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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Lighting Strike Fire & Weed Dream Validation

The other day, with my strange dream about spreading weeds on the ground - taking over the lands and massively depreciating house value. The media have reported about Japanese Knotweed. The weed in my dream was different, like a low bush with long tentacle branches with the strength of straw, and they growing another bush to do the same.

The plant kingdom is taking over. The law of 'nature' is shown.

Just about to delete the photograph posted in the Daily Mail, with the fire resulting from a lightning strike, when I noticed the Ivy. It was the day after this my dream was showing something significant about the land.

Also fireman featured in my previous article, active in dealing with the flood by boat, water is an element. The police appear to be standing around not sure what they are supposed to do. As it happens, fire is an element too.

Because just one house has Ivy, is there an Ivy League in England.

Wow - am guided to find the following and this might say it all.

'THE FORTUNES AND THE IVY LEAGUE, Live at 'The Y', Leicester'

There is more...

The Ivy Resteraunt is at Leicester Square in London. At the time when first seeing Leicester mentioned in the article I was hearing 'Leicester Square intending to so look and see what is apparent.

Also 'Oracle' just came to mind. On the Companies House is a company named Oracle (Leicester) Limited. And bingo, the business is registered as renting out and operating a housing association. There is no director details. Secrecy.

With vast amounts of houses being repossesed, they become sold on to people who then rent them out. As a private company, the landlord can charge what he wants. The mystery landlord would be interesting to discover. Why the secrecy?

For someone who is looking at images, noticing such significant detail, only now was the Ivy apparent. I am being reminded also of 'poison ivy'. My concern is not just with the toxins in our food and drink, also being given to animals - lifestock and what is being sprayed on the ground, obviously I am concerned about a whole lot more including the illegal wars.

While ivy as a plant growing up a house is lush and green, I was curious the other day as to whether this is actually damaging the property structure in any way. My dream was showing me why the roof of the house is burned. However, research on the area, even without not knowing the road name is revealing a whole lot more information. Listening to my guiding light, using Google to type in what is relevant and the right information is coming to light. There is more - hearing Bible Ivy:

The Ivy is connected to the Corruptable Crown. So as I thought with the roof being destroyed by lightning in the article that the crown was being destroyed by the heavenly realms. The UK saw much lightning on the day Prince Geroge was presented to the world. In the registration of the birth Both William and Kate declared their occupations as Prince and Princess of the UK.

While the burning of the house roof, is symbolic to show the destruction of a crown - this is certainly to do with the upper house, the thoughts and plans taking place. If there is something to be addressed it must be exposed. Perhaps this is why the dream was given - to show that there is something with the land, or the head over the land. The UK titles were revealed.

While having the understanding shown that the floods are to wash the royals ruling authority with floods, this has also been shown because they have perverted the Laws of God. The system is not protecting the people. People are.

Another dream was showing me officials are putting up signs to limit parking time in private areas. The feeling about this was not good at all because while in my dream I had the inclination that they will shift the goal post again and put permits. This has happened around the country. Man made laws for profit are on the increase. Houses are on land - the Roads are where billions of pounds are collected just in the road traffic crimes and these are man made laws too. Profit and control is the goal.

In the article after my dream about the parking restrictions, the Daily Mail spoke about an Umbrella Organisation are now asking officials to commit crimes. With Free Legal help and a simple administration of Justice not in place, people who are in financial difficulty are being advised to see a lawyer. In England the loser pays. The system is set up for profit

So in relation to the fines and penalties, the landowners might be the cause of the problem. The Queen is supposed to be the protector of the land and recently I read the Duchy of Lancaster has taken possession of more land. Then when services are being supplies or transported across the land people are charged for this privolege. The Monopoly game is being played.

The other day I was guided to find a house near the sea in Linconshire. If you take a look at Mablethorpe at the road map, it is certainly quite revealing. Even George Street is named. No coincidence with that name.

Lincolnshire is also where the Cathdral that was chosen fro the Da Vinci Code Movie because Westminster Abbey was out of bounds. As it happens, there is a sign with 'Jerusalem' and the planners mapped out the roads and 'title' deeds a long time ago. The people who are profoundly spiritual in history have also been observant of the building of churches and the signs.

Lord of Leicester comes to miind and looking is identified the Earl of Leicester - the Coke Family. If this by any chance the same family of Coca Cola - I do not know for sure. If so, it wuold not be a surprise. And it would be extraordinary if it is because in India people have said, with the properties of Coca Cola they using this as fertilizer. People are using it for cleaning too!!

The family seat is in Holkham All in Norfolk and reading on the links below will provide more information. Now what was laid down in history say by a visionary who created barren land into some landscape, successors may have had different ideas. And from noble aristocratic families, not everyone understands, being noble is not a title, it is a way of being.

There was a vision and this was put out a long time ago in a commercial for Coca Cola. Everyone who heard the song remembered it. There is the knowledge, resources and manpower to turn our world around and get everything back on track again. There are people in our world who have so much money they could build homes out of solid gold. There are takers and givers in our world.

'The Coca-Cola Company has more than 500 sparkling and still brands and sells 1.8 billion servings a day in more than 200 countries.' - this means that a vast amount of people are supporting the brand. What is their message?

The law makers decide the rules people live by and yet if people lived by spiritual laws, a caring sharing world and far happier people will be the social norm. It is easy to become thoughtless, selfish and insecure - Dividing humanity has been a gradual process where families are like strangers living under the same roof. The break down in society did not just happen.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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