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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dream Prince Charles - The Pond Water Is Low

Trying to find a title that is right for this dream....In my dream the pond water is low. My dream took place before waking up on 24th August. Today is the 27th.

There are different scenes to my dream, so will share what I can remember took place. The dream was a lucid dream as if happening at the time. This could be a sign relating to what is happening now.

In the first part, I was watching a vehicle bring a tall open light coloured cupboard over a narrow bridge into a car park area. Just as the vehicle entered this space, the cabinet toppled over. Then the next scene, the same was being repeated, except this time, I was there watching the scene unfold and went to try prevent the cupboard falling and could not.

This dream was showing me premonitions and alerts too. There are some things I can change and yet what is meant to be cannot be changed. What is not secure is going to fall over.

The next part of the dream, I am in a spacious room with light coloured wall paper, and wood that has been painted white. Noticing the pale green vinyl wall paper 'had shrunk' and so I was peeling away the layer to reveal other paper behind. The glue was sticking in places. When almost all off, I noticed the paper underneath had come away from the corner, either i twas not stuck properly or some problem with the wall underneath. So I removed this layer to the plaster.

(This dream could be triggered by someone telling the plaster was removed from her wall and I said to her, 'at least you can build a new life in your new home'. This dream was showing me a countryside home and it was new to me. The green colour wall paper was mint green.

Mint is also a name in relation to the Royal Mint. Including this because what followed next, was about Charles and Camilla, although she was not in the dream.

I was walking along a long garden pathway on a bright day. My attention was taken to see clothes and personal belongings, all lined up along the pathway as if people were moving house. These were all arranged in an orderly fashion with clothes rails covered.

Next, walking in the garden, Prince Charles was sitting down next to a near empty pond. The water was clear, there were rocks - as in large round pebbles on the floor. The water was very low. In each hand I held a jug of water, one was cold and the other was hot. The jugs were transparent.

For some reason I asked for bread, and Charles said he always has 6 or 7 loaves of bread and to go help myself. I could see they were loaves of Warburton's, a Bolton company family firm. I decided to pick the orange packet which was the toastie and return to where he was sitting.

In the last part of the dream, I am standing at the back of a room with hundreds of chairs - a dark red, maroon colour - the floor was flat, not on a gradient. I recognised a lady in the audience 'even though she had her back to me from Canada.' Remembering while in the dream, she spoke in real life, in front of thousands of people. I was feeling nervous at the prospect of what was to happen next - an important announcement was going to be made. Then I woke up.

My dream was showing me that the water well is low. Also I realised the water was to take to Charles, with the bread could have been for baptism and communion. This was not a turning water to wine dream. The emphasis was pure water and holy water with prayer intention.

My dreams has shown me again that Charles knows exactly who I am, as does the Queen who wrote to my mother in person. In a previous dream Charles handed me some old papers in a roll and these were title deeds. (Evidently he has not and I have not initiated any contact with Charles of his mother, even though I can do so at any time, it is a choice not to)

Prince Charles has stayed at Mount Athos, after Diana was killed. In his personal time he did lots of soul searching and yet it is unknown if he has really sought God for forgiveness.

The other day listening to when he was crowned Prince Charles, he did not give the impression of being a rebellious child or even boast about being so. He was a serious boy.

Prince Charles has shown interest in the Power of Prayer and indicated his interest in natural healing too. These areas are a part of my life and extensive years of study too.

Then the day after the dream I got a telephone call, a lady who wanted to come and see me. She brought some bread and it was 'Warburton's' as in my dream. Not the same type. (No idea if Prince Charles eats Warburton's bread in his household, particularly for toast)

My friend had also included some 'Morning Muffins' and the name caught my attention. Written on the packet DEDICATED KNOW HOW - NEWBURN BAKEHOUSE.

In Lancashire is also Blackburn.

Also remembering Spencer Court in Newcastle that was demolished. This was located in Newcastle. With Newcastle - New Castle has also been identified. The other day learning that when the ship Olympic was stripped, much of this is in the North East of England - Newcastle.

At the time of Spencer Court's foundations exposed and then being demolished, I did look up the developers to learn more. Dunelm Homes and Trinity Estates are the site’s managing agents. There is an update on this on 22nd August 2013 news has come to light.

'Businessman Ray Winfield, who bought number 9 Spencer Court in block C shortly after they were built in 2006, said: “It appears that block B is coming down.' Full article below.

Plan B comes to mind. Plan B is being demolished.

Strange this would come to my attention today. There comes a time when everyone from the very top of the structure in society needs to examine their process and when tyrants are in positions of ruling over lands and people, this is how people suffer. No Divine Right of Kings!

A Court was identified from these buildings, seen as the Spencer boys Law Court - Charles' sons, last year. Writing about this some months ago, recently I discovered A Court has been set up and 'if' this has been done by William and Harry, why hide the truth. Why the secrecy.

In the video where Charles speaks as the Young Prince of Wales, a title that is given to the Heir of the British Throne by the Monarch. The video identifies that Prince Charles Traces his descent directly from Henry Tudor and Henry Tudor was a Welshman who became King Henry VII of England and came to hold the English Crown by Right of Conquest.

In relation to the water level being low. Charles is involved with selling water and we every household is paying for water in their homes. His mother, the Queen identified both 'the secret court' and also 'the water industry' in her parliamentary speech.

Being given Warburtons Bread and Newburn Bakehouse cake, This might be sign of 'let her eat cake' as in let her suffer even more and struggle. If anything I did not get a negative feel for the dream. I was being shown that there are changes taking place, a house move and perhaps even a change of heart also the water reserves need replenishing. I was carrying the water for a purpose.

If the Government are not protecting people, the officials are not protecting the people and if the Royal family are not protecting the people...then who is? Fair question!

What happens if we have no water to drink? Humanity cannot survive without water. The answer is not in creating wars based on lies and killing off masses of people.

Time will tell what the future will unfold.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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