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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bolton Warburton's NEWBURN Bakehouse etc

Just an update since my dream that featured Prince Charles. In this dream it appeared that Charles and Camilla are in the process of moving house. Their personal belongings were outside neatly on the path. Perhaps they are having a clear out in this time of their life.

In my dream I was walking towards Charles, who was sitting alone by a pond that was almost empty. The water was clear, with rounded pebbles lining the bottom. A rock pool. I was carrying a jug of water in each hand, one was cold water and the other warm/hot.

Then Charles told me to go help myself to bread - he said they always have 7 or 8 loaves and as I walked to where the belongings were and chose the familiar bright seeing yellow orange loaf packet - a Warburton's Toastie. The other bread was Warburton's too.

My thoughts after waking up included 'water, pond baptism'. Also with the bread 'giving or taking communion'. An afterthought, with my praying 'holy water'

The meaning of holy is whole - Spiritually whole.

Charles has been in the news in relation to selling water to the Middle East. His Mother the Queen identified the Water industry in her Parliamentary speech. So the Queen is in supportive of selling what was once a free resource and promoting corporate expansion of water sales.

Religious Jews eat Kosher food and Muslims eat Halal. At one time the most popular bread was Sunblest and yet Warburtons has grown, because this was how it was meant to be known and shown to be.

The day after my dream a lady brought me some Warburton's bread. There were two loaves, one white sliced that I asked her to take back, one wholemeal, two muffins and three wraps.

Whenever we are given unexpected gifts these carry a message.

On both the morning muffins and the wraps that are two together in a packet, it is written on the packet: 'DEDICATED (picture of baker) KNOW HOW'. Underneath this 'NEWBURN BAKEHOUSE'

Living in Lancashire England, Blackburn is a few miles away. Thinking of burn and what is actually is meaning. Looking today it means 'stream'. Blackburn meaning dark stream.

Newburn means 'New Stream' - A clean stream is shown.

Water also has spiritual significance. Drinking of the spiritual waters. This is relating to being divinely guided and having an endless flow of inspiration from the heavens.

As a physical location, 'Newburn is a semi rural village, parish, electoral ward and former urban district in western Tyne and Wear, North East England. Situated on the banks of the River Tyne, it is built rising up the valley from the river.'

Learning of someone from Newcastle who has parquet floor from the Olympic ship, sister of the Titanic that was stripped in this area, explains the Olympic connection in England. The Castle's are many in England. Bolton has landmarks to show the Castle Centre.

Lord Leverhulme built a Castle in Bolton at one time. Read the signs today. There is the Castle Pub on the CROSS ROADS, Cromption Way, Tonge Moor Road and Bradshaw Brow. Also was once built Castle Hill School, that is now transformed into the Castle Hill UCAN Centre.

On Bolton Town Hall facia is a sculpture of the Empress.

In returning to my dream, I have also found something else. Remember, dreams carry messages and all messages given by God to understand can be validated.

The wraps are a clear validation of what covers someone or something. A wrap covered the two muffins together, Inside they both had white card covers to preserve their shape.

Specifically in my dream I had picked up the toastie, as if I buy this in real life. This particular 'wrapping' is white as a toaster that is turned on, with the temperature control. The white cover is not only clear, there is what appears to be a crucifix at the opening too.

An orange wrap to the toastie now makes three wraps!

The messages from Christ are pure and clear. I was being shown that the well of Charles is now running very low. The reason being might be because profit is his focus priority.

Jesus Christ talking to the Samaritain woman at Jacobs well is important and also relates. How many people know the Queen was crowned on a stone that Jacob had a dream vision of the steps to heaven on? This same stone where Jacob laid his head sits under the Coronation Chair.

The name of the Church over Jacob's well is the same as the Cathedral church I was baptised in New Smyrna in Athens Greece. The Church of Smyrna is one Temple Church out of 7.

The rejection of Apostolic succession in the Church of England in history, might be why people prefer junk food and whatever they are told, or sold, instead of spiritual nourishment.

Over the last year in England there have been several floods. The people have seen in UK and around the world that as quick as floods can take place, so the floods can subside too.

With the flooding took place in Newcastle, this washing away is also a reminder of the New Stream and unless the water is coming from the heavens, what is being imparted to people might not be pure. Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is a landmark building to show God's Wisdom is from the heavens.

Since the very ancient times, people have been shown the way. Pray and the truth will be revealed to you. Ask and you shall be given, seek and you shall find and knock, knock at heaven's door - in prayer, only then will that door way be open. Keep asking, seeking and knocking.

My reason for sharing this message today, is to show that my dream was totally unexpected with Charles and there was more to this dream. Also to write and share that when a message is given it will also have some validation being shown in real life too. Receiving bread in my dream was a gift to share, because in real life Bread came a gift from another Servant of the Lord.

In another dream vision, I was shown 'no more blood sacrifice'. My vision was of the Ark of the Covenant in heaven, with Christ to the right and another man standing to his left. A sheep sitting on the top of the mercy seat was being shown to me. Mercy also means forgiveness.

Christ said in regard to the wine and bread to his Apostles, 'this is my blood (the wine) and this is my body (the bread)' drink the wine as his blood and eat the bread as his body, in remembrance of him. There is to be no more killing of people and eating human flesh anymore.

As a child, I had an inclination to bake bread and cakes. From this experience I realise that the baker, Mr. Warburton was inspired to bake bread for the people too.

Jewish people use an expression 'breaking bread together'. This tradition has been found back in biblical times and symbolically maintaining the spiritual family connection too.

Rabbis are teachers who have studied the Torah. Rabbis can share expanded understanding of the Holy Scriptures written in Hebrew. This is because every letter has so many different meanings. Since ancient times people have been encouraged to have the right relationship with God, because if we do not, we are not going to learn what HE is trying to teach us. If we do not have a right relationship with God, we are not going to Hear Him and be guided by Him in the right way.

In the Age of Aquarius, people are waiting for this time for a number of reasons. The Spiritual Waters flow and Divine Wisdom is given openly to everyone. God does not ask you to pay to pray and so do not make finance an excuse and obstacle to develop a personal relationship with him.

If we are to be vessels for divine wisdom, by watching the video above is to understand why being vessels for prayer focus and healing energy is actually vital today.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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