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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Lady Gaga, Ryan Seacrest, Katy Perry - Why?

Lady Gage, Ryan Seacrest and Katy Perry - in this article the three have been shown to be pictured together and being friends too, there is a whole lot more that can come to light.

The Daily Mail has published more photographs. Here creative expressive Lady Gaga wearing black with colours on her face - not getting a good feeling about this, I was unsure of the message. The second day the headline said 'war paint' - Thanks DM. In case people have forgotten, wars have been taking place. There are people who want to silence the truth. There are people who want to speak the truth and are unable to also there is no law to prevent the media from telling lies.

The first impression I had of this is a warning - not a good feeling at all - 'as if' with facial expression and wearing black, 'black and blue being bruised. Has Lady Gaga been threatened? Are her choice of dress so offensive, or are there people worried that people might work out the messages that is being given by what she is wearing. Then also, I cannot ignore that there is a warning for me too and there are people involved in Rituals to cause death and destruction.

Ryan Seacrest - the man I have known from American Idol, however Ryan is involved in radio broadcasting and television reality shows too. Not watching either - One is the Kardashians and other other an Iranian family. My apologies for not knowing enough about these people and their activities, however Ryan is another person who is working in the public eye and behind the scenes. People who are bright also have an expansive view beyond their doorstep. Ryan has been instrumental to raise awareness of Iran and Turkey. Ryan is also wearing 'war paint' with an unhappy face.

Katy Perry, who I have yet to share photos from her Killer Queen perfume promotion, sitting on a throne chair. Katy has clarified the Killer Queen name choice is from Freddy Mercury's song of a lady who is strong, bold and can command attention, not a cold blooded killer. However,the message is there in the name, that there are Queens who have made decisions for people to be killed in history.

Katy Perry wearing grey at JfKennedy airport in New York, with Converse Trainers. She is wearing dark glasses so we cannot see her bright blue eyes. On top of her head is a grey band. JF Kennedy's famous speech about secret oaths and secret societies was not just about America. The Kennedy's have family ties in England as do many Americans. The Kennedy family have been vocal and remind people, can use your voice too. Many entertainers use creative expression to share truth.

Converse means to communicate. Converse also holds further understanding. 'Noun - A situation, object, or statement that is the reverse of another, or that corresponds to it but with certain terms transposed. Adjective: Having characteristics that are the reverse of something else already mentioned. (so with walking in Converse Trainers, we can look at both sides, what we see and what is the reverse of this message that is being given) A trainer trains.

The caption reads 'What you looking at: Katy gave the camera a look of confident attitude as she made her way through the airport' - the photograph is identified Elder Ordonex/ - Old Order In is photographed walking into JF Kennedy Airport. Is this the ancient order?

A four year old had a visitation of 'Jesus with his wife Mary' wearing 'grey' and her crown had points. He said that she also had a grey rose flower on her foreshead. Grey can mean cloudy - however taking in the purest of light and a child who is learning colours, he might have seen silver and what comes from Christ is pure. There are many people who are creative and being inspired now to bring the truth to people. So is the Bride of Christ connected with America?

In this profile picture of Lady Gaga, wearing black. In the background there is more, low planters with flowers. Two people are sitting, one seen on each side and behind buildings. There are layers of structures in society. We are living in a divided world - East and West. The people sitting are a reminder of people sitting on thrones. Kings and Queens are heads of armies.

People are becoming aware of the Princess's of Pop and Queen's of Pop - reading comments from people who are saying 'who does Madonna, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Lady Gaga think they are? People have said they are not even Royal? Evidently brainwashed Brits do not know the truth. They much prefer to look to the deceivers of the people who in history have taken away their rights away.

'Katy Perry is already in the lead as Lady Gaga trails behind her, despite the Poker Face singer's desperate attempts to regain her position as Queen Of Pop.

And in an earlier show of solidarity, Gaga posted the following Twitter message for Katy: ‘Wanna grab some shovels and f*** up some hackers? @katyperry excited to hear your ROAR, sorry to hear about your truck!’ she wrote, referring to Katy's promotional truck and the accident it had at a Walmart parking lot.

'@ladygaga what a WILD weekend so far,' replied Katy. 'Claws out, paws up! Looking forward to putting my hands up & making them touch too!'

We are being shown two women who appear to be rivals and yet they are not. We are made aware of computer hackers that track our every move and yet just reading the Lost Symbol gave the awareness of how advanced the tracking is. So I write and research TRUSTING that the right people at the top, who are ethical and care about our world and the global population can see too.

Lady Gaga wearing black, with a black cape. My thoughts were of the bat over the Crown of Valencia initially and this could apply. 'Cape' came to mind - 'Cape Town' in Africa. Barristers and Judges wear black cloaks. The cloak is a Mantle that relate to the law. With Lady Gage not wearing a crown or wig, she is still reminding us about the Law and with war paint. War is illegal in International Law. War is illegal in Biblical Law - By Christ and God's Law is Authority!

In seeing this image, Lady Gage applause album cover, black and blue, bruises came to mind. Then in looking Lady Gaga has both her eyes open ( she is wide awake - literally) surrounded in white that brings different visual perspectives. The black head covering could be a hijab. Lady Gaga has worn a wedding gown and brides wear veils to hide their face. Her we see the veil is off her face . Anyone who has cried when wearing makeup knows by rubbing eyes the make up goes everywhere.

Applause is when people show their appreciation.

It takes a really cold hearted person to sit back and not care about the people who are being killed in wars, dying of famine, homeless and destitute, all the injustice taking place, the suffering, oppression and enslavement. All the exploitation of the poor and the horrendous conditions that millions of people live, without clean running water and living in Shanti towns when the actual word for Shanti means PEACE! We are many who cry and yet are limited, even prevented to do anything. As people are kept down and poor, they easily accept self appointed overlords.

Katy Perry's Roar Single shows a tiger on her back. As a child remembering a commercial about putting a tiger in the engine of a car - petrol/gas. Esso tiger. They also used a well-known song tune of "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" (smoke would cause eyes to stream too - so does war)

Tigers are the largest of the cat species. Tigers once ranged widely across Asia, from Turkey in the west to the eastern coast of Russia. These particular areas are vulnerable. With the Holy Bible identifying the Crown of Asia, this is connected with Turkey. Russia is the holder of the Imperial Crown and has also created a replica Empress Crown that is held there already.

Queen Elizabeth's Scepter holds the Star of Africa Diamond to show that she is Queen of Africa. With Prince Charles, William and Harry involved in 'charity work' for a Kingdom within Africa, also in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea a garden has been created to connect the Kingdom of Losotho here. Of course this was created in memory of Diana - any other agendas?

For some years there has been talk for war on Iran, when actually as primitive as it seems, once land has been conquested in history, a king has been declared. War disregards the people. Someone told me that Queen Victoria had in her possession 3/4 of the world - Did she gain this by spilling any blood? Queen Victoria had several children who were to then sit on thrones. Yesterday, I noticed a newspaper headline that indicated William and Kate want many Children. What they have both disregarded is that neither of them are appointed by God to rule over lands and people.

In America, Lady Gaga makes a clear statement, walking while covering up, the message she gives is 'I am born this way and this is who I am' as a person as we all are. In the background is a van and we can see LAW written in GREY as a reminder, that who we are as a person is our birthright. However because people do not know why they are they do not know their birthright.

Our genetic makeup is our birthright. We are given a voice to speak and yet so many people who care about our world and humanity are silenced or ignored. It took the music industry to bring to the global attention what is happening in Africa. It took people from the Music industry to bring to light what is happening in India too. Who are the overlords of these lands?

Upon waking with a 'vision' of William, Harry and the third person might have been Andrew, holding cupped hands 'as if' accepting communion - this was not necessarily a positive sign. We do not know what is going on behind the scenes and people are giving their power away to people who they do not even know. Also what came to mind, the 3 Magi Kings who were divinely guided and instructed to go anoint the New Born King - Jesus Christ, Frankincense and Myrrh is used for this - Queen Elizabeth's son's or grandsons are not Priest Kings. Does the crown 'wearer' possess the lands?

Who is Lady Gaga? Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

So these wars - for which King are they for? People are being sold generations of a family with Kate depicted in art with a halo and baby as if she is the Virgin Mary with Christ. Abomination! Anyone who is in the bloodline that is chosen for succession might be in danger. However there are warnings given and written in the Holy Bible and that is not to harm the anointed ones. This people who are guided by God and by Christ are His helpers on earth. Having again been made aware of danger - people have implied that I could be killed - The truth cannot be silenced.

Publishing another edition of the Holy Bible does not give anyone the right to rule over Royal Courts and people. Taking people's Royal birthright is so that people who have not got this can rule over the courts and people. Conquesting the world by bloodshed, with an eternal Court set up with a secret ceremony and the title of Lord King William as the Head, and his brother Henry as heir apparent - ALL officials MUST wake up to why the removal of God from the oath. Without God people are not protected. We either live by being obedient to God or dismiss God and Obey man. You choose!

Who really rules this world? Billions of people are using the internet now and how you choose to use the internet is up to you. Billions of people have gravitated to a source of power that is providing information that people can learn the truth, speak to people in other lands and unite together in peace. Tim Berners-Lee was the initator to bring the World Wide Web of information sharing - for freedom of speech and that includes truth telling.

With people saying the Queen is not the rightful person sitting on the throne, then who is? People being decieved is one issue. There are British people who refer openly to the British royals who are extremely wealthy as it is, as being the biggest benefit scroungers. If the Crown has been stolen as has also been said 'does this mean the income they collect has been stolen too? People worry about their £100 a week income. The Queen collects £13 Million a year and Charles £18 million - on top of that there is a £200 million expenses claim, £100 million of that for security.

How much did Jesus Christ and His mother claim for security?

In looking at Lady Gaga promotion for her applause album, she is depicted with long brown hair. The impression of a lady who is naked, beautiful, sensitive and holding what looks like the arm of someone who meditates in her arm. While shopping yesterday, I noticed right where the milk is placed, Asda (Wallmart) are also selling Starbucks and so now, the Starbucks Princess, whoever she is, now is being brought to every shoppers attention too. Who is the 'REAL' Princess?

In history people have been moved to different countries because of war and over the years most people have forgotten where they have come from. Muslims say we are all born from Adam and they are right. Does Queen Elizabeth represent Christ - she might be and guided by him? Take a look at these wars, are these the instruction given by Jesus Christ - absolutely NOT!

Muslims are told they will see the power of God when the land is opened and the soldiers will fall inside. It is possible to avert a major war? Actually anything is possible. If there is a banana skin on my pathway that I 'am warned' to slip and fall, surely I have a choice to pick it up and prevent someone else slipping and hurting theirselves too. People have been given the power to make choices and if people globally said NO MORE WAR, the people in commanding positions do not have any power. These people have power over people, because people give oaths to these people.

A great number of people have taken oaths and yet do not consider what these mean or far reaching consequences. The American President and the Vice President take their oath on the Holy Bible in public and very old family bibles have been shown. There are people in America who understand that God is the Authority over all that is and God is the Protector of the People.

People who have published additional editions of the Holy Bible 'might be doing so to maintain the written word to remind people this World Kingdom belongs to Christ.' The Bride of Christ is also much discussed now, representing the Church and a person. In America; from a Jewish speaking community, the Old King James Bible has been re-written to 'include' the right information and to 'correct the errors' - The Cepher is returning God's Law and Authority to EVERYONE.

Princess High Stache - Born Royal from the Christ family. Kyria and Elect Lady are found in the Holy Bible. Someone born a Crown Princess, has been born Spiritually Enlightened and Divinely Guided. Lady Gaga, is the reminder of 'Our Lady' this style of address is given to the daughter of an Emperor and Empress. Anyone born from a lineage from the ancient Royal bloodline cannot have this taken away. Since the ancient times, All Royals have been given God as their authority - to be Obedient to HIM. Jesus Christ was born for everyone to have His Saving Grace.

Have the British Royal Family brought the Word of God to people? I do not know! Has the Monarch come from the lineage who are given the Word of God? I do not know. SHE may have. Mary Magdalene did! And this information has come to light from looking beyond the symbols in a dream message.

Long overdue is Global Peace in our world. If we do not have peace in our world, it might be because the people wearing Royal titles sit back and say nothing while people are suffering.

Kate Middleton's occupation is written on a legal document (Birth certificate) as being Princess of the United Kingdom. A document used to legally register the birth of the status of William and Kate, the babies registration is secondary. Being registered in Kensington Palace in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea too - where the Lesotho Garden (Africa is planted). With the New 'World' Order is she expecting to be Empress of the World? Rather ambitious...

So in closing, Harry's garden in Kensington was reported to be a memorial garden for Diana, was to bring the AFRICA KINGDOM, under the authority of the British Monarch. The Prince of the Lesotho Kingdom is in a 'Charity' Partnership with Harry. When pregnant, Kate became god-mother to a Princess liner ship, The 'show' had far deeper significance. (Prince is a monarch over a Principality) SHE does not represent God at all. The wizard wand waver does not have any authority from God to rule over people by deception. Throwing diamonds as confetti at the wedding in Switzerland was brought to my attention by someone who knew the truth - while poor people struggle there!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringement intended.

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