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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Zara Phillips Stopped by Cheltenham Security

Zara Tindall, more commonly known as Zara Philips, daughter of Princess Anne has hit the news headlines.

The Daily Mail share another stream of photographs at Cheltenham Races. Zara Phillips was said to be blocked from leaving the parade ring at Cheltenham yesterday by a security guard after the race had finished.

With husband Mike smiling in the background, it is unknown of what was said exactly. Zara is expressive facially. If people were to assume captions of what she was saying and thinking at the time, we would see interesting commends.

The Daily Mail writes in the headline 'Don't you know who one is?' Zara Phillips left red faced after an altercation with a security guard on the first day of Cheltenham Festival. Zara Phillips is a respected British equestrian.

A Festival is also associated with rituals. The Olympic Games Closing ceremony was described to be a festival. As the opening of another festival begins, we are reminded of yet another chapter. The races are to define winners. There are people who know winners by their breeding and trainers. The royals are into horseracing - perhaps there is more to this than a small bet taking place.

Former residents of Cheltenham, Zara Phillips and her husband Mike Tindall recently moved to her mother's residence in Gatcombe Park Gloucestershire. A reminder of the 'Game of Thrones' and 'Watch the Throne' - something is happening.

Princess Anne, William, Kate and Harry, also Beatrice and Eugience ue St Jame's Palace as their official residence in London. Staff moved in to serve including Kate Middleton since she married William. This was the Soveriegn's official residence.

Bear in mind this is said with Pope Benedict resigning and a new Pope is in the process of being elected. The difference is, the British royals are not elected. Succession law is in place and recently changed to secure the monarchy.

Bear in mind - God does not abide by man made laws. If there is any decision that goes against what is ordained from the heavenly realms, this explains when manipulation happens and in history, even today people have been involved with rituals for power. Today bloodsports and fox hunting is taking place too; even when attenpts were made to stop this. The rules changed.

In Horse races we see the example of may be best man - or best woman win.

The British establishment know that Queen Elizabeth II only holds her position, providing that she upholds the Laws of God. Jubilee Law is just one of the Laws. This explains why we are seeing lots of changes taking place.

There is also another issue as all the royal family are aware of, Queen Elizabeth II is no fool.

Zara is pictured wearing a purple hat with two upright feathers and navy blue gloves. Visible under her snow white coloured coat is a purple garment. The daughter of Princess Anne, Zara could be a Princess. However, her mother decided not to give her children royal titles. With the succession laws changing, Anne could even step into the place of her mother as the eldest child.

With the colour Navy, this is a reminder of the connection with Royal Navy.

"Colour blocking: Other stylish racegoers chose to dress in a single colour from head to toe"

Fur hats seem to be in not just for warmth, but also to show a some form of connection between people.

With the article here, we might be reminded that the throne is being changed. Keep an open mind.

There is evidently a very important competition taking place for so many people to attend.

A moment in time to take a photograph that shows a brown and light grey coloured horse side by side. In the background behind the Brown Horse we see the sponsors 'Free Bets' and on the other side of the grey horse James. The colours and other details all have meaning too. Not knowing enough of who is riding, it is I cannot offer more than certain observations.

William and Kate Middleton went to watch Warhorse. With the Queen being elderly, with grey hair - She is fundamentally the Supreme Head of the Church connected to the Holy Bible. The King James bible comes to mind and James connects with this.

The Queen has always attracted much popularity with the people especially at the races. However, her duty to the people far outweighs that of what people can see and she carries the entire establishment on her shoulders.

This is a time when people are showing their true colours. Was the coronation oath taken seriously? Are the rest of the people in England, especially right at the top really Christians who want to mix with the Queen, yet really they are serving their own interests. The same applies for all the nobles - are they really of the noble class, or just with titles?

The name Zara is a popular Spanish clothing brand. With this Zara is being promoted as a person too. The clothing industry is a booming business, with billionaire highstreet owners. Vast profit is with taking advantage of cheap manufacture. At one time Britain was booming with the manufacturing industry, people are still blind that it is not.

Spain is also associated with Real Madrid football - meaning Royal Madrid. Not a coincidence.

Then there is more to discover with the name Zara - a location. Is Zara in any way connected?

"The Siege of Zara or Siege of Zadar (Croatian: Opsada Zadra) (November 10-November 23, 1202) was the first major action of the Fourth Crusade and the first attack against a Catholic city by Catholic crusaders."

The incident was to foreshadow the Siege of Constantinople later in the campaign.

Many males will try to do what is necessary to attain the larger goal of taking Jerusalem. Nothing has changed in history as the present time. There are several males who beleive they have a right to be King of Kings!

As for Croatia -another one of the most prettiest parts of our world with waterfalls. One lady I know online in San Francisco, is from the the royal lineage, with papers; and uses the title Princess of Croatia.

We are many people who want to live in peace in our world. While we do not have oppressive overlords in UK, the people who rule o ver the lands make laws and control prices too. Bilions of pounds is being made from road fines alone.

No one is denying that Zara is Our Elizabeth's granddaughter. While Zara has a sense of humor, Elizabeth and Anne both have a seriousnes that is expected from someone from their background. Not position. Zara would have inherited some of the traits. Recognising this from my mother and Greek Grandmother, it is not easy to follow the footsteps of family who have helped to change attitudes of the masses. The Olympic Games this year saw for the first time, women comepting when they have not been allowed to.

There are still places in our world where women are forced to cover up from the top of their head to toe - it was not always like this. The interpretation of what is written and given in Holy Scriptures, has allowed contradictory rules to be made.

Ruling the world with military might and weapons, does not make this world safe to live in.

Ruling the world with oppressive relgious teaching contradicts what spiritual teaching we are given.

Zara shows she can scowl and can light up with smiles. She reminds men, women can also compete equally.

If there was a competition between Zara and Kate Middleton - Zara would gain more respect.

If there was a competition between Queen Elizabeth and Kate, Elizabeth would win hands down!

Time will tell what will be.

Peace, love and bes
Pauline Maria

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