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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 3 March 2013

William Kate & Harry at Wedding in Switzerland

Now the Swiss guard has locked up and the Pope has left the Vatican to retire. William, Kate and Harry tootle over to Switzerland to attend a wedding of their friends - Comments in the original article reveal what the public know and think!

Quote "With the world eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Royal baby' - actually the world is not feeding the energy vampire.

Kate wearing dark brown (fox?) fur around her neck has every reason to smile. Pregnant and just returned from Mustique with her husband; for another leisure holiday with her bosom buddy Harry to celebrate. Perhaps more than one reason to celebrate.

Polo-playing Mark Tomlinson married Olympic dressage gold medalist Laura Bechtolsheimer.

The Bride and Groom Laura Bechtolsheimer and her husband Polo player Mark Tomlinson were all smiles as they left the church in Arosa in a horse drawn carriage. Some people love the snow and Switzerland certainly is a romantic setting for a wedding.

Laura Bechtolsheimer is granddaughter of the German billionaire property magnate Karl-Heinz Kipp who founded the Massa department stores chain. She was born in Mainz, Germany in 1985 to German parents entrepreneur and horse trainer Wilfried and Ursula.

Karl-Heinz Kipphe has four Swiss luxury hotels and resorts including the Hotel Eden Roc in Ascona, the 105-room Carlton Hotel in St Moritz and the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa, Switzerland, where he lives with wife, Hannelore.

Laura Bechtolsheimer MBE is a British dressage rider competing at Olympic level. On 30 June 2012 the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) ranked Laura Bechtolsheimer 3rd in the world riding Mistral Højris and 36th on Andretti H.

Mark Tomlinson is a professional polo player who plays for the England polo team. He was born into a polo playing family. His parents Simon and Claire own the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire.

Members include the Duke of Beaufort's Hunt, under presidency of Henry Somerset, 9th Duke of Beaufort. The hunt is one of the oldest and largest fox hunting packs in England. Founded by the 1st Duke of Beaufort in 1682, it continues under the patronage of this family. The sport of foxhunting was made illegal by Parliament in 2005; so the pack changed its rules to hunt within the law.

Beaufort is a name I am familiar with, however as far as I know the lady would NEVER be involved with blood sport rituals. Fox hunting ritual features in the Omen movie. There could quite likely be a more sinister association with this ritual.

The media report that Kate is throwing confetti, however the following Daily Mail comment says something else.

'In the 9th photo I have it on good authority that they're throwing DIAMONDS!! Sheesh...
- TheRightHandof God, Know-it-all-Land, United Kingdom, 2/3/2013 18:32'

If this is so, perhaps billionaire guests see confetti as cheap and tacky.

Traditionally, friends and family throw rice over the bride and groom after their wedding and this is what I thought was being thrown from the photograph. Even in exclusive society weddings rice and sometimes rose petals are thrown.

If guests are throwing diamonds, in context, these stones are priced by those who sell them. Diamonds could be valued at one penny each, yet it is the people who are willing to pay top price. Look at Africa and the impoverished people who mine them! It is no coincidence that Harry has been photographed in Africa. He flies a killing machine apache helicopter costing £40 million. He relates gunning down people in Afghanistan to a video game - His mother being anti-war would not approve of this whatsoever.

Wedding ceremonies are usually very carefully chosen by couples. Locations are important too. The Bride's family own hotels and live in Arosa, we can learn a little more about the area of this very pretty location.

'On 1 January 2013 the former municipalities of Calfreisen, Castiel, Langwies, Lüen, Molinis, Peist and St. Peter-Pagig merged into the municipality of Arosa.' - We see again a pattern of 7 localities being brought together as one. As the menorah candlestick is 7 flames into one candlestick holder - there area also seven ancient churches of Asia idenfied in the Holy Bible too.

The coat of arms of Castiel, Saint George is killing a dragon.

The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Switzerland is headquartered in Chambésy (near Geneva), is a diocese of the Church of Constantinople. The Ecumenical Patriarche Bartholomew is resident at St. George's Church in Constantinople in Istambul.

The actual wedding location is not identified here however there is a Cathedral of the Assumption of Saint Maria in Arosa. The assumption relates to when the Virgin Mary was taken up to heaven. Assumption can also mean 'Something taken for granted or accepted as true without proof; a supposition: a valid assumption' - with Pope Benedict XVI bestowing Gold roses in different Churches identified with Saint Maria he has given these for a very specific reason that he knows why and followed though as has been guided to.

This area brings the reminder about Christ building his church on Peter. It is important to remember that Christ is not a deciever of any people and he is not a manipulator of people either. Warnings have been given to people.

Arosa is a reminder of The Rose. The Virgin Mary is Queen of the Roses. Pope Benedict has given 10 gold roses to different Basillicas of the Virgin Mary - everything is for a reason. Prayers to Santa Maria are being answered now.

Graubünden's borders are Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. Graubünden translates as the "Grey Leagues," referring to the canton's origin in three local alliances, the League of God's House, the Grey League and League of Ten Jurisdictions.

William is photographed all smiles. While Kate's future seems to be secure after changing succcession law again to make sure that a baby girl is to be a Princess and monarch, the master manipulators have been extra busy. (sic)

This explains why someone is claiming to be Emperor of the Roman Empire now. As God's Divine Plan is unfolding, the master manipulators in the British Establishment have set the wheels in motion, with their actions bringing reactions. The war mongers thrive with war, especially if this is to profit them too. Surely it is better just to sack this mentality and start anew.

Wiliam standing above other guests again is a reminder that he is not divinely appointed to be King. The media sell Willam and Kate really hard because the establishment continues to profit from the people by keeping a puppet King.

People really do deserve a Queen who is sincere and really cares about the people...

A good marriage is an honest one. When two people are best friends and sincere in love, even with the challenges they face, as everyone does face challenges in their marriage, they will grow as individuals and stronger together. If not the cracks will show.

A union of true love in marriage is always promoted. A fortuanate marriage is with true love - as the wedding vow is taken for couples whether they become wealthy of poor. Our personal circumstances and fortunes can change at any time.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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