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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 12 August 2013

Dutch Prince Frisco Dies After Coma

My heart is with the Dutch Royal family in reading the news to discover Prince Frisco, son of Princess Beatrix of Netherlands has passed away.

In public service, behind the scenes, the then Dutch Queen of Netherlands, now Princess and her family have been carrying heartache and pain with the condition of Prince Frisco since 2012.

Johan Frisco Benhard Christian, David - Prince of Oranje-Nassau fell into a coma after an avalanche in the alps during a sking holiday. He was reported to be buried under snow and deprived of oxygen for 25 minutes. His brain, starved of oxygen would cause serious brain damage.

'Family unit: Then Queen Beatrix, Prince Friso's wife Mabel and King Willem-Alexander, then Crown Prince, arrive at the university hospital in Innsbruck, Austria shortly after the accident'

Prince Frisco was initially treated in a London hospital, before being brought back to The Hague last month. It was apparent because of the duration of oxygen starvation that recovery from a coma would only be by a miracle of God. With brain damage, hope of full recovery was lost.

This announcement has come just months after Princess Beatrix abdicated in favour of her oldest son, now King Willem-Alexander. A family who are loved by the people. The former Queen took the decision to step aside for her son. She is still involved working as she feels called to.

Princess Beatrix is regarded with respect for her hands on approach. The willingness to meet with people and being contactable was brought to my attention by someone who is Dutch. While never writing personally, my thoughts have been with this family and admiration for their strength to keep going, even when at times, I am sure their hearts were aching and breaking inside.

'Prince Friso, himself gave up his claim to the throne in 2003 in order to marry commoner Mabel Wisse Smit, with whom he had two daughters, Princesses Luana and Zaria.'

A couple who married for love and to raise a loving family. The remarkable closeness shown between Princess Beatrix, her eldest son Willem-Alexander and wife sets also an example to people that in family, unity in family is important. As mother of this family Beatrix is the rock.

All families have their private heartache and emotional challenges to overcome. With love and unity, this bond can overcome so much - even the most difficult experiences. We all face difficult choices in life. The most difficult experience this family have been anticipating to face for a very long time, is that one day they will be saying 'goodbye'.

No mother expects to lose her child before she dies.

In life and also while in a coma, I believe Prince Frisco has served a very important purpose. The medical team of experts who have been taking care of him, knowing even that the chances of recovery and return from the coma were near enough impossible and yet they endured. These ethical experts have shown the dedication and determination required in the healing profession.

For a period of over 2 years, when my mother was in hospital the experts did not expect her to live one year. She became paralysed from the neck downwards in a freak car crash. It was then seeing and speaking with the most dedicated people that made me aware of their vital work.

So many people give up. So many people said to me that my mother was better off dead. If the Dutch family have had people saying this, it would surely hurt. Far too many openly state that individuals or nations of people should live or die with such a cold hearted way. We have no right.

For Prince Frico, his soul will also be free now.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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