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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Dream: Prince Charles Gave Me Title Deeds

Something extraordinary is happening now. All over the world people are returning to their faith. People are studying the Holy Scriptures and the Torah. Muslims are promoting peace and it becomes necessary to have religious tolerance.

A few weeks ago I had another unexpected dream with Prince Charles. He handed me a roll of old papers that were of sepia colour with age. The roll could have been between 2 1/2 and 3 feet wide. In opening the roll the writing was very neat and in old style. These papers were title deeds. Charles also mentioned the building of the Temple. Then I was traveling on a bus and still getting used to the exchange that had taken place. Days later I learned about Lord Leverhulme providing transport for people.

This has not unfolded, yet it is interesting. Lord Leverhulme is significant and a name that has come into my mind so many times over the last 30 years. It is only recently that I have decided to ask why and be guided to discover more.

Some months ago I was thinking about titles people are holding and if these come with landholdings too. My dream was showing me that the title deed is transferable and some titles are held until the right time to whom it must be given.

There is also the matter of stolen inheritance and how far back this goes is unknown. Being put in a position to face destitution after already suffering loss and trauma, an international legal situation has been enduring because of corrupt lawyers and homeless threats in the British Courts. A situation where the officials refuse to put wrongs right and reject corrupt evidence.

Jewish people are speaking about building the Temple. Jewish people want a place of Worship to the One True God, not a corporate front with false idols portraying that they are Holy Saints. Jewish people do not want to worship false idols because Idolatry is forbidden by God. Jewish people want a King anointed by God, not self appointed man who goes against God.

Queen Elizabeth is the Supreme Head of the Church of England. This title was declared by Henry VIII after he was refused a divorce by the Pope. The name change to Governor does not change the status of the Head of the Anglican Church.

My dream was showing me that Charles is part of a far more complex picture and while he has made mistakes and done wrongs, we are all sinners. In learning of his visits to Mount Athos, perhaps he is sincere in seeking the right way. Everyone can seek forgiveness and show repentance. Everyone can do this and we are all responsible for our own process. God is our Judge.

There are times when I am temperamental and react to matters that are important. I am not silent about the illegal wars or the injustice taking place. There are many other issues too except officials here do not want to know. Far too many people would rather sit back and say nothing than confront something that might rock the boat. There are plenty of ship builders out there. The expression 'all it needs for evil to escalate is for good people to sit back and do nothing - this really does apply.

In learning that Prince Phillip, who is not the most diplomatic person in the world, made comments about over population, I reacted to this openly. He spoke of 'if he was to return in another life he wants to be a deadly virus to deal with over population.' The problem is that people are influenced by the royals 'suggestions' and deadly viruses have been spreading by the hand of man.

My reaction about Wizard wand waving Kate Middleton was not just about her influencing masses of people into sorcery and witchcraft, the very silly girl does not realise she could have her head chopped off. She has 'no protection' in this and her titles are because of her husband. Even William and Harry could have their head chopped off too. Ruling by the Sword in England is prevented and the only reason it is prevented is because this Kingdom is given to Jesus Christ and cannot be taken over by another religion.

The Reason why the Christian religion is retained is to ensure that the Law of Grace given by Jesus Christ is maintained. However there are some fundamental laws that cannot be broken. There are issues that can be considered delicate to address that can be, when reading between the lines reveal much more than the words that are written in black and white.

When the Laws given by God are corrupted, this cannot be ignored forever.

There are people who Fear God and Fear the Wrath of God, with good reason. There are people who are living in fear of God while officials are taking advantage of this, when actually it is the oath taking officials who are to fear the most.

If I am to look at the British royal family, without knowing them personally, to decide who was to be the overseer 'to take care of the people' and this Kingdom, it would not be William or Harry. For the simple reason they are promoted like pop stars. There are sides to these people that no one knows about. People are told they are nice. We do not even know if these people are sincere?

A few months ago, a thought come to mind. If deception is used to gain the Crown of Asia and 'if' a Crowning ceremony took place in a church in the Solomon Islands, since learning in a Cathedral, was this with the Queen's knowledge? Has the Queen deceived her people to serve her own family gains first, disregarding her Coronation Oath? OR, have William and Kate Middleton betrayed the Queen; motivated for their own ends, disregarding that the Crown of All Nations belongs to Jesus Christ, the Kingdoms are his too.

There are 7 billion people in our world, with a great number living with means less than we can comprehend. Billions of people have no education and their basic human rights are only now starting to be addressed. Billions of people do not have running water in their homes. The overlords of lands have kept people poor and oppressed for far too long. Times are changing now.

The system in England is disabling people to profit their own interests.

Charity money is no good if only a small percentage reaches the cause. In England, a homeless charity boss took home a bonus in his salary of over £1million pounds. Homelessness is a huge issue here too. The Cancer research charity are asking for more money to find a cure. Doctor Simoncini an Oncologist has successfully used Sodium Bicarbonate. The Cure of any illness is to identify the cause. The cure for any problem in our world is to identify the cause and implement workable solutions.

So many issues to address - so many breaches in Human Rights Act, in the UK. And as was described 'the pharaohs sorcerers at work' producing the articles in the influential media where people have openly said they do not want Human Rights.

Some time back I walked into the Town Hall to see what was available and find out about opening a resource to provide food for the hungry and homeless. The people were not 'interested' to listen. The people were spiritually blind. Officials boast of the system being corrupt and that they will never be prosecuted. Now officials are being asked to break the law and be paid.

It has been necessary to listen to these people to ensure a very strict criteria is in place to work in public office and the law courts. Time will tell what will be. Being a civil servant is a privilege to serve and help in whatever way possible.

The Queen in her role is a civil servant too. How people forget this!

Masses of people are doing all they can to make a positive difference. Masses of people take care of family members who are disabled and even elderly relatives. The carers are growing and the support system that sustain life are being undervalued. The focus of adoration on false idols, distracts from the appreciation of the people in our world who despite their personal struggles, keep going because they would rather live their life wit real purpose. The giving hearts are motivated to enable other people.

The Queen and I share one particular understanding. The most important role a woman will have in her life is being a mother and raising her child. Every person has been given life and purpose. No one is more important than anyone else.

In a dream the day after Diana died she said to me 'There are many people like me who need your help. Promise me you will not give up all you do Pauline' - There was more to this dream that also featured the Queen who acknowleged us both. The Queen, Diana and myself have a spiritual connection. Other people have appeared in my dreams to indicate that we are connected too.

The Queen has been placed on such a high pedistal and yet she is a human being. The role of responsibility that she holds is evidently not understood by most people living in this country. While many of her officials are a bunch of bandits, the loss and suffering that many are creating to the people all these years, and all the injustice taking place is all being done in her name.

The title deeds given to me in my dream - this weighs heavily on my heart. The Queen surely knows the unnecessary suffering I endure and continue in this struggle. My confronting her oath takers to find one who is keen to work for justice - out of hundreds there are none. They boast there is no Justice here in the UK. Remember this is being said and done in her name.

In Faith and Trust in God, I keep going.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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