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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 16 August 2013

Christ Visits Child 4 yrs with Mary & Baby Girl

The day after my vision of the gold crown on the 9th August, two young children wanted to come and see me. Usually they ask for pens and paper to draw pictures.

Just a little background information. The eldest, then 5 asked if we can pray to Jesus last year. He wanted to go to church. His father told me they went to a Christening and all he did was play up through the service. The children have no religious teaching or indoctrination. Another child, the 7 year old who has had many visitations of Jesus has not been Baptised either.

My sharing this is to show, that Jesus Christ is visiting and talking with children and has guided them to tell me. The children provide validation that he is making himself known.

With the Children sitting quietly drawing a picture, suddenly the little one turned around and said 'Pauline I seen Jesus' asking when he said 'Yesterday'.

His brother said 'No you did not' and little one argued back 'Yes I did and he spoke to me'. He looked at me and said 'I really did see Jesus. I am not lying'

At that time a 13 year old was also in my house too who was laughing. The little one was almost in tears and wanted to tell me everything. His face said he was telling the truth and I told them that I wanted to listen (realizing that he was an instrument to bring a message)

"Jesus was with his wife"..."she is wearing a crown". Asking what her name was he said 'Mary'. I cannot remember if I asked him to draw the crown or he asked for paper to show me. He drew the circle with spikes with a squirl on the side. Asking him to explain, he told me the crown was (light) grey with points and the swirl was a flower and pointed to his forehead to where it was seen.

He said 'Mary was wearing a long pink dress' and gestured she something wrapped around over this (perhaps a mantle) She was wearing a veil that covered her chin and was longer at the back. He could see her brown eyes in an opening. He said he spoke to her and she spoke back to him.

Then he said, after a minute Mary disappeared and Jesus was standing with another woman behind him. Asking if he knew the woman;s name - he said 'Mary' too. (innocents speak the truth)

"Jesus was holding a baby girl in his hands". He gestured with his hands being cupped. Asking how he knew it was a baby girl, he replied 'Jesus told me'

He said "Jesus knows you. He gave me a message to tell me and I forgot" The scene in my home were two other children playing who did not take him seriously. There were listening and they were meant to be there. Asking the child questions about how he arrived and what happened.

He said Jesus arrived 'through the ceiling' while he was playing and he screamed with seeing someone he did not know. Jesus told him to calm down and said that he knew me.(WOW)

Mary appeared and they both to him and they all spoke together. He said she was only there for about a minute and then she left (asking how) she disappeared. (star wars scenarios)

Asking how Jesus left, the little one said 'the same way he arrived'. Continuing 'he just peeled back the top of the house and left and then the room closed again' -

There you have it folks - that would probably startle me too.

What he said after this shows the innocence of a child who has no idea how important the message is that he is being given or even understanding why he was guided to tell me.

"Pauline, you know what would be really great now, if Santa came in like Jesus did too" and he continued playing as if nothing extraordinary had even happened.

Even telling the little one he was very blessed to have this visit, he gave the enthusiasm as if his uncle had come to visit. The only thing that bothered him was how he arrived because he was startled and screamed. Imagine Jesus saying Calm down, Calm down, I know Pauline' Funny!

The day afterwards something did happen to validated this.

Just to add to this, Yesterday 15th Augist, asking the little one if he remembered Jesus visiting he said Yes. I asked him if he remembered the message that Jesus had to give me. He said 'Yes. Tell Pauline I am going to give her a message later' - Since this more has been revealed.

Regarding the baby, at first I thought he is showing the baby girl that his wife will have and could be. Muslims wait for Christ to return and say he will marry and have children.

Yesterday, I realised that HE wanted ME to know about the baby girl and she is alive in his hands. A message was given before this was visually disturbing - in case a baby girl died.

When being given very clear divine guidance, there is always validation too. It is expected at the very least anyone who is going to be crowned Queen is being divinely guided by Jesus Christ too. And they would know if they are because he would himself wearing a crown and mantle.

People are being deceived by those going against Christ.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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