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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

More Floods Cornwall & Wales. UK EXPosed

The UK has seen a tremendous amount of flash floods around the country, particularly since the 60th Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. When first writing on these, insights were being revealed to learn more about the land.

Cornwall is connected with the Duke of Cornwall, Prince Charles.

While over the last year the water has appeared murky in photographs, what is capturing my attention today is clear water. This is relevant - Perhaps a sign after repeatedly washing the ground from the royals and now in the rinsing stage.

There is a whole lot going on behind the scenes with this family.

So here Cornwall is flooded and a sign in light Gulf. This reminds me of the Persian Gulf and recently I have learned more in relation to this land. It is from Persia that a man who was anointed by God came from - Cyrus the Great.

Some time ago I shared videos of the Iranian Prime Minister speaking about the Mahdi meaning the rightly guided one. Also having seen and shared evidence that the 'university professor' has good mutually respectful relations with the Jewish Rabbis, there is a whole lot more that people are not being told. As it happens also my French Grandmother maintained her maiden name, which is said to be of Kurdish origin, it is becoming much clearer now when people said I looked like I could be Persian when younger.

Notice the colour of the water on the ground. Murky an expression to say that something is not right. There are also two men dressed in yellow 'in the middle of the road'. In this country the Gas manholes are in the road and it is the roads that people are being penalised and prosecuted with fines at every opportunity and having to buy permits to park too. This is raking in a revenue of collosal figures. And with regards to the gas (of which gas is another name for petrol too) this has layers of taxes and profit. Not remembering the figure although it could be close to 70% taxes are paid on car fuel, plus road tax plus, plus plua...and conforming to the rules and standards being ever raised by the government to keep a conforming and paying out population.

Y77NET - this image could not have been planned. Why 77 - establishing the Courts of Justice and actually there is more concerned with this now because there is to be a system that is to protect the people. With the internet being used by criminals with a vast industry, there are so many lawyers in UK who are corrupt, they are a liability to the people who are using the internet to access services. We are at at time where everyone must know their rights and if lawyers commit crimes they must be prosecuted.

In looking at the photograph closer, on top of the car could be a camera - connected with the internet? The webcam on your laptop is a camera. Windows is on a PC operating system and what we look out of. There is capability for officials to look in too.

On the other side of the river road, there is a red pillar box, these have E II R on for Queen Elizabeth. Behind this is a yellow car. The Queen has been said to be sincere in her faith. She makes mistakes as we all do. She is accountable to God, as we all are. In this time at the late years of her life, if she has been divinely guided she will still be guided now and to the last breath she takes in this life. The Royal Mail is another service that is being highlighted here in this too..

The car on dry land is causing a splash to a vehicle on the road. While Big brother government is spying on the people, they have the capability not only to watch our every move, there is also the capability to ensure that every official is working in the peoples best interest and highly ethical too. Today there is actually great effort to bring an end to corruption in public office globally. UK have not addressed this issue for reasons that the establishment is not set up to the right footings. English law courts are in in breach of contract. Previous articles show that people who are in trusted roles in the system have not learned the lesson.


'Ominous: Australia's Peter Siddle bowls to England's Joe Root under dark skies on the final day of the third Ashes test match at Old Trafford cricket ground in Manchester' (Australia is one of the Commonwealth nations and recently has seen the change of Prime Minister, perhaps a sign that is far more profoundly significant with what is going on with the British Monarchy) In the past officials have taken an oath to the Queen. Today they are expected to take an oath the Queen, her heirs and successors. Not everyone will.

This image is taken in South Shields in Newcastle. Notice the setting, Parent and child walking hand in hand even if the beach is empty and seemingly safe. The silencing of the countless thousands of children that go missing and never seen again just in UK, places both parents and children in a false sense of security. Notice in the distance what looks like a destroyed castle!

Flash floods in Newcastle - washing away the 'New Castle' set up. In the background the intitials are seen 'P' an 'Go' highlighted on a taxi While aware of potential danger to my life, once people wake up and see what is going on, they will not be angry with me. Perhaps thy might like to consider why the Queen had a £5 million pay rise and yet her court is refusing to work for justice. With desire to move there are limitations to do so. I have seen somewhere that 'might' be meant for me. Time will tell.

The rising flash floods kept the cars to the side while cyclists came through the water. In Holland many people cycle and use bikes to go to and fro work. The ultimate rebellion on the ever increasing tax and profit system in using the roads is to cycle and walk. The knowledge of steam and battery operated cars was suppressed to allow the layers of taxes and steal from people in every way they can. The system in England has been set up to keep people down and paying up. Is Downing Street named accordingly?

A car has travelled along this road and pulled to the side by their own initiative. At the far end a car has pulled across the road to prevent other people from being submerged in the flood. More people who are from Royal bloodlines are speaking out about real issues, taking action, and using their intitiative to warn and protect people, also to steer and guide people in leadership postioons on matters to be addressed. There are ethical officials in our world. There are officials who are starting to listen to the visionary people and those who know at ground level matters of importance that need to be addressed. Silence is not an option now.

In earlier articles I wrote about small child with quite a few visitations from Jesus Christ, who not so long ago appeared to her brother in his bedroom and said 'Peace be with you'. August last year, the little girl and family went on holiday to Cornwall. While there she had a dream of many poor people waiting outside a house. She said Jesus Came out and went to to bless them. She told me 'Jesus' has a home in Cornwall. Not long ago I had the realisation why I am kept living on the Duchy of Lancaster.

The floodings these days are reflecting what is happening concerning this land in these days. It could be that decisions have been made yet again and the elements - water being one is showing the lawyers who sit back and say natural law will deal with matters. A couple of years ago I was given a dream of a landslide, people being taken from their homes, with houses being unsafe they had to be demolished. There have been since landslides take place not to the degree revealed in my dreams as warning. So the cocky arrogant officials who think that they can mock a mightier power that can move mountains and seas, these are 'gentle' signs.

People were to witness the heavens react throughout the UK when Prince George the day was presented to the world. Notice that all of a sudden William and Kate Middleton have publicly declared their occupation as Prince of the United Kingdom and Princess of the United Kingdom. The game of thrones came to mind earlier. No doubt behind closed doors people know what is going on.

Agendas if they go against the divine plan 'will be washed away'.

The article I wrote about Lord King William Bowland - this could be someone other than Prince William. However with Henry (Harry) and Charles named and a secret ceremony for the 'mystery lord' who does not want to be photographed, a ceremony to establish a Court to endure forever, is suspect. With Henry named as Heir apparent, it was not a nice discovery at all.

The Court is in connection with the Tudor House and Henry is a name from the House of Tudor (history is not my strong point) The Tudor Rose is also known as the Union Rose. If deception is being used, these people are still setting up the Kingdom for Christ to claim even if they have worked very hard behind the scenes to protect their own interests. Time will tell what will be.

So in discovering this information, a report about more floods, is timely.

To learn the floods have been specifically reported in Cornwall, Wales and Newcastle - think New Castle, there is a pattern forming. Gullible people believe this family are destined to rule over people forever. Evidently they do not read their bibles. There are people on the internet gathering together people who are on a promise of titles and favour to support a self styled future King. One can only imagine how easy is it for people who are in a position of wealth already in an any establishment to gain and maintain supporters because they might be gaining from this. Their jobs and vast estates that William is President to maintain now.

What has been assured in England, there are no officials who will rock the boat. The interest is more on what officials can gain and such a spineless mentality explains why there are so many weak willed people here who sit back and watch people suffer.

Bless the children who are innocent - the see what adults cannot see.

In this image, Dorset is the location and it is here the water appears clean.

The child is riding on a scooter as a vehicle smiling and undeterred by the weather and flooding. Wearing raincoat and hat, much in the style of a fireman, the signs have been shown that a symbolic fire has taken place and the floods have put the fire out. What is most significant about this scene - In Bolton, off Dorset Street, is Court Street and this leads to Castle Street.

Perhaps the clearing up and clearing out of the court is being addressed now. Once officials start to realise the deception taking place they are going to have to decide what camp they are not and this is a choice they must decide for theirselves.

The Holy Scripture that carries a profound message is because it is.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12

After writing about Leicester and my dream, a photograph is included with women from Asian origin under their umbrella. The colour is spiritual purple that is associated with the spiritual eye.

The occasion was a procession of people from the Hare Krishna faith.

The following photographs have caught my attention because of the name Athena Pictures. In the last reported flooding in Wales the images were so profound that I shared them here. Also this is the second time to place Athena in Wales and might even be a sign to show that Athena and this ancient Greek lineage is actually connected with the ancient Kingdom of Wales.

A woman dressed in black under a black umbrella does not look happy, In the background are the impression of pillars and a bridge, unsure if this is a train pass, with the railway lines being profitable. Do the landowners collect a fee for all the services that are passing over their land as well as under ground? A reasonable quiestion to ask and consider?

Remembering the match that was played and Wales took the cup. Two women were photographed sat together with sun flower faces and smiles. And while the British establishment have oversold Kate Middleton, thinking of my niece in America who is motivated to make a difference. Together with a documentary filmmaker they traveled 10,000 miles across land to interview over 100 women 'to empower other women'. Highly motivated people in America are proactive in uplifting and serving the people and giving back.

The same photographer has captured two males on their bikes cycling. There is an expression 'on you bike' which means to go - people being sent away. With the woman and the pillars impression, one looks like it is toppling over, do you honestly think that Jesus Christ wants anyone who could be governing over people in his name to be casting spells and wizard wand waving?

A game of volleyball on the beach, with the ocean ahead. Notice the goal post to the side. Has the goal post been shifted again. The people who have the back to the water would not see the big wave coming. Just a thought or two.

Such a peaceful setting, a lone person on a boat holding an umbrella with what looks like the England flag. While these images are copyright, I want to share these for their significance and particularly as once the media has printed them, they get lost in the archives with so many articles being published each day.

Another profoundly stunning photograh with the sun radiating on the upper floor and roof of the house. Notice the rainbow and lightning flash. This is a reminder of the rainbows that are heavenly sent. A reminder to people that there have been great floods in the past where much of the population was destroyed. The rainbow is a promise to the people that this will not happen again.

A long while ago while fretting over what was happening in our world, especially with the wars I heard the words 'it will be better to get rid of one family than for the entire human race to suffer.' Keep an open mind with this.

Another image of the Rathayatra Procession. In this festival the figures of Lady Suhadra, Lord Jagannatha and Lord Balarum can be seen while chariots are pulled and people chant. In this image, three figures can be seen and one man who is wearing dark glasses with his hands held upwards towards the heavens. There is an expression 'the blind can see more clearly'.

Also I am given the understanding the people who are praying holding their hands towards the heavens are from a lineage who witnessed the ascension into heaven of Lord Jesus Christ and his mother too.

It is also come to my attention that Prophet Muhammad one night was taken to heaven where he received instruction from God to lead people into prayer. For this particular purpose alone this is one of the most important purposes that Muhammad has done for his people because when God is the authority and focus point of the people, man can never rule over God.

'Grimace' is used while dogs and their owners walk. The sign says 'Fun Ring'. My first thought was seeing male with a corgi - Has a man been put in the position of the Queen, or perhaps being the dog walker. Grimace is not a happy expression. There are more photographs of cute dogs and other scenes in this article. Each can bring awareness beyond what is given.

Muddy waters. 'Brave competitors took part in the Total Warrior 10 Mile Challenge at Shap Abbey, Cumbria, under sunny skies' - Cumbria is on the way to Scotland. Males competing to be total warriors. Another war game? Saying this being a game without any bloodshed while controllers of the land and people decide the rules. Also what cannot be ignored is sport and competition when positively focused can be a way for a man to expel anger and aggression, instead of combat and war with weapons.

'The challenge includes tests of strength, stamina, agility and mental determination' - notice the bright yellow band on this man's head. There are people who are actually beleivers and focussed on Christ. There are men who care about this country and what is happening in our world. The people involved in sport and comepetiton to take back our land are not doing this wit weapons. Not everyone is willing to kill innocent people or die for their King - Jesus Christ never asked people to kill anyone or die for him.

Notice here these men have yellow bands on their head to depict their focus and on their heart area wearing yellow too. There is a prophesy with Muslims speaking about people who are going to burn in the fire of hell. A promise was made to the faithful believers that they will not die in the second death. The trend of firewalking began many years ago, perhaps to partly prepare people for when this is to be. In the scenes being shown, these are also acting out what is to pass, in this very real challenge.

A final photograph on the article is titles 'Disputes: BBC weatherman Bill Giles reveals the secret life of forecasters in his new book' - sometimes I wonder if the way the weather goes, with the capability of those who control this earth and skies that they can decide what temperature we are all going to have. As the temperature drops, looking at the signs here that point to 0 degrees and Blizards. Blizards in UK in August is possible by the hand of or by man. We are shown a man is pointing....

These are just observations and insights, sharing what can be seen and connecting the dots. Of course you might choose to see just photographs published by the media. There is media blackout about certain topics and the silence of injustice too. Satanic Ritual abuse has media blackout and it has been exposed that people in influential positions are involved. As isolated cases of this is coming to light you can be suer there are many more. There could be over a million pedophiles in UK> from people who are curious about child porn to babies and children being raped. The cess pit mentality is here in UK and there are cover ups galore.

Take a look at this photograph. The water is pouring down the steps from the road above to the beach towards the sea. Symbolically not only are the 'downing steps being cleaned - Does this relate in any way to Downing Street? This water is going to flow towards the waters where toxic waste is dumped poisoning sea life and the fish we eat. This cleansing of lands is beyond the lands.

If we the people want to live in a safe world, and ethical officials too, we must make this world safe, take care of our world and each other. The voices of the people who are meant to be heard must not be silenced. It is silence and fear that has allowed so many abuses and crimes of corruption to escalate. The problem is not too big to tackle. It is time for a global awakening, a global realisation of being responsible and being conscious. Be aware that little children and elderly are also very vulnerable now. This is said because the elderly are with some mindset of people being helped to an premature death. We are living in Evil times now.

When officials stop caring about us, we can care about each other!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringement intended.

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