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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Lady Gaga - Pixelated Eyes & Clear Mask

Just to share what Lady Gage is showing the world - in her creative way, she is in tune with what is happening and also bringing truth to people in a creative way.

Lady Gaga has a huge fan base, known as Mother Monster. As her outfits are more seemingly outrageous, actually they are very carefully put together and appear to be of the highest of Quality. Just this alone suggests that the symbolic message being shared is coming from the 'highest source' - is what I just heard and so to change this would be to change the truth what is being given

The pixelated eyes is what we will see when we zoom up closely and look into a picture. Lady Gaga is also holding a picture of a clear mask meaning that she is also clear seeing.

The full article can be found below with more pictures.

In her growing fanbase, she is encouraging other people to be clear seeing too. And this is being done by her creative expression. Remembering her Piano high up on stilts and that music is is inspired from the heavens. The other day, my journey to Torcoss Road was to collect a music keyboard.

It is unknown how closely related we are to people, however people who are related have a spiritual connection with each other. The reason why now these singers have large audiences are people who are sensing something about the person and it might be they are family relations.

Lady Gaga being surrounded with real people. She is dressed in white with a clear mask also to show that she is not hiding who she really is, no matter what she is wearing. White is a symbol of purity and with pure intentions is being shown when pictured with the people.

Pictured with people looking at a book, Lady Gaga is touching this. Over her head is a YELLOW sign that writes a warning, WHEN THE ALARM SOUND TANKS ARE FULL - DO NOT OVERFILL.

The scene is a reminder that at times, when writing, writing too much is overfilling the message. Also being reminded from statistics that a few hundred visits to this page take place every day.

Last night in seeing the above images, there was also an article about the ability to look into peoples eyes and photograph and record. I will have to find this and share another time, perhaps adding here or to another article. So in one aspect this also applies.

With the very powerful cameras now that is spying on the mass population, we have also in our computer cameras too that can see into our home and what we are doing. So the times that I am falling asleep on my chair...they have that too.

Remembering when younger people looking into my eyes - one man said 'your eyes are like swimming pools so deep' - Then meeting Mother Meera I understood when seeing her golden light reflection too. Our eyes are the windows to our soul.

In every message is a positive and negative, with many different perspectives and the same is with pictures and dreams too.

I just got a letter to say my internet by Virgin Media is going up....I am interested to find people who want to built an internet service that will be put online for $1 a week. Is this possible? There are lots of people around who do not have money. The internet can expand their awareness and be a valuable learning tool, get people networking together and away from war games.

Come on your computer wizards - use your skills positively. The wizard wand wavers who are harming people do not want humanity to progress, to grow, to become enlightened and to be free.

Lady Gaga has been published with more photos that show her with coloured first 'I thought' black and blue as if bruised' Days later 'war paint' was in the headlines. And there is a war taking place in the Middle East...for which King people is this happening?

So when a black car reversed into a blue car in front of my eyes, after returning from Torcross Road, I realised 'hopefully' this diffused any harm intended for me. Fortunately no one was injured and no damage other than a tiny white spot where the paint was removed on the blue vehicle.

In the center of our forehead is a point of light!

If for some reason I was to become blind, then still, as other people are clear seeing, we would see out of our spiritual eye, in visions and in dreams. This is the eye of truth that reveals what we are meant to see and know about. It is looking beyond at what the media is publishing 'just in the images' that provides so many insights to what is relevant to know.

Keep an open mind and know there are many facets to a diamond and there are many layers of truth. There are people in the rungs of the ladder in society who are searching for truth. And when the saying is 'the truth is within you' - it is from inside the truth is revealed.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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