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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Burning of the House of Lords and Commons

Guided to find the following paintings last night. History has known the burning of the House of Lords and the House of Commons. This fire happened for a reason. What was happening 'being negotiated' from the inside might have been the cause.

History has a way of repeating itself if lessons are not learned. The fire could happen again. The house that makes the laws and yet operates a system that is enslaving people with debt might be just pushing it too far.

While on one way is up to individuals to not take out debt, with the cost of living being deliberately hiked up and so many fines in place, perhaps this is to keep a family in a position that is collecting a vast income. Conformists are ready made in UK. So many people forgot this is the Kingdom given to Christ - they prefer to worship false idols instead.

The government sits on the Queens shoulders. In the opening of parliament she addresses with 'My government....' Noticed one of the inclusions is the 'water industry' expanding that business is a deliberate act.

With Charles being made co-head - Prince Regent, with his wife Camilla by his side, there is surely the system set up here and there is surely a back up plan -carefully planned. Remembering his 64th Birthday at Government house in New Zealand.

By going against God and his divine plan there will be consequences. If another fire will happen - I do not know. Already the UK has seen floods and this was seen to wash the royal rule from the land. People have also said the crown has been stolen.

The thought came to my mind yesterday that the Queen is wearing the crown that is over the 7 ancient Churches. While she was crowned and born in a royal family, evidently the set up in England is not to protect people.

The lighting bolts and striking houses on the day Baby George was announced to the world was likely because a lot h as gone on behind the scenes to heavily promote this baby as a future King. The child does not rule over Christ or God Almighty.

The Queen does not rule over Jesus Christ and God Almighty either.

A couple of dreams are indicating that all is not good here in this country. Officials are not listening to the warnings. The system that functions for profit. Privatising prisons and law courts, when already there is no justice, is a step closer to a mindset that are going to put more innocent people in prison. Officials tell me many innocent people are in prison now.

When people are motivated for profit - they are not seeking the prophet.

In my previous article, the media wrote about the revenue being collected from roads. Not far away people are having to buy permits to park outside their own homes and many residents are paying parking tickets on top because they had to run to the bathroom or the telephone rang while they went to get a ticket. Shame on UK and all the greedy officials.

Most people already pay various taxes - are these taxes even legal?

Shame on the police who say these fines pay our wages. Creating mass unemployment creates a door that people will sign up to go fight in an army to be paid. One lady said her father, brother and husband have gone to to war. She said if her husband was not away her children would have no Christmas presents. Killing for profit. The true spirit of Christmas is not about presents.

Can people honestly say Christ is encouraging this bloodshed.

When there is a lack of integrity, playing two faces to the people, this is not good at all. Keeping everyone as individuals because we all are, in the bible it does identify in the Book of Revelation the Anti-Christ. Be clear on this - the Anti-Christ goes against Christ. Defies the obligations that are at the very least to maintain Justice. Officials say there is no Justice in UK.

An elderly gentleman spoke that God chooses the monarch. The people are say the national anthem to pray for the monarch. Actually this prayer is powerful - The people are being sold people who are not appointed by God.

With all the illegal wars taking place. The wars for profit for which King?

Both Charles and Camilla are divorcees. God does not promote divorce.

William, Kate and Harry have been wizard wand waving - God does not promote sorcery. Interfering with the course of nature is showing a mindset that have not developed a personal relationship with God and respecting His Authority.

People are told not to use God's name in Vain - this applies to the oath takers. This concerns every oath taker from being government ministers, police, lawyers and judges. This also applies to the monarch. Who Fears God's Wrath.

Before the destruction by fire takes place, there will be other warnings. However, with what has been revealed, I now understand why I was given the vision a few months ago of a Palace that had been flattened. It was symbolic of the end!

The House of Lords and House of Commons are situated in Westminster Palace.

With Spencer Court building in Newcastle being demolished and seeing four floods last year, this was not just to show that William and Harry are not meant to be the Heads of a Court - Kate Middleton married a Spencer. A bloodline endures. The BBC filmed a documentary about the Queen not being eligible for the throne. It is possible Diana is from an illegitimate bloodline too.

The Queen's coronation oath was to uphold the laws of God. What happened?

With God being removed from the oath, officials are taking an oath for three generations. Perhaps they are not so bright in this country to consider what is happening. Perhaps they have not considered they are being enslaved by this.

The Queen was crowned as a descendant of King David and Solomon. Actually masses of people are. She is crowned when sitting on the throne that had the Stone of Jacob - known as the stone of destiny underneath. This connects with the Holy Land.

The Crown is a symbol to say that God's Authority is given on this earth. Having taken my oath in court 'to God Almighty' you can be sure that the all seeing and all knowing God really does see and know everything going on. He knows all the devious plans and manipulation being done by man. People are warned. If warnings are ignored there is nothing anyone can do.

The Queen wrote to my mother years ago. Still waters rum deep with her. She will have likely made many mistakes and obliged to put them right again. She should be runing a tight ship or her ship will sink - the government.

Charles was crowned back in 1969 with powers as Prince of Wales in the ancient Kingd0m of Wales. The Queen has appeared in a few dreams, two we are together. Surprisingly, Charles appeared in a dream and gave me an old role of papers.

While there are many people who are promoting war, I want to see World Peace and being born from a multinational family, covering several nations. I have family who were born and live in the America too. Even religious conflict can be sorted out.

The Government officials are supposed to be God's servants and if officials are abusing and exploiting the people they are not anything to do wit God or with Jesus Christ. Conquesting the world by bloodshed is not the way God Works.

No one has been given permission to kill anyone. God does not change His Law.

The job as a Queen, who is also the Head of the Commonwealth is full time 24/7 365 days a a year. The family of humanity and putting the ugly horrific past of wars especially in Europe, shows that people have come a long way to unite in peace.

The other day I was guided to open the bible at a page in the book of Esther. The message was about anyone harming Jewish people will come to ruin. Jewish people have been entrusted with the Oracle of God. Jesus Christ was Jewish. The anointed one by God will be Jewish too. - The person who is guided and instructed by God is under his authority - not the authority of man.

The British legal system had the opportunity to be leaders and yet they have abused trust. They have refused to put wrongs right. Officials duck and dive. Police will not even prosecute crime. They complain about the war.

All it needs for evil to escalate is for good people to do nothing.

Eventually God will stamp out all these human rights abuses.

Everything happens for a reason. There is a cause of all that is happening. Some fires are an act of man. In the fire above, is seen to be because what was taking place inside. 'In the name of God', people are being abused and oppressed.

History has shown the destruction of the ancient Kingdom of Egypt by the wrath of God. The destruction of Smyrna was a deliberate act of man after all, the British establishment know the Crown of life and the Ankh is given to this Temple Church.

The Church of Thyatira is given the Crown of All Nations. This belongs to Jesus Christ. With Jesus Christ already revealing himself wearing his crown, perhaps officials have not got a personal relationship with Him.

People with sincere heart, are likely to be sincere in their prayer.

It is a privilege to be in a position of public office.

Being 'born' a Crown Prince or Princess and being crowned King and Queen indicates a personal relationship with God. This would be apparent long before any crowning ceremony takes place. Wizard wand wavers are blatant God mockers.

This article is written because I am concerned with what is happening!

"The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons is the title of two oil on canvas paintings by JMW Turner, depicting the fire that broke out at the Houses of Parliament on the evening of 16 October 1834. Turner himself witnessed the Burning of Parliament from the south bank of the River Thames, opposite Westminster. He made sketches using both pencil and watercolour in two sketchbooks from different vantage points, including from a rented boat, although it is unclear that the sketches were made instantly, en plein air. The sketchbooks were left by Turner to the National Gallery as part of the Turner Bequest and are now held by the Tate Gallery."

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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