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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Vast Ocean and New Zealand

Looking at Googlemaps and being invited to install the 3D plug in, brought me to share this today.

Our earth has vast areas of oceans - here is just one view to show the mass of waters. The two little islands you see are New Zealand. This is a part of the world that still retains natural beauty - somewhere I have never travelled to personally.

In an earlier article I had written about rising floods that were taking place in New Zealand. This was seen to wash away the influences who are ruling over the land. It is interesting that while settlements have been created around the world, it seems rather odd that over time there would be people who beleive they have a right to rule over lands and people with man made laws.

On Prince Charles 64th Birthday last year, of all places he chose to go celebrate this, reportedly with 64 guests in Government House, New Zealand was the choice. This was seen to be the Birth of a New Government at the time.

Everything is so carefully planned with these royals. They command a vast wealth of land. Charles, Duke of Cornwall collects wealth from 23 countries. No one questions this. No one investigates. Did the British royals forgt Jubilee Law?

The attempts to establish a new world order by deception shows that this is not with God ruling this earth. Anyone who is trying to manipulate the laws and goes against what is written in the Holy Bible reveals the God mockers for what they are.

While Charles may have established a New Government, in New Zealand Goverment House on his Birthday, this was after his eldest son and daughter in law have been travelling and pictured with floral crowns on their head after an official church ceremony. They entered the Church without the floral crowns and while in Church were photographed wearing them by 'Mrs. Regal Eyes'

Of course people may reject this. Do your research. God does not rule with deception. Jesus Christ does not rule or reign with deception. As Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, she accepted the role as a servant of God, If she is sincere, she knows Jesus Christ is wearing His Imperial Crown. The British royals have been exposed in a BBC Documentary as not entitled to the Crown.

Pictured is New Zealand, North and South Island. Bay of Plenty and Wellington, Captital City, named after the Duke of Wellington, victor of the Battle of Waterloo (1815). The Duke's title comes from the town of Wellington in the English county of Somerset. The land where Jesus Christ has been seen on shares landmarks and roads with Somerset in England too.

Tasmin Sea connects with Tasmania, that had fires not long ago. This was seen to remove royal rule over the land. So for Charles to go to establish a New Government, if this is connected, the elements are reacting against this.

Closeby is Norfolk (also a British location) with Kingston - meaning Kings Town, also New Caledonia. There was many years ago an airline called British Caledonia and so again we see the British connection revealed.

A long time ago, we are told there was a great flood and Noah warned people. They did not want to listen. Noah was guided to built the ship - Noah's Ark was also symbolic reminder of God's Laws ruling from the heaven, earth and waters. In previous articles I have written about the New Noah's Ark built in Holland and this was particularly timely in the divine plan.

he detail of this in size and measurement of Noahs Ark in cubits is documented in the Holy Bible. People are saying it is impossible for the whole earth to be flooded. However, looking at this image, one side of the earth's view is all water. Sometime seeing how this could be possible, makes it far easier to beleive. The ruins of anicent buildings, show previous civilisations have lived.

Espiritu Santo meaning Holy Spirit. There were attempts to establish a tax haven independant of the government. Complexity of invasions and power struggles can be resarched. Wikipedia reports, Father Walter Lini, requested assistance from Papua New Guinea, whose forces invaded and conquered Espiritu Santo to become a separate commonwealth realm. Elizabeth II is Queen of Papua New Guinea.

Referred to as the New Hebrides invites us to validate Old Hebrides. The Hebrides comprise a widespread and diverse archipelago off the west coast of mainland Scotland. Being guided to find this today is evidently to show that while we think of Scotland in the little Island here called the United Kingdom, while looking at Goggle maps I was thinking microsm, macroscosm. Who would think that the British royals are having controlling influences on other parts of the world and this explains why people react to this. It becomes particularly so when there are people who are suffering. Being told to play the game just shows a sham set up!

Champagne Beach on Espiriu Santo Island in the South Pacific. Here is just one of the locations of William and Kate's Diamond Jubilee tour September. These tours might even be to conquest land with kindness and with local people's permission. Manipulating laws to keep the family as a monarch is certainly not in accordance with Biblical Law.

No matter what attempts the manipulators do to decieve people, God will always have the upper hand.

As a planet we are just a dot in the universe. There are other people who really beleive they have a right to rule lands; people who engineer theirselves in positions to claim lands and profit from the resources. How many people have been killed so that a King can take the land and claim to rule over people by right? The wars taking place in these recent years - Who are they for?

In England, dumbed down British people are consuming toxins in water that diminishes brain functioning. Fluoride contributes to cancer when consumed. Aspartame that was considered deadly and dangerous by the FDA and banned. During testing revealed brain tumors in rats. Of course it is no coincidence with reports saying this is now 6000 food and drink products. The oceans are dumped with vast amount of chemical waste and these toxins are impacting fish life. When we consume fish - are we consuming toxins too?

There are people all over the world praying for global peace. There are people also praying for the healing of our planet and the waters too. Prayers are powerful. The environment and planet is of interest to Prince Charles. Wiliam studied for a geography degree. Rather useful if he plans to change names of territories and also to map out conquesting lands.

The Physical Crown is a symbol to show that the person who is wearing this is crowned by and guided by God. The only way anyone can be guided by God is through Jesus Christ and seeing as he is wearing his crown, He is not going to be giving His crown to William or Kate Middleton. While the Queen has done a lot of good in her reign. The one area of importance has been ignored despite endless requests and correspondence, including to top offcials to address this for a decade. A very serious issue.

New Zealnd means New Sea Land. As the earth takes a polar shift, as in history, under water is land that will be exposed to the surface. We are promised that there will never be a great flood like in history. We have had flash floods to warn us.

Christ revealed himself to me during prayer wearng a crown on January 7th 2013. If the Queen is sincere in her oath, Christ will have revealed himself to her wearing His crown too. When he will appear in person has to be soon. The Queen while elderly, has obligation with her oath and that is to return land to it's rightful owner - Christ so Spiritual Laws can be established.

Queen Elizabeth II is known as Queen of New Zealand. Jubilee Year is declared and Laws apply. The unusual sounds people have been hearing around the world is the reminder that the Jubilee Year is here. She has laws she must abide by.

God will try every effort to reveal his truth to people in the ancient times and in the present time. The reason why Christ was born to validate this highest authority and ensure that no one can ever take ownership of land permanently. We can live here, thrive and enjoy the world that was given to us and leave this planet a better place. At least today people are travelling different lands where in history they did not. Barriers are created by man because man rejected God and wanted to rule the world. The problem existed long before Muhammad was born and so to blame muslims is a waste of time and blaming Christians too. The only positive I can see of all this bickering is that God's names are being kept in disussion so people never forget the highest authority.

Christ is risen to show people that he conquered death and this is the power of the Almighty. Christ was crowned when he was cruicifed, yet the rulers did not expect that he would be ressurected alive. How amazing and this is why ONE man was created miraculously to save humanity from having any oppressive ruler over them. Today people choose false idols instead.

The people who are trying to manipulate agendas to go against what God has ordained. In Russia the meteorite coming down from the heavens showed everyone that there is a far greater power beyond this earth. Video footage with UFO's is proof our heavenly helpers are not too far away and they are far advanced beings than we even realise. The Kaaba is also a meteorite.

The establishment keeps humanity down and drugged up on presciption pills, then billions of people urinate what has been expelled from their body it is going back into the water supply. Chlorine to make the water appear clean does not make it so. Chlorine is commonly found in pesticides and Rat Poison. Cholorine can also thin blood and contribute to heavy blood loss.

Last year an MP spoke of his colleague being approached by a chemical company to put this in our water. He declined to give me the name so that I could have investigate further and then contronted the treacherous government officials with this. The more people are silencing all the activities for profit, more people are suffering. Our water is contaminated.

Landowners are making a fortune out of selling bottled water - a once free resource that I admit thinking as a child would be a good idea to bottle because spring water tastes so much nicer. Is the establishment is dumping vast amounts of chemicals in water deliberatey so we buy bottled water to drink? There is very serious criminal activity taking place to harm people.

Does the Queen really obey the Ruler of the universe who is beyond manipulation. England - Land has had floods up and down the country. The more that comes to light, we learn why 'Spencer Court' building in Newcastle was demolished by 'natural law'. Evidently William and Harry do not have the divine right of Kings to rule over lands, people, or any Royal Court. The Law was given by God and fulfilled in Christ. No parking tickets in the Holy Bible. There are warnings of the lawless one though!

This article was started to show the vast waters. Consider that under this water is land. The Queen is supposed to be protecting the Kingdom belonging to Christ. His Chosen successor would to the same. We are in interseting times, with the election of a new Leader of the Catholics taking place. There is a lot going on 'expect the unexpected'. Keep an open mind.

As the earth plates move, land moves and the geographical outline changes. All the talk of global warming - what is happening more likely is an earth shift is taking place. Gradual but it is happening anyway. The earth is a living body that responds accordingly. If we are to send negative vibrations and endless destruction across the planet, it will react. We are also attracting from the universe destruction. The recnt meteorite could have landed in London, with great damage and many more deaths. Fortunately it did not.

News Today :
100 years of physiotherapy in New Zealand
New Zealand vs. England are playing Cricket. The Natives New Zealanders are playing to win.
After 12 years the Harlem Globetrotters are returning to New Zealand (People say America rules the world - actually Christ rules over America and the land was given by the bishops to the protection of the Virgin Mary)
In New Zealand 18 prisons pose the greatest risk in an earthquake - a secret being exposed.
On March 11 testing is taking place by seismic vibration truck can determine soil properties 250 feet below ground.
In Christchurch, Canterbury an Earthquake Recovery Authority board is set up so local voices are heard. Not only is Canterbury in Kent, the Archbishop of Canterbury, a former oil executive, is involved with crowning the next monarch.

So with the Google Maps images above, people are reminded of Christ as King, Christchurch - Christ's church has been in the news with the Earthquake and also now Espirito Santo - The Holy Spirit of God is even given an Island name in South Pacific.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria