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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 26 August 2013

Have YOU Listened to Assad - Why Not?

Quote "Assad sounds like a pretty logical,reasonable, & rational man in this video. Self control,poise, confidence."

Last night I put this video on and as the commenter has made above, it is impossible to disagree. The interview identifies the partitioning of Syria - has this happened before?

When there is partitioning of territories for political interests, this does not seem to be in the people's best interest. In conflicts the people suffer and the people are killed.

The breaking up of territories and turning people against each other is done by masters of deception. When they do this, it is for their own agenda. Is this why we see people who has no right to rule over lands and people, placed as a puppet to justify conquest of land by military invasion?

I cannot get my head around the masses of deaths taking place in Syria or elsewhere. What is happening is demonic and Anti-Christ. The taking of life is against God's Laws.

Britain now wants to arm people....under whatever label they are presented. If one person is to blame for these terrible atrocities, how come over this decade the media have spoken out about different dictators and then the setting out to remove these people is justified too.

It has been with foreign troops that people are killed on their own lands. It is only a matter of time before people will be set about to obey orders to kill their own people. This is being said with what is happening in UK and the officials have taken an oath that does not protect them.

Lawyers, Police and Military take oaths. In UK the Oath to God is removed to be an affirmation. This is to be obedient to the master. So easily does the anti-christ rule over officials too.

The above video is an interview and it is not a clear set to say this person is perfect. No one is perfect. The media again are spoon feeding what they want the people to know.

If Assad was reponsible for the terrible atrocities in his country, then this indicates the potential that can take place for the people in other countries too. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT MESSAGE that we as humanity need to grasp. Our enemy is not in other lands.

A 9 year old child said to me something alarming the day before the Daily Mail published photographs of masses of dead children and adults in Syria. He said 'David Cameron reminds me of Hitler. He is a dictator' - A child said that!!!! Was he being inspired to say that and warn me?

David Cameron and his wife traveled to Syria not so long ago and his wife was pictured with the children who were refugees. I cannot ignore what came to my mind at the time, with their both wearing royal blue - 'Good Cop - Bad Cop'. David Cameron is working for an agenda.

The New World Order relates to the whole world. When people forget God, they might accept someone who is not appointed by God to be sitting on The Throne. Today someone is giving orders for all these wars to take place. The partitioning and conquest of territories is planned in advance. Secret ceremonies taking place behind the scenes shows insincerity to the people.

While I am not saying to trust or distrust anyone, most certainly the British establishment having tremendous clout of influence, invites people to ask why?

There is no divine right to rule, when crowns are stolen, in the past or present time. The Crown is a Physical Symbol to remind people of God's Authority - that HE RULES OVER ALL OF US.

So in this situation with what is happening in Syria, religion is not the blame. What is happening is because of political interests that pertains to the land, as has happened before.

There are around 1.5 billion Muslims who have been foretold of a great war. These 1. 5 billion Muslims are also told that Jesus Christ is a Muslim and will return to his people.

There is no one anywhere who will not feel vulnerable to terrorist attacks. However, sometimes the people who claim to be saving the people, might be contributing to war and killing innocent people. Just how many millions of people have been killed in the last decade alone?

Who are the rebels? What does 'rebel' really mean?

The solution for peace in our world is not war!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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