet in conflict with their beleifs, that they do not pray. When the religion is supposed to be the foundation teaching to remind people that there is a higher order beyond this planet, who are overseeeing all of us here.

The Sistine Chapel is the best-known chapel in the Apostolic Palace and official residence of the Pope in the Vatican City. 'While several painters are identified, Michelangelo painted 1,100 m2 (12,000 sq ft) of the chapel ceiling between 1508 and 1512. The ceiling, and The Last Judgment (1535–1541), is widely believed to be Michelangelo's crowning achievement in painting.'

Seeing the pictures of the nuns reminds me of my great aunties. One lived in Paris and the other in the South of France in a Monastery. It is hard to imagine anyone who would want to hurt good people who pray for the people in our world. Deep down most people want to beleive and KNOW of a higher power and to be sure that what happened in history was the truth. There are so many people who say that history has been made up to control people when if you consider all the increase of man made laws and wars, with people who have lost their way, who is going to bring an end to all this. Who has the God given authority to do so?

The process for electing the next Pope, is one that requires careful deliberation. The 115 red-hatted and red-caped cardinals earlier chanted and prayed for divine guidance as they prepared for a conclave to choose a pontiff who will face one of the most difficult periods in the Church's history. They gathered in the Pauline Chapel and walked in procession along the frescoed halls of the Vatican's Apostolic Palace into the Sistine, where they could remain closeted for several days of balloting.

'The entire Church, united with us in prayer, asks for the grace of the Holy Spirit at this moment so that we elect a worthy shepherd for the entire flock of Christ,' a cardinal said in Latin as the procession began.

They then chanted what is known as the 'litany of saints', asking more than 150 saints by name for help in making their choice of who should succeed Benedict XVI, who has withdrawn from public life after his surprise abdication last month.'

While we are in the dawn of a new era, a growing movement of people are embracing peace and tolerance. This is a time when empowering women and caring about the people who are suffering pain and poverty, also injured by those who are misguided becomes necessary. Not everyone has realised this understanding. Not everyone is ready to put down their weapons of war. Not everyone realises that The Word of God is the Sword of God. We can learn from history, and rectify our mistakes. No man is a ruler over God.

Three Papal gown sizes are made, one to fit the new elected Pope. Surprisingly people are debating where the person is coming from instead of the wealth of spiritual understandng they can bring to the church. Keep a spiritual focus.

Prayers and contemplation in this time of electing a new Pope, is also in this time bringing 115 different countries together in Rome for prayer and for this occasion, to be guided in the right way. This a prayer focus that everyone can learn from. The prayer is by each individual to make the right decision and be guided in the right way. This prayer focus can be said every day.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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